Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 493

[493] That afternoon (1)

As the midday sun shone over Arabot, Sirone and Ikael stared at each other in silence for a long time.

The Valhalla action was still spinning above Sirone’s head, and Ikael’s eyes were terribly cold.

‘Destroy Heaven?’

According to the theory of magic explained by Sirone, it is absolutely not impossible.

Then, this time, I must kill him.

Ikael’s fine fingers tightened and curled up like the claws of a beast.

Even so, the reason why he can’t jump out is because of Sirone’s Jikji, which reads the opponent’s temperament while revealing his murderous intent.

‘No, it’s not like that.’

If Feope is revived, Sirone said that Heaven will not be destroyed.

It wasn’t particularly difficult for Ikael, and the Sirone she knew wasn’t the type to take back words.

It was a wiser choice to accept the offer than to bet on uncertain assumptions.

‘No, it’s not like that.’

Ikael frowned.

Certainly, Sirone’s ataraxia was an ability she had passed on through possession.

As I assimilated with Sirone’s spirit, I felt a lot of admiration, pride, and sorrow for him.

‘I don’t remember.’

Most of them came to her mind clearly, but the problem was the feeling of sadness.

‘What do I want to do with that boy?’

My mind began to wander again.

Ikael couldn’t define his feelings for Sirone in clear language.


It’s too shallow to simply say love.

Without digging deep into his emotions, Ikael finally made up his mind.

‘It must be killed.’

I can’t believe Sirone.

No, what I can’t believe is rather myself.

Trying to analyze someone with an imperfect memory is not good in any case.

‘All I have to do is do what I can.’

Ikael, who made that decision, said.

“great. I will revive Peope. However, you must keep your promise.”

“As long as I can save Peope, I don’t care.”

Sirone looked at the little fairy in her hand with pity.

I still don’t know if this was a good decision.

However, Feope wasted nearly an eternity of life to save herself and shrunk into a miserable appearance.

‘We have to save Feope.’

Right now, that was all.

“Put the fairy down in front of me. Amplifying vitality is a highly sensitive task.”

This was the biggest reason Ikael didn’t choose the deal.

Once Ataraxia begins to activate, you must focus all your attention on Feope.

If it was Jikji’s Sirone, he would be able to accurately dig into that gap and deliver a fatal blow.

It was not a strategy to be used in front of an unreliable opponent.

“don’t worry. I won’t do anything until Feope comes back to life.”

“please… … .”

When Ikael answered in an insipid tone, Sirone also approached slowly, remaining vigilant.

‘kill. kill. kill.’

Looking at Sirone narrowing the distance, Ikael kept repeating the same thought.

If the distance is a little closer, even if you feel the temperament of Jikji, your heart will be pulled out without even reacting.


Sirone was moving her steps calmly.


Even as he approached Ikael and slowly lowered his body and set Feope to the ground, she did not move.

‘now! now! now!’

Ikael finally realized.

‘now… … .’

The fact that what is running madly in your mind is just a thought.

“You can’t kill me.”

Putting Feofe down and stepping back slowly, Sirone looked at Ikael with sad eyes.

It’s not that I couldn’t guess Ikael’s intentions.

Maybe it could be… … So he was on guard, but at the same time he thought it didn’t matter.

If Ikael kills himself, even the reason he risked his life to come to heaven will disappear.

However, Ikael was unable to kill Sirone in the end, and Sirone was satisfied with that.

Just to meet her, countless people have already been sacrificed and countless lives have been killed.

‘Okay, I’ll end it with this.’

Contrary to Sirone’s thoughts, Ikael was even more unknown.

“How do you know that? Why can’t I kill you?”

The words she had been holding so far rose to her throat, but Sirone swallowed them with effort.

He knew that if Ikael had already lost his memory, no matter what he said, he would only get hurt.

If there is only one, only hope… … .

“I don’t know either.”

“But you… … .”

“I really don’t know. I don’t know, so I’m here to meet you. But you can’t tell me anything.”

Sirone gritted her teeth as she suppressed the rising sadness.

“Why don’t you try to remember me? You can do it.”

Ikael kept his mouth shut.

It wasn’t that she didn’t think that what Sirone thought was her.

If Ankera didn’t reset, but just cut out the memory, maybe Ikael can find his memory again.

However, it was a direct disobedience to Ankera’s will, and it was not something that would end as a reaction.

Sirone looked down at Feope and stepped back, receiving a small wound from Ikael’s silence.

Not saying anything was a good thing.

“Enough now. Save Feope. Then I will do whatever you want.”

Ikael’s gaze turned to Peope.

If you can’t kill or not kill, in the end, making a contract with Sirone was the best option.

“… … All right.”

Ikael knelt down slowly in front of Feofe, put both hands on his knees and closed his eyes.

Chee Hee Hee Hee!

As the planetary body expanded, Ataraxia, the symbol of Ikael, rotated while emitting a brilliant five-color light.

