Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 475

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[475] As much as the way I came (2)

Gaold’s Bakum Press hit Uriel directly in the face.


A tremendous shockwave exploded, pushing the air out of the hall and then sucking it all in.

Those on the wall could not escape the aftermath of the storm, and looked back in the shaking air.

“Uh-oh… … .”

Everyone’s eyes were stained with astonishment.

Even after being hit with Gaold’s powerful Bakum Press, Uriel stood in the same position as the first time.

Looking at Gaold’s distorted expression, Uriel spoke politely.

“Is this the human despair you speak of?”

Yuriel’s asteroid glowed and spread in a halo.

“Then what a pitiful despair.”

As Uriel’s judicial halo unfolded in a golden light, the Geon of Paradise was born.

Cheondo Eunha wheel.

The moment Gaold saw the roaring spinning goon, Gaold widened the distance and applied enormous atmospheric pressure around him.

As Eunha-Ryun scratched the ground and ran, the ground cracked open and stretched out as if to swallow Gaold.

Gaold’s eyes widened.

It is not a collision between objects.

As if stirring up a space devoid of matter, everything that touched the Gondola of Paradise was splitting up like bubbles on the spot.

Woo woo woo woo!

At the same time as Gaold’s press pressed down on the ground, the shockwaves of the Heaven’s Bliss rushed in and tore through his defenses.


The ground cracked on the side of Gaold, who hurriedly twisted his body, and Gaold, whose intestines were shaken only by an indirect shockwave, coughed up blood.


Gaold’s power does not work.

That fact was hopeless for Sein and the others.

“damn! hurry!”

Sein hurriedly regained his composure and led the party to the Hall of Corruption.

Checking the difference in strength, Gaold could hold out for 1 minute at most.

If they couldn’t reach the maze inside, all that was left was annihilation.

I am not afraid of death.

What really scared me was that the project I had dedicated my life to was destroyed right in front of my eyes.

As the few remaining Archangels and Maras in the Halls of Corruption stood in their way, Kang Nan took the lead.

I will go to the maze.

I will meet and talk to the woman who drove the life of a man who had been chasing her all her life into ruin.

‘Uncle… … .’

Kang Nan’s nose wrinkled like a wolf when he saw a huge one-legged Mara running from the front.


“From here on, you can’t take a single step.”

One-legged Mara, 3 meters tall, lifted the fluffy upper body of the gorilla and swung six arms at the same time.

Gangnan bent his upper body and took the lowest position he could stand in, twisting his back.

When the right foot, which was swinging as if it was coming along, kicked Mara’s shin with a single angle, he snapped and broke his leg.


Before the screams were over, Gangnan, who had turned around behind Mara, spun two more times and kicked her.


When the schema of the wolf tribe’s lore was activated, Mara’s body with a broken neck flew several meters away.

‘Maze… … .’

Kang Nan raised his head and looked where the maze was.

From the outside, it was just a sheer wall, but the inside was a complex structure and numerous stairs were intersecting.

The sky was already occupied by miscellaneous Maras, and several fallen angels were guarding the key points on the stairs.

It wasn’t as strong as the enemies he’d wiped out so far, but he was a tricky opponent since he didn’t know how long Gaold, who was currently fighting against Uriel, could hold out.


As Kang Nan jumped up with strength on her legs, her stockings burst and her body rose vertically.

Numerous maras rushed at her and covered her, but soon they started to bounce off one by one, screaming in agony.

“Surely great.”

Quan and Etela knew better than anyone how great Gangnan’s inaction was.

They are also masters of the schema, but the strength is not the technique, but the body itself.

Watching her fight made me wonder if every part of her body was made only for destruction.

“You fight well. Are you still the Chief Secretary of the Magic Association?”

“It’s not like that.”

Zulu said, following Sein’s side.

“If Gaold brought us here, Gangnan will have to take us from now on.”

Sein savored Zulu’s words.

Since the beginning of the Heaven Project, we have not really contacted each other as we have walked different paths.

However, at some point, there was Gangnan by Gaold’s side.

There might be a story behind it, but Sein hurriedly erased his thoughts.

In a situation where a single mistake can fail an operation, you must use whatever is available.

Even if it is a precious human heart.


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“Damn things… … !”

Quan spun and flew up at the same time, sweeping away enemies in all directions.

At last the view opened and I saw a panoramic view of the top of the Halls of Corruption.

Nothing has changed from what you see below.

Kariel was still relaxed, and Miro just watched the battle between Gaold and Uriel without even turning his head.

However, Gaold was serious.

Pushed out one kilometer before he knew it, his body was turned into a wreck from Yuriel’s various attacks.

After protecting the bones to the end, the only thing I got was the muscle minced like meat.

“ha. ha.”

Gaold, his arms drooping, glared at Uriel and let out a rough breath.

Muscles aren’t particularly important to a wizard, but for him whose source of power is the sense of pain, the incidental pain didn’t help at all.

The problem was that the power of the air press did not come out as much as before.

‘Sheesh, it was unlucky.’

Miro muttered.

“Gaold can’t win.”


