Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 476

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[476] As much as the way I came (3)

‘It went in!’

Gaold was sure.

The moment the thrilling Bakum Press exploded at her fingertips, the sensation that Uriel was shaken came through clearly.

It was a certainty conveyed ten million times.

Not a speck of dust remained in the vicinity, but the wrinkles in the atmosphere completely obscured the view.

As the air spread outward, an aftershock incomparable to a typhoon swarmed the battlefield, which had fallen into a momentary vacuum.

The air gathered as it rotated, turning into turbulence, creating hundreds of vortices.

Amidst the movement of the wind, I saw Yuriel, who was holding back her huge body while defending herself with the Horse of Paradise.

‘Is it really human technology?’

Having fought countless battles, Uriel also knew that superiority through inaction did not necessarily guarantee victory.

If you’re just a family, but a human with skills that even angels couldn’t predict, it wouldn’t be shameful to be pushed aside for a while.

Miro is a representative figure, but Gaold has reached this point only through inaction.


Gaold rushed in one after another, his graying hair fluttering.

The Bakum Press is a powerful defensive weapon, but depending on how you use it, it can also become a bomb that explodes ultra-high-density air pressure.


The goon of paradise collided with the bakum press with a roar.

As the air burned in the heat of friction, a huge cloud of fire ascended as if a bomb had exploded.

The scorching heat was transmitted to those on the wall, and Sein, who was destroying Erg’s magic circle, became even more impatient.

‘Damn it. He might be dead.’

Literally the air turned to fire.

It was so powerful that even the Gaold of the world could not help but die.

Sein shouted while activating the Sun Moon Halo.


As the two gears penetrated Erg, Sein’s consciousness completely blocked out information from the outside.

Zulu and Armin arrive to protect the defenseless Sein.

The force field of slow magic unfolded, and Zulu’s summoned cougar swung sharp claws at the approaching foes.

However, as time passed, the number of fallen angels only increased.

‘This side won’t be able to last long either.’

There is no way to confirm Gaold’s life or death, and the battle on the castle wall is gradually being pushed back.

‘Is this the power of an angel?’

The difference between an angel and a fallen angel is the difference between heaven and earth, but the ability that comes out of their concept has an ideal that is differentiated from anything of a magician.

“It’s an enemy that can’t be defeated from the start.”

said Zulu, commanding the cougar.

“You just have to focus on passing the time. There is still one chance left.”

“Do you think Gaold is alive?”


Zulu looked at Gangnan, who was fighting Urotas, a fire giant wizard, at the forefront of the battlefield.

“It is not about living and dying. It is a question of whether or not you can give up.”

thud! thud! thud!

Every time Urotas’s fist hit the ground, Gangnan felt his heart sink.

The last remaining fire giants.

However, he was the vice-captain, and he was an unusual wizard for a giant.

‘The seal of fire!’

After stopping the attack, Urotas put his palms together and cast a spell, and the seal of burning flames was engraved on Gangnan’s forearm.


The fire immediately materialized and burned, and strength began to drain from Gangnan’s arm.

Urotas’s magic is seal art.

It was the ability to burn dominion by carving a seal where it was aimed with a gaze of fire.

Once the seal is imprinted, it is impossible to move, as if a nerve has been cut.

Determining the range of application seemed to have a fairly difficult condition, but considering that the opponent was a wizard with the strength of a giant, there was no doubt that it was an annoying skill.

“I will avenge the clan’s enemies!”

Realizing that he was not an opponent to fight only with stubbornness, Kang Nan flexibly twisted his body and dug into his opponent’s arms.

When Ram Muay’s unique linear and chauvinistic attack was applied, Urotas hurriedly widened his distance and cast the seal technique again.

As the fire burned in his right thigh and control disappeared, Kang Nan kicked the ground as if to strike with the opposite foot.

Rapidly rushing in like an arrow, she struck Urotas’ side with a kick that curved like a whip, and the giant’s body was pushed back.


As Urotas’s eyes were burning with fire, a seal was engraved on the side of Gangnan’s stomach.


My heart stopped flinching as the fire burned and the dominion around me was consumed in an instant.

When Urotas punched him, Kang Nan covered his face with his arms.

A conditional reflex movement that I was able to reach at the end of countless repetitions every day.

As the shock passed through the guard, Gangnan’s consciousness was clouded.


When she comes to her senses, what she sees is the erection of the castle walls soaring toward the sky.

Tears flowed from her eyes.

‘I am… … .’


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You can’t be like him.

Even though he has risked everything, he can’t even stay on the edge he reached.


Kang Nan clenched his fists and stood up.

Emotions don’t matter.

Because I left everything and came here to fulfill one purpose.

“certainly… … I will definitely bring it.”

At some point, the battle on the castle wall was reaching its climax.

When Shiina’s freezing magic restrained the Mara, Kuan flew in and cut the frozen body.

Etella was blasting the giant Mara with Yin-Yang Wave Fist, and Zulu and Armin were using all their skills to block the bizarre abilities of the fallen angels.

And Sein… … Finally, we reached the central processing unit of the 1-gon Mara Erg.

A lot of circuits went through a tangled net and disconnected all the connections with the halo of the sun and moon.

As the light of the magic circles in reality gradually weakened, Kariel’s face crumpled slightly.

It’s holding up much longer than he thought.

It was a very unpleasant thing from his point of view, who considered humans as insignificant as bugs.

‘I want to wipe it out right now, but… … .’

