Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 443

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[443] The Day of the Full Moon (7)

1st Command went into emergency mode.

The headlights of Kuroi, which were arranged in a row in the warehouse, exploded one after another and started maneuvering.

Foot soldiers equipped with pipers carried arcs and left the warehouse, covering Kuroi’s side.

In the middle of the battlefield where all sorts of disturbances were taking place, only Babel and Sein were staring at each other motionless.

In terms of physical standards, Sein was no match for Babel.

That was the conclusion Sain came to after seeing Babel’s first attack.


But her movements are not human.

If the enemy was maneuvering with a probabilistic algorithm, it wasn’t without a possibility.

‘There is a gap. It’s just hard to find in the human realm.’

– Babel Program: Activated the anti-personnel combat system.

As the panel protecting Babel’s lens emits red light, all functions are used to analyze the sun.

Target: Programmers.

Battle Pattern: Unrecognizable.

Deadly Countermeasure: Infinite.

Babel turned the lower part of his neck to the side while keeping his gaze fixed on Sain as if his joints were playing separately.

Just with that alone, the number of deadly countermeasures dropped rapidly from infinity to about 32.

In fact, if there are 32 quadrillion methods that are predicted to be able to kill without fail, it would be the same as infinite for humans.

The battle would proceed in the way that certain actions would block future odds, and Sein made preparations for that.

‘Maybe I’ll plan the best move.’

So what is the best move?

The game will be decided in the difference of value judgment about it.

Babel moved first and Sein responded.

While the flash of teleportation moved around in three dimensions, Babel’s iron gold star spread like moonlight.

-Death response method: 2,780,000,000 3,643.

It’s like the human level has fallen, but Babel is still overflowing with ways to kill the world.

In the faster-than-expected movement of the body, Sein distorted his expression as he blocked her movement with the iron wheel.

It was a much faster operation than expected.

When Babel makes a certain judgment, the world must make a new judgment that neutralizes that judgment.

Time and space, environment and condition, all variables gave meaning to each coordinate on the battlefield, and Babel calculated all of them.

On the other hand, Sein gave up the method of calculation.

It was madness to respond in the same way to a machine that could do tens of thousands of calculations.

An insight to find the most aesthetically perfect vital point in a tangled form of coordinate points.

The judgment that ‘it will be roughly like this’ created by experience and intuition was filling in between Babel’s algorithms.

“damn! What do you want us to do?”

Two hundred Kuroi encircled the battlefield.

All the members could see was the flash of light and the iron afterimage reflected in the flash.

But the trajectory was terrifying even to an outsider, sharp enough to give an engineer an idea of ​​what was going on.

“Wait for now. If we intervene, that man will die.”

In fact, Sein was desperate.

One mistake and the neck will separate from the body.

Every time Babel’s movement blocked the movement like a net, it felt like my eyes were getting farther away.

A deadly response is an algorithm that moves in a way that can eliminate 100 percent of enemies.

If Babel had been a program that took even the slightest risk, the match might have already ended with Sein’s defeat.

However, looking at it from the inside out, it meant that Sein was also putting off the situation of 100% death due to the barbell.

‘You’re only attacking under perfect circumstances. Does that mean there are still some means left to eliminate me 100 percent?’

An eerie feeling ran down my spine.

Is this how the ant in the ant hell feels?

In excitement, Sein raised the corner of his mouth.

He had defeated numerous powerful opponents, or had not, but it was the first time he had ever overpowered himself in the same style.

‘It’s fun.’

The Iron Wheel rotated while drawing two halos.

Intuition, the realm of emotion, and arithmetic, the realm of reason.

As the two halos overlapped perfectly, Babel and the world that formed it began to shudder.

Cheolryunan – Sun Moon Hwangryun.

* * *

Transcendence of mind and spirit.

Sirone implemented Armand connected to the Ultima system into the realm of the incarnation and installed it in her incarnation.

Just as Armand of reality strengthened Sirone’s body, Armand of Idea strengthened Sirone’s spirit.

As the limit of mental transcendence soared, the incarnation emitted a powerful light, and the incarnation of Satan disappeared.

At the same time, the real Raysis let go of the hand holding Sirone’s neck and was pushed back like a cannonball.

“Huh! Huh!”

Sirone let out a heavy breath.

Armand quickly restored oxygen saturation by extracting oxygen from the air.

Having regained her senses, Sirone stroked Arin’s neck and glared at Reisis.

Flames and electricity alternately leaked from between her teeth.



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Reisis struggled in pain.

Her incarnation, made up of the combination of countless living things, is collapsing due to the impact of the incarnation of Sirone.

“Ouch! Whoops!”

The red skin flowed like blood, and eventually even the hideous form began to crumble.

The blood that completely melted and spread on the floor rose as if overcoming gravity and turned into a strong body 2 meters in height.

It had sharp fingertips on a blood-red body, and a thick horn on its temple pointed forward as if it were bending.

But what caught Sirone’s attention was the red triangle floating above the monster’s head.

It was the same as seen in Mara, but the difference was that there were as many as four of them.

‘Quarter Mara?’

evil law satan.

If the angel’s halo is endless perfection, Mara’s triangle represents perfection within imperfection.

Therefore, the highest status of a mara is a triangular mara with three triangles.

However, Satan was the only Mara to free himself from the Akashic Records by building one more triangle.

