Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 474

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[474] As much as the way I came (1)

Second thousand Rakia.

Looking at Gaold walking in front of the walls of the Hall of Corruption, Miro pondered a myriad of thoughts.

The thought of one possibility that I had been feeling since I heard his screams 20 years ago was that perhaps Gaold would not give up.

‘Since you’re such a fool… … .’

Miro suppressed the desire to spit out curse words right now.

She looked at Gaold’s hard muscles hidden in blood.

A completely different look from the slender body of the past.

The skin was so full of scars that there was no space left to carve any more.

Anyone can see that it was a combative body that was completed after training over and over again.

Is that gap good for you?

Miro wanted to crack a joke even in the face of a huge event that could affect the life and death of mankind.

‘Has it become very s*xy?’

Words that would normally have been thrown out did not come out of my mouth now.

Maybe even a little angry.

Miro’s eyes sank coldly as if to represent such feelings.

really came

He came this far by crushing the fire giants and tearing apart countless maras and fallen angels.

‘But even if you say you’ve come… … .’

What has changed?

just to have me? to monopolize? To lay next to Gaold and hear the voice of love whispering only for him?

As a human being, this is a natural thing to do, but Gaold was already over the limit.

This place was in the middle of Heaven’s enemy camp, and with her magic sealed by Kariel, her value was only that.

A powerless hostage who becomes the object of a person’s desire and is weighed against the life of mankind.

‘also… … .’

There are as many as two archangels here.

Kariel and Uriel.

Although Kariel’s power was weakened, if he were to form a combination with the archangel of destruction, Yuriel, there would be no worse combination than this.

The bottom line is, even if you came, you can’t go back.

Gaold will die here, and so will he.

All that was left was the slaughter of all humans by Heaven’s army.

“Why are you here?”

Miro sighed coldly.

You can control as much as you want to the level of resentment that erupts inside you, but you shouldn’t throw your heart at Gaold the more you do.

Reminding the enemy of the value of hostages would only increase the number of victims.

“Everything is messed up because of you. Do you even know what you did?”

Miro desperately wanted it.

‘go back. Please go back now, you idiot!’

Miro put some emotion into his words at the sight of Gaold, who was staring up as if he was bewildered.

“Give it back! You ruined everything I’ve dedicated my life to. So turn… … !”


Gaold’s eyes opened and his knees hit the floor.

His body trembled at the luminescence of the nerves running down his spine.

What reached the end of the terrifying pain was an extremely unsentimental calm.

His head, bent as if the grass had been broken, rose slowly again.

A small voice leaked out from between her chapped lips.


Miro kept her lips firmly shut and tried her best not to show the shock wave exploding in her heart.

“sorry. did it take too long? Initially… … .”

Gaold, breathless and speechless, trembled again.

As the 20 years of time that had been cut off continued, only the feelings for the labyrinth continued clearly.

“At first, it seemed like it would be soon, but it kept getting late, so I wanted to come sooner, but I couldn’t… … .”

As Gaold’s eyes turned red, Miro’s eyes also became hot.

Emotions concentrated to the limit of a person could not be expressed in words.

Without saying anything, the fact that Gaold had come this far made it possible to guess his 20-year journey.

Gaold also raised his head without further explanation as if he had realized that fact.

The half-conscious pupils finally returned to normal.

No one knew, but Miro knew that this was Gaold from 20 years ago.

“Let’s go back, Miro. now stop… … Let’s go back.”

Miro gritted his teeth.

I couldn’t even figure out the identity of the emotions that were rising right now.

Anger, resentment, or something else you just want to wrap it up as.

‘I must die.’

Her reasonable reason immediately came up with a solution to block out her emotions.

You must die here.

Although everything had already turned, at least a few of those sent to Heaven had to leave Rakia alive if there was at least a slight possibility of preventing the final war.

“I am… … .”

The moment Miro finishes her resolution and opens her mouth, flashes! A great glow erupted from the rear of the Halls of Corruption.


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When the waves of ignorant energy passed dozens of kilometers and reached this place, Kariel and Uriel turned their heads there.

Shockwaves were rolling in from Arabot, where Ankera was located.

“Ichael… … .”

Kariel muttered with a wrinkled face.

Currently, the archangels who control the 4 great calendars are verifying Ikael’s qualifications as the archangel.

If the archangels of the 4 great powers subdue Ikael, it would be good for him.

They will act according to their own judgment outside the authority of the archangel, and if so, their decisions can be assimilated with them and become no big deal.

On the other hand, if Ikael overpowers the archangels of the 4 powers, the situation becomes complicated.

She wouldn’t just watch the angels act indulgently, and could become a threat to Kariel, who lost her fire giants.

Therefore, he must hope that the archangel of the four great powers will defeat Ikael, but Kariel found himself unable to choose anything.

In a corner of his heart, he couldn’t accept that Ikael was defeated by someone.

