Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 504

[504] Wholeheartedly (3)

McLean Guffin.

Throughout the history of heaven, the fact that humans were closest to the annihilation of the Akashic Records left deep scars on the angels.

Oblivion does not exist in the angelic body, but since it was so long ago, the existence that became a fossil under the weight of memories has now risen vividly in the planetary body of Faiel.

‘It was like that then.’

Confusion came again as the questions that had been preserved in cold memories thawed out.

Are humans strong or weak?

Why do they sometimes reach the highest spiritual body that transcends them even though they are swayed by mere animalistic desires?

A creature that has been defined tens of thousands of times by countless beings is human, but a word that can perfectly refer to them has not yet been created.

Because it’s such a complex creature?


Phil thought.

‘It’s not fixed.’

Human beings are moving towards something endlessly even at this moment.

‘That’s why it must be destroyed.’

Fael’s starlight exploded.

The halo, which had been expanding rapidly enough to devour heaven, became a dot and disappeared as it tightened at an even faster speed.


Ikael, who was rapidly approaching through the sky, realized the situation and shouted.

Apateia – the lungs of annihilation.

Faiel’s exclusive patent, The Eye of Destruction, is an ability that compiles the concept of the source of extinction, and once activated, it was the worst and strongest technique that even archangels were reluctant to use.

“I enforce the will of the Archangel.”

The eyes drawn with light embedded in Faiel’s hood turned into perfect circles like Halo.

A deep and clear dot was placed in the center of the two circles.

It’s a funny face, but if you look closely, it’s inhuman and heartless enough to give you goosebumps, and that’s why you can feel awe.


Sirone couldn’t dare to fight back.

Faiel examined through Jikji was only a shell, and the concept of the source of extinction was spread evenly throughout the world.

That’s why the starlight disappeared.

– Close the world.

As Faiel’s eyes slowly closed, the color of the scenery containing Sirone began to fade little by little.


Sensing the disappearance of the incarnation, Sirone trembled.

ah i

If I disappear, the universe disappears too.

That was the very end of annihilation, the extreme of extinction that closed the world by closing oneself.


Although the ruins of the annihilation were not even half closed, Sirone struggled with despair.

If it had not been equipped with Armand’s incarnation according to the principle of the all-minded group, it would have already been released into nothingness of emptiness.

‘You have to hold on! If you don’t hold out… … .’

will eventually perish.

However, all Sirone can do is maintain her incarnation even a little.

The dead eye was announcing the end of Sirone’s world at the right time and at the right speed.

With a bang, blood vessels burst in Sirone’s eyes, and blood flowed from his nose.

He tries his best to maintain the incarnation, but it is only Faiel’s choice to close his eyes.

And this was the powerful force of the archangel’s source concept.

‘Indignant… … !’

As their presence faded, the Spirit Zone also failed to exert its influence.

And finally, as she entered the sub-material level, Sirone’s body became translucent.

“It’s quite good for a Nephilim.”

Fael’s voice was heard directly.

“But now your world will be closed.”

Fael’s eyes dropped as if they were sleepy.

It was a situation where Sirone was on the verge of becoming completely invisible, as if it had never existed in the world.


At that moment, Sirone’s incarnation burned with an intense light.

The eyes of annihilation suddenly opened, and Sirone’s figure appeared clearly as if it were engraved in the landscape.

As expected, only Archangel Ikael could amplify the incarnation that had been fading away in an instant.


“Where are you running away!”

After Ikael, Satiel grabbed her by the neck and pinned her to the ground.


Then, he placed Ikael between his legs and lowered his upper body to press down on his neck.

Ikael’s wings of light lost their power and died as the starlight unfolded into a halo and the power of disintegration was applied.

He used his powers to recover his memories, and even revived the incarnation of Sirone from a while ago, so Ikael had no ability to endure.

“Ichael! Keugh!”

Sirone tried to run away, but the closed eyes of annihilation closed again, trapping him.

“Payel! kill it! I will annihilate Ichael!”

Although it is the ultimate annihilation eye that shows optimal efficiency in annihilating an individual, it has the disadvantage of being defenseless as Faiel’s spirit is also scattered into the world.

However, all the disadvantages were offset by Satiel blocking Ikael.

“Live! Angel shame!”

Satiel’s eyes contained the resentment of an eternity that humans could not physically store.

‘Because of you, if it wasn’t for you… … !’

“Turn it off!”

Watching Ikael disintegrate, Sirone cast her magic with all her might.


A shining chain wrapped around Satiel’s body.

Seeing with her own eyes how much Faiel was suffering, she trembled.

However, the chain of light did not give her any restraining force and just pierced her body.


Sirone gritted his teeth resentfully.

The magic was not being implemented properly because more than half of the closed eyes of the annihilation were closed.

Satiel put on a relieved expression for a moment, then pressed Ikael down again with a fierce look.

A face you don’t want to see.

A face so beautiful that I hate it!

“I’ll destroy it before I destroy it!”

Judicial halo – nostalgia.

Pupper pupper puck!

A shard of light bounced off Ikael’s face.

break it down

Her authority, her beauty, and her hateful memories all disintegrate!



