Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 507

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[507] Evil Headwinds (1)

After confirming that Satiel was flying away, Ikael looked at Sirone.

His arms were stretched out with his back bent.

The body was standing, but the mind was already lying down, and there were no guns in the eyes.


Ikael flew towards Sirone, who was slowly collapsing forward.

But before she arrived, someone ran and grabbed Sirone.

It was Fleur who was unable to stand in front of a battle that transcended human limits.

“Sirone! Wake up, Sirone!”

Lying on Sirone’s face in his lap, Fleur patted her cheek, but she didn’t even move like a corpse.

The huge flash of the Photon Cannon was so intense that even Flew, who was away from the battlefield, was seeing it right in front of him.

I don’t know how he raised his power to that point, but what is certain is that in the world of magic, there is no reward without a reward.

When Sirone showed no signs of waking up, Fleur finally turned her head and glared at Ikael.

“What happened? Why isn’t Sirone waking up!”

Even in the presence of an archangel, Flew was fearless.

It was partly because her spirit had reached the end and only evil remained, but the fact that Ikael’s aura didn’t show any malice also played a part.

Rather, Ikael was looking at Sirone with more concern than anyone else.

‘Sirone… … .’

From the moment he cast Ataraxia with physical bullets, his mind was already shattered.

However, as he reached the state of banya, he delayed the mental explosion.

If it stopped there, maybe there was a little bit of hope.

“Sirone defeated Faiel through the Valhalla action of Ikasa’s Judicial Halo. He is paying the price now.”

“Valhalla action?”

Flew turned to Sirone with surprised eyes.

Considering the size of the last Photon Cannon, the price Sirone had to pay was unimaginable.

“how much… … Shouldn’t it stay like this?”

Ikael shook his head.

No one knows about this unless it is a calculation trigger called Valhalla action.

“I don’t know, but it will be much longer than you think. 50 years, 100 years, maybe 200 years.”

Flew looked back at Ikael with annoyance in his eyes.

Are you saying that now, having become an angel?

“200 years? sirone is human I mean, humans can’t live that long. In that case, even magic shouldn’t have been used in the first place!”


If the result cannot be reached, it is normal that there should not even be a cause.

However, on the contrary, it can be said that the cause was established because it was an operation that eventually reached the result.

“Valhalla Actions are just triggers that mediate the Akashic Records. According to human common sense, it is right that the cause should precede the effect, but Valhalla Action reverses that logic. In this case, since the effect has been obtained, the cause must also be considered possible.”

It was still a tantrum, but Flew was no foolish wizard either.

“Then what if Sirone dies at the end of her lifespan? No, what if you get murdered before that? The result is already out, so how can the cause be changed?”

“I don’t know. But that’s the Akashic Records. A change of part is meaningless to the whole. No matter how the parts change, the whole is always perfect. If Sirone dies, things will change in some way. But that also means nothing to the whole.”

“Are you saying that God is indifferent?”

The god of angels and the god of Fleur must be different concepts, but Ikael nodded.

The death of a lover, an incurable disease, and heinous crimes are only given meaning to living things.

To the whole, Sirone’s death is just an event of exactly the same weight as the rolling of a pebble in a mountain.

“you’re right. And maybe… … That might be one of the ways to get Sirone back.”

Fleur’s eyes widened.

“What are you talking about?”

Ikael shook his head again.

Even the Archangel has no way of knowing what kind of calculation Valhalla Action performed.

I just wanted to convey that it was a matter of that level.

“Unfortunately, it is beyond my competence. However, Sirone is a human, so in the end, it is the answer that humans must find. Isn’t it human to endlessly seek answers even in despair?”

Fleur tried to shout something, but then shut her mouth and looked down at Sirone’s face with a sullen expression.

Ekael was also grieved.

‘It’s really a pity.’

perhaps… … If he had been diligent in a normal time, Sirone might have found a way to subdue Faiel in about 10 years.

The Sirone that Ikael was looking at had that much potential.

But there are no assumptions in the Akashic Records.

That’s why the Valhalla action should have calculated the time for Sirone to absolutely reach that level and demanded it as a price.

It is difficult for humans to live longer than 100 years, but it is not impossible.

In fact, there are a lot of people over 1,000 years old in Shehakim.

“First of all, you don’t have to worry. It’s because I reached the state of banya and stopped the explosion. Valhalla Action cannot render debtors of desire insolvent (moratorium).”

Hearing that he wouldn’t die anyway, Flew put his worries down.

It’s not easy, but there are other concerns at the moment.


At that moment, she came to an idea and turned to Ikael.

Quite a bit of time has passed, even if you feel it sensibly.

She shouted, fearing that it might be too late.

“It’s a big deal! God’s punishment… … !”

Ikael, who was nervous about Sirone, also hurriedly looked up at the sky.


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As she looked down at the sky, her eyes were locked in shock.

“this… … .”

* * *

Gaold was surrounded by fallen angels and attacked like prey.

