Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 470

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[470] Like that again (3)

The Halls of Corruption entered Gaold’s eyes.

The moment he saw the maze standing on the wall, his heart turned into a bigger black smoke and covered the world.

“Come in! Block the entrance!”

Fire giant elite soldiers blocked the drawbridge entrance.

The average height reached a whopping 7 meters, and there were hundreds of people wearing heavy armor.

The legs trembled as the giants rushed in a row and struck down their huge swords.

Gaold took to the sky and applied a powerful air press.


The power of the air press exerted by the magician with 2 million times the pain was a power that even giants boasting the strongest fighting power had experienced for the first time.


But the giants held out.

This was possible because Ilhwa’s transcendent physical ability of 5 or more levels, as many as 5 levels of overlapping schemas, and excellent technical skills to fold and cross over were the basis.

‘Is this really from now on?’

Sein, who came belatedly running after defeating Tiara, felt a sense of crisis at the situation where Gaold’s power had collapsed for the first time.

Miro, who was watching from the far wall, knew that the situation was hopeless.

Literally the strongest unit in Purgatory.

‘There’s no chance of winning at this rate.’

It wasn’t just the warriors who attacked Gaold.

Like the fire giants who use their own magic, various fire techniques flew over the bridge.


Gaold entered the group of giants and ran through the battlefield.

As the air gun vomited in all directions, a hole punched through the giant’s armor.

The air hardened like a solid due to the extreme atmospheric pressure was no longer something that could be called a bullet.

The sharp air, like a spear several meters long, pierced and pierced the giant’s body as it spread in all directions.

“catch! With one blow, we can win!”

No matter how powerful Gaold is, he is basically a wizard.

If the giant’s attack worked even once, it would be an instant to fall into a state of inability to fight.

However, Gaold’s true face was from now on.

The title of the strongest battle magician in the kingdom of Tormia was not just based on power alone.

The skills he had honed while enduring all sorts of pain for 20 years perfectly permeated his body, and he began to move in search of the most appropriate response method even in situations where he lost his reason.

Every time he swung his hand while dodging the enemy’s attack, the sharp air cutter cut through the space.

The bodies of giants with muscles stronger than steel were cut into chunks, and the corpses whose schema had disappeared were crushed by the air press and sprayed with bloody particles.

It was a fireworks display with the body of a creature.

pop! pop! pop!

Giants exploded from all sides, and the density of the drawbridge loosened.


Gaold clenched his jaws until his teeth snapped, clearing out his foes.

Sein and the others, who had just entered the drawbridge, were unable to come up with any means and just stared blankly.

‘Is that Gaold… … .’

Armin erased all the vague images of Gaold he had imagined before coming to heaven.

Pain, the most extreme means of control for living things.

Any desire will naturally disappear in the face of that pain.

But Gaold chose the pain.

for desire.

It was indeed a judgment that ignored the basics of living things, and that’s why it can be called madness that only humans possess.

‘human… … .’

Armin realized why everyone in this room was following him.

I didn’t come to heaven just to save the labyrinth or prevent the final war.

They had followed Gaold to see how far a single human could truly transcend a human.


Gaold pushed the giants away with ruthless atmospheric pressure.

The air press alone could not blow up the giant in its intact state, but the inertial force he rushed into was completely converted into mental power and pushed all the mass of the giants back.


Certainly, the giants gathered at the last gateway were strong.

They are pushing on desperately, but they have only advanced a kilometer.

Judging from the fact that the dense formations are advantageous to block the rush, the enemies also know that this will be the Maginot Line.

‘Bastards… … .’

Gaold glared ahead with terrifying eyes.

It was a hatred for the whole world, not pointing out anyone in particular.

‘From the beginning… … I wasn’t relying on the likes of you.’

If you did not rely on a transcendent being and refined your own strength.

Maybe if it did, the maze could not have been sent.

It was a family that was possible because he had endured self-denial beyond humanity for 20 years.

“More dense! You can’t get pushed here!”

When the giants blocking Gaold’s atmospheric pressure shouted, the giants clung to each other from the rear.

The weight ratio between Gaold and the giants was already over 1:100, but it was the giants who retreated.

“This, this… … !”