‘No, never.’

Kariel shook her head.

she must be broken

But the person who will do it must be himself, not anyone else.

‘I will trample. I’m the only one who deserves her to crush her.’

An energy wave more powerful than a moment ago surged in and swept Rakia.

* * *

Arabot’s high spire swayed from the depths of the ground.

Woo woo woo!

The place where the waves passed was clean without leaving a single speck of dust.

It was truly the pinnacle of innocence that could not be seen in the human world.


Ikael got down on one knee and let out a heavy breath.

Exactly in all directions around her, archangels were lying dead.


It was a thought that came to the mind of the archangel of the four powers at the same time.

‘As expected, the strongest judge in heaven, Ataraxia.’

More than any angel’s ability, her amplification is unique.

This is because it is a concept before existence and non-existence, which is said to be the area of ​​limit that intelligence can touch.

As the concept of ruling the world, even the archangels of the 4 great powers are no inferior to any one, but even if those 4 cling to them, all they could do was put them into a groggy state.

“Whoa, let’s finish the verification with this for now.”

Metatron raised his upper body first.

“Still, Ikael, you are the archangel. We believe in that, and we will completely leave the treatment of Sirone up to you.”


Ikael remembered the name and stood up slowly.

Perhaps I could have persuaded them with just words.

However, she kept her judgment on Sirone, even when the same angels showed force.


What on earth is that boy to him?

The remaining three archangels each rose from their seats.

“We agree with Metatron.”

“However, as archangels who rule the heavens, we cannot tolerate human indulgence. We will not go to war by order of Anchera, but we will intervene through Mara.”

Ikael did not stop.

It couldn’t be stopped anyway, and it didn’t make sense to stop punishing humans as the archangel standing on the side of Heaven.

“Ankera’s message was only to forbid the activities of the angels.”

When Ikael indirectly expressed his affirmation and emphasized it once more, the angels of the four powers briefly nodded and looked back at each other.

Currently, battles are taking place in all six heavens except Arabot.

It would have been over if each of them took charge of one person.

“Then go.”

As the four archangels spread their wings of light at the same time, the holy vibration created a chord and shook the world.

Looking up at the archangels who disappeared in an instant, Ikael turned coldly and headed for the spire of Arabot.

The only thing she had to protect was Ankera.

* * *


Uriel moved first.

Just jumping off the wall and landing on the floor created a concentration that made the entire landscape bend toward him.

As he took a step, Gaold backed away at equal intervals.

Since he had never retreated before, the people who followed him could guess what kind of pressure Gaold was under.

‘It will end like this.’

Sein controlled his emotions.

I somehow came this far, but the true gateway is neither a fire giant, nor a Marado, nor a fallen angel.

An archangel standing in front of you.

Although Gaold dealt with his triangular Mara Shiva with extreme self-denial, it could be expected that Uriel’s power would far exceed Shiva’s when considering only the laws of his family.


“I will take over.”

Hearing Sein’s voice, Gaold spoke without taking his eyes off Uriel.

“In the meantime, save the maze.”

Even Sae-in knew that the operation made no sense.

Even if all 10 people gathered here rushed at Uriel, he had doubts about how much time he would be able to buy, so it was almost impossible to deal with Gaold alone.

‘But, I have to go.’

At that time, when everyone including the world was determined, a powerful aura exploded from Yuriel’s body.

only destroy.

The gate was completely blocked by an aura that convinced me that any living thing, no matter what being, would be buried in that aura and would not be able to extract even a bone.

“No one can pass me. All you can do is die here.”

Gaold said.


Zulu made the first move, and the rest followed.

Maybe it could be destroyed at the same time as approaching, but there was no way to save the labyrinth without at least trying.

The 7 members scattered left and right and passed Yuriel.


Without even time to take care of his surprised mind, Kang Nan pushed through the castle gate, destroying it with the soles of his feet.

Just before entering the Hall of Corruption, Sein looked back.

Uriel was still looking only at Gaold.

‘Did he test us?’

He gritted his teeth at the feeling of being ridiculed, but it would be foolish to miss such an opportunity.

Sein took everyone and infiltrated the Hall of Corruption.

Gaold gently tore his mouth open.

“Are you showing mercy like an archangel?”

Uriel didn’t answer.

Even though you know you’re going to die, you rush.

that’s human.

And among those humans, the one who felt the most bizarre was Gaold right in front of him.

“What are you dreaming of? There is no hope for you.”


In Gaold’s right hand, the sphere’s atmospheric pressure compressed.

It was the Bakum Press that even blocked Ataraxia’s Photon Cannon.

“Hope is just an illusion created by despair. It is not hope that moves humans. very harsh… … .”

Gaold’s body shot out like an arrow.

Gaold, who had reached Uriel’s side in an instant, swung the Bakum press with his right hand.



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