Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 442

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[442] The Day of the Full Moon (6)

20 minutes ago.

After escaping the containment chamber’s glass tube, Garas attempted to mate with all creatures there.

It was an incident that exactly matched Flew’s intentions, but one thing was overlooked.

Even she, who knew what a terrifying creature Garas was, couldn’t gauge the exact number of fertility.

Garas, who had been confined in a narrow glass coffin for several days, was in the most nervous state of his life, and when he found freedom, his desire to reproduce reached 200,000 times that of humans.

It takes an average of 14 hours for the genetic information that Garas injected into another species to grow from an embryo to an adult.

But now, seized by a sense of crisis that she could not pass on to posterity, the birth time was only three seconds.

“Giaaaang! KIA AANG!”

At the same time the gigantic creature let out a cry of labor agony, dozens of Garas came out of its stomach.

The cubs, which were wriggling as fetuses, grew into adults within 10 seconds and attacked another creature.

Literally exponential.

In every apartment building, the babies of Garras were born, and the containment room reached a saturation point.

bang! The iron door burst open with a sound, and all kinds of glass ran through the hallway, like water trapped in a dam pouring out.

Those who formed a torrent collided at the crossroads of the hallway regardless of their will, and began to spread throughout the command center following the force of hydrodynamics.

* * *

“Hoo-wook! Whoop!”

Only the gruesome traces of the victims were left in the corridor where Garas swept through.

Only the bald man who had been attacked by Garras leaned against the wall, breathing heavily.

His stomach was swollen with vengeance, and the bloating grew rapidly, more than doubling per second.

“Huh! Huh!”

A trembling hand grasped the dagger on the floor.

The expression on the man’s face was terrified as he raised both hands and held them in reverse, aiming at his stomach.


have to stab It’s the only best choice you can make for yourself.

However, the man eventually twisted his face and threw the dagger away.


As the man’s stomach exploded, a black monster curled up in a circle flowed down.

When the bent spine was fully straightened, the length of the body reached a whopping 1 meter, and the long tongue was pulled out while resting on the floor with two skinny arms and legs with reverse joints.

The face was distorted as if it had been hit by a hammer, the eyes were missing, and the brain was exposed on top of the head.

“Key, Kikiki!”

Garas, who was walking around like a cheetah, detected the smell of living things with his keen sense of smell.

“me… … Is… … King of Species… … am.”


As four cracks broke in the floor, Garras’ body disappeared.

* * *

Sirone and Fleur ran down the aisle, unable to even look back.

Everywhere I went, there was Garas, and I could tell through my body that the space to escape was getting smaller and smaller.

“Seniors! What should I do? I’m going to be surrounded by this.”

A group of Garas appeared in the direction they were going.

When Fleur stopped walking and swung her phoenix, a whirlwind of fire spread out.

“Kiaaa! Kiaaa!”

The heat made Garras’ skin melt and flow like porridge.

However, the wound started to regenerate with Kenser’s ability.

“Sheesh! Is this a replay?”

Garas is obviously not a strong creature.

However, when the bizarre fertility that can create offspring within 10 seconds and the environment of a laboratory in which all living things are isolated, an absurd species was born.

As the population increased explosively in the isolated space, some mutants even tried to breed with their own kind, and the more they did, the stronger and stronger the Garas evolved.

Sirone gritted his teeth with a tired expression.

Up until now, it was enough to know most of the creatures Raysis had collected just by looking at the shape of Garas.

“I will take care of it.”

A dark sphere was born in front of Sirone’s eyes and crushed all the rushing Garas.

It’s thanks to learning that female balls are perfect for Kenser’s traits, but this was also just luck.

Any creature has natural enemies, and since Garas is currently operating under an environment where infinite variations are possible, they are at a disadvantage as time goes on.

“Kiririk! Kyririk!”

Slime dripped down from the ceiling and hung like dozens of pockets.

When the center of the pocket split horizontally and the protruding pupils activated the antithesis, the two stopped moving.


At the same time, Garas, who received the power of Hororos, the invisible ear, bit Fleur’s calf.

Seeing the teeth marks clearly embedded in her white skin, Sirone raised her mental transcendence and counterattacked.

As soon as he crushed the snake-shaped transparent Garas with his tentacles, he fired his photon cannon at the ceiling, and the wall collapsed, blocking the exit.

Without even having time to think about the next thing, Sirone looked at the flue.

If Hororos was mixed with the traits of poisonous organisms, it would be disastrous.

“Senior, are you okay?”

Flew saw his leg dripping with blood. He’s not to the point where he can’t move.

However, the moment he saw Garras becoming more powerful as time passed, he had already made up his mind.

“I will lure them out. you find laceys If she doesn’t stop her, her mission is a failure.”

Sirone couldn’t answer.


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I know it was inevitable, but it was terrible to leave Fleur as food for Garras.

“Senior, I… … .”

“hurry! You promised me! I will not hesitate when I have to make a choice!”

Sirone clenched her fists and shouted.

“How can you leave your senior! Rather I… … !”

slam! With a voice, Sirone’s head turned.

Fleur’s cold eyes captured Sirone’s face.

“go. I can go. You know that too, right?”

Sirone was not sick. The pain in my chest was greater than the slap on the cheek.

“Kill Reysis. Then come and save me.”

Both of them know that will not happen.

That fact saddened Sirone more than anything else.

