Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 483

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[483] Night in Heaven (1)

In the basement of the Hall of Fall in the Second Heaven Rakia, there was a torture chamber where angels who had lost their divinity from whales were imprisoned and tortured.

If you look at angels by the standard of the physical world, their durability is strong enough to transcend human beings, so the instruments of torture are also full of bizarre things on a scale that cannot be seen in the human world.

Kang Nan passed out, relying solely on the chain handcuffs coming down from the ceiling, with both hands tied.

Unknown snakes crawled across the floor, and the confined air was repulsive enough to mask even the smell of brimstone from burning torches.

Dozens of eyes widened in the darkness and Mara appeared.

Torco, the servant of the fallen angel Mauriel.

It was a single mara with a skinny old face, a bald head, a belly that protruded like a tadpole, and legs much shorter than long arms.

Called the God of Screams in some worlds, he has a perfect understanding of the human body and is an excellent torturer who causes pain with his delicate fingertips.

Muddy laughter could be heard from the walls on all sides.

“Chig gigg kik, let me hear the screams, the disgusting human screams.”

“Can I not kill you? If you spend 1/43 of your hatred towards Maze, you will die.”

The fallen angels, who demanded an exchange of labyrinths and hardships throughout Rakia, gave their subordinates a chance to relieve their anger.

Some maras are not at all interested in human suffering, but on the other hand, there are maras who are extremely interested, and everyone gathered in the torture chamber is of that type.

Torco put his palms together and slapped Gangnan on the cheek.

An echo that was completely different from the usual sound spread, and the shock tore through Gangnan’s brain.


Kang Nan frowned at the feeling of his skull splitting and regained consciousness.

“Here… … .”

All I can see is an old man with a hooked nose.

But her senses sensed the many evil energies permeating the prison walls.

‘They’re caught.’

It was what I was promising. Rather, it was only lamentable that in that situation he did not die right away and lost consciousness.

As I pulled the handcuffs on my wrists, the chain connected to the ceiling slid.

Only iron can get out.

‘Cause if you break your wrist

‘The handcuffs are absorbing power.’

As far as she knows, it is impossible to block the schema in the normal way.

Then there are two things I can think of.

Out-of-regulation or… … .

“Is it an object?”

“Objet <Jachung>. The stronger you give it, the stronger it becomes. You won’t be able to get out.”

‘Annoying… … .’

To paraphrase Mara’s words, as strength is removed, rigidity weakens.

However, if the minimum stiffness was stronger than the human body, it was impossible for Gangnan to escape.

“Kill him.”

It was better to give up quickly on strategies that didn’t work.

“In the end you will die. But maybe I can live.”

When Kang Nan looked at him, Torco smiled as if curious about her reaction.

“If the humans bring Maze back by noon tomorrow.”

When hope arises, man becomes ugly.

I already shuddered at the thought of how messy this fearless female warrior would become after jumping over the drawbridge and reclaiming the maze.


Torco’s face hardened.

Kang Nan, who burst out laughing with his lungs moving, gave a pitiful look.

“The labyrinth never comes.”

can’t come

There was no way Gaold would exchange the result of giving his all for 20 years with his own life.

‘Yes, I’m not coming.’

If he had been that indecisive, he wouldn’t have pushed himself to death in the first place.

‘I wish. Meet the person you love.’

Contrary to expectations, Torco’s face twisted as Gangnan smiled.

“If you don’t bring Maze, all you have left is death at the end of the scream. How are you going to scream? How can I beg you to kill me?”

Mara’s voice echoed ominously in the dark.

“Kikiki, human screams are the best music in the world.”

Born as a warrior, die as a warrior.

Even in the face of terrifying threats, Ram Muay’s warriors did not waver.

-Kangnan, you are a woman.

I first met Gaold sixteen years ago, when she was thirteen.

Her life after leaving the south was a series of trials, just as the wolf tribe was exterminated and ran away.

Everyone who reached out to the child who had nothing had an ulterior motive, most likely because she was a woman.

Gangnan had an excellent body among the wolf tribe, but was too young to defeat the world’s strongest.

Eventually, it was the point at which he was kidnapped by bandits and taken to the slave market in a foreign country.

“Don’t stare at me like that.”

The man who was facing Gangnan in the luggage compartment said.

“I don’t think you were human from the start. Like dogs and horses, pigs and cats. Depending on what kind of animal you become, you may have a decent life. Because you are pretty and rare.”

“I am a wolf.”

The man could not understand the language of the south.


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But he knew he couldn’t get a high price without getting the poison out of her eyes.

The tastes of those who buy slaves vary greatly, but it was easy for the value to plummet if you tried to cater to the tastes of a few.

“I can’t. I’ll have to quench it beforehand.”

Darkness fell as the man pitched the tent in the luggage compartment.

And when he looked back, the man’s eyes were not normal, unlike a moment ago.


A sound like chewing cartilage burst from his knuckles.

“First, shall we become a dog?”

“I am a wolf.”

Gangnan sighed and knelt down.

Jumping out with all her might, with her hands tied behind her back, she hit the man’s abdomen with her head, pushing further and jumping out of the carriage.


Jumping off a moving wagon with your hands tied was tantamount to suicide.

