Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 438

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[438] The Day of the Full Moon (2)

Rebel 1st Command.

Commander Crude came out and looked at the full moon.

As he recalled the memory of a unit disappearing every day the moon rose, a vengeful spirit stirred in his heart.

‘Even for the sake of my dead comrades, I will definitely win.’

“You seem to be in a lot of trouble.”

Crud turned his head.

Confirming that Sein was approaching, he looked back at the moon and said.

“not really. Angel patrols have not yet been reported. It seems that this Great Full Moon Day will pass safely.”

Sain’s gaze went to the same place as Crude.


Crud turned around and said as if he had suddenly remembered.

“How are you doing? Is your study over?”

Sein has been observing the motion of the planets day and night in order to obtain the exact coordinates necessary for God’s punishment.

“To some extent.”

“Astronomy. To the little things under the sky, what does that mean? Especially if you are at war.”

“It still doesn’t make any sense. But sooner or later the time will come when that will be the only meaning.”

Crude raised one eyebrow.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“I can’t reveal it yet. Not bad for the rebels anyway. At least you won’t be beaten one-sidedly.”

‘Is it some kind of self-destruct tactic?’

By studying the motions of the planets, what Crude could guess was the limit.

It was only natural that even Gaold and Sein were stunned when they heard Sirone’s method.


Kanya came out of the barracks and saluted.

Lena and her father, the Witcher, were standing next to her.

The witcher, who left heaven after leaving his wife who had died, was a military official who taught maintenance skills to the current mecha crew.

Crude received a salute.

“So, what’s going on at this hour?”

“Ah, that… … Being in the barracks is a bit frustrating.”

It was not recommended for Kuroi unit members to take walks with their families at night, but Crud did not criticize them.

Any rebel had the right to feel the anxiety of the full moon day.

Kanya asked Sein.

“Is there any news from Sirone?”

“Guard Rock visited a few days ago. It seemed to be going smoothly.”

The anecdote in which Sirone overturned the 2nd Command with the Nephilim’s ability was a secret that only a few in the 1st Command knew.

Like other executives, Crude was also displeased with Sirone’s transfer to the 2nd Command, but did not show it.

It wasn’t what really mattered.

“I’m saying this now, but I don’t think Reisis really accepted Sirone.”

Sein turned around.

“You said there was a feud. A difference of opinion about biological experiments?”

“On the surface. However, during the war, we do not lose half of our power to the extent of biological experiments. What she did in her time was not in line with the common sense of the Norse, let alone Meccans.”

“Are you saying you’ve crossed the line? What have you done?”

Crude’s face was cruelly distorted.

“Laysis… … .”

Hey hey hey hey!

A rupture that rips through the sky swallowed Crude’s words.


Crude frowned at the sound wave hitting the goal directly, while Kanya and Lena grabbed their heads and sat down.

The witcher, who held her two daughters in her arms, looked up at the dome-shaped, electricity-filled sky.

“It’s an ultrasound. It collided with a magnetic field.”

Sein raised his head with his iron eyes flashing with emotionless faces.

Something reflected in the moonlight was flying rapidly from the other side of the sky.

– Termination of the search algorithm.

Babel turned off the search function and sent the results of searching all over Purgatory to Kariel through wireless communication technology.

– Magnetic field detection. 92.7% target probability.

All she could see was a dense forest, but the program detected that 0.3 percent of the landscape had the same structure as the rest of the landscape.

Artificiality that looks like light copied and pasted.

It was the rebel command.

– Switch to attack mode.

Babel’s eyes burned red.

– Blow approved.

When the barbell flew straight into the command center airspace with a sonic explosion, Sein cast a mass teleport.


A huge crater with a diameter of 30 meters was created around the point where the barbell was pierced into the ground.

Emergency sirens sounded throughout the headquarters and lights began to come on in clusters in the barracks building.

“damn! What is it?”

Just as Crude gritted her teeth and stepped into the crater, a tall woman with an inky color stepped up onto the crater with a clatter of footsteps.


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Kanya’s voice trembled.