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Gaold raised his strength even more.

slowly, slowly. That’s how you go to the maze one step at a time.

‘I hate you.’

Gaold’s mind became a body larger than that of a giant and pushed the world forward.

‘I said I could give you everything… … .’

Giving nothing, its name is God.

Tutuk! Tutu-tuk!

The heat of self-denial rose from Gaold, and his top began to burn.

Numerous scars that could not be engraved except through blind abuse were embroidered on his muscle-covered skin.

“Stop! Don’t back down!”

The giants standing in front shouted.

And at the end of that agony, the body exploded under the pressure.

“haha. Kuck.”

A hollow laugh escaped Gaold’s torn lips. His black heart was also laughing.

There were voices mocking the world and laughing at God.

‘Well, there’s nothing to do but hate. Anyway from the beginning… … .’

Gaold’s expression distorted, and the atmospheric pressure pushing the giants turned into sharp blades that exploded all at once.

‘Because it didn’t even exist!’


Dozens of giants became flesh and scattered, and the road opened.

Once the momentum began to pick up, nothing could stop Gaold again.

After tearing through and tearing through the mountain of flesh, I finally passed halfway through the drawbridge.

As the wizards of the giant army gathered their energy to attempt the final blow at the end of the bridge, a roaring haze distorted the landscape like a whirlpool.

‘Something like God… … !’

Gaold thrust forward the head of a sheep, a creature that could only charge, and increased its strength.

His mind became a huge flame that collided with the flames of the giant wizards.


The explosion, unimaginable, was clearly transmitted to Miro, who was 6 kilometers away.

Miro closed one eye and turned his head.

The hot wind that Gaold was delivering was blowing all the way here.


The sound of my heart beating faster.

perhaps… … do.

Maybe really, I wonder if I can come this far.


As the density of the giants decreased as they left the drawbridge, Gaold rushed madly.

Little by little, it’s coming closer.

“go! Gaold! Gaaaaa!”

The voice of the world has been transmitted even in the loss of reason.

The remaining distance to the maze, 6 kilometers.

“All troops sortie!”

As Surt gave the order, all the giants started charging towards Gaold.

At the forefront was Yuriel’s triangular Mara Shiva.

‘Stupid human… … .’

Shiva charged towards Gaold, holding the sword at his waist in both hands.

The mighty atmospheric pressure collided first, but his brute force, the incarnation of destruction, shredded the atmosphere and closed the distance.


As Gaold and Shiva’s demonstration of power unfolded, the other giants dispersed in all directions and saw an opportunity.

If he approached Gaold, who had penetrated the drawbridge single-handedly, he would not have a decisive chance and would turn into bloody foam.

No one used explosive techniques, but everything around them exploded as they moved.

Gaold’s ideality, which he actually bumped into with his body, was beyond Shiva’s imagination.

Even if it is the same triangular mara, he is the limb of the archangel of destruction, Yuriel.

Being pushed by a mere human was the first experience since birth.

‘No, it’s not something to hurt my pride.’

Shiva acknowledged Gaold.

he is not human

I can’t really define what it is, but it was someone who was changing from a human into something non-human.

“There is no shortage of my adversaries!”

Shiva pushed Gaold with all his might, and as he did, Gaold’s fighting power increased.

The maze is over there.

The sense of pain soared to the highest level in his history, and every time the sword cut through his skin, pain surged as if his brain was being ripped apart.


Gaold moved forward, squeezing the vast expanse of space with atmospheric pressure.

The thought of defeating Shiva was already a spirit that had no place to settle.

only go ahead towards the maze.

Nervousness began to creep into the heads of everyone watching from the top of the castle wall.

The distance to the maze was now only one kilometer.


Gaold raised his sense of pain even more.

Woo woo woo!

Even the solid ground collapsed, forming a huge crater under his aura.

The remaining distance to the maze, 500 meters.

Shiva gritted his teeth and attacked with all his might.

Every time he swung the sword at an invisible speed, a strong wind blew up, and the strong wind bounced off Gaold’s atmospheric pressure and spread in all directions.

Kururrureung! Kururrureung!

Wherever Shiva’s sword wind bounced off, a puff of dust rose and a gigantic scar over 40 meters in diameter was carved into the ground.