A heavy wheel was pushed toward Gangnan’s face as he fell to the floor.

Just when you thought it was too late to dodge, the wheels splintered and the wagon overturned.

Kang Nan knelt down and looked to the side.

But before she could examine anything, the thieves came running and started beating her up.

“Damn it! Kill them!”

Kang Nan, whose hands were tied behind his back, was beaten defenselessly.

However, she stood up thinking of her whole body as a shield, and showed off Ram Muay’s skills with her free two feet.

With her short stature, she was dodging among the bandits, but when a large man stood in front of her, she swung her leg.

The moment the low kick hit the shin as thick as a log, there was a hard, dull impact sound.


The huge man couldn’t stand the pain and fell to the ground screaming.

It was not the brilliance of a thirteen-year-old child.

“Don’t belittle me. I’m from the wolf tribe… … .”

However, that was all she could achieve, and she had to roll to the floor again after punches flying from all directions.

“ah! it’s annoying!”

A man who had been pushed by Kang Nan and fell from the carriage approached with blood on his head.

He took a dagger out of his boot and raised his arm as he glared at Kang Nan.

“I will stab you a hundred times and kill you!”

Then again, there was a loud bang and the man’s head exploded.


Only then did the thieves realize that it was no mere accident.

A man was walking at the end of the forest road they had been running on.

It was a twenty-four-year-old Gaold who had graduated from Alpheas Magic School and had gone on to seek training.

Unlike his current appearance, he still had a youthful spirit, his body was so skinny that only bones remained, and his complexion was dark as if he would soon die.

However, the most deeply engraved impression of Kang Nan was the two eyes that seemed to contain death.

“What are you? Are you a wizard?”

“… … Have you ever seen God?”

The thieves, who would get hives just by hearing the name Shin, met each other’s eyes and giggled.

“Are you a crazy monk?”

It was not uncommon to meet people who had lost their minds at the end of the search while wandering the world doing human trafficking.

“Have you really never seen it? Where the hell is God?”

The leader of the bandits swung a dagger and stepped forward.

“Hey, what are you doing in search of God? Have you committed any crime?”

“I… … .”

Before Gaold could finish his sentence, the dagger flew between his eyes.

“Because I have to kill you.”

Puff puff puff puff!

As the air compressed, the heads of all the bandits standing around the fallen wagon exploded.

Gaold, who lightly bent his head to avoid the dagger, moved slowly.

Then, he looked down at Kang Nan, who was staring up at him in a state of fascination, and said,

“Little boy, have you ever seen God?”

Kang Nan shook his head slowly even as fear of a temperament he had never felt before surrounded his body.

“Where are you? Where are you? I have to kill you.”

The sight of Gaold looking around the forest for something was the height of bizarreness to Kang Nan.

‘Crazy. This man is crazy.’

After looking around for a long time, Gaold looked down at the river again and untied the rope tied to his hand.

‘I have to run away.’

That was the first thought that came to Gangnan’s mind.

However, before he could put it into action, Gaold’s hand suddenly reached out.

“Can it happen? Judging by her appearance, she looks like a southerner. Where is your tribe?”

Kang Nan forgot all his fears and glared fiercely at Gaold.

So far, among the people who have extended their hands in favor, not one has benefited them.

“I am a wolf.”

Gaold’s eyes were half-closed as he stared at Gangnan’s burning face.

“It was a wolf tribe. I heard you’re devastated It must have been hard.”

‘Do you know Nambang language?’

It was surprising that the madman, so disfigured that the beggar would cry, understood what he was saying.

“What is your name?”

After thinking about who this man was, Kang Nan slowly opened his mouth.

“Strong. Aho, gangnan.”


Gaold searched for the meaning of the memory, which had become more blurred lately.

“The spirit of the wolf.”

Then, gently raising the corner of his mouth, he said.

“What a wonderful name, Gangnan.”

Kang Nan will never forget the emotions he felt at that moment.

“let’s go. I’m hurt a lot. It needs to be treated.”

Gangnan followed Gaold to a cave in the woods.

He was still full of vigilance, but it was at the point where he needed someone’s help.

Gaold handed him dry bread from his bag.

It was hard as a stone, but the amount was large enough to eat for several days.

I was very hungry, so I ate it, but I couldn’t break it in the jaws of a child without melting it with saliva.

Gaold was chewing on those things well.

The only curious thing was the moaning sound leaking from the depths of his throat whenever he moved his jaw.

As expected, thinking that he was crazy, Kang Nan said as if declaring war.

“I will leave tomorrow morning.”

Gaold nodded without stopping.

That night.

“Huh. Whoa.”

Gaold opened his eyes to the faint groaning that leaked out of the river.

“what’s the matter? Where are you sick?”

“nothing… … no.”

Gaold sat down and noticed Gangnan’s pale face covered in cold sweat.

“Speak. what’s the problem?”

“Nothing… … !”

When Gangnan gritted his teeth and became stubborn, Gaold didn’t care anymore and lay down.

“tight. I’ll be leaving in the morning.”

As time passed and around midnight, Jiang Nan crawled out of the cave and stumbled into the forest.

And after a while, Gaold’s eyes flashed open.


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