“Hey, isn’t that a machine?”

– Punish the subjects.

A short command was given to Babel’s program.

* * *

Infinite Justice Halo Valhalla Action.

Ikasa’s unique ability, Valhalla Action, has the power to reverse cause and effect.

If you desire something, the result is realized on the condition that you pay back the time and effort required for the action later.

For example, when she desires to go from A to B, Ikasa can reach the distance that would normally take 10 seconds.

However, if there is an obstacle between points A and B, you must pay for the possibility of bypassing or destroying it.

If you can only get to B by destroying the obstacle and it takes 5 minutes, then Ikasa, who arrives at point B, is incapacitated for 5 minutes and 10 seconds, and fills the cause.

Calculating the causal rate is the core of Valhalla.

Just as the other side inflates when you press a balloon with your finger, when you set the desire A, the result B automatically comes out.

Therefore, desires beyond Valhalla’s computational power do not materialize into reality from the beginning.

For example, if you desire ‘I want to go inside that rock’, it is impossible to realize it.

This is because there is no space inside the rock to begin with.

However, if a space is created in some way in the rock, it will be realized even if Ikasa is not aware of it.

What this means is that Valhalla’s arithmetic system is influenced by the Akashic Records, which cover parts from the whole, rather than mathematical truth.

In a similar case, it is impossible to realize ‘I want to decapitate that human’.

Valhalla cannot calculate the subsequent actions of human beings, and thus cannot reach the ‘action’.

‘Only Sirone needs to be removed.’

Looking down at the rising dust clouds, Ikasa’s eyes contained a cold murderous intent.

To her who wanted to be reinstated as a regular angel, Sirone was an existence she had to kill in addition to her personal revenge.

It was also true that he was aware of the fact that Kariel was currently showing a disturbing movement in Heaven, but it was also true that it was the only rope he could hold on to Icasa, who had committed two serious crimes.

‘It’s coming back soon.’

22 minutes 42 seconds.

Under normal causality, it would take Ikasa to topple a mountain with only his fists.

Even considering that it was a full moon day, it was a power that could be said to be celestial.

While 22 minutes and 42 seconds passed like that, the rebels on the ground did their best to clear the dust cloud.

The collective magic Mahagard is blowing dust, but the haze that collapsed an entire mountain did not go away easily.

Sirone and Fleur managed to get out before the cliff collapsed, and they kept their eyes on the surroundings without moving anywhere.

Flew, who took out a phoenix from Kubrick and wielded it, gave Dawkins Algorithm to the spirit zone.

A function that automatically reacts when an object penetrates the spirit zone above a certain speed.

Accordingly, when Sirone brought out Armand and activated Diamond Arms, Fleur immediately realized the change.

The rag-like robe was as clean as new, and except for the artificial brain, it was blue like the Ultima system I saw in Babel.

“What happened?”

“I integrated it with the Ultima system.”

Flew pondered what it meant and gave up his lingering feelings.

That wasn’t what mattered right now.

“Are there any functions that are useful in battle?”

I wasn’t sure yet.

This is because he has never fought as Armand since integrating with the Ultima system.

“I don’t know. It has changed from sharing ideas to integration, but how does that work… … .”

Finally, the dust clouds cleared, and the bright full moon shone brightly on the ground again.

The exposed landscape of the ground was miserable.

The headquarters cliff was shattered to the point that not a single intact pillar could be found, and Norse corpses were strewn beneath the rubble.

The result of one surprise attack.

This ability to destroy common sense was the reason the subjects feared the angels.

“That… … !”

Sirone opened her eyes wide at the tribute floating in the sky. At the same time, a memory came to him that he didn’t want to think about.


A fallen angel who helplessly watched Amy, Tess, and Arin get kidnapped right in front of their eyes.

The movement was so fast that even the eyes could not follow it.

“Sirone, what’s wrong?”

“I’ve seen it before. He is a fallen angel.”

It was much better than the average angel, but I didn’t feel that my chances of survival had increased.

Ikasa crossed her arms and came downstairs.

An ominous vibration made the rebel’s heart pound.

