Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 469

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[469] Like that again (2)

Gaold opened his eyes.

Dust was floating in the sunlight filtering through the windows.

A new morning has come again.

A new morning every day.

Gaold got out of bed and washed himself.

The dwarf body reflected in the mirror was smooth and without a single scar.

It’s not a particularly nice body by human standards, but he liked it. What does the muscle of a living thing matter to those who believe in God?

‘god? I believe in God?’

Suddenly, a question crossed my mind.

Come to think of it… … Why are there no wounds?


Gaold tilted his head and splashed water on his body.

Thoughts didn’t stay in one place, they just flowed away, and before he knew it, he was changing clothes, welcoming a refreshing morning.

When I suddenly realized that only one thought was not flowing, the door opened and the maze entered.

“hey! What if I’m still sleeping! Today is PvP evaluation day!”

Gaold hurriedly turned away and hid his skin.

“It’s a surprise! This is the men’s quarters!”

Miro looked at Gaold, who blushed and fastened the button, in dismay.

“The man pretended. While you’ve already seen everything.”

“huh? Will you see?”

“Why suddenly? We were together last night.”

Gaold blinked.

‘Is that so?’

I couldn’t remember at all.

Come to think of it, it was as if I couldn’t remember anything.

Miro put her hand on her waist, sighed, and shook her head helplessly.

“It’s to the extent of my admiration, to think I’m dating such a pure-bred… … .”

After saying that, Miro laughed mischievously again and ran towards Gaold.

“Hey, wait!”

Before Gaold could speak, she kissed him and collapsed onto the bed, hugging him.

The moment they buried themselves in bed, Gaold heard a beautiful song.

Miro’s breath tickled his throat, and her hands moved into his half-filled shirt and caressed his skin.

Miro’s small voice settled in my ears.

“hour… … I have about 10 minutes left.”

I heard my heart pounding.

It was the shock of the first beating of a heart that had stopped for a moment.


When my senses returned, I realized that I had not felt any sensations until now.


My nerves became sensitive, and the fact that I was alive sent a painful pain through my body.


All he could feel was the pain, Gaold gritted his teeth.

Suddenly, the maze was nowhere to be seen.

A thin, delicate black smoke billowed from the chest she caressed.

– I just wanted to be happy.


A cry escaped from between my clenched teeth.

-No power, no honor, no material things, just a little happiness that anyone could enjoy, that one thing.


As my heart beat faster, more black smoke rose and filled the ceiling.


The heart of Gaold, who had denied the whole world, looked down with grotesque eyes and grotesquely twisted corners of his mouth.

– The only thing you ever wanted! The world took that away too! There’s nothing left for you! There she is! She has a maze!


Gaold’s eyes, which had been revealing whites, returned to normal.

In the midst of the pain of 2 million times the pain, the consciousness that had been cut off for a while returned to reality, and the non-existent delusion sank into a black heart and began to spin like crazy as fuel to burn again.


What came into Gaold’s eyes were neither giants nor fallen angels, but blood and flesh and all sorts of shattering scenes.

Even when he was unconscious, he fought.

Since it has become a creature only to move forward, nothing can change its current inertia.

“Stop! If this place is pierced, it will be dangerous!”

Giants who had received a special order ignored the others and flocked only to Gaold.

Hundreds of giants gathered at the apex of the triangle, and the moment they hit the garold, the bizarre geometric shapes spread out.

Pain 4 million times.


Feeling the transcendental pain, Gaold pressed on.

In a situation where neither the enemy nor the ally could be identified, there was nothing that could stand on the ground.


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As if drowned in a bucket of pain, the pain gnawed through the body and penetrated the brain, delivering a burning discomfort.

‘does not it hurt! I can hold on!’

Gaold repeated only one thought.

Like pain, it’s just pain.

No matter how painful it is, it is just a signal from the brain.

Compared to ‘Can’t Meet the Maze’… … .


