Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 505

[505] Wholeheartedly (4)

“Kariel… … .”

Satiel couldn’t believe it.

At least by her standard, he was the most intelligent of the archangels and boasted of a neat beauty.

However, the present Kariel could no longer be found at that time.

As he was violently trampled by Fael, his waist was completely reversed and laid on his upper body.

The face was between the two legs, and the chest was completely dug up by the energy of extinction.

The sight of him looking at the sky with only half of his body exposed on the ground was probably the most miserable face in the world.

But his eyes were deep and calm like never before.

‘Oh, I see.’

Even if his back was broken, Faiel’s energy of extinction ruthlessly ate away the weakened Kariel’s presence.

It’s a bad situation to keep it like this for a long time anyway.

But the serenity he regained at the end of his existence was as sweet as compensation for the long years of hating Ikael.

‘From the beginning… … I wish I had given it all away.’

If I knew I would hate you so much, if I knew I would waste countless years on useless hatred.

I’d rather do whatever she wants.

‘Well, it doesn’t matter now.’

I thought I would never be able to forgive. I thought that no logic could change my mind.

However, the moment Ikael was saved, the hatred disappeared like a lie.

When the hatred disappeared, the only thing left was the narcissism and deep regret of having saved her.

“Kariel, are you okay?”

Kariel turned her head with difficulty at Satiel’s voice.

For the first time since the war began, he thought of his role as an archangel.

“You can’t destroy Ikael.”

Satiel’s face contorted.

“Now what… … !”

“I will soon perish. You know.”

Satiel gritted his teeth.

Metatron and Methiel were annihilated, and Kariel wouldn’t last too long.

If even Ikael is destroyed, the seesaw of the law will tilt toward Satan as the four archangels disappear.

In that case, at the level of an angel, Satan cannot be stopped by any means.

“I understand your feelings. Not like me. Because you don’t even have a target to throw your heart at.”

Satiel hated even that fact.

“mind? Do you think an angel with a noble spirit will be swayed by something like the mind?”


Kariel looked up at the sky with a dry smile.

“You are already being swayed.”

Sensing the end of her life, Kariel brought up memories of a very long time ago that were sunk in the abyss.

‘Right, Ikael?’

“In the beginning there was amplification.”

Ikael called Kariel and Uriel and explained.

“In that amplification, the concept of being and nothing was born. that is, existence and non-existence arose.”

Making eye contact with Kariel, who was listening with her eyes shining, Ikael stroked his head with a friendly hand.

Kariel had fun like a cat.

“Yu and moo. The concept governing it is creation and destruction, that is, you.”

Kariel asked.

“Then what was before the amplification? Was there nothing?”

Ikael always liked Kariel, who was full of curiosity.

“Whoops, nothing is… … .”

Wu Lin said.

“It means nothing.”

Gando listened attentively to each expression on Wurin’s face as he talked about the beginning.

“In other words, there is neither time nor space. It’s different from imagining a blank sheet. Even if you erase the white paper, it is not nothing.”

Man understands nothingness, but cannot experience it. Because nothing exists before experience.

“Then what was there before this world was created? Was it in a state of nothingness after all?”

“Maybe it is?”

“But Gando, you have to think about it this way. If the state of ‘existence’ does not exist in this world, then the state of ‘absence’ cannot exist either.”

Therefore, even if there was nothing in the beginning, humans should not define it as ‘nothing’.

This is because the moment when it is defined as nothing, a contradictory situation arises that violates the concept of nothing.

“Then how do you define the primordial state?”

Uorin raised her index finger and said.


“Is it off?”

Kariel asked.

I already understood, but I was eager to hear it again.

“is it so. A state in which something is turned off, whether or not something is present. That’s why there is no substance or concept… … .”

Ikael sighed and moved on.

“Something happened.”

Even the archangel born from the original source concept had no other way to express the off state than in this way.

“The action changed the off state to the on state. At the very beginning of that amplification… … .”

Uorin raised the index fingers of both hands and crossed them in an X.

“The two states of existence and non-existence refer to each other and are born. Information defined as 0 and 1 was combined in an infinite pattern, and this universe finally began to be created.”

Uriel asked.

“Then what is amplification?”

Ikael turned his head with an intrigued expression, as he was not an angel who usually shows curiosity.

“What operation amplified this world?

Ikael gave an embarrassing smile.

“that… … It’s something I can’t figure out.”

Wu Lin said.

“It’s something nobody knows. But something worked, and the world awoke. What does it do? A very weak electrical stimulus? An explosion big enough to knock out the universe? In fact, it has nothing to do with anything.”

Uorin clicked with her fingers.

“A fleeting moment right now at the tip of my finger could be the beginning and end of a certain universe. Or it could be something like the absolute order of the transcendent.”


The possibilities are infinite, and the reality is unknown.

What is important is the fact that something is amplified through a certain action.

“But surprisingly, no, should I say bizarre?”

