Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 502

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[502] Wholeheartedly (1)

“If life deceives you, do not be sad or angry.”

Looking back at Gando, Wu Lin smiled bitterly.

“Because that’s how you live.”

“… … .”

Gando was still speechless.

Well, if true, Uorin, the Mitochondrial Eve, is a very unfortunate woman indeed.

But now, the important thing for Gando was the reason why he was suddenly summoned to the Empress’s office and brought up a sudden story.

“Even if you ask me to… … .”

Uorin burst out laughing at the honest words that had no room for calculation.

Former Magic Association Guard Captain, Gando of Thunder.

But in reality, he was Ganja, the biological son of Kashan’s former empress Mistra, who was given the role of monitoring Gaold’s movements.

Mystra also didn’t raise Gando, so Uorin doesn’t have motherhood.

Then, what about Gando?

Does he really consider himself a mother?

“I have something to tell you.”

“I will do anything.”

Gando immediately prostrated himself and lowered his head.

Even though he is only a certified 4th-class wizard, he is still attached to his neck after completing the duties he was given at birth because he decided to become Uorin’s dog.

Woo-rin pretended to have a benevolent look like a mother, but after realizing that it didn’t suit her constitution, she spoke directly.

“Stand up. There will still be a little time left before everything is over. Before that, please be my friend for a while.”

He didn’t know what it meant to say that everything was over, but Gando decided not to ask.

If you approach Mitochondrial Eve with clumsy curiosity, even 10 lives are not enough.

“All right. I will listen.”

“Whoops, it’s boring.”

Uorin opened the bottle of strong alcohol on the table.

It was a hot drink that smelled hot even before it was poured into the glass.

Filling a crystal glass with ice, she poured out the drink and offered it to Gando.

And whether Gando hesitated or not, he filled his own glass with alcohol and gulped down about a third of it.


Wriggling her bright red tongue, Uorin blew steam toward the ceiling.

The empress of Kashan, who was completely different from usual, looked sad for some reason today.

“It’s Gando.”



Gando swallowed the last words.

“The human mind is truly a strange thing. Even if it’s insignificant, that insignificant thing grows and grows and eventually swallows everything.”

Gando just wanted to listen.

“For many years, I raised Theraze into the strongest empire. There were many difficulties along the way.”

Uorin went back to Theraze’s memories.

“There was only one incident among them, when Kashan almost fell over.”

Did that happen?

Gando, the son of Mystra, studied the history of Kashan, but he hadn’t heard of it.

“Even now, countless groups are looking for an opportunity to eat Kashan. There must be many ways to destroy it by force, cause trouble, or apply economic pressure. What would you choose?”

Gando shook his head without thinking.

“I will not make any choice.”

Kashan is the strongest empire in charge of one axis of the Three Kingdoms.

History has shown that a nameless group cannot capture it.

“okay. Kashan is strong. But it is by no means impossible. Actually, it’s so easy and simple. Taking over this huge empire.”

“that is… … How?”

Gando insisted on listening, but this time he had to ask.


Woorin raised one corner of his mouth as if he knew that this was an empty answer.

“Therazze, as the empress of Kashan, should just give it away.”

Gando did not respond.

It didn’t feel like the many ways to take Kashan would be easier than the answers Uorin suggested.

‘And it happened… … Did it actually happen?’

Wu Lin recalled that time.

Although I hadn’t personally experienced it, the poisoned memories reappeared in my new body and made my heart ache.

“The only thing you can do is toss it. something that can’t even be recovered. Something that can be bigger than Kashan, bigger than anything in this world.”

As Theraje’s history deepened, the incidents at the time were buried in a vast database, but I wanted to bring them out today.

According to the intuition of those who have future poetry, today is probably the last day.

Wu Lin smiled sadly.

It was the smile of a complete woman that she had never shown before.

“That is the human heart, Gando.”

* * *

The pupils of Sirone, who spread her waist like a bow, were fixed towards the sky.

In exchange for Ataraxia’s instant activation, the time to fall into incapacity is only 15 seconds.


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It was a scene that showed how concentrated Sirone’s mind was in a situation where he couldn’t even speak.

Ikael’s eyes were shaking violently as he looked at Sirone.

‘Why did you do that… … !’

Ataraxia is an amplification trigger.

Therefore, it was possible to amplify Sirone’s spirit, but dealing with it was a problem.

Amplifying everything means transcending limits.

As far as Ikael knew, it was the most extreme form of amplification possible.


Explodes the mind to generate powerful power.

It is a phenomenon that can only be achieved by throwing one’s whole heart into it, and the result is powerful enough to transcend imagination.

However, since an explosion is literally an instantaneous action, after everything exploded, there would be nothing left but shattered debris.


Sirone waited for the time to move within her vastly expanding mind.

For the first time in my life, or maybe even if I devoted my whole life, a huge sense was stretching out that seemed impossible to reach.

“Sirone… … .”

Even Fleur, the Jonah, couldn’t gauge Sirone’s Spirit Zone.

And it was almost 100 percent certain that Sirone would be in bad shape.


Flew teleported and flew to Sirone.

But faster than that, the archangel of extinction, Faiel, arrived in front of Sirone.

oh oh oh oh oh!