A dull shock hit Satiel’s temple.


Realizing that his body was being pushed out belatedly, Satiel dragged the ground to regain his balance.

As she turned her head, there was a strange feeling in her eyes.

Even though they were attacked by surprise, there were not many beings in Heaven who could generate enough power to push the Archangel’s body away.

“Kariel? why do you… … ?”

Kariel stood there with an excited expression.

As far as Satiel knows, his hatred isn’t too different from his own.

‘But why?’

Even Ikael, who was helped, was looking at Kariel as if he was speechless.

Kariel understood their feelings.

To be honest, he didn’t know why he attacked Satiel either.

‘What have I done?’

I will destroy Ichael.

He was about to fly to end the woman who threw her heart at some insignificant human being with her own hands.

Maybe it’s because my mental strength is weakened?

The moment I saw Satiel’s nostalgia, the starlight shook violently, and I couldn’t remember it after that.

Kariel slowly looked away and met Ikael’s eyes.

Even though it wasn’t a perfect will, he saved her as a result.

Hate Ichael.

But what Kariel is feeling right now… … It was a clear expectation.

“Is it that the mind is contradictory?”

Uorin nodded.

“okay. In fact, altruism is a serious error when viewed from the standard of survival of the fittest, the great principle of the universe. So what is altruism? It’s nothing more than another selfishness to love the altruistic self. It’s like thinking that because you love him so much, he’s entitled to hate you.”

Gando thought.

I am… … Do you hate Uorin?


All the angels’ eyes were focused on Sirone’s scream.

It wasn’t just one person’s cries.

Sirone’s spirit, which had spread loosely, was disintegrating, losing its specific shape as if being swept away by a huge wave.


Ikael passed Kariel and ran to Sirone.

The end of an explosion, an extreme form of amplification.

If you don’t stop here, Sirone’s spirit will be torn to pieces and will never return to its original state.


Sirone held her head and struggled in pain.

Thoughts were being torn apart, as if the brain was being torn apart.

It was a level of violence that was different from the exhilaration he felt when he opened Immortal Function.

‘no! Not yet!’

I tried to stay focused somehow, but the size of my mind had already swelled out of control.

Ikael used his last strength to activate Ataraxia.

I had no choice but to delay the explosion by amplifying the power of the incarnation once again.

It was like pouring water into a broken jar, but she didn’t hesitate.

If I could save Sirone even for just 5 minutes, even just a little bit, I could throw everything away.

‘why… … .’

Kariel stood devastated and followed Ikael, who passed by, with only her gaze.

Is she not looking at herself?

“Payel! Kill Sirone!”

Satiel shouted as he charged ferociously.

As Ikael cared for Sirone, Satiel’s anger only grew.

‘It should have been mine! All of that had to be mine!’

Kariel suddenly came to her senses when she saw Satiel aiming for Ikael’s back.

Judicial Madness – Simularch.

Like cheese leaking out of a compressed leather bag, numerous mechanical parts squeezed out of the space and began to assemble at the same time.

Chara la la la la rock!

After completing 36,000 processes in an instant, the object that appeared was a weapon the size of a human bronze shield with eight blades like a commendation.

Simularch – Rotating without stopping, getting stronger as it rotates, becoming harder as it becomes stronger, and rotating faster as it becomes harder.

It was an object with a crude name to say that it was made by the Archangel of Creation, but the situation was as urgent as that.

Nostalgia-Physics Collapse.

Realizing a mechanism that transcends human intelligence, Satiel opened her eyes and activated her abilities.

The weapon jolted, and the finished product quickly disintegrated into organs, organs into components, and components into parts.

It was so fast that it seemed like an explosion with no sparks or noise.

Weapons that passed Satiel in the stage of detailed appendages spread from alloys to minerals, from minerals to molecules, from molecules to atoms, and disappeared.

“joy! Do you think you can beat me?”

I had never faced Kariel before, but I had no idea that I would be pushed against the lowest combat power among the archangels.

“… … .”

When Ikael stood in the way of Sirone, Faiel eventually gave up on maintaining the abyss.

“What is this like, archangel?”

I didn’t like the current situation where the archangels were intertwined and everything was in chaos.

After all, the same thing is happening.

Sirone. and guffins.

If only the human variable is involved, everything becomes a mess.

“I have to put an end to it.”


Faiel’s body hit the ground and flew into the sky.


Then, he trampled on Kariel, who was fighting Satiel, and landed on the floor.

“Ka, Kariel?”

Seeing her buried in the ground with her back broken, even Satiel, who had been fighting fiercely until now, had no choice but to let go and back down.

In fact, I have no personal feelings for him.

No, on the other hand, it was she who had felt the camaraderie of being hostile to Ikael.

“An angel who has lost his authority does not deserve to exist.”

After Faiel left the place, leaving behind those words, Kariel’s broken heart finally came into view.

“Kariel… … are you okay?”

Satiel’s eyes filled with wonder as he approached and checked his condition.

Maybe it’s because it’s been so long.

Kariel, looking up at the sky, had a peaceful smile that she hadn’t seen before.

Just like when everything was happy… … .


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