Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 457

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[457] The Beginning of Change (9)

At the gathering of the study group, Miro confided everything he had told Sein to Gaold.

After passing the air scare in last year’s survival test, an organization called the Holy War moved.

They confided the secrets of the world to Miro, and even revealed the existence of Ankera.

Miro said that he had been to heaven. And that was the trigger that made Miro imprison him in loneliness more fearful than his death.

“why… … .”

Gaold jumped up and shouted.

“Why did you accept such an offer!”

“If I don’t, everyone will die. I will become someone’s successor and protect this world. It is an honor.”

“No, that’s crazy! What are you left with doing that?”

“Whoa, a member of the Church of Yor shouldn’t say such a thing. It’s nice, being able to give my love to everyone in the world.”

“But what about my love?”

“Gaold, love is not something you can do alone. I do not love you.”

“I can do it alone. Isn’t that what you pretended to be dating Sein anyway to deceive me?”

Miro sighed.

Her emotions, which would normally be embarrassing, were nothing compared to the situation she was in.

“ha. How did we come to be like this?”

Gaold pointed.

“It’s all because of you!”

“Ho-ho-ho! what am i I was quiet. Anyway, this guy’s popularity… … .”

Even in a situation where his life was about to end, Gaold’s teeth trembled at the sight of the maze starting with a joke.

Doesn’t the heart of the person who has to send her to a place where he will never see her again?

“it’s okay! do it yourself! I will forget about it from now on.”

Gaold went out to the study meeting coldly, but his heart was hotter than before.

Maze’s Tomb.

The design of Istas, created by Sein and Miro, was no different from weaving a coffin for himself while waiting for the day he would die.

‘There must be a way. I can save the maze.’

There is no way.

It was only when he started to think of a realistic method that Gaold could feel how big the incident was.

Gaold prayed all night.

‘God, why is she? Why should someone I love have to suffer like that?’

I heard from Sain that a committee of 20 was convened to decide the maze’s choice.

Gaold recalled the names of the committees.

Mirhi Alpheas, Miro’s teacher, Olivia, Tormia Kingdom Teachers’ Association, and Tormia King Adolf and Queen.

The fact that 4 out of 20 people from their country were included would be an excuse for a secret history that would later be revealed on the surface, but Gaold was not satisfied.

The three emperors and first-class envoys were included in the gathering of the world’s top authorities in various fields such as nation, religion, society, humanities, history, philosophy, and art.

‘Gustav Havitz. He will never forgive Maze.’

In that case, Gaold had only one person to lean on.

The people invited as religious figures included the Pope of Lamie, the world’s largest denomination, and Jorah and Amium, who are called the living saints of the Yore religion.

‘Yes, if he is… … .’

Although her influence is weaker than that of Lamie, Amium’s personality is recognized by the world.

If he gave the committee his breath, he would be able to keep Havits in check.

In this way, the 20 judges were carefully preparing to avoid the eyes of the world.

Near Istas of Alpheas Magic School, the space-time dimension of the scale wizards opened, and those with the world’s greatest authority gathered there.

After spending several nights, Gaold found Amium, the symbol of Yor, walking buried among the escort knights.

“Amium! Mr. Amium!”

At the same time as the garold jumped out, the blades of the escort knights flew towards his neck.


Gaold stood motionless, his throat caught in the crossed blades.

Amium had the knights gather their swords.

It was impossible for him, who was called the Living Castle, to kill anyone, so the knights obediently followed his instructions.

“Who are you? How did you get here?”

“My name is Gaold, a member of the Yore religion.”

Amium silently watched Gaold kneeling.

“Please help Maze! I have lived my whole life as a servant of God without shame! I can give you my soul! So please Miroman… … !”

“Did you say Gaold?”

“please… … God bless this little servant! God’s mercy to Miro… … !”

“God will also forgive us.”

Gaold’s eyes widened.

It was a shock that the castle he had built with all his life collapsed.

Amium was thinking of sending the maze.

“Lord Yora… … .”

“let’s go.”

Amium stopped talking and followed the escort away.

“Security is lax.”

Those were the last words Gaold heard from Jorah.

“16 votes for, 1 against, 3 abstentions. Through 20 judges, we approve the labyrinth wall project.”

No one clapped.


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Those who felt remorse and those who did not, each felt differently, but everyone knew that it was an act that would never be forgiven.

“It happened.”

Even after hearing Sein’s words, Gaold was staring blankly at the wall.

“Stop forgetting. Miro made the best choice. Her sacrifice gave us all a new life.”

“A new life?”

Gaold’s head turned slowly.

“No, we have all lost the light. Thanks to one person who shouldered everything and disappeared, we have acquired an indelible original sin. We will forever depend on the second and third labyrinths.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

Sein looked back at the coordinates of the space where the maze would leave.

“What’s wrong with living with original sin? If that’s the case, you can live like that again. That is human.”

“I’m going to the labyrinth.”

Gaold rose from his seat.

