Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 509

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[509] Evil Headwinds (3)

The aura of disgust disappeared from Erga’s face as he glared at Zulu in heavy silence.


The little monster disappeared with a cute noise, and Zulu stood up.


If she stopped even for a moment, she would be sucked into the endless abyss again, so she poured out countless feelings of malice that filled her heart.


I put my blackmail pacifier back on the floor and looked at the scenery of Zion.

Most of the objects were destroyed in the confrontation with Kali, but there were countless metagates.

Zulu, clutching one of them, checked the time.

maybe it’s already too late

Did Etella, who decided to find the disk, and Armin, who had to extract the coordinates to return from Ingris, complete their mission?

Since it was something you wouldn’t know until you went, she hurriedly moved toward the ground.

“… … .”

But just before leaving Zion, she stopped.

It is right to see that it is already too late.

On some missions, it is sometimes better to prepare for the worst rather than the smallest possibility.

Zulu looked down at the metagate in her hand for a moment, then turned back to Shion.

It was time to make a choice.

* * *

Thousands Arms Guanyin Lightning Strike.

The endless blows are a thousand arms to drive away the evil of the world, and the final thunderbolt is a realization that destroys evil.

It must have been the Thousand-Armed Kannon Lightning Strike, which is the magic of Yin-Yang Wave Fist, but the more she knocked on Satan, the more skepticism built up in Etela’s heart.


A moan leaked through Ethella’s clenched teeth.

How could this be?

No matter how much waves were pushed in, interference did not occur as Satan’s flesh grew.

‘Just a little bit more!’

Theoretically, the yin-yang wave sphere can destroy any object from the inside.

However, it was not particularly effective against humans.

It is because there is no need to cause internal destruction to a human with soft skin.

Therefore, only the technology to destroy evil.

If it doesn’t work for Satan, the symbol of evil, even the faith of the Order of Carsis seems to be broken, so she is putting more effort into hitting it again and again.


As the pounding speed of the hard muscles increased, the feeling of shock began to be engraved on Satan’s face.

‘We’re almost there. If you push it hard enough to detonate the lightning field… … .’

“Quack. Kkkkkkkkk.”

Etela found the light of hope and heard Satan’s laughter.

Without looking up, I could tell what his laugh meant.

Again, as Satan’s body began to grow rapidly, the ripples he had put in with all his might were fading.

“It tilted perfectly.”

Satan stretched out his arms wide and bent his upper body as if he had nothing to fear anymore.

It was a gesture to hit him as much as he wanted.

‘A huge force is rushing in.’

With Kariel annihilated in Arabot, there are now four archangels left.

And still, the Karas are putting shame on the angels and reducing their numbers.

As the seesaw of the law first leaned toward Satan, the flesh began to grow without limit.

“Ooooh! Ohhhh!”

In front of the growing body of evil, Etella shed tears.

“Why, why, why!”

Since joining the Karsis Monastery, he has fought many evils.

But it was the first time I felt as miserable as I am now.

“Ah, it feels good. Hit more, hit more. please me more.”

Satan grew bigger without knowing the end.

When heights of 20m, 30m, 50m, and 100m exceeded, even the buildings around it collapsed.

“Hehehehe, poor human being.”

Doo doo doo!

Etella did not stop attacking.

It was the voice of the teacher who passed on the true intention of the Yin-Yang Wave Fist that supported her in the feeling that the beliefs she had built up her entire life were collapsing at once.

-Ethella, you must believe. You have to believe that good exists.

* * *


It is a sword handling skill.

If you’re swinging your sword against a scarecrow, one very simple action is enough.

However, the sword is a game of tag with risking each other’s lives.

And from then on, things get serious.

The compatibility of movement, the compatibility of trajectory, the compatibility of judgment, and numerous compatibility come together to derive the next result, and the result becomes the cause of a new judgment again and wriggles to bite the opponent.

The confrontation between Kuan and the nameless created the feeling of a snake with the intent to kill, wriggling freely and moving to bite each other’s neck.


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Nameless was close to perfect, and Kuan was unstable.

The two swords that went to the extremes awakened the existence that had stayed outside of their thoughts, and the higher the level, the higher it went.

I am getting stronger.

In a state where life is ignored and only thoughts are everything, Quan expressed chaos with his whole body.

As if staggering on a boat in a storm, the nameless sword swayed every time his legs twisted and his upper body swayed.

playing with a sword

Quan’s thoughts became rather simple as new patterns permeated endlessly into his body.

It was a journey to get closer to the essence of the sword, and it was justification that there was no need to be sure because it was close to the truth.

‘It’s so easy. What is a sword… … Was it this easy?’

Quan’s sword pierced the blind spot with a cold sharp edge.

As the scars increased all over the body, the unknown finally realized.

‘It’s sad to have to die.’


‘I feel resentful for having to disappear without being able to convey anything about such a wonderful world.’

Quan, who had passed by the waist of an unknown man, rotated his body like a top and took a detour to the enemy’s rear.

Moo-myeong hurriedly turned around, but Kuan’s figure was nowhere to be found.

‘Hey, I knew that. It can’t be.’