Around him, who was already unconscious and waving only his hands, the angels with their ferocious eyes raised were repeating attacks and retreats, cutting off his breath bit by bit.

This tactic wasn’t just to annoy Gaold.

it’s fear.

The memory of attacking Rakia and slaughtering countless fallen angels and Maras made them hesitate even to approach Gaold.

However, Kang Nan’s heart as he watched the scene from the top of the castle wall seemed to be torn into a thousand and ten thousand parts.


The more she did, the more she poured her strength into breaking her wrist.

oops! Awesome!

Every time he swung his arm with a scream-like spirit, his palm bones were crushed little by little.

Divine Transcendence – Yaksha.

Uriel defined the state of gangran that way.

Those who burn the will with the power of anger and change the laws of the flesh.

Gaold’s pain was completely permeated with the rage of Gangnan, making his will stronger.

Support! Support!

Finally, as all of the palm bones were crushed, Kang Nan’s shattered fist escaped from <Jachung>.

It was difficult to even take a single step with her body, which had been afflicted with pain all night, but Kang Nan burst into tears and collapsed under the wall.

Falling to the ground in an ambiguous state between landing and falling, she crawled for a while, then got up again and walked towards Gaold.

“mister… … mister… … .”

“Aagh! Wow!”

Gaold struggled with his hands, not even knowing that the river was approaching.

Consciousness, memories, and thoughts have already been blown away.

The only thing that moves him is the flash of pain in the darkness.

Watching him spin his body following the light and snatch his hand, I felt like my insides turned upside down.

“Mr. … .”

Kang Nan approached, hanging his two shattered fists down weakly.

‘It’s okay to love Miro. It’s okay if you don’t come to me.’

Because he knows what he’s fighting for.

‘I don’t know how hard it was for me, but it’s okay. therefore… … .’

Gangnan hugged Gaold’s waist.

Surprisingly, Gaold, who had lost his temper, stopped struggling.

“therefore… … .”

Kang Nan raised his head, pouring out hot tears.

“Do not hurt. I’ll fight, so please don’t get sick.”


When Gaold’s excitement subsided, the fallen angels plucked up courage and attacked them all.

If I don’t remove it now, I don’t know how long I’ll have to do with the bloody confrontation.

The moment Gangnan glared at the approaching enemies with his shoulders trembling, he heard Gaold’s voice, weak but clear, above his head.

“It’s a mutt… … .”


Gangnan looked back at Gaold with surprised eyes.

Compared to before he came to heaven, his face was emaciated enough to be considered a corpse, but he still had a wonderful smile.

“are you okay? Are you out of your mind?”

“… … The house is well guarded.”

Gangnan burst into tears.

He climbed up to deliver these words even when his mind had already fallen into hell.

In that deep, deep abyss, it was pulled out to see itself for the last time.

“No, mister! don’t go! Don’t leave me!”

“Destroy the enemies of Heaven! It has to be done once and for all!”

Gaold turned his head and saw the fallen angels flying over and tearing his mouth grotesquely.


Pain 100 million times? 1 billion times? 10 billion, 100 billion times?

‘What do you know?’

“no! mister! do not do that!”

“Something like pain… … .”

Gaold looked down at Gangnan and stroked her hair.

As if trying to carve a voice directly into her head.

“It’s just pain.”

air pressing.


At the moment when the shapeless, voluptuous sound exploded, the ground shook as if an earthquake had occurred.

And nothing.

“Aww! Aaaaaa!”

Kang Nan sobbed in Gaold’s arms as he cast magic and fell to his knees.

Gaold’s smiling face with his eyes closed seemed serene, but the price he had to pay for that one smile was in the deep, deep pit of hell.

“Aaaaaagh! mister!”

Yuriel, who remained on the castle wall, was watching it with her arms crossed.

As if it were a duty, I had to follow Kariel and confirm the last understanding of humans.

‘That’s… … Are you human?’

In the end, Gaold erased Rakia.

One human wiped out all the fallen angels and their Mara.

‘A maddening obsession that knows no end to humankind.’

Gaold is neither a prajna nor a yaksha.

So, that would not be all of humanity.

However, that was clearly the extreme of something that humans possessed.

‘Should I remove it now?’

Uriel summoned the Gon of Paradise.

“… … .”

And after fighting numerous strong enemies, I saw the miserable face of losing everything.

-Forbid the activities of angels.

Ra’s command, which I couldn’t understand at first.

But now, Uriel also realized exactly how things were going.

‘Preferably… … It would be better to remove it.’

On the one hand, I thought I wanted to leave it as it is.

A chance to finish by mobilizing all troops in Rakia.

However, it was a way that did not suit Yuriel, the Archangel of Destruction.

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

As Uriel spread his wings of light, the walls of the castle shook.


The strongest enemy in heaven at this moment.

Uriel, who slowly rose above the castle wall, turned into a flash of light and flew to the center of the fire.

“Aww! Aaaaaa!”

The scream of gangnan permeated into the silence of Rakia.


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