Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 480

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[480] Jikji (2)

‘Never win?’

Sirone didn’t listen to Mirka’s words.

I thought that the reason she was able to survive even after being hit directly by the photon cannon was because she used the rules of the fairy, and if that was the case, what she was saying now would not be a simple bluff.

‘What is it?’

Sirone fired the homing photon cannon once again.

As expected, Mirka did not dodge, and the photon cannon exploded with a powerful impact sound.

Seeing Mirka slightly raising the corner of her mouth, Sirone realized something new.

it wasn’t blocked

It was completely immune to the attack itself.

“Then can I survive this too?”

Sirone fired a laser that became more powerful through magical power amplification.

No matter how durable a material is, it can’t block the laser that causes molecular vibration forever, but this time, Mirka was just receiving the magic without the slightest shake.

Only then did Sirone stop attacking.

‘It’s embarrassing.’

I don’t know what kind of activation principle it was, but Mirka’s eating out of the rules was a very simple yet powerful ability.

“invincibility… … is that?”

Mirka nodded obediently.

“Yes. Because you are weaker than me, you can never defeat me.”

Mirka’s razor blade of truth is activated by first receiving an opponent’s attack with obvious murderous intent.

When the ability is activated, a judgment of comparative advantage against the strength of the two targets begins, and if you win there, you become invincible and unaffected by any attack from the opponent.

The determination of comparative advantage is due to the existence of the incarnation, not measurable numbers, and there is no way to reverse the invulnerability status because the razor of truth completely eliminates the anomalies and variables that may occur in battle.

In actual battle, it is an established theory that the one who wins is the strongest, but it can be defined that Mirka’s eating out of the rules has been distorted into pure strength, that is, the strong one wins by removing all variables during battle.

In order to establish this powerful concept, a difficult price must be exchanged on an equivalent basis, but if you move out of Mirka’s line of sight, the judgment is canceled, and even if you are locked in line of sight, the maintenance time is only about 30 minutes.

However, the most risky cost was that of having to stand by defenselessly against the first attack with obvious murderous intentions.

If Mirka loses in the judgment of comparative advantage, not only is it attacked, but the razor of truth is activated in reverse, and the opponent becomes invincible against itself.

In other words, when you meet an enemy who is pushed back by the power of pure incarnation, death and defeat equivalent to almost 100% await.

A fatal condition that is quite balanced as an equivalent exchange to realize the extreme state of invincibility.

However, Mirka never doubted her abilities.

And she was currently ranked 3rd in the 72nd class of fairies.

“shall we start?”

Mirka attacked Sirone without being harsh.

Eating out – the law of obedience.

Another regulation hypocrisy linked to the razor of truth was triggered.

As Mirka burrowed into Sirone’s pit at high speed, a loud shock spread through her body.


Even when it was difficult to breathe, Sirone had doubts.

The skin of Ringer, a type of armored mineral, was not applied.

Also, it was too strong a physical force to be called the power of a fairy.

‘This is also an ability.’

Sirone’s prediction was correct.

In the Razor of Truth, when Mirka has a comparative advantage, the Law of Obedience, which is activated, can neutralize all of the opponent’s attacks and push back all of the forces generated as a reaction.

In other words, it was a hit with twice the critical rate, so it was not a shock that Sirone, who was in a bare-body state, could not withstand if it was a physical attack from Mirka, who was absolutely invincible.

Mirka continued to attack Sirone with physical bullets.

As long as she faced Sirone, her body was invincible, so her attacks were not harsh.

While receiving the impact of being hit by a heavy rock, a thought passed through Sirone’s head.

Can’t win.

From experience, I have come across numerous regulations eating out, so various options that are expected to be broken laws came to my mind.

Among them, there was an answer that said it would be okay to get out of sight, but that was not the point.

She is a fairy of the 2nd rank among the 72nd rank.

The razor of truth was an ability that could not be defeated in the first place, unless she had a strength that surpassed that of other incarnations of fairies.

When Mirka tied Sirone’s feet, countless fairies followed and cast all sorts of magic.

Except for Mirka’s attack, Armand had blocked most of the impact, but any defense had to be limited by continuous hits.

‘Eating out of the rules is a problem.’

The ability to block the variables that occur during battle at the source.

For Sirone, who had been able to defeat opponents stronger than herself with her powerful insight and improvisation, it could be said that her ability was close to her natural enemy.

“This is the end.”

Mirka fell vertically and landed a physical attack on Sirone’s ship.


I could hear my abdominal muscles tearing and I couldn’t breathe.

The sky darkened from the edge, and two-thirds of the field of view turned into darkness.

“Now! Pour it all out!”

Armand resonates with the caster’s consciousness, so as Sirone’s consciousness weakens, its function tends to decline.

The fairies, who confirmed that the tentacles were hanging like water-soaked grass, poured out their magic.

I was thinking of completely severing my consciousness, and my life would end before I even crashed to the ground.

The fairies’ all-out attack came through the narrowed field of view.

Looking at the colorful magic that was flying around, Sirone squeezed out her last strength.

Judicial Halo – Valhalla Action.


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As the halo rotated, one type of magic was calculated in an instant.