“Huh, you should have come out when you said that. Did you think you could disobey me on a subject worse than a bug?”

When her words were transmitted to the mind through the power of the angel, one of the surviving executives shouted.

“Focus on me! Fight back with collective magic!”

The executive prepared the giant magic Aruope.

It was a magic that boasted the best cutting power among magic that uses the energy of air.

Ikasa, who watched dozens of wizards link the spirit force to the executive, laughed.

“Stupid things.”

Ikasa moved.

It was similar to the movement of electrons that exist with probability in space.

Appearing like an afterimage in front of dozens of crew members, she knocked them all out with her fists attached to her fragile wrists.

From low-level wizards to executives, the class pyramid quickly collapsed, and the coup ended in an instant.


As Ikasa’s fist sank deep into his abdomen, blood gushed out from the officer’s mouth.

“Knock-knock! After all, killing humans is fun!”

Ikasa was strong.

She could knock down a mountain in 20 minutes, but she was able to take down dozens of human wizards without Valhalla action.

However, she remained true to the concept of the source, and Sirone clearly realized the function of her halo.

‘Equivalent exchange of cause and effect.’

The Ultima System detected exactly that feeling.

When Ikasa, who had wiped out the rebels, turned around, electricity ran down the backs of Sirone and Fleur.

It was the eyes of a fallen angel filled with the desire for revenge.

“Sirone, do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this day? Back then, I ran away like a rat.”

“I’m not forgetting what you did.”

“Ho Ho! No, I think I forgot. She couldn’t move her fingertips and the women were taken away. Will it be different now?”

Sirone wrinkled his nose and lowered his stance.

“Be careful, old man. That angel halo seems to be able to reverse cause and effect.”

Flew also saw with his own eyes what the rebels were going through, so his understanding came quickly.

“Let’s go on the defensive. First of all, you have to take your time. There will be rebels alive underground.”

Ikasa puffed out her cheeks and laughed.

“pooh! Do you know why I hate humans? Basically, it’s because they are equipped with delusions of grandeur. A grandiose delusion that everyone can achieve something with the same human 1 and human 2 themes.”

Ikasa kicked off the ground and threw a fist right in front of Fleur’s eyes, and the air shuddered.

Against the flurry of attacks, Flew’s upper body bent like a willow branch.

It’s a Dawkins algorithm effect, but it hurt like my spine was about to break, and even that didn’t seem like it would last long.


As Ikasa’s left hook exploded, Flew’s body moved away like a clothesline.

Right before the blow, he hit the back of his hand with a phoenix to buffer his strength, but it was an unbearable shock nonetheless.

“Ho-ho-ho! Struggling is also a characteristic of bugs!”

As Ikasa smiled happily and turned around, a giant tentacle snout appeared in front of her and grabbed her face.

Then, the tentacles that ascended to the sky in an oblique line bent into an arch and pinned Ikasa’s body vertically to the ground.


Sprawled out, Ikasa blinked, her face still buried in the tentacles.

‘What is this?’

A shock that made the back of the head tingle. The speed of not even reacting.

It was a strange and heavy blow that could not be excused by saying that it was just a surprise attack.

“bouncer… … !”

Ikasa cut off the tentacles with her blades and charged at Sirone as if bouncing.


Flew shouted, but what followed was completely different from what he expected.

Shirone shook her upper body to evade Ikasa’s relentless punch.

‘see! I can see Ikasa’s attack!’

If Armand was maximizing the user’s physical abilities, now Armand itself was Sirone’s body.

Everything that could be done while armed with diamonds was as easy as moving one’s fingers.

“Something like a human? I am the body of an angel!”

Ikasa pushed forward the regime of conversion.

The moment the fist reached its destination, Sirone’s body spun rapidly.

A heavy tentacle protruded from the robe and struck Ikasa fiercely on the cheek, tilting her body horizontally and sending her flying.


Flew put on a dazed expression as Ikasa fell under the rubble of the collapsed command center.

In front of Sirone, who was glaring at Ikasa, Ataraxia was accumulating several times faster than before.


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