Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 458

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[458] The Beginning of Change (10)

“It’s a maze.”

Gaold took another difficult step. He didn’t even know how that was possible.

However, all the senses became transcendentally clearer, and the pain intensified.

The pain of the body was the pain of the mind, and the spirit was permeating into the heart again and knocking on the door of hell.

The human heart is hell.

“It’s a maze!”

As the restraining force became stronger, the threshold of pain perception continued to rise.

Gaold couldn’t feel any change in his body, even in terrible pain.

It hurts so much.

There are no limits because the mind has no substance.


Pain 100 times.

Gaold’s face was so distorted that it was no longer human.

Even the wizards and lawyers, who were proud to be the best in the world, felt a grotesque beyond human nature from Gaold, who untied his restraints and moved.

“Oh, how could this happen… … .”

Sein shouted.

“Gaold! stop! Then die!”

Gaold did not give up.

His sharpened nerves were only directed at the maze that was moving away.

– Even if you can’t do anything!

‘Oh God.’

Pain 400 times.

puck! A pulsating nerve burst through the skin.

It felt like pain itself, made only of nerves.

thud! thud!

Every time I took a step, my bones hurt as if they were breaking, and a shock hit my brain.

Being alive couldn’t be so damning.

What would it be like if you amplified the feeling of extreme disgust hundreds of times?

“Stop! Keep them away!”

The committee’s eyes shook in shock.

Even with anti-magic, his spirit did not collapse, and he continued to reject the law.

“How can such a person… … .”


As the threshold of pain sensation increased exponentially, Gaold gritted his teeth.

His eyes burned aimlessly, and the gates of hell began to open little by little with resentment over pain and hatred for the world.

“Press to maximum!”

At the direction of the committee, the magicians and lawyers poured all their abilities.

An unprecedented binding force in history, in which even they could not predict the outcome, was applied to Gaold.


At the same time, Gaold’s mind shattered as if glass had been shattered.

His pupils were already rolled all the way up, and blood flowed nonstop from between his clenched teeth.

‘Oh God.’

Wooddeuk. Wooddeuk.

Every time Gaold moved, the bones all over his body cracked.

‘I… … Didn’t you say you love the maze?’

Pain 10,000 times.

‘But dare… … like you… … .’

“Uh-oh… … .”

The faces of everyone watching turned pale.

All of Gaold’s hair stood on end and began to bleach white from the scalp.

“What are you like… … .”

Pain is extremely personal.

In the pain that transcended the limits of a creature, Gaold only repeated himself.

It is an extreme reality with no gods, ideals, or aspirations.

That was all.


The gates of hell opened in my heart, and the demons that ate Gaold’s pain came out.

The Shimma descended into the present world through a sense of pain that transcended living things, and as the surrounding scenery changed, everything began to burn.

It was the beginning of Gaold’s self-denying heat hell.


As the anti-magic of the wizards who were crushed by self-denial was lifted and the law was destroyed, the lawyers fell.


Gaold’s thoughts flew by, and he opened his mouth and vomited bloody saliva.

All I feel is pain.

Even breathing, even the beating of my heart, just being alive was painful.

Still, he didn’t stop.

only towards the maze.


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I stepped out to close the damn 20 meter gap that I could never reach.

The maze stopped moving. She looks like she’s thinking about something, regretting it.

However, without looking back, he moved toward Estas again.

‘Miro! maze! maze! It’s a maze!’

Gaold’s memory was blown away by the shock, and only the concept of the labyrinth remained in Gaold’s mind, and that blind emotion was the only painkiller mixed in with his pain.

“Activate the military camp!”

When the highest decision maker of the committee issued an order, the fixed margin, which had been created just in case, was put into operation.

Gaold’s feet drew a barricade and began to grab hold of the great evil and pull it down to the ground.


No human being or any creature could even imagine the shock he received from ten thousand times the pain.

But Gaold doesn’t die. His time had already stopped.

From the wide open gates of hell, a huge incarnation of hatred rose in a burning body.

Gaold exclaimed.


It spread out towards the world like a monster.

Gods, humanity, and the world disappeared, and as hatred for all humans except the suffering self spread, the world began to be encroached into a hellscape.


It’s such an extreme feeling that it feels rather innocent.

‘Damn it!’

Sain gritted his teeth and endured the tears trying to fill up.

In front of Gaold’s limit, even the Servant’s heart was shaken.

Like the eruption of gas from lava that has been filled up for tens of thousands of years, I had no choice but to admit one thought through my steel reason.

‘Yes, Gaold! It’s not over yet!’

Gaold’s disjointed arms were caught in the center of the bar, and even his legs were strangely twisted, but his face was still heading towards the maze.

If this continues, the body will be destroyed.

Before that happened, Sein threw himself away.

In the end, he couldn’t hold it back and burst into tears, and he grabbed Gaold’s face and said,

“Live, Gaold! not now!”

“Quaaaaa! maze, maze… … .”

“It’s not over yet. I’ll do anything! I’ll take you to the maze no matter what! So please live now!”