Judicial Halo – Super Magical Amplification, Ataraxia.

As the gigantic halo spread out in front, the fairies who were facing Sirone clutched their heads in shock and screamed.

The only one who could look at it was Mirka, who was already invincible.

“this… … .”

Seeing Ataraxia integrated at the moment of birth, she shouted at the fairies everywhere.

“Avoid everyone!”

As the photon cannon passed through Ataraxia, a massive flash of light completely filled the sky.

All of the magic that was pouring in its power was swept away, and the fairies trapped within the radius evaporated in an instant like flies burned by flames.


When the flash disappeared, no fairies except Mirka remained.

Mirka looked away in search of Sirone, who had disappeared from sight, but gave up and gnashed her teeth.

Archangel Ikael’s proprietary patent, Ataraxia.

Even though he knew he was invincible, he couldn’t bear to take any action and waited because of instinctive fear located at the starting point of his mind, not ability.

‘There’s no way I’m alive. I fell from this height… … .’

I would like to think so, but it was unpredictable.

“Find it. Never stop searching until you dismember his corpse.”

At Mirka’s instruction, all surviving fairies rushed to the ground.

I was even more annoyed that the place I was currently flying in was the Valley of Whales, which was famous for being the most difficult in Shehakim.

‘I definitely should have ended it.’

The face of the third-ranked fairy was not so bad.

In any case, since it was the past, Mirka immediately put aside her lingering feelings and quickly flew to the valley following her subordinate fairies.

‘Calm down. You can’t lose consciousness.’

As she fell down the valley, Sirone fought with all her might to keep her spirits up.

It was a truly formidable concentration created in a situation no different from a dying state for an ordinary person.

As long as consciousness is maintained, even if you fall, Armand will recover to some extent.

However, if the spirit breaks here, no one can guarantee what will happen after that.

thud! thud!

I didn’t feel any pain.

However, a dull impact hit the back of Sirone’s head.

After colliding with the cliff in the valley, Sirone was thrown off and hit the opposite wall again and fell.

Shirone with her eyes closed and blood dripping from her forehead.

There were only 500 meters left to the ground.

It is obvious that if you fall headfirst, you will break your neck.

At that time, one fairy flew to Sirone at a terrifying speed, avoiding the sharp rocks in the valley.

It was Peope, the fairy of the spiral.


I grabbed Sirone’s robe and pulled it up with all my might, but the inertial force of the fall was too strong.

I tried dispersing the falling force using spiral magic, but it was all about slowing it down.


Feope gritted her teeth as she felt the pain of her shoulder blade coming off.


At the same time that Sirone fell to the ground, her body bounced off and rolled on the floor.

But before she even had time to feel the pain, she flew to Sirone.

“Sirone! Sirone!”

Unconscious and unable to move, Peope, who was frightened, hurriedly put her ear to her chest.


My heart is beating weakly.

Sooner or later even this will stop, but I still felt some relief.

“Oops, this is not the time.”

It was only a matter of time before the other fairies were discovered as they began to scour Whale’s Valley.

Peope, who grabbed the robe and looked around, found a cave that was barely big enough for one person to enter and dragged Sirone into it.

“Whoa, it’ll be fine for a while.”

After wiping off her sweat, Peope stared blankly at Sirone’s sleeping face.

The reason she was able to track this far was because she hadn’t seen Ataraxia.

For some reason… … I knew what Sirone was going to do.

“of course.”

Feope smiled sadly.

“Because we are friends.”

In fact, did he know that he wanted to choose Sirone over the internal government?

Will he understand how he had to take the opportunity to quickly rise from being the youngest member of the 72nd class of fairies, who was treated with disdain, to becoming a leader?

“Sirone, I… … .”

Feope’s eyes were wet as she was choosing what to say.

“I became strange after meeting you.”

I didn’t say I love you.

No matter how pure the words were, I would not have said it if I had known that it was an act of throwing my heart.

I learned more emotions from high-ranking fairies.

The more she did, the more she threw out a word, like a spectrum transmitted through a prism, spreading out into a full-color rainbow with various properties and fluttering in her heart.

“Still, I do not regret my choice.”

It was a good thing that I chose the home government.

“Girin said that humans and fairies cannot fall in love. because i… … .”

Feope smiled broadly, sublimating the sadness that seemed to explode her heart into laughter.

“Because it is too small.”

However, his voice was locked, and hot tears flowed endlessly from his big eyes.

Armand’s diamond armament was lifted and changed into the form of a demonic sword.

Consciousness is completely cut off.

Sirone’s body was not intact.

There were dark bruises where the bones were broken, and even the function of the organs was heading toward death.

Feope looked at her with pity, then flew towards Sirone’s face.

Then she knelt down under his chin and caressed his cheek.

The time we met was short, but I couldn’t say I knew anything about him.

I have no more regrets because I have already thrown it away.

“I’m sorry, Sirone.”

Feope’s body as she closed her eyes and kissed Sirone’s mouth began to burn with a dazzling light.

It was an act of pouring out all of one’s lifespan and concentrating it into a single vitality.

“love you.”

With a concept she realized more clearly than a year ago, Feope threw her heart into Sirone once again.


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