Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 465

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[465] Initiation of War (1)

dawning morning.

The large Targis roared and started revving its engines.

Powerful electromagnetic waves hit Heaven directly, and Heaven’s air defense system, Aegis, was completely paralyzed.


A whopping 150,000 troops under the combined rebel command advanced toward the gates from the 1st to the 6th Thousand, excluding Arabot.

And so the war with heaven began.

“Senior, this way.”

Sirone and Fleur safely infiltrated the Third Heaven, Shehakim, where the immortal subjects resided.

Currently, the rebels are unable to break through Shehakim’s gate, but that was also part of the tactic.

The most important thing is to somehow transport the terminator Sirone to Arabot.

It was an intelligence operation to divert the enemy’s attention to the outskirts and infiltrate only a small number of people into the enemy camp.

Shehakim, who first came to see them, was different from the Sharmain who were inhabited by his subjects.

Although the races of Nord, Mecca, and Kergo were mixed, the place they stayed was a standardized building called Paradise.

The white brick houses were different in size, but all were beautiful.

The people passing by were also wearing the sky-heaven clothes of those who abandoned their tribal characteristics and gained eternal life.

eternal life. Those who have escaped the fear of anecdotal alcohol.

Even though the war was in full swing in the outskirts, their lives had not yet shown a significant change.

“That’s really great. Is it the confidence of an immortal?”

Flew looked at them with sympathetic eyes.

There was no fear in the way he chatted with the passers-by with a kind smile.

“First, get the clothes. It would be difficult to walk around in this outfit.”

Since there were only two combat troops, they couldn’t go all the way to Arabot while fighting.

It was best to somehow blend in with their crowd.

Sirone and Fleur infiltrated the nearest paradise.

A swimming pool was installed indoors, and inside the front glass, the whole family was enjoying tea time together.

Sirone went back to the back of the building and ran to the second floor.

Looking at the city from a high place, there were many fairies wandering around.

Since the war had already taken place, security had to be much strengthened than before.

Upon meeting Fleur’s eyes, Sirone opened the window and went inside.

They found Shehakim’s clothes in the closet and took them off immediately.

The door opened only after I changed my clothes and put the original clothes in the Kubrick.

“huh? Who are you?”

Syrone and Fleur watched the girl with a frozen look.

Even in the situation where the spirit zone was opened, I did not feel the presence.

“no way… … Are you guys spies?”

Sirone slowly stepped back.

not human

It was clear that he had been caught in a trap from the start.

Flu put Phoenix in front and blocked the girl’s approach.

It is already known that it is non-entity.

But the problem was that I couldn’t find a way out.

Even though it’s fake, it’s a sense of reality that you can’t feel that it’s fake.

‘Is it an ability caught in space?’

Fleur shouted.

“Get out of here!”


At the same time, the girl screamed and changed shape.

The true impression disappeared, and when the evil witch’s face with the lips torn grotesquely slashed at the two, Fleur activated the phoenix.

A bird of flame rose up and spewed out a terrifying fireball at the girl.

Fires were ignited in all directions, and the scenery shook like a haze.

At the distortion of the scenery beyond the limits of matter, Sirone activated the Diamond Armament.

Eating Out – Paradise.

The ability of Orga, the head of Shehakim’s People’s Administration Department.

It was a mental magic that brought about a terrible illusion to the target who entered the building by embodying Paradise as a spirit.

Sirone and Fleur headed for the window they came in from.

But outside the window was already empty darkness.

“I’m completely trapped!”

After a while, the door opened, and monsters with sparsely bald heads rushed in, as if they were infected with leprosy.


Sirone swung Armand’s tentacles and cut them down in one blow.

The dismembered monsters were absorbed by Eater Kuzen’s ability, which was converted back into energy, giving Sirone powerful physical abilities.

When I went out the door, monsters were rushing to the end of the stairs.

As the photon cannons rained down on them, their bodies caved in as if they had been hit by a hammer and they tumbled down the stairs.

Sirone jumped over the railing and came straight down alone.

Then Flew flew through the air and landed on the ledge on the other side.

The paintings on the ceiling materialized and attacked them.

Snakes, bats, gargoyles, and even unnamed creatures rushed at them, and an action unfolded in Paradise.


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No monster was able to inflict even the slightest wound on Sirone.

Armand’s tentacles grew faster and faster due to Kuzen’s absorption, and at last they shook so much that they could not be seen.

Numerous monsters exploded like fireworks while only the sound of the gale roared through the hall.

‘I don’t get hit like this. but… … .’

I can’t find a way out at all.

If entering the building is the condition for triggering Eating Out, then finding the door would be the closest solution to unlocking it.

“Seniors! the door… … !”

Flew somersaulted in the air, striking monsters with his phoenix.

Landing next to Sirone, she looked around with a tired expression.

All the doors along the corridor opened with a rattling sound, and more ferocious and gigantic monsters rushed in.

“There is only one place where monsters don’t appear.”

Sirone also guessed.

Without time to speak any further, the two of them flew to the basement.


The monsters blocking the view were torn to pieces by the tentacles.

Even Fleur, who fought together at the Rebel 2nd HQ, was stunned by Sirone’s mighty force.

However, there was nothing more fortunate than this to carry out the operation.

‘you can do it! All I have to do is go all the way to Arabot!’

