Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 467

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[467] Initiation of War (3)

Seventh Thousand Araboth.

In the outskirts of Heaven, the war between Heaven’s army and the rebels is in full swing, but Arabot, located in the center of the concentric circle, is still calm.

Under the spire, where neither gunfire nor screams could reach, Ikael stood watching the smoke rising far away.

There was no emotion in her eyes. Only the will to carry out Ankera’s will was dry and dry.

As the stinging aura approached Ikael, the asteroid reflexively expanded into a halo.

Chee Hee Hee!

The fact that the halo is rotating at the highest speed in history means that the speed of thought is also at its peak.

There are only a handful of people in heaven who can make the archangel Ikael so nervous.

“What are you protecting?”

A handsome man with an androgynous appearance walked to the left of Ikael.

It was Rayel, the archangel of light.

“Or are you waiting for someone?”

Archangel Metatron appeared on the right, although he was short in stature, but his shoulders were twice as tall as the other angels.

Then, Methiel and Satiel, the archangels of union and disintegration, appeared in front.

“After all, there is a war. Even with humiliating aggression. I’m disappointed, Ikael.”

Ikael, surrounded by four archangels with the Spire of Araboth behind his back, still looked cold.

As she looked away for a moment, only one thing came to her mind.

‘Paiel is not moving.’

The archangel of extinction, Faiel.

The four archangels gathered here are also powerful enemies dealing with the concept of the source, but Faiel’s existence was special to Ikael.

In terms of force, if the archangel of destruction, Yuriel, was on par with him, Faiel was the natural enemy of the concept of amplification.

Of course, it was the same from Fael’s point of view.

It seemed that they chose to watch Dongtae for a while in a situation where they were uncomfortable with each other.

‘If it’s fortunate, is it fortunate?’

“Hey, Ikael.”

Metatron approached, shaking his head.

“I know what you’re thinking. But isn’t that too neglectful? No matter how much you are, you won’t be able to deal with all four of us.”

“Why did you recoil? Is it a rejection of Ankera?”

As Rayel took a step, blue electricity shook from his body.

A being whose source is light, not magic.

Even Ikael couldn’t be safe if he was attacked properly.

‘Mara is not calling. It must have already been put into the battlefield.’

said Leil.

“Our thoughts on Ankera are firm. But not you.”

Satiel has arrived.

“Is Archangel Ikael a thing of the past now? The shame of being swayed by a mediocre human is a serious crime far greater than that of a fallen angel. It must have been something you brought upon yourself.”

For the first time, life was in Ikael’s eyes.

“The cheeky ones.”

Enraged by the provocation, Metatron activated Halo.

It felt as if even the scenery was bending toward him as the formidable gravitational field unfolded.

“I must have been in the archangel for too long. Even though they are the first angels, there is no superiority or inferiority among archangels. Let’s settle it here.”

The moment Metatron finished speaking, the four archangels activated their abilities at the same time.

Electromagnetism, gravity, weak force, strong force.

The four major forces that make up the universe were exerted at the same time, crushing Ikael.

thud! thud! thud! thud!

Four shock sounds that exploded simultaneously.

The moment the archangels disappeared, Ikael’s nose wrinkled.

As the halo unfolded dozens of meters in diameter, a large ataraxia rose into the sky like a pillar of light.

As the ignorant power amplified, it swept Arabot.


All in Heaven could see the huge surge of energy surging up the spire.

* * *

Heaven’s Fifth Thousand Matei.

In the city of giants, where everything is bigger than human standards, the headquarters of the rebel command were fighting fiercely.

Mecha technology was specialized for giants, and 2,000 units, a quarter of the total, were used in the main equipment, Kuroi.

“Corsair! Advance!”

Commander Crud boarded the Titan and fired thermal flash cannons in all directions to encourage the crew.

Correspondingly, the Kuroi pilots also unleashed a relentless firepower demonstration at the attacking giant.

In just two hours after the start of the war, they advanced a whopping 2 kilometers.

However, as they entered the interior, the counterattacks of the enemies became stronger, and the abilities of the giants that appeared were increasing exponentially.

“Damn it!”

The two kilometers they had advanced had now turned into just two kilometers.

The Kuroi unit was helplessly pushed back by the attack of the mighty giant corps, whose level of Ilhwa went beyond the 3rd level.

The bullet did not penetrate the muscle, and it was a situation where he did not have a high advantage in physical strength.


Kanya fixed Kuroi’s gun barrel forward and fired bullets like mad.

When the war began, reason was volatilized, and the face of his mother, who had died due to the loss of his father and the loss of his life span due to Ilhwa’s alcohol, came to mind.


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“sister! calm down!”

Lena shouted, wearing the infantry equipment Piper.

Meanwhile, her hand was pulling on the handle of the arc.

The moment the explosive bullets ricocheted out, a giant in armor appeared in front of her.

It was Orsimo, the 1st battalion commander of the giant corps.



After blocking the bomb with his shoulder armor, he swung a huge greatsword.

The sword attack with the power of the schema exceeded the mechanical power of the mecha, and Lena could not even react to the speed.


Kanya turned to her sister’s crisis reflected in the multi-vision.

However, Kuroi’s reaction speed couldn’t keep up with her urgency.

why did i forget? That there are still people left to protect.


Tears welled up and regret flooded in.

Then, someone blocked Orsimo’s sword with a kang sound.