“The more you hesitate, the less time you have to rescue me. Would you be able to bear it if I died five seconds ago when you came back?”


“Two seconds have passed.”

Sirone closed her eyes and stood up. And for the first time in his life, he lied to someone’s life.

“I will definitely come back.”

Sirone kicked off the ground and ran around the corner.

At about the same time, a group of Garas came running from the other side.

Fleur was no longer afraid.

On the contrary, his expression was calmer than ever, feeling relieved that he had let go of Sirone.

‘thank you. You are a good boy.’

A dry smile formed on her lips.

“Hello Sirone.”

Flew’s expression as he stood up on Phoenix was as fierce as ever.

Smoke was billowing from the body as if it were about to explode.

She, who had amplified her mana with omnipotence to the point where she would not mind burning herself, held out her phoenix.

It was the strongest magic possessed by the certified 8th-class wizard Fleur.


Explosive flames rising like clouds filled the hallway.

* * *

Tears did not stop in Sirone’s eyes.

However, the sadness that seemed to break his heart suddenly turned into cold anger when he arrived at the laboratory where the Fuzix Machine was located.

Sirone, who was glaring at the laboratory with eyes that seemed like they could cut even metal, slowly opened the door.

In the silence, only the sound of boiling bubbles could be heard.

All you see is the researcher’s corpse.

Creatures were contained in the glass spheres of the Fusics Machine that Raysis had opened with memory vision.

Sirone stopped in front of a glass sphere.

It contained Ikasa’s body, which had been cut into pieces as if it had been chewed with her teeth.

Seeing her face turned upside down, Sirone’s eyes filled with bitter feelings.


I couldn’t keep my promise.

But the thought of him had to be postponed until later.

Without looking back, Sirone asked.

“Are you feeling better now? Is this the result you were hoping for?”

Laceys pulled up her blood-red lips and walked away calmly.

“It’s like you’ve locked yourself up. That’s why you shouldn’t have touched Garas.”

Sirone slowly turned around.

“Anyway, so are you. give up even now Headquarters will be shut down.”

“Knock-knock! Are you so naive if you really think so? Do you think I did this because I was weak, or because I longed for strength? you’re welcome.”

Quick! Quick!

Lacey’s bones twisted and her muscles began to swell like balloons.

“I am already the strongest creature.”

Her height has grown to reach the ceiling beyond 2 or 3 meters.

The whole red skin was entangled with bundles of gut-like tails, and organs such as the eyes, nose, mouth, and teeth of unknown creatures were clinging to the muscular body.

An indescribable grotesque.

Because it had nothing to do with function, it was an ugly body filled with only absolute malice.

“Sirone, become one with me.”

The photon cannon was automatically and reflexively extended as soon as the Neutral Bass of Raysis resonated.

However, what they were aiming for was the Fuzix Machine, not the Raysys.

bang! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Raysis, moving faster than the speed of the Photon Cannon, blocked the Fuzix Machine.

Even with the powerful shock, the solid body did not even move.

Satan’s law – evil incarnate.

If it were a human, it would be divine transcendence to the point of disintegration of the body, but the durability of Resis combined with all kinds of creatures was not inferior to that of angels.


When Raysis vomited powerful flames, Sirone evaded by teleportation and responded with Armand’s tentacles and photon cannons.

The lab quickly turned into chaos.

Reisis did not leave the front of the Fuzix Machine, but Sirone was still pushed back.

As the flames and lightning mixed together and reached a point where there was no escape, Resis threw herself, grabbed Sirone by the neck, and pushed her against the wall.


Had it not been for Armand, he would have already broken his neck.

Tentacles extending from the robe attacked, but not even the teeth entered.

“Hehehe, did you think you could win? Because I am the Nephilim, because I am the light of Area 73, did you think you would be able to defeat me?”

Reisis’ eyes glowed golden.

“I am Satan, the embodiment of evil!”

A new consciousness flooded Sirone’s consciousness.

In the space where the flames soared, the incarnations of Satan and Sirone emerged in the same state as in reality.

As Sirone’s golden wings swayed as if they were about to break, Satan raised his hideous face.

“Poor lamb, the Nephilim are no match for me.”


Sirone maximized the power of incarnation with the power of transcending the mind.

Satan’s face crumpled for a moment, but soon he concentrated his strength on his arms as if it wasn’t the same.


Shocked, Sirone’s back bent as if it would break, and both legs struggled.

The only thing that can stop the incarnation of Satan standing at the extreme of evil is the extreme of good.

It was an unattainable level for the human Sirone.

‘Is this how I die?’

As Hwashin’s presence gradually faded, he felt his strength draining.

Perhaps the real body was bent to the point where it was about to break its neck.

‘Senior Flu… … .’

What is she doing now after being besieged by Galas?

‘It can’t end like this!’

Sirone gritted his teeth and performed the incarnation again.

He had to fight to the end even for his senior who threw himself into a terrible hell.

“How dare you!”

As the resistance from Sirone intensified, Satan’s arm muscles swelled up.


At the same time, Sirone’s body was enveloped in a pure white glow, and another incarnation was overlaid.

It was Armand integrated into the Ultima system.

As the mind and body rushed into the incarnation as a single signal, it led Sirone to a state he hadn’t reached before.

Transcendence of the mind-everything mindful.


At the same time as the screams of the beasts erupted from Satan’s mouth, Sirone’s body turned into light and exploded.


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