Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 463

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[463] Call of Ra (5)

Muspelheim, the land of fallen giants.

Fire giants lived where the unquenchable flame stretched to the horizon.

Among the giants born through the anecdote, they harbored the incarnation of hatred, and in their heads there was only burning hatred with unclear purpose or cause.

Kariel walked out leisurely in the battleground where they screamed and hurt each other.

They, too, were once chained under Heaven’s chain of command, and they knew that if they breathed fire on the beautiful Archangel, they would be instantly annihilated.

Surt, the leader of the fire giants, greeted Kariel.

Standing 7 meters tall and wearing armor of flame, it was comparable to his height, but when he faced the Archangel, he knelt in the most reverent posture.

“The lowly man sees Kariel-nim.”

A scorching heat hit Kariel.

Biologically the strongest in heaven is definitely the best, but the fire giants are a little unique compared to other giants.

It’s just that it uses its own magic.

Perhaps this is the nature of fire due to the freedom of unstandardized ideas.

There are as many warriors as Ikael’s three-legged Mara Ashur who can compete with Ymir, but the strongest swordsman in Purgatory was by far Surt.

“There is something you can do for me.”

Surtur raised his head with a surprised expression.

The fiery sword Muspel he was wearing spewed out huge flames and pushed the ground for a long time.

Asking for help from an archangel to a fire giant was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Surtur, who dreamed of returning to heaven.

“Just leave me to do anything!”

Kariel nodded in satisfaction.

Ankera has entrusted all power to Ichael, and she will stop the war.

If that happens, Kariel’s purpose will be in vain, and there is no way to oppose Ikael now that his limbs have been cut off.

But they come.


he will definitely come As long as the maze is alive.

‘I hate to admit it, but… … .’

The maze is excellent.

If you have the most outstanding wizard among humans, there will always be a chance to change the situation in heaven.

Now was not the time to cover things up to gather troops.

“Gather the most elite troops and come to the 2nd Heaven Rakia. I will be waiting for you in the Halls of Corruption.”

“This is the most suitable place for us.”

Fire giants are prohibited from entering heaven, but according to the principle of the law, the city of fallen angels, Laika, was an exception, and this was the reason Kariel escaped to the second heaven.

“There is no time. Let’s leave immediately.”

Kariel, who gave the instructions, immediately flew up and headed for heaven.

It was time to welcome guests.

* * *

“You have nothing to tell me?”

Sirone couldn’t believe Ikael’s words.

No, maybe this is true.

A vain delusion, or a selfish and extremely human-like expectation that it would be so.

It may be that such actions caused an illusion.

But how do you explain the blurry memories that remain as afterimages in your head, and the feeling of your heart beating just by touching them?

“if… … .”

Sirone couldn’t bring himself to speak.

When I heard the same answer again, I couldn’t handle the sadness, so I asked around.

“What kind of person is a Guffin?”


Ikael’s star shook again.

If the angels had seen this scene, they would have been amazed to the point of losing their minds.

Ikael, who was crazy about that, regained his composure.

As a commander in Heaven, he couldn’t show a disheveled appearance from where he came to negotiate an armistice with the rebels.

“Guppin is the last Gaian. We know that he left the photon world after losing the war against Heaven. Of course, all information has been lost now.”

Even Sirone knows about erasing Guffin.

But how does Ikael have memories of him?

One possible reason.

Just as humans can guess the existence of guffins through the remains of guffins, it meant that her personal memories of guffins were materialized.

It is absolutely impossible for a human who lives at least 100 years, but this place was a paradise most deeply related to guffins.

“Were you close with him?”

Ikael shook his head.

When I think of that time, it really hurts.

“no. He was a savvy human being. He didn’t know compromise. If it wasn’t for him, Gaia wouldn’t have made so many sacrifices.”

The reaction was subtly different from when I met Ikael in the first trip to heaven.

Maybe it was natural.

According to Babel’s records, Gaia and Heaven fought fiercely, risking each other’s existence.

“It must have been an enemy encounter.”

“There were a lot of clashes and a lot of arguments. He was a strong man. Even I, the archangel, couldn’t make a decision.”

The corners of Ikael’s lips rose involuntarily.

There was a happy light in her eyes even as she recalled the memories of fighting.


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“Once this happened… … .”

Ikael suddenly stopped talking.

I couldn’t remember anything.

It feels like there is a black hole in the memory space filled with five colors.

The moment I looked at that black space, all my heart was sucked into it, and a crushing pain surged through my chest.

Ikael opened his eyes and bit his lip.

‘Not anymore. It can’t be looked down on anymore.’

She amplified the sound and told everyone.

“I will change the negotiator. The person in charge, please come here.”

Sirone became impatient.

Clearly she knew, and that is why she had to speak.

“Why are you cheating?”

“what? I’m not cheating on anything.”

“It is different from before! There must be a reason why you passed on Ataraxia to me!”

“It’s to keep Kariel in check. Thanks to this, I was able to rise to the position of archangel again.”

“No, you have to talk to me. I am responsible for that.”

“The only thing I am responsible for is heaven.”

“you are… … !”

Sirone jumped up.

Both of them were ignoring the core and arguing only with the signified.

“You me… … !”

The moment Sirone was about to shout, the door burst open.

Upon hearing Ikael’s message, the rebel commander Crud, Gaold’s party, and officers gathered in large numbers.

“what’s the matter?”

As soon as Flew entered the room, he checked Sirone’s condition.

