Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 482

[482] Jikji (4)

“He’s a human anyway!”

Mirka denied that Sirone’s Spirit Zone was Elysion.

Gaia, a mythical human being feared by Ankera and driven Heaven to the brink of destruction.

But didn’t they eventually lose the war and leave the world?

It didn’t make sense that their powers, for which no evidence could be found other than fragmentary records, suddenly revived at this moment.

“Do you think a human can use Elysion? You’re doing a clumsy mimic.”

As if to refute Mirka’s words, Sirone opened her eyes and cast a photon cannon.

At the flash of light that came out of nowhere, she threw herself away, not being able to dare to cast out the prescribed meal.

‘It’s definitely dangerous.’

If Immortal Function is infinite, Elysion is intangible.

The mind, completely integrated with the outside world, treats all information detected by the Ultima System as if it were its own.

Similar to the combination of the spirit zone and ancient magic used by Sirone, Mirka was fighting a system rather than a specific individual named Sirone.

Jikji of the Ultima system was a very unfamiliar phenomenon to all beings with individuality.

The completely different combat system threw the fairies into confusion, and Sirone’s magic, which had adapted to Elysion, began to devastate everywhere with more powerful destructive power.

‘I have to stop here.’

After watching the 7 fairies disappear in just 10 seconds, Mirka finally made up her mind.

Whether Sirone used Elysion or imitated it, the ability itself was real anyway.

“Everyone follow me!”

As Mirka took the lead and flew, Sirone also fired a photon cannon from behind, sending flashes of light as if she were swinging multiple blows with both fists.

At the same time, Mirka’s razor blade of truth outside the rules was activated.

A ghastly white glow shimmered around her, and a mass-laden photon struck her body.


All the fairies who knew the ability to eat out of the rules stopped fighting for a while and watched the results.

Sirone also looked at Mirka with fierce eyes.

“Whoop, whoop whoop.”

Mirka, who was in good condition, was smiling with her hand out.

Even among fairies, she belonged to the highest level, so she still had the upper hand in the power of incarnation.

However, she couldn’t help but be nervous, her smile was severely stiff.

“I won.”

In any case, it is invincible against Sirone as long as the Elimination Rules are activated.

Having invoked another rule of obedience, she began to rush in with great speed.


Sirone spread her wings wide and soared into the sky.

As all the fairies soared vertically, they left the Valley of Whales in an instant and rushed into the sky.

“Catch it! If we just hold on, it is our victory.”

In Syrone’s field of vision, countless magics from fairies rained down on her.

There were various types depending on the concept of birth of the visible, invisible, material, phenomenal, and fairies, but Sirone did not hold any attachments to any of them and just looked straight ahead.

Elysion integrated and delivered all the information in one dimension, and Armand’s powerful function greatly increased Sirone’s reflexes.

“Unbelievable… … .”

Even the fairies born with the ability to fly were basically surprised by Sirone’s movement, which evaded a large number of bullets that seemed to have no blind spots.

Cirone, who escaped from the magic net that could never be escaped without calculating the error in millimeters, started a counterattack.

As soon as Akamai’s eyes caught the target, photon cannons flew in from all directions and concentrated damage.

Whenever Antithese’s focus quickly jumped between fairies, the fairies crashed without a doubt.

“What are you doing!”

As Mirka flew in with a roar of rage, Sirone also stopped attacking and kept an eye on her.

‘Let’s stay calm. I’m thinking.’

Sirone knew that Mirka was invincible, but unlike before, she did not fall into despair.

All out-of-regulation events are accompanied by triggering conditions and costs.

‘I just can’t become invincible enough to block the first attack.’

The first thing that comes to mind is time constraints.

You won’t be able to remain invincible forever. But that alone isn’t enough.

It was rather easy for Sirone to make a judgment because the advantage was so strong.

‘Spatial constraints.’

Having come to a conclusion, Sirone sharply turned the angle to avoid the rushing Mirka.

After confirming Mirka’s reaction as she tried her best to follow Sirone with her eyes, he was certain.

‘I see. in sight… … .’

It disturbed Mirka with a dazzling movement that raised the function of the optical wing to the maximum.

“joy! Good idea, but… … .”

Until now, the enemies who tried to break the razor of truth were numerous.

However, it was just an illusion that focused only on the ability to eliminate variables.

If you think about it a little differently, you can understand why Mirka got this ability.

Ranked third among countless fairies.

Mirka was originally a strong fairy, and eating out was just a tool used to maintain her strength 100%.

“You dare to bully me?”

Mirka’s body turned into light and chased after Sirone.

She rushed at a terrifying speed, and accelerated with the thought of piercing Sirone’s body, which was caught in the law of obedience.

pop! As the sound exploded, Mirka passed through Sirone and her eyes were filled with shock.


Sirone suddenly disappeared.

It wasn’t the movement of the coordinates, it was literally disappearing.

Mirka hurriedly looked around at the sound of the wind blowing. Sirone’s tentacles were approaching at high speed.

As long as it is out of sight, the regular eating out is reset.

Knowing this, Mirka hurriedly threw her upper body back.

Keugh! The wind pressure alone pushed her body several meters.

Sirone did not stop at swinging her tentacles, but connected them and fired photon cannons.