The remaining distance to the maze, 100 meters.

‘Goes. Go to the labyrinth!’

Gaold stuck out his tongue and screamed like a demon.


A man who worshiped God, hated God, and finally erased him from existence.


He came to this place after overcoming all the criticism and ridicule of the world.


It’s finally here.

The damn 20 meters that never narrowed down, those 20 meters were now right in front of us.


Shiva’s eyes flashed.

The only gap in Gaold who was flawless.

At 20 meters, a very extreme event that could change your mind, Shiva’s sword cut Gaold’s stomach.


As much as the pain surged, the physical shock became an immense pain and pierced Gaold’s brain.

“Push everything!”


The giants let out a deafening scream and clung to Gaold.

Gaold hurriedly came to his senses, but he couldn’t handle the giants pushing through with flesh bullets.

No matter how much he trained, the giant’s strength terribly weighed down Gaold, and the more he did, the stronger the pain.

‘you… … I hate you!’

The scene from 20 years ago flickered in Gaold’s mind.

Just like then, the maze was leaving.

‘I will kill you! I will mock your name, curse it, and erase it from the world!’

All that comes to mind is hatred of God.

The madness of humans who desire what they cannot have resents, hates, and eventually kills God who does not exist… … .

‘Miro… … .’

Gaold looked at the castle wall visible through the giant’s body.

I want to have it so much.

Because he desperately wanted it and wanted it to be his own.

‘Miro… … .’

Gaold’s right hand, which he struggled to reach toward the maze, trembled.

‘Oh God… … .’

So again, humans seek God.

‘Why, why not? After suffering so much, is it not so bad?’

The remaining distance to the maze, 150 meters.

‘It’s okay to live for eternity in the pits of hell. So please, just her… … She’s only her… … .’

The remaining distance to the maze, 200 meters.

“Push! More, more!”

Gaold vomited blood.

Resentment, resentment, and resentment at this moment when all efforts were wasted was so resentful that a clouded mass of anger welled up in the intestines.

“Huhhhhh! Whoa!”

Shiva squeezed through the bodies of the giants and glared at Gaold, who was crying sadly.

‘I have to kill them here.’

Gaold stared into the air, unaware that a sharp blade was going into his heart.

The day before the 20 judges, Miro’s voice resonated in my head like thunder.

-Then save me.


All over Gaold’s body, nerves trembled, and terrifying self-denial unfolded.

As the sea of ​​fire stretched out to the end of the landscape, the black heart let out a roar in a form so large it could engulf the world.



10 million times.


Everything that surrounded Gaold poured down like rain.

The ground vibrated and swayed like a wave, and the giants in front burrowed into the ground, chewed by the cracked teeth of the ground.

“Big! Whoa!”

Gaold shuddered in pain. He thumped his legs and shook his limbs.

“Keep me from getting close!”

Finally, Surt, who had been watching from the wall, jumped out.

Gaold threw his hands in all directions and ran towards the walls.

The remaining distance to the maze is 100 meters. 80 meters. 50 meters.


When Surt, the best swordsman in Purgatory, swung his flaming sword, Gaold held out his right hand.

Woo woo woo!

As the air shield on his body blew away the flames, Surt’s eyes were stained with astonishment.

“This, this… … .”

Gaold swung his hand the moment he looked at the sword that had been left behind.

With a bang, Surt’s body exploded and disappeared without a shape.

The remaining distance to the maze, 20 meters.

“I will kill you!”

The giants who lost their captain rushed with the energy of anger.

However, their anger was nothing more than a bubble in the face of Gaold’s hatred.

pop! Puff puff puff!

All giants on earth died.

All that was left was the giant mage Vice Commander Urotas, but already terrified, he couldn’t bear to go down the wall.

“ha! ha!”

Gaold walked beneath the walls, where no one could stand in his way.

6 meters. 4 meters. 2 meters.

Miro looked down at Gaold’s approach with an expressionless face.

The blood-stained body looked incomparably stronger than it did 20 years ago and was covered with numerous scars.

And finally, Gaold stopped in front of the rampart and looked straight up into the maze.

The remaining distance to the maze.

“ha! ha!”

doesn’t exist.

(end of volume 19)


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