Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 451

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[451] The Beginning of Change (3)

past midnight.

As the war against heaven approached, Kuan’s heart felt heavy.

Not afraid of death.

What I’m really afraid of is breaking.

It remained as a broken sword in everyone’s heads, in the hearts of the living and the dead.

‘It can’t go on like this. I have to become a little stronger.’

It was a thought I realized during the battle with the ringer, a type of carnivorous mineral.

He caught it with Etela’s Yin-Yang Wave Fist, but originally, it was a natural thing to do with his own sword.

Shiina was particularly concerned.

Not being able to show off my skills in front of her always bothered me.

“Thanks for your efforts. Then we will start the operation tomorrow.”

At the end of the hallway, the door opened and Shiina came out.

It was time for those in combat positions to rest, but for those in charge of strategy, it was their job to hold meetings until dawn.

Kuan stared blankly at Shiina talking with the rebel commanders with a smile on her face.

I thought she had a cold personality, but in office work, she was unexpectedly a woman who knew how to smile beautifully.

‘It’s different from me.’

Dealing with people is always tiring, and the only person he knows is his childhood friend Kiyora Ellis, so Shiina’s unexpectedness was a different pleasure.

Shiina, who was smiling, met Kuan’s eyes.

As if surprised that she was awake at this hour, she raised her eyebrows and lowered her head, slightly raising the corners of her mouth.

Kuan was also polite and silent.

And just as we were about to talk, Armin of Gwangan came out of the meeting room.

While going to and from the numerous hunting grounds in Purgatory, his relationship with Armin did not improve at all, but Shiina was different.

The relationship between the two people, who had been cold during the process of going through prenatal battles and having meetings all night, seemed to have loosened up a bit.

Although he was dull with emotions, he could tell that Shiina’s expression was different from when he was looking at him just by looking at the swordsman’s eyes.

some distance.

But even that was a look that could tell the trust between the two.

Shiina, who turned after Armin, turned to Kuan and bowed as if she realized it belatedly.

I didn’t want to be greeted by her at this moment.

* * *

Quan fell asleep.

The nightmare of losing Achilles to Fengzhang made him weighed down by the scissors again.

“omg! omg!”

Returning to reality, Quan grabbed his head.

“Damn it!”

Didn’t you give up everything? Didn’t he come to wield the final sword after making heaven his grave?

‘Your resolve has blunted. It can’t go on like this.’

Quan kicked his sword and went outside.

It was a time when everyone was asleep, but he found a place where people would not come as much as possible, and vaguely drew his sword.

only sword.

I thought I could live wielding a sword for the rest of my life.

Some say it’s just a matter of swinging it. I ask if it’s okay to cut quickly and strongly.

Quan had no intention of making them understand.

I didn’t want to prove the harsh pain contained in the iron that only those who have held the sword could understand, the thousand eons of training, and the life of endurance.

A gust of wind cut through the darkness. I moved forward cutting through the air like that.

His limping leg was very heavy, but he gritted his teeth and swung the hilt.

‘Move! in action!’

No matter how hard I tried, a leg without an Achilles tendon wouldn’t come into my mind.

“Damn it!”

Kuan’s breathing became more and more difficult.

The moment his cramped legs couldn’t support him, his body took off.

-Quan handles the sword well.

Grabbing the sword was a very trivial occasion.

At first, I thought I could do anything. The idea is free to the limit, and the movement is the extreme of strangeness.

To him, black is a dream, mission, and hope that can achieve everything.


As Kuan’s body rotated upon landing, a sharp whirlwind swept everywhere.

Only the sword remains. The only thing left in the grip that couldn’t hold anything was still a cold piece of metal.

That is why it cannot be let go.

The only thing he can do is cut, and he has lived thinking that only that is the value of his existence.

‘I am the sword. It’s only a sword.’

Quan angrily swung his sword at the woman’s face, which shimmered the more he tried to deny it.


It was the first time the sword looked so insignificant.


Paradoxically, Quan transcended a realm the moment he stepped away from the sword for the first time in his life.

The diverging and converging external gravity reciprocated faster than the fastest human keyboard could play, and hundreds of gravitational forces intertwined to create turbulence.

Rotation upon rotation, and rotation upon rotation, Quan’s sword whirled.


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A sonic boom exploded as stormy winds pushed through the atmosphere and air slashed through it.

‘Olifer Shiina… … .’

The heights soared without knowing the end. Even so, I don’t feel the joy of the past.

The more he wanted to let go of the sword he couldn’t let go of, the more he opened up to new swords, but still couldn’t find the joy of the past.

‘Calm down. I’m giving up on vain hopes.’

With a bloody hand, Quan grabbed the sword.

Nothing without a sword.

Didn’t even the specter smiling beautifully in the air come to me after seeing my sword?

“I am a black demon.”

Grinding his teeth, Kuan moved forward.

The whirlwind he created, tens of meters in diameter, moved and swept the vacant lot.

Woo woo woo woo!

The huge whirlwind split into hundreds of smaller whirlwinds that spread in all directions.

In the wind that was compressed like a haze, Quan stopped in place and lowered his sword.

Whoa oh oh!

The sword of the earth was revealed.

The place where the wind disappeared was devastated with traces of the sword.

“Haaaaa… … .”

Kuan looked up at the sky with a weak groan.

The blade was sucking up the blood that flowed from the broken palm.

I could feel the sun looming over the mountains.

In the time when no one had opened their eyes yet, Kuan looked at the place where Shiina was sleeping.