That’s why not even Ankera can get rid of the evil law that permeates the universe.

Just as Sirone was temporarily integrated with the incarnation of Behemoth in the Kazura Castle, Resis was currently in a state of extreme evil.

“For something like the Nephilim to call me. Has the law of evil become so weak?”

Sirone held back a groan and gritted his teeth.

Even Armand was in a state of shrinking after measuring his opponent’s capabilities.

A feeling that I have experienced before.

Right now, the aura radiating from Resis approached that of Archangel Kariel.

‘I can’t lose! If I die, everything will be over!’

When the photons were compressed in front of my eyes, a huge sphere of light was born as if it were about to explode.

In the state of unity with Armand, Sirone’s limits of mental transcendence far exceeded that of humans.

Even though the power was gathering enough to pierce through all obstacles in the way, Resis just watched with her red eyes raised arrogantly.

Photon Cannon!

When Sirone gritted his teeth and cast magic, buaaaang! A roar cut through the air and galloped.

At the same time, Reisis disappeared.

* * *


Fleur’s body was covered with sweat.

With her back against the wall and her head raised to the ceiling, she bent her knees as if she were about to collapse at any moment, unable to move.

Blood flowed from his shoulder and calf.

Bleeding was also a problem, but the fatigue of the muscles was already to the point that they could not function properly.

I have already blocked four waves of glass.

However, the forced movement of the Dawkins algorithm was a double-edged sword enough to destroy the body when overused.

‘here… … Is it the end?’

“Kyik! Kiik!”

Ten small crab-like crabs gathered in a semicircle around the flue.

Perhaps it was an unlucky species that combined with a weak creature, but the desire to reproduce was no different from other species.

‘Now, I want to stop.’

The discovery of the weaker creatures seized Flew with a strong desire to give up.

Because he knows that this is his last chance to die as humanly as possible.


Garras jumped up and flew at Fleur.

Ponyfar Algorithm.

When the counterattack algorithm was activated, Flew’s body shook and he swung the phoenix in all directions to hit Garras.

With fragments scattered like crab shells, thud! and Flew’s knee slammed the floor.

This attack left all the muscles in his body tattered.

Of course, I know that killing Garras now won’t make the situation any better.

However, the wizard only did what he could.

‘Whoops, I can’t even commit suicide anymore.’

Fleur squeezed my upper body with all her might.

thud! As she leaned against the wall with the back of her head pressed against the wall, her eyes opened little by little.

“Key, Kikiki.”

A grotesque laugh that tickles the eardrums.

Flew couldn’t even turn his head, so he only moved his gaze.

A bizarre creature with a body length of 1 meter was slowly approaching, crossing its four legs repeatedly.

It was all black, so I couldn’t clearly distinguish his features, but the feeling that he was smiling was clearly conveyed.

“human… … female… … .”

Garras are more intelligent than humans. But it was the first time she had a servant who spoke her language.

Approaching the gasping Fleur, Garras observed her for a moment, then pursed his lips.


* * *

Syrone was dragged across the floor and thrown into a glass sphere while being held by Satan’s hand.

His heart was currently not beating, and his eyes were turned upside down on his face, with the robe pulled back.


Satan and Resis finally felt that everything was over and exhaled in peace.

Muscles were torn in places, and smoke was still billowing from the temple that had been hit by the last blow.

It was the price of looking down on the Nephilim.

“Surely great.”

Reisis raised the corner of her mouth in satisfaction.

With this, everything is set.

Nephilim to unify their traits, angels to give them beautiful bodies, and creatures to perfectly combine them all.

“I become a god today.”

Jumping over the corpses of her aides she had killed with her own hands, she walked over to the Fuzix Machine and activated the device.

As the engine of the Fuzix Machine turned, the glass tube in the center lit up.

It was time to start drinking anecdotes.

Resis entered the last remaining glass sphere, closed the door, and sat upright.

After a while, the eight glass spheres began to fill with plasma.

Lacey slowly closed her eyes.

It is a great integration. It is a journey towards perfection.

When everything melted into one and was reborn in the central glass coffin, she would have become the most perfect being in the world.

The level of the black liquid rose rapidly. Eventually, it went over her chin and covered her face.

Neither the fragmented Ikasa nor the collapsed Sirone could be seen as they were submerged in the liquid.

‘It’s over. Through this… … .’


Then a siren sounded from the ceiling.

Raysis opened her eyes at the faint sound that pierced the surface of Plasma.


He strained his legs, but like rice cakes dissolved in water, the durability of his body was already rapidly weakening in the Plasma.

That’s why it was even more sinister.


Resis did her best to stand up.

It was only after climbing to the ceiling of the glass sphere that I could get a view just a few centimeters high.

‘I-that’s… … !’

Lacey’s eyes shook in shock.

Fleur, dressed as a Norse, was operating the device of the Fuzix Machine.

‘Why are you here?’

If the clothes of the members are stolen, it is likely that they are clones trapped in a containment room, but the clones there are not intelligent.

‘No, I already gave instructions to kill with gas?’

Nothing could be judged.

Is the flu here and now a clone? Or is it a real flu?

Then the siren sounded again from the ceiling.

-warning! warning! Initialize the main type! Main type change from No. 1 glass ball to No. 8 glass ball!


Air bubbles rose from Resis’ mouth.

The creature inside glass sphere 8 was none other than Sirone.


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