The features made of light contained in the hood were swirling like bubbles in a cappuccino and being sucked into the center.

Sirone’s Spirit Zone was so far beyond normal that even the Archangel felt a sense of crisis.

The judicial halo – Apatheia.

As the magic circle rotated, it became dark and began to absorb Sirone’s spirit zone.

Even more impatient, Flew kicked off the ground and flew up, raising the phoenix at the Archangel, who could only conceive of death.

‘I have to do it!’

Just as Crud threw her heart into it, and Sirone threw her heart into Ataraxia, she also threw everything as a mage.

‘Just one second. No, if I could earn even 0.1 second.’

The moment the resolution was installed in his brain, Faiel turned his head.

She was in a position to activate the phoenix, but the moment she saw Faiel’s face, she froze.

The end of the abyss was there.


A scream erupted involuntarily, and the process of Faiel’s hand being swung slowly caught my eye.

Also, she felt her own reaction rate was about 100 times slower than that.

Just when he was sure of death, Faiel suddenly turned towards Sirone.

‘This… … .

Sirone’s Spirit Zone, which had been sucked into Apateia, suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, a flash of light fell from the sky and hit the spot where Faiel was standing.


The shock wave alone sent Fleur’s body flying dozens of meters.

On the other hand, Faiel, who had evaded by a short haircut, tilted his head as if he couldn’t understand and looked at Sirone.


Sirone’s mind was still expanding, and he didn’t even know when the explosion would end.

But none of that mattered anymore.

‘I will not forgive you.’

That was the only thing I threw my whole heart into Ataraxia.


Faiel, enraged at the fact that he only backed down against humans, let out a cry of extinction.

Then, as if it were disappearing, it flew at high speed and swung its black hand at Sirone.

Sirone’s eyes widened as he realized Jikji.



As the blinding light spread, all matter within a radius of 100 meters was pushed away as if iron powder reacted to a magnet.

1,000 heartbeats per second.

In front of the curtain of light that beats 1,000 times a second, even Faiel could not be an exception.

and… … There were 200 of them.

Elysion – Multiple Bezels.


Trapped in an overlapping screen of light, his body bounced around in a radius of several kilometers for a second.

‘Something like a human… … !’

Faiel spread his limbs wide and maximized his ability to disappear.


His body, which had turned to darkness, melted the berserk and finally fixed itself in place.

Then chains of light wrapped around his body.

Shining Chain.


Faiel’s body shuddered as he was bound by the Shining Chain.

I tried to cut it off with all my might, but the more I tried, the tighter the light was getting stronger.


Faiel, who was chained, was slammed to the ground at a speed that could not be counted even with thought.

Then the chain broke and threw his body through the air.

Sirone looked up at Faiel, who was already dotted, and bent her lower body.

broad interest.

At the same time as the wings of light spread wide, the wings disappeared instantly.


Sirone’s body, which struck her wings at tremendous speed, caught up with Fael in an instant and rushed forward.

Armand’s entire robe turned into Ringer’s mineral substance and wrapped around Sirone’s body just by the impact caused by the friction of the air.

Sirone, who tore through the air like a giant metal bullet and flew away, floated above Faiel and fired a photon cannon.


An orb of light that was terribly frightening to a Fleur watching from the ground.

It was a photon cannon with a diameter of 20 meters.


Swept away by the flash of the Photon Cannon, Faiel plummeted vertically, penetrating the ground and going deep underground.

pop! pop! pop! pop!

Still in the sky, Sirone created dozens of huge photon cannons the same size as before.

Even at a distance, it seemed as if dozens of suns could be seen in Flew’s eyes.


The photon cannons crashed in bundles, and the ground shook as the immense mass landed on the ground.

“Nonsense… … .”

Flew couldn’t believe it when he saw it with his own eyes.

Each shot exerted the power of the Photon Cannon that normally penetrated Ataraxia.

It was a natural result since it amplified the spirit itself, not a single magic, but the more Ikael’s fears grew.

“Stop it, Sirone!”

You can’t keep this state forever.

Even an archangel has no way to recover once his mind explodes.

As Ikael flew towards Sirone with all his might, Satiel, who had been distracted by the battle for a moment, followed after her with her eyes wide open again.

“Where are you going to run away!”

Meanwhile, a cloud of dust with a radius of 1 kilometer was rising from the place where Faiel was impaled.

The smoke, which had been spreading slowly but on a huge scale, suddenly began to be sucked toward the center at some point.

oh oh oh oh!

Trapped deep underground, Faiel annihilated everything around him with Apateia and flew up a pit hundreds of meters deep.

Sirone had already arrived and was waiting.

“Something like the Nephilim… … !”

As soon as Faiel saw the hateful face, he threw himself away.

However, in the end, he could not move forward even 1 meter and fell to his knees with a thump, his whole body losing strength.


something that should never happen.

What kind of human being would make an archangel who exerted his whole heart fall to his knees?

‘no… … .’

Faiel recalled a certain memory and raised his head.

there was.

The most powerful person in the history of heaven, a human who competed with countless archangels.

The Gaian’s name is… … .

“Maclein Guffin.”


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