Even as she turned into light and drew a complicated trajectory while avoiding it, Mirka’s mind kept asking questions.

How did you get out of sight?

“The razor of truth!”

After regaining her composure to some extent, she started eating out again.

The photon cannon vanished in vain, and realizing that she was invincible again, she glared at Sirone.

Valhalla action.

The moment he saw the magic circle of fallen angels behind Sirone, everything became clear.

‘Oops… … !’

Reversal of cause and effect.

If time was reversed after reaching certain coordinates, she would not be able to keep Sirone in sight.

‘With this, I can avoid eating out. But I have to refrain from making big attacks.’

However, Sirone also had a restriction of action delay in return for reversing causality.

Mirka must be attacked at least once to activate Eating Out of the Rules, and Sirone will also be bitten if she miscalculates the delay.

A situation where we have no choice but to look out for each other.

However, with this, it could be said that the formidable strength of eating out was destroyed and the balance of power was balanced.

Sirone struggled amidst the group of fairy troops.

It was a one-on-one battle, but the victory was gradually leaning towards Sirone.

The magic from Elysion’s intangibles didn’t even give them time to adapt, and steadily defeated the enemies, and finally, the lethal laser network was unfolded.

Because there was no central point, the net of red lines, which was possible, stretched out in all directions, obstructing the movements of the fairies.

Screams echoed through the sky as the Homing Photon Cannon slipped between the nets and exploded enemies.

“You insignificant human!”

As soon as Mirka casts the Razor of Truth, the Valhalla action is activated, and Sirone disappears.

‘I have to find it!’

Mirka looked around until her head broke.

If he could find it before Sirone’s delay ended, it would be his victory.


Turning her back, her eyes widened in shock. Contrary to expectations, Sirone came close to her.

The figure of spinning and swinging its tentacles was domineering, but it wasn’t to the extent that it couldn’t be avoided with Mirka’s skills.

‘Stupid human. Did I throw an irrational number out of nervousness?’

Mirka laughed and held out her hand.

Sirone is completely defenseless as long as you block it by eating out.


However, right before she could activate her ability, Mirka shuddered as she felt a strong binding force.

From the side, Akamai’s pupils, which were embedded in addition to the cybernetic brain, were aimed at him.

The advantage of Valhalla Action is that it can reverse the cause and effect of all linked events.

In other words, the two results of leaving Mirka floating on the side and then going back to her rear and attacking were accelerated at the same time.

The delay is long, but it was Sirone’s own variable created to break the tight balance of power.

‘Is there no absolute result?’

When the thought reached that point, a thump rang in Mirka’s head.

With her head broken, she flew toward the distant sky, and as soon as her inertia ended, she fell down in a parabola.

“Mr. Mirka!”

All the fairies floating in the sky couldn’t believe the sight unfolding before their eyes.

Of the 72 classes of fairies, the noble spiritual body belonging to the 2nd class was destroyed by only humans.

All the fairies rushed as the rage of the tribal pride was trampled on.


Sirone frowned and waited for the delay to dissipate.

Because the two events were reversed, the waiting time was much longer than usual.

When the delay was finally lifted, countless magics were already rushing toward him.

‘I have no choice but to do it.’

It was never a way that suited my inclination, but now it is an exhibition situation. Violence is sometimes necessary to win.

Sirone used Elysion’s mental power to cast one of her organs, Berserk.

However, that wide width was a completely different temperament from what he had shown so far.

Literally, multiple explosions in a wide range.

Due to the nature of Elysion without a central point, wide explosions erupted in numerous places.

If it was the existing light width that simply stopped at bouncing something, this time it was a way to crush it with a curtain of light from all directions.



All the fairies trapped in Elysion’s sphere of influence let out a terrifying scream.

A cracking sound could be heard from the small body caught between the curtain and the gap between the curtains.

When viewed from a distance, it was a sight as if a thunderbolt struck out of nowhere in a clear sky.

As the spheres of light with a diameter of 30 meters flashed, the fairies shuddered and fell as if they had been electrocuted.

When the casting of the wide range, which can only be performed in Elysion, ended, the sky became blue and calm again.

The fairy troops were annihilated, and Sirone, who was floating alone in the air, looked up at the higher sky and took a deep breath.

The light wing suddenly disappeared and his body fell as it stood.

While accelerating toward the ground at a terrifying speed, Armand’s robes stretched out and flew dozens of meters before rooting on the ground.

At the same time, while canceling the power, Sirone’s body landed lightly as if it had jumped from a low place.

It was halfway up the mountain, and below the mountain range, I could see the paradise where the subjects resided.


Sirone sat down for a while to soothe her weary spirit.

Armand’s nerves vividly conveyed the comfort of Peope in his arms.

How strong have you become? Sirone thought for a moment.

But what I felt right now was only the horror of the spirit and reality that was being devastated through the war.

“I have to go further.”

that is war There were also personal things that had to be done.

“Be patient with me a little longer, Peope.”

As Armand restored some of her bodily functions, Sirone rose again.

As I gently bent my knees, huge wings of light spread out from behind me again.


Sirone’s body, which flew up in a cloud of dust, jumped over the mountain range at high speed and flew to Arabot.


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