“do not do that. She is the one who suffers more than anyone else now. We can’t do anything.”

“Dear Miro… … .”

Gaold gritted his teeth and said.

“I will go.”

The night before Miro passed away, Gaold called Miro to the park.

Contrary to expectations, she readily came to the table, smiling brightly as if she had already prepared her mind.

“Hey, I’m really glad. I thought I was going to die of boredom because no one came to visit me. That bastard, Sein, is really indifferent.”

Gaold looked at him in awe, and Maze laughed and patted him on the shoulder.

“Why so serious? That’s a good thing. I will go beyond history and become a myth. What could be more glorious than being a wizard? It’s boring to live like this anyway.”

Originally, he had a talkative personality, but now there are more than usual.

Is it because it’s the last time you talk to someone?

When his thoughts reached that point, Gaold hugged Miro.

“Let’s run away.”

The maze was still calm.

“Let’s run anywhere! Let’s go with me right now! I will protect you no matter what!”

“How are you going to protect it?”

Gaold grabbed Miro by the shoulder and pushed him away. And she said looking straight into her eyes.

“Even at the cost of my life, at any cost… … .”

“Gaold, this is not like you.”

“I know! But now it doesn’t matter! why are you How many people are there in the world! If it were me… … .”

“Because you are weak.”

Gaold looked at the maze with sad eyes.

“So I have to do it. Gaold, please understand.”

“no. now i can only see you I can’t do anything without you!”

Gaold grabbed Miro’s hand and hung on.

“Let’s just run away! Even for a day, no, even for a few hours with you… … .”

Miro shook his hand violently.

“Why are you doing this to me! With nothing to do!”

Tears welled up in Miro’s eyes as she raised her voice.

“then… … save me… … .”

The moment he saw her eyes mixed with a little resentment, Gaold trembled as if he had been electrocuted.

As my head went blank, only flashes of emotions that could not be described in words were flowing in series.

Miro suddenly changed his expression as if he came to his senses and turned away coldly.

“Forget it. It’s because your selfish thoughts are so pathetic.”

Even after Miro left the place until dawn, Gaold stood there as if nailed to it.

On the morning of Miro’s departure, Gaold looked up at the altar in Yor Church and put the pendant around his neck.

‘Oh God.’

It was the first prayer in Gaold’s life.

‘The servant who has obeyed you all his life is greedy for the first time. It doesn’t matter if you go to hell. It’s okay to cry out in pain forever. So, please give me the maze.’

Gaold took the first step towards the maze.

A committee of 20, historians, and high-ranking officials from related departments were waiting in front of the Istas Magic Warehouse.

There was no need for words for a decision that had already been made, and Miro slowly walked towards the grave she had made.

Since she had already mastered the true meaning of scale magic, there was no problem opening the dimension space-time.

Sae-in silently watched her pass by, then opened her mouth.

“Goodbye, Miro.”

Miro’s steps stopped.

Thank you.

Sein wanted to speak.

My feelings for you were sincere.

But he finally shut up.

In that way, Se-in let go of the woman he loved most coldly in the world.

Just when everything seemed to end easily, someone shouted.

“It’s a maze!”

Sein’s face turned pale as he turned his head.

Garold, dressed in the uniform of the Church of Yor, was running towards him.

“Crazy man, determined to die… … .”

Before Sein stopped, the highest ranking knights drew their swords.

“Take care of it.”

“Can not be done.”

The imperial bureaucrat who enforced this case stopped it.

“It is an ultra-sensitive issue that can change the direction of humanity. No deaths should be recorded in history.”

“What if?”

As the official winked at him, magicians and lawyers unleashed anti-magic and the law that restrained their actions.

‘Goes! I can go!’

The closer he got to the maze, the faster Gaold’s heart beat.

Tick. Tick.

At that moment, the powerful anti-magic destroyed his mind, and the law of the lawyers pressed him to the ground.

“Keugh! Maze!”

I called for the maze with only my head raised, but she didn’t look back.

No, I shouldn’t have looked back.


I tried to stand up with all my strength, but the magicians and lawyers belonging to the executive committee were the best in the world.

“Big! Big!”

Gaold’s face contorted as the binding force grew stronger.


“Put it down. It doesn’t matter as long as you don’t die.”

As the force of the law intensified, Gaold let out a scream of spine-shattering pressure.


puck! puck!

Gaold’s eyes burst with blood vessels, bloody tears flowed and blood leaked from between his teeth. The nerves in her face jumped at will, making her skin ripple.

Pain twice.


It was only then that the wizards and lawyers felt strange.

It was not a strength that normal humans could endure.

Gaold looked at the maze with bloody eyes.

She was only 20 meters away.

Second… … .

But 20 meters seems to be forever unreachable.

… … mow.

Those damn 20 meters!


Wood deok! Wood deok!

Gaold continued to step forward, feeling the pain of twisting bones throughout his body.

pain 4 times.

The more he did, the more the maze got further away.

And at that point, Gaold’s clock stops forever.


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