However, Kariel’s way of thinking was different from Uriel’s.

‘There is a much simpler solution.’

Realizing that it was time to put the second plan into action, Kariel approached Miro and held out her hand.

If the magic suppression magic circle planted in her head exploded, her face would be completely blown out.

Even after guessing Kariel’s intentions, Miro just stared at the battlefield in silence.

The front of the Hall of Corruption was bumpy with large and small craters created by Gaold’s atmospheric pressure, and a deep valley formed where Yuriel’s touch touched.

‘You’ve become stronger, Gaold.’

Looking at Gaold sprawled on the floor, Miro smiled for the first time.

Gaold is strong, but he cannot defeat the Archangel.

That is the original concept.

Not 1 destruction, not 1,000 destruction, just destruction.

The universe only flows from the beginning to the end, and human beings who are late runners of the principle cannot go beyond the concept that precedes it.

‘What am I even doing like this? I’m just a woman.’

Just being able to compete with the archangel for over a minute showed how high Gaold had risen.

‘Still, to be honest, I was a little moved.’

gee gee.

Miro slowly closed his eyes as the magic circle in his head waited for the detonation and delivered an echo.

‘every… … hi.’

Gaold looked into the void with empty eyes.

‘Let’s quit.’

Have you ever poured out something like this in your entire life?

It was a sense of accomplishment that made me feel like I had achieved something even though I hadn’t accomplished anything.

‘Okay, let’s give up. It wasn’t mine from the start.’

When you think about it, it was a simple thing.

Why can’t I forget her? All you have to do is change her mind like flipping her palm.

‘I have to become the president of the association again. She’ll meet a woman much better than Maze. She could be a huge denial. You could have the most powerful power in the world. I’m sick of it.’

Gaold wept hot tears.

It will end.

If you forget the maze… … The world becomes his.

Maze only… … .

“Huh! black!”

Gaold gritted his teeth.

“shit! Because that doesn’t work… … !”

You don’t need anything.

No women, no wealth, no fame, even happiness.

“That’s why I’m doing this high school!”

maze only.

If I could laugh with her for just one day, no, even for a minute, I would pay anything.

“Damn it. Why even that… … .”

can’t you have it?

That dark heart burned his hell again and set the world in flames.

“Are you still going to try?”

Gaold stood up as he was lying down.

The nerves of his whole body wriggled like a monster, and he bent his upper body, compressing the Bakum press and popping out.


Miro’s eyes opened again as the skin-melting heat raged.

Kariel also looked at the battlefield as if it were interesting, but soon opened her eyes wide and turned her head.

visor! visor! visor!

Erg’s magic circle was broken in a chain, and Sein’s consciousness returned to reality.

“Now! Go in!”

“this… … !”

Kariel accelerated the detonation of the magic circle planted in Miro’s head.

Miro’s brow crumpled at the roaring noise he heard in his brain, and cold sweat flowed from his temples.

“run! hurry!”

When Sein and his party charged at Miro, the fallen angels hurriedly rushed in and created a physical barrier.

You could tell how urgent the angels were just by looking at their determination to fill the space, unable to consider attack or defense.

After confirming the maze’s condition, Sain pressed on.

“Break it! I do not have time!”

Kuan, Etela, and Shiina opened the road with all their might.

When that very narrow, single path was pierced, everyone penetrated there.


One fallen angel who descended from the sky at full speed blocked the path again.

Landing almost crouched down, she raised her pupilless red eyes and grabbed her wrist.

‘Pulse barrier!’

When everyone’s biorhythms were equalized and their movement stopped for an instant, Sein’s face turned pale.

The explosive light of the magic circle was leaking through the maze’s skull.



At that moment, a shrieking sound was heard from under the wall.

Kang Nan, who had raised one knee, flew like a cannonball and struck the fallen angel’s side face intact and left.

Probably only 0.8 seconds left before Miro’s head explodes.

Sein was the only person who could complete all the calculations in that short moment.

Sain, who had widened the gap by the speed of his nerves’ reaction, finally reached Miro through an escape route.

‘Hmph, it’s already late.’

I could see Kariel, who was thinking faster than that, raising the corner of her mouth.

‘0.4 seconds! Is it possible?’

Even installing the halo of the sun and moon was a tight time.

0.3 seconds.

The Iron Eye returned, and the world’s consciousness began to turn to Miro.

0.2 seconds.

At that moment, the Servant’s calculations made a definite decision.

‘Approximately 0.03 seconds late.’

Emotions surged faster than light, and my heart thumped.

‘Damn it… … !’

0.1 seconds.

The magic circle attached to Miro burned intensely with a radiant glow.

and… … Time has stopped.


When Armin, who covered the distance with flicker magic that transcends time and space, cast stop magic, Kariel’s mental function stopped and the detonation situation stopped in 0.1 seconds.

“uh? uh huh?”

A single tear flowed belatedly, and Sein lost his mind for a moment, putting his servanthood to shame.

But nobody can blame him.

Even in Miro’s eyes, which had maintained her composure until now, emotions were revealed.

“hurry! Escape!”

The moment Armin shouted, Sein and Miro, who had been eyeing each other, moved at the same time.

Miro held out her hand, but Sein hugged her around the waist.

‘I’m sorry, Gaold. Understand this.’

And without even having time to look back, he cast a teleportation outside the wall and flew up.


The moment Gaold, who was on the ground, looked up, Sein, who was filled with emotions, shouted, crumpling his arrogance.

“Let’s go!”


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