Arius, who was lying next to her, looked back at her with a voice of pain as if seeking an answer.

“It is not a matter of the body.”

Miro gently narrowed his brows and gritted his teeth.

‘That’s why you’re an idiot, Gaold…’ … .’

What had been condensed for 20 years was catharsis that exploded at once.

Human beings can do anything to vomit that one emotion, but it will take time to reach that level of passion once they have been poured out.

‘Yes, it’s not your fault.’

The one who pushed Gaold away was himself.

So Gaold wouldn’t have expected anything.

I came without even expecting that I would be welcomed like a prince on a white horse, or that I would be kissed while shedding tears of emotion.

My heart hurts so much, I thought I would go crazy without meeting you, so I just ran all the way here.

It’s terribly selfish, but it’s also altruistic because all of those emotions are focused on Miro.

‘If I’m here… … .’

There was only one way to raise Gaold’s stoic spirit again.



Gangnan, coated in Mara’s blood, blew away a group of enemies and arrived at the fortress wall.


Miro just kept his mouth shut without even giving Kang Nan a glance.

Kang Nan took a deep breath.

finally got here

What kind of woman she is, how did she come to be so that a man went crazy like that, and the person I pictured in my head every night is in front of my eyes.

“Gaold… … .”

Gangnan vomited with all his might.

“Tell me you love me!”

Her voice spread as an echo and reached the battlefield one kilometer away where numerous shockwaves raged.

Gaold stopped fighting and Uriel responded.

To Uriel, the archangel of destruction, war is just a familiar event like life, but he wanted to know.

Why are humans so dizzy?

As if time had stopped, everyone looked back at the maze.

Miro’s mouth finally opened due to that silent pressure.

“What I love is myself… … .”

Her head slowly returned to Kang Nan.

“… … There is nothing including .”

Twenty years ago, when she gave up her existence for humanity, she gave up everything.

She was just a wall, a system, and a phenomenon.

Kang Nan gritted his teeth.

“What do you know?”

okay. What does Miro really know?

Is it possible to be so shameless just because I had a man’s heart 20 years ago?

What kind of life did he live, what kind of pain did he go through, and how did he get to this point?

‘I’ll be sure to take you. I’ll make you kneel before Gaold!’

The moment Gangnan kicked off the ground and charged, Kariel raised her hand.

“Come out, Erg.”

As the black sphere expanded in front of the palm, a single Mara Erg appeared.

Unlike other Maras, it was a metallic creature resembling a giant insect, and had a single metal lens embedded in the center of its long, horse-like face.

His nickname is the arithmetic unit of all principles.

It was the Mara that Kariel usually summoned when he went into full-scale defense.


As electricity flowed through the dozens of glass bells on Erg’s back, countless magic circles spread out around them.

The magic circle with over 420 layers shielded against all attributes, and the strength had no choice but to stop in front of the physical magic circle.

“What are you dreaming of, foolish human?”

Kariel said with a sneer.

“All you have left is the punishment of angering the divine.”

Kariel’s finger pointed to the wide expanse.

Darkness fell on the faces of everyone who looked there.

Numerous fallen angels were flying through the sky.

“Is it an aftershock?”

Enemies who had been bound by stop magic so far were freed.

I didn’t think it was unfortunate.

Rather, it was because he was able to reach Miro so quickly thanks to his ridiculous ability to stop time.

But that didn’t change the fact that the situation had reached its worst.

Sein quickly gave instructions.

“I will disarm the magic circle. In the meantime, stop the enemies. However, stop and force metering are prohibited.”

Even if you destroy Erg’s defenses, there are currently two archangels staying here.

The only magic that had even the slightest possibility of escaping with the maze was stop and space-time new force metering.

There was no one who did not understand, and the party quickly found their advantage and prepared for battle.

After confirming that point, Uriel turned his head to Gaold.

“Sorry. To be abandoned again by the person I wanted so badly.”

Uriel’s words had dignity, but they lacked sympathy.

And that was the reason why Uriel was not human.

“haha. Kkkkkkkkk.”

Gaold pursed his lips and raised his head.

“also… … You are the best, Miro.”

When I heard Miro’s words through the Archangel’s resonance, it felt like everything in the world was turning off.

Perhaps true, but also effective.

“Are you going to keep struggling? Are they really human?”

“You know nothing about humans.”

Cuckoo Cuckoo Cuckoo!

The atmosphere around Gaold began to stir.

It was different from before, no, the energy that had wiped out countless enemies at once was swirling again.


A sphere in a vacuum was born in Gaold’s hands.

His muscles were already tattered and he couldn’t swing his arms, but he pushed forward with all his might.

“How could someone like you know?”


Uriel hurriedly raised his arm and swung the goon of paradise in front of his eyes.

What was visible through the rapidly spinning afterimage was Gaold’s ghostly face, swinging his arm that stretched like a rope.

Yeah, how would you know?

The more I can’t have it, the more I want it… … .

“The ugly desires of human beings.”

Pain 10 million times – Bakum Press.


The torn air thundered into the sky over a radius of several kilometers.


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