Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 501

[501] Despair. despair (4)

Yin-Yang Wave Fist Cheonbungak.

Etela’s roundabout kick struck Satan in the stomach.

Hundreds of waves that had entered in advance caused interference, and a terrifying shock wave swirled inside.


The feeling that the muscles of the whole body oscillate like waves.

After flying to the end of the fire, Satan slumped with his back against the wall.

‘It can’t end like this.’

Etela put her left hand behind her back and assumed a neutral combat stance.

second confrontation.

She had tasted death by Frank Wein just a few hours ago.

‘The reason why it doesn’t move… … .’

Because there is an intention.

As she expected, Satan’s gaze went beyond Ethella and included Metiel and Satiel.

‘Hmm, a follower of Zen. This is a bit dangerous.’

If so, you have two options.

To annihilate the archangel and rapidly tip the seesaw of the law, or to remove Etela with all one’s might.

Feeling Satan’s gaze, Methiel said.

“Escape, Satiel.”

Satiel’s expression crumpled.

“what? escape? Are we the archangels running away?”

“No, you are going alone. Even one person must escape and gather more angels. Otherwise, you cannot win.”

Of course, Satan is the natural enemy of angels who have deviated from the law, but Satiel could not easily admit it.

It is because you can think that Satan’s power is not very strong now if it is enough to fly away from human attacks.

“Just end it here. Even without using the ability, if we both attack, we can destroy it.”

“you’re welcome. Satan is still strong enough. And it keeps getting stronger. The ordinary angels are suffering from Garas.”

“But that human attack worked. If so, our attack will work well enough.”

“It is not a matter of power. That human law denies Satan’s law, so it only won in the match.”

Satiel glared at Etella’s back.

“You deny Satan’s law? How is that possible? Aren’t humans, like angels, bound by the laws of the Akashic Records?”

“okay. Perhaps that is why Anchera fears humans.”

Methiel finally realized the true meaning of this war, but it was already too late to explain anything.

“What are you talking about? Ra is afraid of humans?”

“Satiel, do as I say.”

At the same time as Methiel fluttered his wings of light and flew away, Satan spurred out the wall.

The target he was aiming at was Ethella.

‘As expected, this is the most annoying.’

Man’s good will destroys the satanic will.

Even Satan did not know how a being included in the Akashic Records could do that.

‘But he’s weak.’

That’s the creature’s limit.

On the other hand, Satan became more than twice as strong as when he was beaten by Etela just by taking time off.

‘I can end it now.’

Satan rushed at Etela with terrifying acceleration and raised a huge pitchfork.

At the same time, Methiel flew from the side and slapped Satan’s ribs with his slender arms.


It was Methiel who attacked rather than frowned.

As expected, Satan was hardened to the extent that he would not budge even with moderate force unless the force of the law was applied.

“Geuk, are you saying you’re only going to lose half of it?”

The strategy of sacrificing one archangel to save one archangel.

Even so, it was not a losing trade for Satan.

Satan, who twisted his upper body and changed his target, pierced Methiel’s chest with great power.


Seeing a red forearm protruding from the angel’s back, Satiel let out a furious roar.

Her wings spread wide and her upper body leaned forward.

Opposite tendencies born at the same time.

Even though they had been rivals all their lives, at least this moment felt like the other half of themselves was falling away.

“I will kill you!”

Just as he was about to strike the air with his golden wings, Satan’s cold pupils aimed at Satiel.


Sensing a chilling fear, Satiel involuntarily changed his mind and took flight with all his might.

‘It’s too late.’

The time Methiel bought while dying was only 1 second.

But that one second was the only time Satiel was able to escape.

The moment Etella’s fist struck Satan’s face as he condensed the muscles of his entire body to conserve strength like a spring.


At the same time as the impact, Satan flew to the side and hit the hallway, and Satiel broke the ceiling with his head and fled out of Satan’s gaze.

Satan licked his lips in regret and glared at Etella, moving his pupils as thin as those of a reptile.

Even though he had become so strong, his incarnation was shaken with a single blow.

To say that it was a blow with soul was not an exaggeration at this moment.

After confirming that Satiel had run away, Ethella widened her distance and took a combat stance.

“Cunning creature, don’t use clumsy tricks. After all, I am the only one left.”

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

After bursting into a delightful laugh, Satan straightened his body and spread his arms wide as if he had never done that.

“Admit it, you are on the side of good. but… … .”

Satan’s eyes turned to Methiel, who fell with his heart pierced.

As her body turned into light, it became fine particles and disappeared.

With this, two archangels were annihilated.

Two-eighths of the Akashic Records were gone.

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

As Satan grew visibly and quickly, Etella stepped back with a serious expression.

“In the end, it is evil that wins.”

A 10-meter-tall red devil was looking down at Etella, baring his fangs.

* * *


Gaold’s screams burst through the air.

The power of 100 million times the pain was powerful enough to crush the fallen angels and maras surrounding it like porridge, but it was possible only when the concentration to use magic was maintained.

In excruciating pain, Gaold was being sucked back into Hell.

Just like that time 10 years ago, which can never be forgotten in Gangnan’s life.

“Kuaaa! Wow!”