Orsimo’s strong impression was crumpled like a beast.

As the battalion commander of the Heaven Guards, he has a keen knowledge of Mecha technology.

However, it was the first time in his life that he had seen the type of equipment that was blocking his way.

“Bar, Babel?”

Lena lifted her head as she collapsed from exhaustion.

Babel’s back reflected in the sun reflected the dark light.

By the Syrone Algorithm, Babel is supposed to save Kanya and Lena first.

In other words, it means that Kanya and Lena’s dynamics are being watched under any circumstances.

Babel, sensing the crisis of the sisters, left the battlefield as soon as he eliminated the enemy he was fighting and ran to this place.

“Does such an insignificant machine try to deal with a giant!”

Orsimo grabbed the greatsword with both hands and swung it with tremendous force.

However, with the strength of a battalion commander, he couldn’t even injure Babel.

Orsimo’s eyes widened in shock as the greatsword jammed in her arm with a clear metallic sound.

I could clearly feel how hard the barbell was made of metal just by the trembling through my hands.

-Target elimination.

Babel, who flicked his sword and flew up, separated Orsimo’s neck with a light swing of his sword.

As she landed on the floor with a nimble motion, Lena, who had been watching blankly, unknowingly spat out.

“Thank you.”

Machines can’t have feelings, but she was human and her gratitude for the lifesaver was sincere.

Seeing that, Kanya bit her lip.

As if the blood vessels in the heart were tangled, the pain of complexly twisted emotions was transmitted through the nerves.

Babel is the enemy who killed his father.

But this time, he saved his younger sister whom he loved more than anyone else.

So it was confusing.

How should he accept the metal angel in front of him?


Kanya pointed the barrel of Kuroi at Babel.

Even now, the image of my father, whose body had been pierced, was good in my eyes. The more he did, the more he felt that Babel’s appearance was evil.

‘sister… … .’

Babel turned and looked at Kanya expressionlessly.

It was an obvious intention to attack when aiming the barrel.

However, the counterattack against Kanya was not registered in her algorithm.


Eventually, Kuroi’s barrel fell again.

Kanya shouted at Lena as if to vent her confused emotions.

“From now on, don’t leave my side!”

Leaving those words behind, Kanya moved on again.

Thanks to the thought of protecting Lena, my head went cold, but the core of my emotions still remained.

Little by little, the path was opening beyond the bodies of the giants.

* * *

Second thousand Rakia.

Except for Sirone and Fleur, Gaold and the others looked at the pillar of light that soared over Arabot.

It meant that there was an unknown variable because it was impossible for the rebels to have reached Arabot yet.

said Armin.

“It is a powerful energy that humans cannot generate. Perhaps an archangel.”

Zulu said.

“If enmity has arisen between the archangels, it is an opportunity for us. I have to go now.”

Gaold had no room for disagreement.

No, even if all the archangels gathered and stood in the way, he intended to wipe them all out and move on.

Sein said.

“Don’t leave. Once the operation begins, there is no need to improvise or assist each other. We only do our best to succeed in our respective missions.”

After infiltrating Sirone through an infiltration operation, the rest of the party commits to rescuing Miro.

Since the maze would be in the deepest part of Rakia anyway, once the maze was rescued, it was possible to enter Jebul through Arabot.

Gangnan said.

“Even if we change the coordinates of the Akashic Records in Jebul, there is no way for us to return. The space-time of the labyrinth is already broken.”

“I have no choice but to trust them.”

Gaold recalled Frankwine, the leader of the Night Alliance.

There will be no way out of heaven except to bring what he has presented in time.

But Gaold didn’t care.

The immediate priority was to save the maze.

“Runs on full power. If I fail, I will throw it away.”

Gaold threw himself as soon as he finished speaking.

Following him as he flew at great speed, everyone chased after him, demonstrating their talents.

At the entrance of Rakia, countless fallen angels and fire giants were waiting for them with ferocious eyes.

‘Miro… … .’

Gaold rather increased his speed.

Finally, finally, we’ve come this far.

The gears of the stopped time, unable to narrow the F*cking 20 meters, were starting to tick tock again.

The remaining distance to the maze is 42.7 kilometers.

“Stop! Don’t ever let me approach you!”

The fire giants raised huge balls of fire.

Waves of fire rolled over the heads of giants lined up hundreds of meters long.


It was a tsunami of heat.

Gaold’s eyes sparkled brilliantly as they were exposed to the tidal wave of sparks that set the world on fire.

I don’t have to be patient anymore.

Because there’s a maze out there.


Blood vessels and nerves ran through Gaold’s crumpled face like a demon.

Pain 5 million times.


An unprecedented shock.

The tidal wave of fire quickly dissipated in the atmospheric pressure that crushed the whole world.

At the same time, the fallen angels from the left and right fluttered their wings of light and flew in.

When Armin cast the stop magic, dozens of angels stopped at the same time.

Cheolryunan – Equalizing.

Sein’s eyes rotated rapidly to control the environment.

Raising the atmospheric pressure wouldn’t be very helpful from a tactical point of view, but it was only equalizing to increase Gaold’s fighting power.


The fire giants charged towards Gaold.

The line, which had been neat like a horizontal line, began to distort according to each person’s emotions, and then all of them attacked Gaold.

The remaining distance to the maze, 40.3 kilometers.


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