A human who fought for the first and last time since he was born without even being given a name.

Is there a swordsman stronger than this man in the world?

Moo-myeong hoped that Kuan would become the strongest swordsman.

Otherwise, it would be too unfair for his talent to be buried here.

‘No, it’s not like that.’

Nameless wandered everywhere in search of Quan, but as if he had disappeared, he could not even see his afterimage.

‘But you must be looking at me.’

I didn’t live a single day, but it was a wonderful life.

‘It’s because I met you.’

Anonymous slowly lowered his sword.

Movement Zero.

No matter where he looked, he would not be able to find Kuan, so further movement was meaningless.

“It is infinite because it is two.”


With a cool sound, the nameless neck fell off from behind.

Quan raised his sword diagonally, level with the ground, and as soon as he stepped on the ground with his intact foot, it rotated as if capturing the remaining inertia of external gravity.

Tok tok, Degururu.

Only after the rotation stopped did the nameless neck roll on the floor and blood gushed out like a fountain from the still standing body.


Kuan murmured with a nonchalant look.

“It’s infinite because it’s two.”

When a perfect one meets another, the future opens up and all possibilities spread out to infinity.

That is swordsmanship and the world’s reason.

Blood gushed from Quan’s shoulder, where his arm had been cut off.

It was a battle that had pushed him to the limits of his limits, and he could no longer maintain the schema.


Armin kicked the ground and ran.

However, Shiina arrived before that and grabbed Kuan’s upper body with her whole body.

“Mr Quan! are you okay? Come to your senses.”

Kuan just wanted to sleep.

However, when he heard the caller’s voice, he raised his trembling eyelids.

‘For a woman… … It smells so good.’

It was a refreshing shock to Quan, who had lived his entire life smelling blood and sweat.

‘But this scent probably doesn’t belong to me.’

Yes, it’s just a fragrance you can inhale at the cost of giving your life.

“I am okay. Go to Ingris.”

There is no news about Etella and Zulu, but we must extract the coordinates according to the original mission so that we can plan for the future.

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

The building shook as if an earthquake had occurred.


Armin looked up at the ceiling and shouted in a surprised voice.


The building was collapsing.

As Shiina struggled to carry Kuan, Armin took them both and cast a flicker spell.

At the same time, a huge boulder slammed down on the spot where they were.


Armin, who escaped from the building, realized the true nature of the earthquake, and Shiina was also looking up at the sky with an absurd expression.

“That… … What the hell is it?”

A gigantic monster unthinkable by human common sense continued to grow at this very moment.

As the monster stooped, an evil face abruptly descended from the clouds.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

A frenzied laugh erupted from the mouth that seemed to devour the world and shook the ground.

Armin said with a serious expression.

“I must go.”

The way to Ingris was blocked due to the collapse of the building, but looking at the current situation, it was not a situation where they were looking for coordinates to return to.

“I don’t know what the monster really is, but things are obviously messed up. Miss Ethella seems to be there too.”

The human fighting the monster was only a small dot, but Armin in the light could see it clearly.

While Armin acted immediately, Shiina hesitated and couldn’t leave the seat.

He couldn’t leave Quan, the savior of his life, like this.


Kuan, who was looking at the sky with a nonchalant expression, said.

“But Mr. Kuan is now… … .”

“For a prosecutor, sympathy is a shame. Don’t worry, you won’t die.”

I’m not even sure if I can live with it.

In fact, how can a human being who has never died know how much it takes to die?

‘Shina… … .’

Armin was waiting far away.

Mission comes first.

However, since he had already abandoned Kuan to save Shiina, he was no longer qualified to persuade him with such words.

‘Yeah, I don’t have time.’

Shiina made the decision to go.

I am full of worries about Kuan, but if I don’t solve the problems I face, in the end, all that remains is annihilation.

“I’ll be right back.”

You may not come back.

Even if he spit it out, it would be a burden anyway, so Quan swallowed the words that came out of his throat.

Then Shiina turned around and asked.

“Until then, will you stay alive?”

Quan didn’t feel worthy of an answer.

It’s because even if you ask to be alive in a state where your whole body is hacked up, it’s not something you can do on your own.

“If we return alive, then… … .”

Shiina pondered the next word for a long time before speaking with a slight blush.

“Let’s eat together again.”

Leaving those words behind, Shiina left for Satan with Armin as if running away.

Even after being left alone, Kuan did not show any change in emotion and just looked at the sky.


Then, all of a sudden, I burst into laughter.

His face crumpled with arrogance as his wounds throbbed, but his lungs were still itchy and gasping.

‘Hey, what are you doing with me? Girl, I can’t even cut a steak with this body.’

Conflicting with obscurity, Kuan reached the present state by passing through the odds smaller than the eye of a needle.

But a one-armed, lame man was ashamed of himself to play the role of a woman’s man.

‘Yeah, it’s all over. This is my grave.’

When I felt so depressed that I wanted to drop everything, the bleeding I had been holding on to broke out again.

– Let’s eat together.


Kuan let out a sigh like a sigh.

“really… … People will turn around.”


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