All the enemies filled in 100 meters in front were crushed down as if they were covered in an invisible roll.

The blood that had turned into dust rose like a mist and filled the air.

The exit of the capital was visible in the distance. it’s over half

“Goes! sooner!”

Gaold shouted as he held on to his consciousness of flying again.

It was already half white.

“Huh! Seed… … !”

Kang Nan gritted his teeth and suppressed the moaning sound of sobbing.

‘It must be painful. No, it shouldn’t be so painful.’

If you keep going like this, Gaold will be ruined.

Like that time, no, this time, you may not be able to get out forever.

“Wait! Maintenance here… … !”

“Don’t dry the garold.”

Se-in followed Gang-nan.

“Don’t dry it? If we go any further, it’s really over.”

“I know. But if it stops, it ends there.”

“What is that… … .”

Sein glared at the back of Gaold, who was quickly moving away.

“The stride is getting out of whack. It must be that the mind wanders. That child is also feeling the limit. If the current inertia breaks even once… … .”

Sein gritted it.

“It will never happen again.”

“… … .”

When they finally left the capital of Rakia, they could see roads stretching from all directions.

A road that symbolizes the seven sins.

Without thinking, Gaold took the path in front of him.

It was the ‘Way of Desire’.

* * *

“Sir Surt! Currently, the enemy forces have left the capital and entered the Path of Desire!”

Not only Surtur but also Kariel and Uriel turned their heads at the messenger’s report.

Only Miro was staring terrifyingly into the yet unseen.

“Have you already breached the capital? That makes sense!”

Surt burst into anger.

Because he was aiming for the heavenly lottery, his voice was filled with anger at receiving a disgraceful report in front of Kariel’s eyes.

The strongest troops, including fire giants, fallen angels, and even Mara, are blocking Gaold’s party.

By the way, have you already broken through the capital?

said Uriel.

“It’s bizarre, in my opinion. Isn’t that an impossible speed without intentionally opening the way?”

So was Surt’s thought.

It was said that the road was opened, or that the enemy crushed the allies at the same speed.

But his pride denied both assumptions.

“There is absolutely no such thing. My men are mighty, warriors who are not afraid to lose their lives!”

“Anyway, I’ll be there soon. What are you going to do, Kariel?”

Kariel was still relaxed.

Even though they are lowly people, they are the ones who came to save the world’s labyrinth. I had expected from the start that it would not go smoothly.

“Respond to the call, Tiara.”

A brilliant light flashed in the air where Kariel was standing, and a beautiful and noble fairy was born.

Among the 72 classes of fairies, Tiara belonged to the 2nd class, the ruling fairy.

“Did you call, Archangel?”

“I am asking the government for support. You know the situation.”

Tiara looked back at the Seven Sins beyond the drawbridge with cold eyes.

“I’m guessing roughly.”

“Stop it. To come this fast means that they have exhausted their lives. But if hope is destroyed, the creature that cannot move is also a human being.”

“… … All right.”

Tiara flew to the path of desire without a sound.

As the commander of the Interior Ministry, things get complicated when humans rescue Maze.

Miro crushed his teeth.

On the other side of the road of desire, a majestic noise was looming faintly.

Talking about not long now.

So, now was the only opportunity to change my mind.

‘Don’t come, Gaold. you have to go to jebul If we don’t fix the coordinates in Ingris, we can’t stop the final war.’

It was not a situation where he would come to save himself, who had just lost his power.

‘Sain, at least you can stop Gaold. you know This is crazy.’

“They are coming!”

The giant on the wall shouted.

No one thought that they would be defeated, but the giants who heard the report must have felt chills without even realizing it.

“You said you came already?”

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the path of desire that stretched across the plain.

It still looked like a dot, but that one dot was approaching, crushing a large army.

“little bit more! Just a little further!”

Sein looked back and encouraged the party.

No matter how strong his reasoning was, he couldn’t hide his excitement at this moment.

I really didn’t know it would come this far.

