Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 436

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[436] Opportunity for Revenge (8)

“Geumgang Armed Forces.”

Sirone stood Armand upright and murmured, and the blade covered his body in an instant, transforming into an organic robe.

The cheers of the Nord crew broke out.

Currently, Sirone was touring the units under the 2nd Command and integrating the rebels.

Today was the last day of the schedule, and since someone expressed doubts after seeing Sirone’s sword, they even demonstrated it.

Since swords were the exclusive property of Kergoins in heaven, it was not unreasonable that the Norse mages were puzzled.

‘Whoa, this looks like a performance.’

The name value of the light of Area 73 was definitely great.

At least, the reaction of those who were directly running in the field was much better than that of the headquarters.

-Concentration point shape change. Unified signaling system detection.


Sirone narrowed her eyes at the information she had never heard before.

As we focused on the voice, Armand delivered a new fact.

– User cerebral search. synchronization. Presenting the possibility of integration into a single mental system.

‘Ah, the Ultima system.’

When a special change occurs in Sirone’s mind, Armand’s function changes accordingly.

It was only natural that Armand’s arithmetic ability was borrowed from Sirone’s brain.

-Name, Ultima System. When combined into a single mental system, it cannot be reproduced, transferred, or terminated.

-Waiting for user decision.

‘Cannot cancel? Is there such a case?’

It meant changing from a contract-type object that could be canceled at any time to an belonging-type object.

Perfect personalization weapon.

In a sense, it was completely owned by Armand, so it wasn’t a bad thing, but it was necessary to think deeply.

‘Once it’s mine, I can’t even sell it.’

Market value 4 billion gold.

Of course, it is unlikely that Armand will be sold for any amount, but it was bad taste to remove the possibility of transfer outside of money.

‘What if they integrate?’

– Unpredictable.

Armand couldn’t find an answer to that.

Armand couldn’t analyze what Sirone didn’t know.

‘Anyway, I have no choice but to do it.’

Sirone put aside his lingering feelings and decided to share the Ultima system with Armand.

If you exchange information with a single signal, you can feel Armand almost like your own skin.

The variables of the future were incomparable to the desperation of the present.

Since I came to heaven, there was no tomorrow, and if there was any room for reinforcement, it was a reasonable choice to desperately cling to it.

– Construction of an integrated mental system.


Sirone lifted her head and opened her upper body wide.

Armand’s organic matter rapidly tightened and put pressure on his body.

Dozens of tentacles protruded like thorns and moved in and out, then entangled like a whirlwind and changed their shape.


The rebels watched Sirone with their eyes wide open.

The rag-like robe had changed into a simple and neat appearance.

<Demonic Sword Armand> Ultima Version (Equipment : 0)

In Sirone’s thoughts, the ideal magician’s robe was embodied as it was, controlling even the organic ends.

‘tremendous. It’s just my body.’

Until now, if information had been shared through the brain, signals were now coming and going from the realm of instinct that bypassed rationality.

It was literally an integration.

She transformed Sirone’s complicated mind into a simple signal and put it into an object.

Therefore, Sirone and Armand were able to achieve perfect compatibility and connect to the end of the ganglion.

‘Two Ultima systems… … .’

Another object that can be controlled by unifying all signals, whether living or non-living, was created.

Even Sirone didn’t know how this would play out in the future, but one thing was clear.

“Hey Nephilim! Lead us to victory!”

“Until the light of Area 73 becomes the light of Heaven!”

It was a perfect situation for directing propaganda.

* * *

Jinmai Sikjong Galtomic.

It is a powerful species that corresponds to the Purgatory Hunting Rank S. It is a gel-type collapse type with no clear shape, but when attacked, it absorbs the law of evil and transforms into a powerful entity.

Galtomic, who is currently driving Armin’s party, was a mixture of the upper half of a human and the lower half of a horse.

Every time he swung his fist, a black flash raged, and rocks the size of a cliff were shattered.

If it is an S-class creature, it means that it is so powerful that it has no natural enemies in an environment within a radius of 100 kilometers.

Above all, Galtomic’s true value lies in his immense magical ability to absorb the law and transform it into his own power.

“Crow! Crow!”

Galtomic flew up with a unique scream and swung both fists like a gale, and the ground was devastated as if the distance had disappeared.

Armin’s party, scattered in different directions, launched a counterattack.

A blizzard fell and the temperature dropped sharply, and Quan and Etella laid siege to Galtomic.


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Rhythm within rhythm blended as if the sword and fist were joined together, and in the tight tempo of the attack, Galtomic was shocked and fell to the ground.

As Armin casts his slow magic, Shiina’s glacier bombing falls on Galtomic’s head, who is trapped in slowing time.

When a glacier weighing nearly 60 tons crashed, the ground trembled.

Galtomic, who squeezed out the last of his strength in the rising cold haze, flew towards Shiina like a spear of a man.