Uorin leaned back against the back of the chair and crossed her arms.

“For humans, there is one word that perfectly resembles its action. Would you like to try it out?”

Gando thought about it for a long time, but finally couldn’t stand it and asked.

“I do not know. What is it?”

“That’s right… … .”

Uorin, who paused for a moment, spat out with a meaningful smile.

“It is the heart.”


In her mind on the verge of collapse, Sirone regained the light of stability, albeit weakly.

At last my vision opened and I saw Ikael’s pale, almost transparent face.

‘why… … .’

Even Sirone already knew that it was impossible to regenerate.

I was prepared, so I have no regrets or regrets.

However, Ikael was desperately trying to save Sirone.


What did it mean to her to extend her life by just a few minutes?

“You fool.”

Faiel activated Apatea and suppressed Ataraxia.


As Ikael’s scream erupted, Sirone’s spirit, which had been taking shape little by little, stumbled out again.


Sirone held on with all her heart.

‘no! It can’t end like this!’

As everything reached its end, what came to Sirone’s mind was the teachings of Zulu.

The mind controls the mind.

However, since the mind has no substance, it cannot be trained.

‘The secret of impermanence.’

Stopping the activities of the mind by putting oneself in the cycle of breathing.

‘I’m controlling the explosion!’

Sirone took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly.

With each breath exhaled, important things were thrown away one by one.

No Ichael, no heaven, no life, no death, no hatred in my head.

only inhale and exhale

back to the basics of biology.

“Whoa. ha. Whoa. ha.”

It’s a joke.

Sirone’s spirit zone, which had lost its elasticity and was drooping, regained its elasticity in an instant and swelled up.


Gando recited Uorin’s words.

“okay. Whatever the event in the beginning is, what is needed for that event to happen is the mind. It is this universe that began with the operation of that mind.”

Uorin rolled up her sleeve and held out her right fist.

“Thus the heart changes the law.”


As the elbow extended at an imperceptible speed, a shockwave exploded as the fist pierced the air.

“I want to push my fist out at a transcendent speed. This wholehearted desire changes the law and moves the flesh.”

“That is divine transcendence.”

“Divine Transcendence, Yaksha.”

Wu Lin corrected it with the correct name.

“Instantaneously amplifies anger and changes the laws acting on the body. The workings of the mind are truly mysterious.”

“You have great skills.”

“Huh, then let’s show you one more thing.”

Uorin raised his fist again and aimed it at Jiandao.

“I will pierce your face.”

Saliva went down Gando’s throat.

It made my hair stand on end because I knew her intentions were sincere.

“how is it? Could this be possible?”

Gando calmed down and shook his head.


“The reason is?”

“Because it is beyond the power of the mind.”

Urin nodded and lowered her arm.

“okay. The will is only my own. Even if I deliver the best blow, getting your face pierced is a completely different matter.”

“Because divine transcendence is a method of controlling the body.”


Uorin raised his fist again as if by surprise.

And before Gando could say anything, he spread his elbows at breakneck speed.

“How about this?”


An explosion sounded as the fist struck the air.

It was a distance they could never reach, but Gando could clearly feel the feeling of her fist flying and smashing his face.

“… … .”

Gando’s arms trembled as he barely held back his screams.

It was a long time later when I realized that my face was still intact.

“… … How is this possible?”

Wu Lin was satisfied with Jiandao’s self-denial.

A normal human would have gone mad.

“What I attacked was not your body, but your incarnation. So you see my will to smash your head.”

Gando finally realized.

What a monster the little girl sitting in front of me is.

“It is beyond the mind.”

Uorin corrected this time as well.

“Beyond the mind, Vanya. Control the incarnation in a completely empty state. The opposite of divine transcendence, which concentrates the mind. It is not a state that a human being who lives for 100 years can master. Even those who have realized incarnation cannot easily imitate it.”

Gando readily acknowledged it.

As a magician, transcending the mind was a sweet dream, but no matter how hard he tried, he wouldn’t be able to reach that stage.

It’s not a place you can go to with effort from the beginning.

“I didn’t mean to kill you. There are yakshas and banyas in the world, but they are just that. Didn’t you actually withstand my blow?”

“Thank you for your high rating.”

Gando was sincere.

It was touching that Uorin, who was usually dismissed as a being inferior to a bug, said this for herself.

But there was also a bittersweet aspect to it.

In the end, a being who receives sympathy.

If it weren’t for the memories of her biological mother, Theraze Mystra, she wouldn’t even have a reason to show her affection for him.

Woo-rin looked at Gando, who was making a gloomy expression, and burst into laughter.

I wondered if he had treated me too well, but I thought it wouldn’t matter as much as today.

In any case, he is a son who will sooner or later have to take on the responsibility of an important mission.

“Inhale, exhale.”


Gando raised his head in doubt, but Uorin just repeated the same words.

“Inhale, exhale.”


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