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Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 460

[460] Call of Ra (2)

white space.

The white mirror of the archangel meeting room, which only archangels born from pure concepts can enter, had a texture that seemed to be filled with ink that was not stained.

There, irregularities occurred and archangels appeared one by one.

A perfectly round table rose from the floor, and seven archangels landed on it.

The Wings of Light and the celestial bodies were invisible as they permeated the white landscape.

Here they are equal, and can only give one opinion according to their own subjectivity.

The only exception is Archangel Ichael.

But she wasn’t here now.

“Long time no see. It means everyone is together.”

Rayel, the archangel of light, said.

Dominating the electromagnetic force, he was a handsome man with a 3-meter tall slender body and androgynous appearance.

“One person is missing. Ichael.”

Metatron, the archangel of existence, said.

Dominating gravity, he had the power to suck even his voice.

He was two meters tall, on the small side for an angel, but had broad shoulders and a square chin.

“Ikael is on probation. He can’t attend the Archangel Conference anyway.”

At Uriel’s words, Methiel, the archangel of union, frowned.

With her beautiful broad forehead exposed and her golden hair pulled back, she had a cold personality unlike her innocent appearance, and her eyes were sharp.

“Isn’t that a problem? No matter what opinions may be expressed, archangels do not abstain. There is no draw with 7 people.”

Originally, there were 8 archangels including Ikael. And when opinions are completely divided at the meeting of the archangels, it is common to follow the will of Ikael, the archangel.

That’s how Ikael has been in charge of everything.

But now, with only 7 members, no matter what agenda comes up, a decision is sure to come.

On the one hand, it would be a neat solution, but the problem was that the space they were in now was a white view.

The agenda decided by the archangels born from the concept of the source affects all the worlds connected to heaven beyond heaven, purgatory, and furthermore.

For all beings under the control of the Akashic Records, the evil eye created in the white whale is no different from a message from God.

Satiel, the archangel of disintegration, said.

“My thoughts are the same. It’s dangerous to operate White Watch without Ikael. Who will be in charge?”

Looking at the angel’s phase diagram, just as Kariel and Uriel are side by side like a form, Satiel is also side by side with Methiel, the archangel of union, like a sister.

The archangel’s beauty is unmatched by anything, but her personality is far more brutal and cold-hearted than Methiel’s.

“I am responsible.”

Kariel, who had been waiting, opened her mouth.

“Kariel, you? Are you saying that you know the meaning of responsibility?”

There is no way that he, the most intelligent of the archangels, would not know. That’s why it was a question.

“of course. They called a meeting with the resolution of great extinction.”

“Listen to what the agenda is.”

At Metatron’s words, Kariel brought out the words she had prepared in advance.

“Currently, impure movements are being detected in purgatory. But Ra is not taking any action. I think it is time for the archangels to step in.”

Rayel, the archangel of light, asked.

“Does Ikael know?”

Kariel desperately suppressed her crumpled face.

It has been like that since before.

Ichael. Ichael.

Everyone relies on and follows only Ikael.

From the beginning, it may have been only her.

“She is no longer our chief. She doesn’t have to ask for an opinion.”

Mattiel turned his head. A beautiful voice came out from between slightly parted lips.

“Aren’t they only humans? Why are you in such a hurry? No matter what movement the bugs show, just step on them anytime. I don’t think we need to do what Ra stopped doing.”

Uriel helped Kariel.

“God never forbids the work of human punishment. It just banned the activities of the angels.”

said Metatron.

“Is that what it is? Why now? Kariel, what the hell are you thinking?”

“The time-space of the labyrinth has disappeared.”

Vibrations of anger emanating from the archangels shook the space of the white whale.

The first to reveal his personality was Satiel, the archangel of disintegration.

“The space-time of the labyrinth has disappeared?”

It was the first and greatest humiliation since their birth that all the heavenly army, including the archangel, stopped marching and retreated in front of mere human ability.

The mere sight of Miro’s face shimmering in the celestial body felt as if the angel’s pride was being cracked piece by piece.

“If you check it, you will know. Also, the maze is currently caught up in a major world war. With all of your abilities restrained.”

Hey hey hey hey!

As the six archangels spread their halos at the same time, a world-shattering roar spread.

No creature could bear to hear this, but no one at the round table cared.

After confirming their respective abilities, they returned the halo to the celestial body.

What Kariel said was true, and if so, it is necessary to reconsider from now on.

Rayel, the archangel of light, said.

“So what is the agenda?”

“We will use all our strength to attack the kingdoms of the earth.”


Metatron stroked his chin.

Although fairies and giants are separate and independent units, it is not an exaggeration to say that 70% of their actual strength lies with the archangels.

However, since the status of the Archangel is so high, it is difficult to draw everyone’s agreement.

If a decision was made in Baekkyung, the angels and Mara under them were enough to wipe out the human world.

“But Ra forbade the activity of the angels. What do you think about this?”

“That’s why the white watch is activated. We come from Ankera, but the concept of a source. I don’t follow the family law. If it’s Baekkyung’s decision, even Ra can’t help it.”

The archangels tilted their heads.

Of course, Kariel was right, but their minds were different from human mindsets.

