Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 485

[485] Heaven’s Night (3)

“What are you thinking?”

The basement of the Hall of Corruption in Rakia.

Kang Nan, who escaped from the flashback, raised his eyes.

The fallen angel Mauriel’s subordinate, Mara Torco, was looking at him with a smile that seemed like it would smell disgusting.

“Are you ready for the terrible torture that is about to happen? But blocking thoughts won’t help at all.”

When Torco pulled Gangnan by the collar, there was a clicking sound and his clothes tore off.

“We are all slaves to time. If you spread your time by length, you have exactly 18 hours left. It is a time where only pain and extinction await.”

Torco wanted to remind him of the reality, but time had already stopped flowing in Gangnan’s mind.

“Gaold is not coming.”

This is the end. So whatever future awaits, it’s already over.

“Cheuk, then all you have left is a desperate scream.”

When Kang Nan responded with a laugh until the end, the expression on Torco’s face finally disappeared.

“I got some fun stuff for the first time in a while.”

Slowly backing away, Torco held out both hands, and his weapon, a two-pronged whip, was gripped in both hands.

“First of all, I’ll have to mince the meat.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Torco’s hands swung alternately.

Every time the whip struck, Gangnan felt pain as if his skin was burning.


The pain traveled through the nerves to the brain, sublimated into new mental pain, and spread.


What you feel at the end of the pain is a more vague feeling.

‘It must always have been this painful.’

Even breathing was like inhaling glass powder, and even taking a step felt like walking on a nail.

However, Gaold endured everything and came this far.

Therefore, you can be patient with yourself.

‘I won’t scream.’

Every time the harsh whip hit him on the cheek, the time he spent with Gaold flashed in Gangnan’s mind like a thunderbolt.

* * *

“The sun is setting.”

Sain confirmed that it was getting dark outside the forest and approached Gaold.

His eyes, still gnawing at his thumb, were brutal enough to kill anyone who approached him, but even as a worldly citizen, he could not yield any more.

“Make up your mind, Gaold. What are you going to do?”

Gaold’s self-injury stopped with a snap of his teeth.

No one here knows what Gangnan means to him.

Couldn’t you have known?

What I realized now is that Gaold himself had completely forgotten what she had given him.

maze only.

I had poured all my passion into turning the stopped clock, so I never had time to think about who was following me.

‘It’s pitiful.’

Miro was sitting on a rock with her chin resting on her face and her legs crossed.

Her left leg draped over her knee swayed and swayed, representing her dissatisfaction.

When the owner’s planting was not good, Arius crawled to her and received the wobbly foot as his head.

With a whimper, he brushed the dirt off her bare feet with a ball, then put her toe in his mouth and began to suck on it.

If Arius is a human, Miro is a god. If Miro is a human, then Arius is something less than human.

Since its relative status does not change, Miro left it alone.

Then, as if annoyed, he removed his toe from his mouth and kicked Arius in the face.

“Beep! Knock!”

Whether or not Arius rolled on the floor with a sad expression on his face, Miro stood up and strode toward Gaold.

“hey! make sure! Is it me or is it that girl? I’m so annoyed I won’t be able to see you!”

A huge map of heaven and humanity is being drawn in Miro’s mind, but if you look down at it from a slightly more human perspective, it’s only natural that Gaold’s indecisiveness hurts his pride.

Of course, even if Gaold chooses him, he has no intention of accepting him.

But that’s why it’s even more absurd that he’s lost between the two women.

Gaold slowly turned his gaze to look up at the maze.

There is no doubt that the woman he wanted so much, who risked his whole life, is in front of him and that he loves the maze.

But why is my heart pounding?

My heart, which was supposed to run blindly towards the maze, was shaking as if I was running on a dirt road whenever I thought of the river.

“I can guess what kind of life you lived.”

Seeing Gaold’s reaction, Miro was convinced.

“I must have trained in a lot of pain. For 20 years, it must have been the years when I reached this point while only looking at myself.”

Gaold just listened.

It was overwhelmingly moving that a woman who was more desperate than her life would recognize her hard work, but she finally realized it.

The fact that I would never have been able to get this far on my own.

“You know that too, right?”

Miro recalled the look in Gangnan’s eyes at the last moment.

“While you were running looking at me, that child only looked at your back and ran.”

Gaold looked away from Maze and looked straight ahead.

maybe it’s the first time

The moment Kang Nan stood in front of him.

“I don’t know what the story is between the two of you… … .”


Gaold interrupted Miro and stood up.

All eyes were on him, on his lips to be exact.

“I’m going to get a mutt.”

No one disputed Gaold’s judgment.

Because it was his fight from the beginning.

However, at first glance, a sad light passed through the expression of Miro, the subject.

The price that must be paid to restore Gangnan is Miro’s death.

There was nothing to be afraid of because I had already made up my mind, but when Gaold made this decision, for the first time in my life, I felt a strange feeling of jealousy.

But those human emotions had permeated the gigantic psyche and disappeared without a trace, and she smiled again with a relieved expression.

“Okay then let’s go. If you let me go and get the child back… … .”