“does not it hurt… … . like pain… … I am… … .”

“Accept my magic. Just a little more, just a little more patience!”

Sein injected sleep magic into Gaold’s head.

He knows that his current self-denial does not allow his teeth to be eaten, but Gaold must believe his word.

If it’s Gaold, maybe if it’s the purest and stupidest guy in the world… … .

Sein cast his magic with all his might.

“Gaold, hold on. you’ll be patient Nobody but you can save the maze.”


Gaold looked at the maze, shivering.

only twenty steps.

The resentment I had to endure because I couldn’t narrow it down wasn’t even painful compared to getting the maze back again.

‘Miro, I will definitely go. I… … .’

Gaold shouted in anger.


At the same time, the world’s magic finally began to penetrate.

The light shimmering like an aurora narrowed from the outskirts of hell linked to his mind, and the scenery of hell gradually disappeared.

As the effectiveness of the seal that imprisoned evil diminished, both arms stretched behind Gaold’s back fell powerlessly to the ground.

thud! Gaold passed out and hit his head on the ground.

The 20 Judges, their escorts, and the Executive Committee were all in awe.

Even the best escort knights in the world breathed a sigh of relief when they realized that they were covered in cold sweat only after the great heat hell disappeared.

Gustav Havitz of the Three Emperors said.

“A dangerous seed. You better get rid of it now.”

He tried to take over the maze and was beaten by Gaold, but that resentment did not linger in his mind.

It’s absurd, but a strange idea came to mind that maybe he could erase the labyrinth’s space-time.

“Let’s watch a little longer.”

A woman’s voice was heard when Havitz’s subordinates were about to move.

Uorin’s biological mother was Theraze Mystra, Empress of Kashan.

Even Habits, the Empress of Kashan cannot be treated carelessly.

Especially with Mitochondrial Eve, her decision wouldn’t be solely for personal reasons.

Mystra watched as Sein disappeared carrying Gaold on his back.

‘Gaoldra… … .’

Maybe in the distant future, I thought that his existence could bring a huge variable.

Gaold was urgently evacuated and treated.

I couldn’t wake up for almost a month, and even after waking up, the only thing waiting for me was the excruciating pain that came through my sensitive nerves.

“Are you okay?”

Gaold was lying on the bed, his fists clenched and shaking.

Chimi was so accepting of the pain that no words would come through.


Sein turned around.

I don’t know when it will be, but for the project to go ahead, Gaold needs to be able to do normal activities.

“I had a dream.”

Gaold’s words stopped Sein’s steps.

“I had a dream about going to the maze.”

A story that may actually happen in the distant future.

Sein accepted it as fate and asked.

“okay? How is it? Do you think you will fly away because you are happy?”

Gaold didn’t say anything about it.

“I will definitely go. Keep your promise.”

“Not for you. It is for the maze.”

That was Sein’s last visit.

Gaold was able to get up after another month.

The pain was still torturing all my nerves, but I couldn’t just lie down forever.

Graduation exams are approaching. In order to do anything, you would have to become a wizard first.

Gaold put on his uniform and went to the Church of Yor.

While silently observing the circular symbol, Yora approached from behind.

“Gaold, long time no see. are you okay?”

“… … .”

Yora sadly watched Gaold’s back, who didn’t answer.

I don’t know the details, but the story of the believer who abandoned the divinity flowed like a rumor.

It was self-evident that the follower was Gaold.

“Gaold, you must not blame God. Everything he does has a purpose.”

Gaold then looked back at Yora and smiled politely.

“No, Jorah. I never blame God.”

As Gaold passed Jorah and headed for the exit, there was a sudden sound of something snapping.

Gaold’s face began to contort like a demon as he gripped the pendant around his neck and tore at his chest.

‘From the beginning… … .’

His fingernails gnawed at his flesh and drew out blood.

His face crumpled at the excruciating pain, but on the contrary, the corners of his mouth were torn all the way down to his ears.

‘Because God didn’t even exist.’

* * *

Even after Sein’s story was over, Sirone and the others were silently staring at the burning torch.

It felt like the flames burning in front of my eyes were like Gaold’s heart.

“So Gaold abandoned God and wandered the world. It was to become stronger. Adaptation is impossible because there is no limit. It was crazy to train in such excruciating pain.”

Sirone was terrifying just by imagining it.

Even if his pain sensation increased tenfold, he would hate even walking, let alone magic training.

“But humans are really strange. He did it.”

“Are you overcoming the pain?”

Sein shook his head.

“no. It’s about accepting the pain itself. The pain I felt in my body was nothing compared to ‘I couldn’t save the labyrinth’. Whether it’s a thousand times the pain or ten thousand times the pain, to Gaold, it’s just pain going through his nerves. But the maze is different. It is a kind of phenomenon and event. When you dream of the impossible, it seems that the gates of hell in the human heart open.”

Sirone chewed on Sein’s words.

Impossible is a word made by humans, but humans also desire it.

The human heart is hell. Sirone could finally understand what Zulu was saying.


A faint explosion echoed across the night sky.


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