As I entered the cellar, the door closed by itself and a torch on the wall lit up.

No more monsters came out, but I also knew that I would never go up to the ground again.

The two headed down the dark hallway to the end.

Upon entering the bright interior of the dressing room, a huge mirror awaited them.

However, what was reflected there was not the two of them, but a bewitching woman with black hair that hung down to her waist.

Eating out paradise.

– Mirroring: Equal Rights.

A woman smiling in the mirror stepped forward to them.

Sirone and Fleur raised their guard and slowly retreated.

“Careful, Sirone. The complexity of eating out goes beyond human boundaries. She is an incredibly strong fairy.”

Sirone had no room for disagreement.

Even a fairy specialized in the spirit would find it difficult to materialize a building in such detail.

‘How did you do that?’

“welcome. My name is Orga, the ruler of Paradise. I was waiting for you guys.”

Sirone did not answer.

I knew that this was also a situation where I was caught eating out of the regulation.

As expected, she spoke immediately.

“To get out of here, you have to make a bet with me and win.”

Fleur asked.

“Which bet?”

“Equal Rights.”

Orga raised her index finger with cold eyes.

“From now on, we will be making ‘actable offers’ to each other. And it’s up to you to follow that suggestion. However, when you propose something, you must also carry it out. The one who can’t carry out the proposal loses.”

Sirone’s face became serious.

I still don’t know exactly what the intention was, but I felt that it was dangerous enough.

Fleur asked.

“Who is carrying out the proposal? Are we two people?”

“Only one of the two has to do it. It is an equal right.”

It was something that had no choice but to follow as long as the out-of-regulation was triggered.

Sirone and Fleur nodded in agreement, and Orga made the first suggestion.

“Take off your top.”

Orga took off her coat first and threw it on the floor.

The conditions were met, and now it was either Syrone or Fleur’s turn to take off their shirts.

‘I’m thinking of disarming the Keumgang.’

I can’t directly suggest releasing Armand.

This is because in the case of equal rights, a proposal must be possible for both parties, and to Orga without Armand, it becomes an ‘unable to perform proposal’.

Flew thought he was fortunate to have assisted Sirone.

If Sirone had been mirrored by herself, she would have been completely disarmed.

“I will.”

If you don’t take it off, you lose.

Perhaps the result will be death.

Flu took off Shehakim’s clothes and even took off his top. Then she made sure that Orga wasn’t wearing her underpants, and she put them on.

It was the correct answer.

“great. Now it’s your turn to make a proposal.”

“I will do it.”

Sirone came out.

As Marsha said, the rule of thumb when dealing with eating out is to figure out the rules first and then find a solution to them.

In that sense, there were facts to be confirmed.

When you inflict physical damage, does Orga actually get a shock?

If the woman in front of him was just an illusion, then only Sirone would take damage if he hurt himself.

‘No, the possibility of that is small.’

The unusual rules of equal rights are based on the explicit principle of equal exchange.

If the ability is so strong that it does not inflict damage on itself, it will not be able to damage the opponent.

‘A very clever fairy. Even with the principle of equivalent exchange, you can inflict damage on your opponent, and it is the ability to respond to numerous variables.’

So, there was something to look forward to.

‘If this works… … .’

Sirone stepped forward and made a suggestion.

“Break your left index finger.”

Anyway, if you use Kenser’s recovery ability, you will be attached within a few hours.

The key was her condition.

Orga still stared at Sirone without a change in expression.

There is no reason to follow an offer that the other party cannot carry out.

Sirone also grabbed her left index finger without averting her gaze.

When I clenched my teeth and applied force, the joint of my index finger bent outward.

It hurts, but you have to endure it.

It was at war now.

Orga slowly lowered her hand and grabbed her index finger.

Soon after, the sound of bones breaking was heard, and Sirone’s eyes lit up.

He sensed that the mirror behind Orga was shaking for an instant.

‘Physical damage works. That means… … .’

As if not giving him time to think, Orga made a second suggestion.

“Take off your bottoms.”

Sirone clicked her tongue at her persistent obsession to somehow disarm the Diamond River.

It was only natural that it was a weapon powerful enough to wipe out countless monsters in the Paradise Hall.

‘Oh, I see!’

Upon discovering the beautiful ornaments on Orga’s naked body, Sirone realized.

If this is the case, there is no choice but to disarm the Keumgang Armament in the end.

Flu, who had taken off his whole body, now had a Kubrick.

On the other hand, Orga remains with two pairs of earrings, a pair of necklaces, two rings and three bracelets.

In the end, if Flew even threw away the ring, there would be a lot of room for it to become ‘unable to carry out the proposal’ depending on the conditions.

No matter how abnormal the situation is, if the rule is to fit the rules, then in the end it was them who were cornered.

‘I do not have time. I have to win somehow in the next offer.’

If the Diamond Armament is released, it will be impossible to deal with the monsters of Paradise, and that is what Orga was aiming for.

Flew muttered as he began to take off his bottoms.

“Why is it always just me… … .”

At the sound of her teasing, Sirone laughed out loud even in the midst of seriousness.

‘I’m sorry, senior.’

In any case, Flew made the same decision, so he obediently accepted the offer.

And now it was time to put an end to it.

‘you can do it. No, it’s the only way.’

Sirone glared at Orga with a determined expression.

“My suggestion is… … .”


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