That night, Kuan had surpassed three levels, and Shiina was in a sound sleep, not knowing what level a man had reached for her.

* * *

“Production of the Targis has been completed.”

Mitgan reported to Frank Wein, the leader of the Night Alliance.

only 3 days

It is a night blindness that produces all kinds of military items, but no one expected that a large tagis could be pulled out in three days.

said Frankwine, puffing on his cigarette.

“They are crazy. 138 Black Elixir? What the hell are you guys doing?”

It was the same that I couldn’t understand the meat gun.

“As well as the number of elixirs, it doesn’t make sense to ask them to use all of them for the production of Targis. If you have 100 Black Elixir, you should be able to rise to the position of the strongest in the mainland.”

Frankwine clicked his tongue.

“So you can’t. It’s a theory that only applies at tens, but if it goes over 100, you’re just the strongest. In any case, you must have a bigger dream than the mainland. Just like me.”

Meatgun paused for a moment before asking.

“What are you going to do now? Because of Raysis’ death, Night Blindness is severely damaged.”

“If you don’t have Laceys, you’ll have to get them from others. Send Tagis for now. Because there’s nothing good about bothering you. I guess with competent kids, and negotiations come after that.”

“All right.”

Upon receiving the order, Meatgun carefully selected only the strongest among his subordinates and transported the Targis to the 1st Rebel Command.

The rails installed in the mountain range behind the military factory in Ya-maeng were used only for handling special goods, and the number of transport departments alone reached 30 people.

As several gigantic containers were running in a row, an explosion sounded and the iron rails were torn apart.

A container derailed and fell to the ground, and night blind bodyguards jumped out with superhuman movements.

“what? Is it an attack?”

“no way. What kind of guy would touch night blindness without fear?”

The captain of the bodyguard gave the order.

“Keep your seat for now. Buying goods comes first.”

What’s in the container is top secret, not even the shipping department knows.

Therefore, if it was an attacker, there was a high possibility that it was a flying insect that just jumped in the mood to open a treasure chest.

“Hey, did you get this right?”

However, the expectations of the bodyguards were completely different.

First of all, the attacker didn’t care whether the container contained treasure or poop. Above all, it was a skill that was on a different level from that of a flying insect.

“I’m sorry for the busy work. We have business with you for a while.”

An old man walked slowly with one hand crossed behind his back.

It seemed that he had skills, but the bodyguards were also selected and selected in the night blind, so they had a puzzled expression.

However, in the next moment, all 30 bodyguards raised their vitality and glared at the front.

In the woods scattered everywhere, those who emanated prayers that were not just strong were appearing.

21 to be exact.

It was Team B of Cage of the Tormia Magic Association, who had been chasing Night Blindness to eliminate Gaold.

“Fight. Get ready.”

At the words of the captain of the bodyguard, all the bodyguards tore their mouths apart.

The neck became abnormally thick, and all parts of the body began to swell to match.

As the clothes were ripped off, the skin color of the colors was revealed, and various biological weapons through human experiments were revealed.

Humans resembling crocodiles, humans resembling wolves, and humans with snake faces were all different, and the characteristics of the objects were engraved all over the body.

Aroella of Fire broke out as if breaking her neck.

“What is it, a zoo?”

“Krurruk! To attack the Night Blind without fear. I will swallow you all whole.”

As the man with the face of a snake opened his mouth and charged, countless bodies of beasts followed.

Through a deal with Resis, their telomere level was raised to 5 levels, and their physical abilities were equivalent to those of the Kergo tribe.

As Aroella lit a flame of flame, the bodyguards scattered in all directions at the same time.

It could be seen that they were well-organized, but none of the Cage Team B was shaken.

Roche, the metal mage, came out with a sneer.

Although he is friends with Tarvan, he looks much younger and has a red tattoo symbolizing a dragon on his cheek.

Iron Cutter!

Among the magic series, metal magic belonging to a fairly unusual series was cast, and iron blades swarmed in all directions.


At the same time as the battle began, about 10 bodyguards were cut out, and the remaining members of Team B in the cage began their activities.

“What the hell are these… … .”

The captain of the bodyguard couldn’t believe the sight he saw in front of him.

Even in the Night Blindness, those who belonged to the best warriors were suffering without ever using their hands.

‘Is it that even telomere level 5 can’t handle it?’

If so, he himself is not an enemy he can deal with.

If there was anyone who could deal with them, it was only Frank Wein, the captain of the Night Blindness, or Meat Gun.

‘First, report first… … !’

The captain of the bodyguard used his subordinates as a shield and turned around.

I ran without paying attention to the screams coming from behind, but it was already too late.


I had sworn never to look back.

However, the captain of the bodyguard finally turned his head. Because he read the aura of death in the man’s voice.

The first thing that came in was all the subordinates who had already become corpses. Then it was Tarvan’s mocking sneer that flew through the air.

“Now, wait a minute!”

At the same time the captain of the bodyguard held out his hand, Tarvan’s hands stretched out towards him.

Kaiser Blast.

“100 million… … !”

The moment the captain of the bodyguard, who was suddenly out of breath, struggled with his arms, his body exploded from the inside.


In front of the corpse that exploded like fireworks and poured like porridge, Tarvan took out a cigarette, lit it.

“Whoa, I tried sweeping it in once. Do you really think Gaold will come alone? No matter how crazy he is, he’s not stupid. He said there was no way he was going to deal with Cage B alone.”

“It will definitely come.”

said Rose, the team leader, checking the contents of the container.

“Because this is everything to him.”


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