Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 462

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[462] Call of Ra (4)

Second thousand Rakia.

City of fallen angels.

All the buildings were white, but red light shimmered like a haze on the walls.

The roads were empty, and all sorts of emotional sounds leaked from the thousands of spires.

Sounds as varied as the number of fallen angels.

There were no taboos for them, and their dissolute minds were running out of control to countless pleasures.

The place where Kariel arrived was the building where Rakia’s executive office was located.

The huge building made of bricks was complex like a castle, and three spiers rose as if piercing the sky.

Halls of Corruption.

In a place as wide as the Great World War, numerous plaster statues of fallen angels were enshrined as if honoring heroes.

The poses of the plaster statues revealed numerous actions, some of which were easily understandable to humans, and some of which were incomprehensible to human standards.

Kariel tossed Miro and Arius to the altar in the Hall of Corruption.

Arius rolled on the floor and lay down like a dog deprived of its prey, baring its teeth.

“Kreurreung! Kreurreung!”

Kariel looked at the maze without paying attention.

In his intelligent eyes, I could see him rolling his head to grasp the current situation.

“You don’t have to try. One way or another, you will die.”

“Huh, I think you’re the one who’s fluttering? Your face was really nice to see.”

Kariel’s expression crumpled.

The reason I’m afraid of Ikael isn’t because she’s strong.

The one who suffers is always the one who gave her heart, and the sense of betrayal pierces her heart with even greater pain, and she feels the despair of the world disappearing in front of her anger towards her.

“Do you think you have defeated the armies of Heaven? No, you’re just someone’s heir. And now even that power is gone.”

When Kariel snapped her finger, the plaster statues in the hall glowed red, and hundreds of Maras sprang out and charged into the maze.


A number of hideous monsters bared their teeth against Miro’s face.

“Abominable woman! I will chew your bones carefully!”

“I’ll pluck and eat your soul! I will make you wander forever in the pits of hell!”

A ghastly sound was heard from close by.

Arius wandered around the labyrinth restlessly with hostility to the point of wanting to pierce his flesh with his nails right now.

Miro, on the other hand, didn’t even blink.

She doesn’t give her heart to anyone. That’s why everyone throws their hearts at her.

Miro’s impermanence prevails over all minds, so he could not feel fear.

“What are you up to? What you were trying to do seems to have gone awry.”

Ikael’s anger was heard by Miro as well.

And if this is the city of fallen angels, it means that Kariel has already been amputated as an outsider of heaven.

Kariel was thinking about that too.

As long as Ikael becomes the archangel, the other archangels will not move.

What suddenly crossed my mind was that maybe it would be best to end it here.

But soon he changed his mind.


The stronger she became, the more afraid she became, the more her desire to prevail over her mind grew.

‘Is that the only thing after all?’

Kariel turned around without answering.

Numerous maras retreated from the maze and expressed their will to obey.

“Brilliant Archangel, where are you going?”

Due to the nature of Rakia, the troops of Heaven cannot be stationed there.

Then there are people who are just right for you.

“We are going to Muspelheim.”

Kariel turned into light and flew up.

To the place where the fallen giants are.

* * *

“This is Ikael?”

The rebels were thrown into confusion just by the appearance of Ikael.

Her name had more destructive power than any armed air strike.

Once upon a time they too were the subjects who inhabited Heaven.

The heroic story of Ikael, who destroyed countless heresies and completely destroyed a civilization, was already positioned in the brightest place even in mythology.

Gaold watched Ikael’s face.

It is not possible to measure an objective figure just by looking at it.

This is because combat is something you do not know unless you try it, and it is a holistic activity in which numerous variables work.

‘I’ll never win that one.’

Gaold readily acknowledged the opponent’s capabilities.

Archangel Ikael, who had fully awakened, was not an object to be analyzed with the concept of battle.

just power.

It was the amplification itself that exists in the natural world.

That’s why I came alone.

It could only be seen that Ikael himself knew that he could destroy the rebel 1st HQ alone.

‘Ikael… … .’


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Amidst the complicated thoughts going back and forth in each person’s head, only Sirone’s mind went blank.

Before coming to heaven, no, even after coming, I never imagined that I would be able to meet them in this way.

My heart pounded and my fingertips trembled.

But Ikael couldn’t find that beautiful smile he had seen before.

Only the authority of the archangel who commanded heaven was buried in his expression.


A barbell flew from the armory with an intense metallic noise.

Babel, which was newly equipped with an algorithm by Sirone, immediately sensed the existence of a powerful angel far beyond the normal orbit, and was in a state of raising all available combat power.

“Oh, this can’t be… … .”

The rebels looked surprised.

It wasn’t until the two beings were in one space that I realized it.

Ikael and Babel are perfectly similar in form.

Of course, the beauty of Babel is nothing compared to the real thing, but beyond the height and curves of the body, it resembled the tips of the fingers.

‘Babel… … .’

Ikael looked at the machine that looked just like him.