Sirone watched in rapture with her eyes half-closed.

He can also use Ataraxia, but no one will be able to imitate the beauty of the original.

‘Amplify vitality… … .’

save peope

Reviving a fairy who was about to die at the cost of spending all her life was as difficult as giving it a new life, but it was not impossible for Ikael, who handled amplification as a source concept.

‘It will take time though.’

Ikael emptied his mind and held out his hand to Feope.

‘Sirone will keep his promise.’

When I made that decision, strangely, a sense of calm came to me.

He was still calculating all the variables in his head, but the moment he believed in Sirone, he was so calm and happy that he was sure that this was right, and Ikael smiled slightly without realizing it.

However, her expression soon turned cold, and she focused on activating her ability with emotionless eyes.

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

Then the ground began to rumble west of Arabot.

The moment Sirone, who was very nervous, hurriedly looked back at the place, his eyes shook in shock.

An indescribable dark and shady aura was pouring in from afar.

Shirone felt the temperament through Jikji and got goosebumps from the fear running through her whole body.

Black dots studded like dots rotated like a whirlpool, casting a thick darkness around the person spreading fear.


The archangel of extinction, Faiel.

In an unexpected situation even for Ikael, her eyes shook with anxiety.

If Ekael of Amplification was born first of the eight huge concepts, Fael of Extinction is the last one.

Therefore, it was extremely rare even in the history of heaven for two archangels to collide over a single event.

And the law of consequences always sided with extinction.

“Payel! Don’t come closer!”

Faiel’s existence was for one purpose, so his intention for appearing here was also self-evident.

Winning or losing a war doesn’t matter.

Faiel was coming here to put an end to everything.

“Archangel Ikael… … .”

Even though he was still far away, his voice hovered over Arabot in a black whirlpool.

Sirone desperately tried to calm down the fear rising in her heart.

Fael’s appearance itself was unattractive.

At 1 meter 70 cm tall, he could be called a dwarf among angels, and although he wore a white robe, his face covered by a hood was completely dark.

“From now on I deny you.”

oh oh oh oh oh!

Inside Faiel’s hood, a face was finally revealed.

No, can this be called a face?

In the darkness, only the shape of the wickedly torn eyes and the jagged lips like thorns were engraved with light.

oh oh oh oh oh!

As the darkness around him distorted and his face revealed under the hood was projected, his celestial body turned into a black halo and began to spin like ink.


Feeling as if her vitality was drained just by being exposed to the aura, Sirone clenched her teeth.

Armand’s tentacles dried up like dried leaves, and chills ran through his body, like ice water running down his bones.

“Destroy, Ikael.”

At the same time as Faiel jumped away, Ikael jumped up and ran away.

amplification and extinction.

It was possible to know which side had the upper hand in the match without even having to clash.

As Ikael watched her movements from a distance of 100 meters, Faiel looked at her for a moment and then turned to Sirone.

“Foolish Nephilim. Trying to destroy heaven with mere human desires.”

Faiel raised his hand, and Feope’s corpse slowly floated up.

Having reached a terrible idea, Sirone shouted as she rotated the halo of the Valhalla Action even faster.

“no! Let go of Peope!”

“All life perishes. just follow the rules It will be the same for you.”

“Don’t touch Feope. I will kill Ra, whom you care so terribly!”

Faiel slightly raised his head as if looking at Sirone’s halo.

I had already checked what results were attached to the Valhalla action through looking down.

However, he had no regrets about the destruction of heaven.

It was just that, as the archangel of extinction, I could no longer watch the archangel of amplification being destroyed.

“For me, the only outcome is extinction.”

“No eh eh eh!”

The moment Sirone shouted, Faiel clenched his fists.

The black smoke seeped into Peope’s body and turned to black powder like ashes left over from a fire and flew away.

“Pe, Peope… … .”

Sirone looked at the powder with a bewildered expression.


They vanished from the world in vain, without the possibility of regeneration or the opportunity to be treated with respect for death.

“Black! Whoops!”

Sirone bit his molars and clenched his fists.

There was no thought that I had to hold back the flowing tears, nor that I should not appear weak in front of the enemy.

Deep anger begins to sprout from the depths of the heart.

And that sprout expanded at a tremendous speed and soon filled Sirone’s head.

“I will not forgive you.”

Judicial Halo – Valhalla Action.

As the Valhalla action was activated, ataraxia unfolded in an instant, and Sirone’s body disappeared.

“Foolish Fael! Are you going to endanger Ra!”

Faiel, who was looking at the place where Sirone had moved, turned his head after hearing Ikael’s cry.

The face in the dark was still smiling, but the voice was cold and solemn.

“You are foolish, Ikael. Do you still not know, what awaits at the end of this war?”

“What is that… … !”


Before Ikael could finish his words, a huge red light shot into the sky from afar.

An estimated power of 2.19 million kilobusters.

Among Sirone’s magic, God’s Punishment, which boasts the most destructive power, has begun to activate.


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