‘That idiot in the world… … .’

Things that no one thought of and believed to be impossible are unfolding right in front of their eyes.

‘All you have to do is go to the drawbridge! From there… … .’

rate of dominance.


At that moment, a tremendous mental ability overwhelmed everyone.


Sein looked up at the sky.

The fairy flapped her wings of light and looked down.

said Armin.

“It is too high. Stop magic is impossible.”

too high?

And yet, how huge does it mean that a figure comes within visual distance?

‘Scale magic… … .’

Sein bit his lip until it bleed.

Since fairies have their limits, it won’t open an infinite dimension like Gong-kyeong.

However, magic that uses the relativity of the scale itself is possible with the spirit of a fairy, and the current anti-magic is not comparable to what Gaold suffered at Alpheas Magic School 20 years ago.


Sein tried to destroy the spirit world magic by turning the Iron Wheel.

However, as time went on, Tiara’s dominance grew stronger, and eventually everyone was crushed to the ground.

“The president of the association… … !”

The face of Kang Nan, who clung to the floor and raised his head, was shocked.

Even Gaold, whom he believed in, knelt down and trembled.

It wasn’t just the body that was under the rule of rule of the tiara.

The moment the inertia disappeared, his black heart was also crushed without a trace.

Inertia is gone.

‘This far… … .’

Sein couldn’t overcome his resentment and grabbed the soil on the floor.

The distance I was able to reach because I poured everything in, because I ran without even thinking about stopping.

But it was only up to the path of desire.

“It is over.”

Kariel raised one corner of her mouth and said.

Everyone was stranded at exactly the point where the path of desire ended.

“It would be pretty miserable. How about pretending to be sad at times like this?”

Miro still had no answer.


Then the ground rumbled in the distance.


Kariel’s gaze turned to Gaold at the regular shaking.

Then, without saying anything, he slowly opened his mouth.


Gaold did his best to lift himself up.

Since the mind is insubstantial, there are no limits, and the tiny smoke bypassed all controls and sprouted again.

The shoot grew into a thick stem and branched out into many branches, providing great fuel for Gaold’s mind.


Due to the nature of magic that subdues the target with a scale, the Tiara of the Sky was decreasing in size whenever Gaold moved.


Gaold frowned arrogantly and energized himself.

It still looks just black, but there is a labyrinth on the wall in the distance.


The moment Gaold struggled to take a step, Sein eventually burst into tears.

‘okay. You’re leaving, Gaold.’

There is a maze over there.

‘I can see the labyrinth now, even with my own eyes.’

As T-ara’s dominance weakened, Sein also managed to stand up.

‘To be honest, Gaold, what you are doing is not love or anything. But that’s why I’m counting on you.’

Rather ugly love because it is so pure.

‘If it’s an equivalent exchange between pain and desire, then you are fully qualified to desire. no one can blame you So go.’

Sein’s iron wheel eyes rotated at terrifying speed, realizing two gigantic halos in reality.

Cheolryunan – Equilibrium.

Kaka Kaka Kaka!

The tiara of the sky screamed as the rule of rule grinds to the gears.

Sein, who destroyed the magic with all his might, shouted at Gaold.



Gaold’s body started moving forward again like an arrow.

A huge heart surged from his chest and wrapped around him.

– I am your heart, your desire. Go, Gaold!


Gaold lunged forward screaming like a demon.

Every nerve twitched, tears of blood flowed from his eyes, and his tongue, red with blood, ran down to his chin.

The remaining distance to the maze, 10 kilometers.

“Sir Surt! You have escaped the path of desire! We will be entering the drawbridge soon!”

“I know! Prepare for the advance of the entire army!”

All of Surt’s elite troops went down the gate to block the drawbridge.

Miro slowly stood up as he looked at Gaold, whose true nature had now been revealed little by little.

‘really… … Are you coming?’


Cold sweat ran down Miro’s forehead as he listened to his own heartbeat.


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