I know that it is the only gas in the world, but I also know who created it, but all conversations with that person have already been erased.

Even so, there was a vague feeling in his eyes.

No matter how much memory is erased, the incident itself is not gone.

Her body, everything except her memories made her feel a faint nostalgia for Babel.

Hey hey!

Babel moved quickly and charged towards Ikael.

Eliminating angels is the value of Babel’s existence.

As soon as sharp iron claws poked into Ikael’s forehead, Sirone activated the Ultima System.

‘no! stop!’

Babel stopped moving while aiming at the capital.

But nothing was already standing there.

Before I knew it, Ikael, who had flung himself, passed Babel’s back and was walking towards the rebels.

Sein, who had personally experienced the speed of Babel, got goosebumps just by seeing Ikael’s movements.

‘I have to fight a monster like that to recapture the maze?’

As if he had no interest in human thoughts, Ikael spoke to everyone.

“Accept the will of Ra. If you stop the war from this hour, Ra will also set you free.”

“Have you been released? Are we going to win?”

The rebels groaned.

It was unexpected that heaven would propose a truce first in a situation where victory or defeat in a war could not be guaranteed even with a large tagis.

Commander Crude stepped forward.

“By liberation, what exactly do you mean?”

“Tell me what you want. I will converge on anything I can do in my capacity.”

Crud looked back at Sein.

Honestly, from the moment Ikael appeared, I was so desperate that I thought everything was over, so I didn’t expect it to come out in such a low profile.

Sein signaled by nodding his head.

Of course, he came here not to liberate the rebels, but to save the labyrinth, but since the situation had turned out like this, it was in order to listen.

“Move your seat.”

When Kurud pointed to the command and control room, Ikael shook his head.

“No, you are not the one to negotiate.”


Everyone’s eyes focused on Ikael as he turned to Sirone.

Of course, Sirone is symbolic to the rebels as the light of District 73.

However, it is true that experience and position are vague enough to decide something at the negotiating table.

I couldn’t figure out why Ikael singled out Sirone.

“Send it at once.”

Gaold said.

If Sirone’s condition for activating God’s Punishment was to face Ikael alone, it was the right choice tactically as well.

Crud, who had confidence in Gaold and the others, eventually agreed, and Sirone and Ikael walked side by side through the corridors of the command and control room following the guidance of the executive.

Sirone’s mind was still confused.

There were many thoughts about what to say first, why she was so callous to herself, but it was not yet time to get them out.

He just assumed that she would be like him.

“This is it. It is the only place where eavesdropping is impossible.”

The officer opened the door to the most secure interview room at the rebel headquarters and let the two men in.

The door closed and even the guards left.

It was Ikael’s order not to approach within a radius of 100 meters.

It was a ridiculous request considering Sirone’s level of risk, but he knew she could do anything if she put her mind to it anyway.

Sirone and Ikael, who sat across from each other at the table in the interview room, were silent for a while.

Sirone, unable to bear the tension, smiled first and opened her mouth.

“long time no see.”

Only then did Ikael show a smile.

“okay. I’m glad you got back safely.”

Sirone clearly remembered the situation in which Ikael taught Ataraxia.

If it wasn’t for her, we would never have met again here.

There was another awkward silence.

The reason why Ikael pointed out Sirone was according to Ankera’s will.

Also, the reason I came here was to disarm the rebels and negotiate.

Even so, he didn’t want to leave his mouth.

‘I am… … What am I missing?’

From the moment I saw Sirone, the feeling of scratching my heart continued endlessly.

Area 73 light. The boy who personally taught Ataraxia.

But why did he try to hand over the archangel’s power?

Ikael’s asteroid, recalling his emotions at the time, flinched as if in surprise.

Her eyebrows wrinkled, and unknown emotions engulfed her whole body.

“are you okay?”

Sirone asked anxiously.

“it’s okay. Well, first of all, the rebels… … .”

“Before that, I have a question for you.”

It was the first thing Sirone needed to hear.

Ikael blinked as if waiting for an answer, and Sirone took a deep breath and spoke carefully.

“I’ve been curious about it for a long time. Is there anything you can tell me?”

Ikael’s head tilted.

There was nothing to say between Sirone and himself.

Even so, the reason I can’t deny it is because I felt faint again like when I saw Babel.


Ikael said firmly.

It was a cold voice that tried to deny it.

“I have nothing to say personally.”

Sirone’s heart sank.

The reason he risked his life to go to heaven was because of the conviction that he would definitely hear her if he met her.

however… … .

“Nothing to say, nothing to say?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I.”

At that moment, Ikael’s voice trembled.

It’s a memory that doesn’t exist, but it’s because the heart has already been cast.

She desperately tried to squeeze the words out. The more I did, the more a great sadness came from somewhere unknown.

She grimaced as if to hold back the pain.

“I have nothing to say to you.”

Ikael stared at Sirone as if searching for the existence of something that troubled his heart.

At that moment, clear tears flowed from her beautiful eyes.

She didn’t know the meaning of the tears she was shedding now.


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