Fortunately, nothing to worry about happened, but the atmosphere was grim.

Ikael was glaring at Sirone as if he was angry, and Sirone was also clenching his fists and biting his lips.

Ikael turned his head annoyed.

“I admit my mistake. I don’t want to waste any more time. Say what you want. The only condition Heaven wants is a cessation of war.”

Ikael has returned to being the solemn archangel. And to Sirone, that appearance was everything.

Everyone moved to the command and control room and sat in a circle around a round table.

A few stood because there were no seats, including Sirone and Fleur.

Fleur was puzzled by the sight of Sirone staring at the wall without even paying attention to Ikael.

It was questionable as to why Sirone had made an interview with Ikael a condition, but I wondered if there really was such a thing in the world where you could sit alone with an archangel and blush.

Commander Crude said.

“Our conditions are as follows. To return the rebels to heaven. Ban the alcohol of Ilhwa. Also, deprive Kergoin of priesthood and elect leaders from all races. There are three of them.”

Ikael’s eyes narrowed calmly.

Why do humans love equality so much?

All things in this world are never equal. Nevertheless, they regard equality as their number one value.

‘Because I’m weak.’

yes, it is weak

Therefore, it is to show mercy to the weak, not submissive.

“Do not accept. In the future, you will not be tormented by the sake of anecdotes.”

“That alone is not enough.”

One of the officers standing on the wall stepped out.

He had been glaring at Ikael with ferocious eyes since he first came here, and he had lost his family in the war against Heaven.

“How much damage have we done because of you? Now, let’s do something that didn’t happen and finish it?”

“Debra, take care of yourself.”

Crud tried to dissuade her, but Debra couldn’t hold back her anger.

“Don’t you at least have to go through the same pain? One of the angels should apologize as the representative and commit suicide! That is my condition!”


Ikael nodded. He could not go against Ankera’s will.

“i get it. converge.”

The Round Table whispered.

It is assumed that Debra has lost her reason, but she did not know that she would allow an angel to commit suicide.

Then another executive who had been watching came out.

“Give me eternal life.”

A malignant tumor had spread throughout his body, and he had only a few days left to live.

“Even though you die, you don’t perish, do you? But what’s the point of killing one angel? Give us eternal life too! That is the condition!”


Ikael couldn’t stand it any longer at the offer of equality three times.

As soon as his eyes cooled, a sense of tension was felt in the hall. Then, the command and control room began to shake as if an earthquake had occurred.

“How far are you going to indulge yourself, humans?”

Chee Hee Hee!

Ikael’s halo expanded, and Ataraxia was accumulated in an instant.

The round table collapsed flat as Gaold pressed down with the air press.

Ikael, who had already left his seat, flew through the ceiling.

“shit! Chase!”

Ikael’s exclusive patent, Ataraxia, amplifies all kinds of powers in the world.

That’s why it’s the strongest.

Even the gently flowing spring breeze can turn into a typhoon that can wipe out the world if Ataraxia works.

Sein turned the Iron Wheel and cast Equilibrium, but it was not enough to return Ikael’s information.

“Attack! If we don’t catch it now, we will perish!”

Crude glared at the executives who had ruined the negotiations and then stormed out.

You can’t blame them. Because even I felt a momentary feeling of wanting to do something.

What Ikael was amplifying was the water vein flowing beneath the headquarters.

The amplification power is at least 20,000 times higher.

The moment the water vein breaks through, everything in the headquarters will be destroyed.

“I command you as the archangel.”

Ataraxia shot a splendid light into the sky.


The ground shook vertically and the floor cracked.

When buildings made of iron began to tear like paper, people’s faces were filled with despair.

Gaold’s thoughts were correct.

The name of battle could not be defined, only the strength itself was Ikael.

– Target to be removed: Archangel Ichael.

Just as a huge explosion was about to happen, a black object flew towards Ikael at high speed.

It was an afterimage to everyone, but to Ikael it was clearly visible as if the shape of Babel had been stuffed.

Even though it was not an unavoidable speed, the reason why it was unavoidable was because of the black hole in the memory.

‘what? What the hell did I forget, my mind… … .’

Babel arrived in front of Ikael only after more than 10,000 human thoughts had passed.

She twisted her body leisurely.

At that moment, an unknown binding force seized her body.

In her eyes, she quickly turned her gaze to see that Shirone, who had transformed into an adamantine warrior, was activating Akamai’s antithesis.

‘Sirone… … ?’


Babel’s fist hit Ikael’s face.

Ikael’s body, exposed to the ignorant power, was slammed vertically, and just before colliding with the ground, he spread his golden wings and prevented the fall.

“I-I can’t… … .”

The rebels in combat readiness opened their mouths in a daze.

This time, even Gaold couldn’t help but be stunned.

As soon as Ikael gently raised his body from the lying position, Sirone landed on the ground.

The tentacles of the Armed Forces spread out like the feathers of a peac*ck and aimed at Ikael, while Akamai’s eyes on the outside pinned her.

‘Is it antithese?’

Ikael demonstrated that he was free from restraint by shaking his shoulder.

‘I’ll be able to bind a lower level angel enough.’

Obviously much stronger than before.

But what good is it? Of all things in her world, none is stronger than her.

“Sirone, if you want to come out like this… … .”


Ikael’s steps stopped at the sound of the ground shaking.

The metal angel Babel stood by Sirone in a combat stance.

Ikael slightly frowned.

The fact that a being similar to himself was guarding Sirone was terribly unpleasant.


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