At the same time, Kuan, who flew in an S-shaped trajectory, appeared as if floating in front of Shiina and rotated.

Quan’s sword split the Galtomic in two as the air quiver from the high-speed rotation of 10 times per second pierced the eardrum.


Kuan’s rotational force was transmitted to Shiina through the wind.

Added to her freezing magic, the bridge of her nose was cold.

Shiina has more than ten ways to defend against a surprise attack that she has learned through experience, learning, and training, but in this case, of course, she would have to say hello.

“thank you. Thanks to you, I was safe.”

“I was just waiting for an opportunity to blow the counter.”

Shiina stopped talking and looked at Kuan’s back as he walked away.

It’s a fact that I came to know better after coming to heaven, but he had a really cold personality.

It was essentially different from Shiina’s coldness.

‘I want to have a deep conversation with you at least once… … .’

Shiina gradually became interested in the swordsman named Kuan, but on the contrary, Kuan only deepened his sense of shame.

‘Damn it! It’s completely gone.’

There were no technical mistakes in slashing Galtomic. The only problem was the beating heart.

The thought that passed through my mind at the moment of the sword was that I want Shiina to recognize her true value.

It was an unfamiliar feeling to Kuan.

I’ve never wanted to look into someone’s thoughts.

But now it was different.

He wants to know how his actions are affecting her.

‘Calm down. This is a battlefield and my grave.’

“Shina, are you okay?”

Shiina, who had been looking at Kuan, corrected her expression as soon as Armin came and turned away coldly.

“I’m not a child, so I’ll stop worrying about that now.”

Etella organized the three emotional arrows pointing in different directions in her head.

It can’t be said that teamwork is good, but maybe this situation creates a strange synergy.

‘Anyway, you’re amazing, Mr. Armin.’

Galtomic was a powerful creature that could not be inferior to any other monster on the continent.

Of course, he had never been weak in hunting so far.

Nonetheless, it was the success of the four people that made it possible to win, but it was Armin’s contribution.

Crowd control presents a lethal opportunity in combat. And Armin, who is currently in the party, is probably the most powerful crowd control mage in the world.

‘If I keep going like this, I’ll be able to run the factory soon.’

As expected by Etela, when she arrived at Nightmaeng, the bodyguards whispered.

At first, I was dubious, but after a long day, I caught an A-class or higher creature, and even the hatred of cutting off my colleague’s throat on the first day became colorless.

Frank Wein, who confirmed Galtomic’s corpse, raised the corner of his mouth.

“Awesome. I didn’t expect to be able to find a strategy so quickly.”

I had never thought of a strategy like that. Armin’s crowd control was so effective.

“I’m just asking because I’m curious, what kind of elixir came out of it?”

Ethella obediently revealed.

“12 White Elixir, 32 Intermediate Green Elixir, 15 Advanced Red Elixir.”

“Awesome. You worked hard, how about taking a break for a while? If that’s the case, it’ll be enough to spend on a spree on the mainland.”

said Armin.

“I am not here to play. Feeder Kuzen, Photosynthesizing Monster Olkir, Carnivorous Mineral Ringer. If you kill these three types of monsters, the contract will be concluded.”

“of course. From then on, I’ll give you the whole factory building, so let’s make whatever we want to make.”

“Let’s go.”

As Armin and his party left the room, Mitgan, who was standing next to Frankwine, said.

“Anyway, isn’t it too fast? Even the best hunters on the mainland catch galtomic over several days.”

“Perhaps it is because of that blind man. Others are usable, but that blind man has a different feeling. In terms of hunting grade, it is more than Triple S.”

Frankwine’s chok was animalistic in hunting as well as business.

“That’s why I’m concerned. It may become an obstacle to night blindness in the future.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Do merchants do business while going after people? Send the corpse to Resis. Don’t forget our conditions.”

Mitgan seemed to have something more to say, but eventually shut up and left the room.

The corners of Frankwine’s mouth, left alone, were grotesquely torn.

‘Keukkeukke, it turned out to be a huge game. Right, Raysis?’

* * *

The Fuzix Machine flashed.

As the glass tube disintegrated, Sirone, whose biological bond had ended, popped out.

The type A clone without the Ultima system was clearly different from the type B.

So far, certain traits have been accepted without difficulty, but a level of collapse that cannot be overlooked has occurred, and the shape has not been controlled.

Sirone’s body was covered with red scales, and smoke rose from one eye.

It was a day when a comprehensive fusion of the corpses received in the night blind was held. And it was also the day when the traits of Galtomic, a Jinmai plant, were added for the first time.

“Yes, Commander. Look at these numbers! Awesome!”

The value of the horsepower measuring device developed in-house was rising exponentially.

Galtomic’s magical power amplification combined with Sirone’s incarnation was emitting tremendous magical power.