“no. I am going alone.”

Sein frowned and asked.

“alone? What are you going to do?”

“I told you, get the mutt back.”

“But without the labyrinth… … .”

Sein stopped talking as if he realized it only then.

“You, can’t you?”

Gaold intended to put an end to it.

A resolution that can be recalled because he accomplished something more impossible than dying.

Whatever the outcome, Gaold has no future.

“There may be a final war. The maze must not die.”

He only yielded everything in front of the giant Gaold’s emotions, and Sain knew that fact better than anyone else.

“Heh, do you feel any sense of responsibility for the confusion of mankind caused by you alone?”


Gaold turned his head and showed a mocking laugh.

“What do you know, something like that? I’m just going to meet Gangnan. You guys do the rest yourself.”

From God to Labyrinth, and now to Gangran.

A human who only knew how to run forward, Miro thought, maybe that was Gaold.

‘okay. So I… … .’

Miro, who was watching Gaold leave the forest vaguely, said.

“Hey, why don’t you say goodbye after doing this?”

Instead of looking back, Gaold removed the branch that was blocking his path.

“Let’s come back and do that. I made a reservation once.”

Miro burst out laughing, realizing he wasn’t talking about goodbye.

It was an ambiguous situation to reverse since she had spoken it herself.

“I saw that then. If you come back intact.”


Gaold shrugged and disappeared into the woods.

‘You’re getting stronger, Gaold. I’ve gotten really strong.’

Still annoyed with single-mindedness, but he really has reached it.

He had become a man who could confidently make eye contact with himself.

‘Hello, Gaold.’

There was no more laughter to be found on Miro’s face as he turned to Sein.

“You have to move fast from now on. Depending on whether we can go back or not, the risk that mankind must bear will be different.”

Sein said.

“What are you going to do? I stopped the explosion with a stop, but among the archangels, there might be someone with the ability to dispel magic.”

It was a fact that I realized after seeing the judicial halo of the archangel of destruction, Yuriel.

Ikael’s Ataraxia also surpasses common sense, but Ragnarok also possessed an ability with ideality equal to that of Ragnarok.

It surrounds the whole body with the concept of destruction and inflicts a physical attack.

Since the original concept is unshakable by anything, there was no way to stop Uriel once Ragnarok was activated.

Miro said with her chin on.

“The one who can break the stop magic must be Rayel, the archangel of light. His halo of justice should be able to achieve the speed of light. When the stop is released, my head is flying.”

said Armin.

“If you use the speed of light, you won’t be trapped in the time force field. But dispelling the enchantment is another matter. You probably won’t be able to destroy it easily.”

Sein asked.

“How much do you guess until the magic is dispelled?”

“If it’s an archangel’s ability, maybe… … .”

Armin was lost in thought before opening his mouth.

“It will take about five minutes.”

Miro nodded.

“That’s enough. From now on, I will try. You guys care about your own strategy.”

“What are you going to do?”


When Miro called, Arius approached, wagging his hips as if he had a tail.

“Stop being stupid. From now on, I grant you language.”

Then Arius bent one knee and sat down as if he had never done that.

“Arius. I obey the master’s command.”

“There must be a door installed in my head. Enter the maternal consciousness once more. Twice won’t be easy.”

“It is, but… … I won’t be able to dispel the archangel’s magic circle with my abilities.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I will remove the magic circle.”

Miro explained the operation.

“Kariel’s magic circle is blocking the cerebral circuit, preventing concentration. So you’re on my nerves Connect my nerves with a route that bypasses the magic circle. As soon as you enter the spirit zone, I infinitely reduce the magic circle with scale magic. The explosion can’t be stopped, but that’s enough to handle it.”

This was the fear of scale magic.

If the relative size is maximized, the reasoning created by all kinds of intellect is meaningless.

It was an excellent decision even in Sein’s opinion.

“Can I make it on time? If the stop is released right now, you will die.”

“So you have to do it quickly. Once Arius enters consciousness, from there, time in reality is different. 5 minutes. It should be possible.”

“Yes, I have no choice but to leave it to you. be careful.”

It makes no sense to worry about the world’s labyrinth.

“Let’s go, Arius.”

Arius, who read the owner’s thoughts, cast flicker magic and moved the maze to an empty place.

Sain, who sent Gaold and Miro, thought of a strategy to end the war in earnest.

When the primary goal of recapturing the maze was halfway successful, the thought that came to mind was the identity of the sense of incongruity felt before coming to heaven.

‘Even though the war broke out, there is no movement of the angels. How could this be?’

In the 2nd Heaven, it was interrupted by Yuriel and Kariel, but apart from that, only the fallen angels and Maras were visible.

Fighting a war, excluding ordinary angels, is like fighting with arms tied in Heaven’s position.

‘Obviously something is happening that we don’t know about. Where are you moving from? is it heaven? Or the human side?’

In any case, the fact that the Pyeongangsa did not move was an opportunity for the rebels.

‘If there is no special contact, Sirone will activate God’s Punishment by noon. He can’t help but take advantage of his current opportunity.’

Whatever the outcome, tomorrow the war is over.


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