“That, in human terms, is treason, right? Aren’t humans the only ones who want to deny the existence of a superior?”

At Rayel’s words, Uriel turned to Kariel with a meaningful expression.

What makes Kariel like this?

“I am not denying Ra. The time has come for you to make a decision as an archangel.”

“Ymir… … .”

A muffled voice rang through the white watch.

“It is not moving.”

All the archangels turned to one archangel.

The archangel of extinction, Faiel.

He, the most incomprehensible of the Archangels, was a short man, 1 meter 70 cm tall, wearing a white robe and covering his face with a hood.

There are not many beings in the universe who know his face, but even those who have seen it will not be able to do justice to his face.

Although he was the last to be born among the Archangels, he is the human way to determine the rank based on the order.

Rather, it can be seen that he is a person who is exactly the opposite of the archangel of amplification, Ikael, and has a different personality from the middle-ranking archangels.

Mattiel asked.

“The law of Ymir is the vanguard of war. That he didn’t move… … After all, there will be no war again this time?”

“It could be that it’s not a war, it’s our victory.”

“It could be the other way around.”

Kariel was dissatisfied with the archangels who cared about the existence of a mere giant.

“Heh, does it make sense that the higher law cares about the lower law? Anyway, let’s start now. If 4 or more agree, the humans are destroyed. In an instant, we will wipe out purgatory and destroy the kingdom of the earth.”

The archangels were lost in thought.

Kariel wants war, but angels don’t have the concept of persuasion anyway.

It is because their incarnations are so distinct, and their knowledge is not small enough to be swayed by unknown variables.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to make your own decisions based on your personality.

As promised, Uriel raised his hand first. Kariel then raised her hand, followed by Metatron and Rael.

The only one who disagreed was Fael.

Even in the absence of Ikael and the refusal of Anchera’s message, most of them agreed with the archangels’ firm self-esteem.

‘With this, the sickest humans will disappear.’

Ikael’s face shimmered in Kariel’s celestial body, who smiled meaningfully.

* * *

Arriving on the top floor of Arabot, Ikael gazed at the iron gate in front of him for a moment before reaching out his hand.

ridge! ridge! ridge!

Ankera’s heartbeat leaked through the crack in the door with an intense sound.

“Anchera, your servant requests an audience.”

A massive body with reddish-brown skin surrounded by slime.

It’s a collapsed form with no particular personality, but that was the characteristic that symbolized Ankera’s totality.

Inside, which weighs 26 tons, all the organs that make up the creature are maintained with only potential before manifestation, and the nerves that run from the ends along the wall are functioning like the brain, engulfing the entire space.

The center of the body bulged out and cut horizontally as if it had been cut with a razor.

Then the skin peeled off and huge pupils popped out, looking around at his son-in-law like a newborn baby.

Ikael took a deep breath when he saw Ankera for the first time since his probation.

As the nerves stretched out on the floor interlocked, a bizarre high-frequency voice was expressed.

“Kik! It’s Ikael, hey! In purgatory, shik!”

The eardrum-piercing sound gradually calmed down and turned into a low pitched voice.

“Heretics have begun their activities.”

Ikael prostrated himself.

The first concept created by Ankera. That’s why Ikael is special.

It was for this reason that Ra was so determined not to drop her as a fallen angel even though she had committed a crime she should never have committed.

“No heresy can stand against you.”

“Someone in the world beyond the labyrinth’s space-time has made a change.”

Ikael raised his head.

Akashic Records called Anke.

It would not be an ordinary human being to be able to make changes within his concept encompassing the whole.

“That change is bringing the results to the present. Maybe there is no time to listen to the answer he left. That is why I forgive your sins.”

Ikael was troubled.

The reason why Ankera avoids war is probably to hear some answer in the end.

“There is one thing I would like to ask you. What question does Ra want an answer to?”

“How can I… … .”

Anke Ra said.

“… … Is there not?”

Hearing the question, Ikael’s eyes turned vague.

Memories from long ago flowed beautifully along the surface of the asteroid.

And the boy’s face too.

“I will fix it.”

Ikael said in a firm voice.

If you ascend to the rank of archangel, you will be able to hold all the powers of heaven.

Of course, the same archangels will lose control, but at least they will be able to prevent meaningless sacrifices.

“There are conditions.”

“What if you say it’s a condition?”

“I will erase the sins you have committed.”

Ikael’s eyes widened.

If you erase it with the Akashic Records, it is different from simply disappearing from other people’s memories.

No one, not even Ikael himself, loses his memory of it.

The only beauty left of her, who was prepared to become a fallen angel and chose to become a great annihilation, would disappear.

“There is a Human in Purgatory who will bring me answers. Can you bear it?”

Ikael’s asteroid shook.

it was horror

Memories that should never be forgotten, no, memories that seem impossible to forget are erased.

‘but… … .’

Ikael’s eyes changed fiercely.

‘That’s why, more than ever, I have to regain the position of archangel.’

Having made up his mind, Ikael nodded.

“I will take it.”

Anke Ra didn’t ask twice.

His eyes flashed open, and the world’s information waved like waves.

As Ikael’s asteroid spread through the halo, a black droplet smaller than a speck of dust began to come out.

‘I’m sorry.’

A tear fell from Ikael’s eye.


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