Gaold, whose eyes were already completely dried up, just wandered around with his hands floundering.

It was only a matter of time before they realized that the air press had disappeared, although no one had approached it yet, fed up with the initial power.

“iced coffee! Aagh!”

Gangnan pulled <Jachung> with all his might, but his body couldn’t move forward.

I couldn’t let Gaold go like this.

However, her aspirations were only crushed into delusion by the harsh barriers of reality.

Even in the scene of the tearful struggle, Kariel was just calm.

In the end, the labyrinth did not come.

As long as she was alive, humans were not defeated.

‘An abominable labyrinth.’

Looking down, I quickly looked around the heavens, but I couldn’t even feel her presence.

‘Where are you? Where are you?’

At that moment, a shocking scene caught Kariel’s eyes.

“Ichael… … .”

Kariel trembled all over, not even knowing that Uriel was looking back.

Ichael was dying.

No, maybe that’s an exhilarating thing.

What made him feel ashamed was the fact that he was dying at the hands of Faiel in order to protect Sirone, who was second only to Miro.

‘human! human! A dirty archangel who slept with a human! How far are you going to fall with that filthy body!’

In the image of Ikael protecting Sirone at the risk of extinction, Kariel realized the source of her anger that she had forgotten about.

‘Why is she… … .’

Are you not looking at yourself?

An intense flash of light shot through the sky and curved into Arabot with a roar.

* * *

‘Ichael! Ikael!’

Shirone shed hot tears through her eyes with blood vessels bursting.

He hated himself for not being able to do anything while looking at Ikael, who was gradually weakening from Faiel’s energy.

Because Valhalla Action borrows the principles of the Akashic Records, even those who use magic circles do not know how far the boundary of actions necessary for reversal of cause and effect is.

I just feel helpless and resent everything in the world.

As if understanding Sirone’s feelings, Ikael did not lose his smile, but his face had long since lost its brilliance.

Every time Faiel broke the barrier of amplification and pushed the energy of extinction, Sirone’s heart became devastated like a battlefield.

‘hurry! Please hurry up!’

There is only one minute left until the price of Valhalla’s action is over.

It felt like every second went by so slowly.

Anything will do.

As long as I could move, if I could only return to a state where I could do something, I would have been willing to fall into hell.

“Sirone, when the Valhalla action is released… … .”

Ikael said with a benevolent eye smile.

“Leave Heaven. You must never come here again.”

‘I hate it, Ikael!’

There are so many words I haven’t heard yet.

10 seconds left.

Will Ikael be alive until then?

As fear surged to the point of losing consciousness, something began to condense in Sirone’s heart.

‘I will not forgive you!’

Imagining the existence of Faiel behind Ikael’s back, Sirone waited for ten hellish seconds.

9 seconds. 8 seconds.

‘If only I could move… … .’

4 seconds. 3 seconds.

‘At any cost… … .’

2 seconds. 1 sec.

He doesn’t forgive as much as Faiel.

Reset Valhalla action.

Sirone’s mouth opened.

“Ica… … !”


At the same time, a woman’s voice that seemed to be torn apart covered Sirone’s voice.


Satiel, who flew here to escape Satan from Jebul, kicked Ikael and landed.

“because of you… … ! It’s all because of you!”

She brutally trampled on Ikael.

To think that Methiel, whom he had known for the longest time, was wasting his strength to protect a mere human while he was meaninglessly annihilated at the hands of Satan.

‘Why did he… … .’

Did he ever love such an unfaithful angel?

Even though all the angels hated him, he turned away from himself who was the only one who took his side.

“It’s because of you! all of it!”

Ikael, who had already lost his strength, could not even take a defensive stance even as he was beaten.

Sparks flew in Sirone’s eyes as he watched.

Valhalla action.

As the black and white magic circle rotated above Sirone’s head, Fael stepped in to stop it.

The combination of Valhalla Action and Ataraxia is an unknown territory impossible for angels.

Even if it was a human being, I couldn’t just leave it alone.

“This is the end, Nephilim.”

Just before Faiel’s black hand pierced Sirone’s throat, the flash of teleportation struck Fael.


Fleur’s face contorted in pain hugged Fael and fell to the floor.

It’s a shame because Jonah’s excellent sense of distance caught the point where the teleportation was canceled, and even if he had moved forward a little more, his body would have been smashed.

“Sirone! Shoot them down!”

Fleur hugged Faiel and shouted.

Then, as the Valhalla action was activated, I heard the sound of Ataraxia unfolding in front of Sirone’s eyes, and I closed my eyes tightly.

No matter what kind of magic was cast, this was the end of his life.

I heard Sirone’s low voice.

“Everyone… … hi.”

Contrary to expectations, no magic was activated.

Also, being able to spit out words in the Valhalla action state means that it has already entered into calculations.

The moment Fleur, who felt puzzled, looked back, Sirone’s body began to move toward Ataraxia.

Ikael, who was being attacked by Satiel, shouted with a frightened expression.

“No, Sirone! that… … !”

Even before the cry was over, Sirone’s body crossed the boundary of Ataraxia.


At the same time, the world shone for an instant, amplifying enough mental power to completely fill Arabot.

Ataraxia – Hexagonal.


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