Akamai shook as Shirone’s mana exploded.

Even though Akamai was further strengthened from the prototype, it was powerful enough to break the Antithesis.


As photon cannons were fired in all directions of the laboratory, Raysis looked at Sirone with wonder.

‘Ah, Sirone. You are so beautiful.’

It was demonic love.

A love that has no consideration for the other person, only possessiveness.

“Commander! Action must be taken! Then the lab… … !”

Until the researcher’s cry was drowned out by the roar of the photon cannon, Resis did not even move.

As the combination progresses, Sirone is getting closer to being the strongest creature.

And all the information obtained here will be used to strengthen Akamai.

“Whoop whoop. Shall we start with the first kiss?”

Lacey’s skin began to redden, and her back stretched as it bent, and vertebrae jutted out along her back.

The thighs hardened like rocks, and the soles of the feet stretched like reptiles.


Smoke, a mixture of fire and lightning, vomited straight from her mouth, covering Sirone.


Sirone’s body melted, but was regenerated in an instant.

It was the trait of the immortal cell proliferation body, the sensor.

“Kyakyakyakyakya! That’s cool, Sirone! Do you think so too?”

Sirone disappeared with the ability of Hororos, the invisible ear.

Since there is no Ultima system, the nature of various monsters was working in his mind.

“has disappeared! Find it quickly!”

As soon as the researcher reached the scanning device, a spurt of goo melted him.


Acid Poison King Muusa’s ability.

If it hits properly, even the super-strong metal prepared with the elixir will melt away.

Toxic fumes rose as the slime fell to the floor.

Researchers gripped her throat and suffered, and Reisis held up her wide hands to stop the mucus.

In an instant, the hands flowed down, exposing the bones, and even the bones fell like burnt matchsticks.


Raysys was also at its limit this far.

If you fight further, the laboratory will be destroyed as the researcher said.

“Release Akamai!”

The researcher, who was on the verge of fainting, pressed the scanning device.

When Sirone’s coordinates were confirmed, three more Akamai came in from the left and right walls and activated the Antithesis.

Veins stood up in Akamai’s eyes as he desperately held on to Shirone.

Even so, Sirone was moving slowly.

The face of Reisis, who had turned into a monster, was distorted in an embarrassing way.

‘I can only catch them with four Akamai.’

It is not simply because new traits have been added.

Through biological feedback, Sirone’s potential was exploding.

* * *

Armin’s group faced difficulties for the first time after receiving the list from the night blind.

The creature that put them in trouble was Ringer, a carnivorous mineral species belonging to the hunting grade Double S.

2 meters tall and weighing 14 tons.

It has four legs, but when in a hurry, it rolls its body round like a ball.

Its high speed also made hunting difficult, but the most serious was its grayish-white metal-covered carapace.

Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah!

In the place where Ringer rushed, there was no doubt that a path was formed, and trees and rocks exploded without any cover.

Armin cast two types of slow magic on the left and right of Ringer. As the time zones diverged, the ringer bounced at a tremendous speed.

bang! Kwak Kwa Kwa Kwam!

Judging from the relativity of time, it was an attack that should have torn apart even the rebar, but Ringer just rolled around like a ball that ate a rough turn.

“Whoa, this is really… … .”

Armin was also the first to see such a creature.

Although there are many types of strength, Ringer was a creature that was unrivaled in durability.

After confirming that Kuan’s sword did not even go through her teeth, Etella made a decision.

“If you do it this way, you won’t be able to catch it even when the sun goes down. We cooperate.”

Shiina said.

“Brother slow down the ringer with a slow. I’m going to cast Absolute Zero.”

Etel also thought that method was good.

“Then I will finish.”

After a short meeting, the actual match was held immediately.

As the ringer caught in the slow slowed down, Shiina hit with Absolute Zero, the strongest spell of freezing.


At the same time, Etella rushed in.

Thousands Arms Guanyin Lightning Strike.

Etella’s body, which continued to hit the uppercut, caused afterimages in place.

As the pair, which can be said to be the peak of the fire, entered, 68,000 interference waves occurred.

Cuckoo coo coo!

Crouching Ringer’s body shook heavily.

Five seconds later, the carapace subtly went into incontinence, and Ringer’s body exploded with a bang.


Ethella sat down with a tired expression.

The most astonishing thing was the durability of the Yin-Yang Wave Fist, which only caused incontinence.

“It is reckless. It was definitely a double S level.”

Armin agreed.

“If it wasn’t for the wave series, it would have been much harder to deal with. I’m curious when it comes to this. Why does Night Blind collect the corpses of these creatures?”

match. match. match.

Just then, applause came from the forest.

Feeling an ominous feeling, Armin and the others turned their heads, and there was silence for a while.

It was the Cage B team we met on the mainland. At the front, assistant team leader Horkin was approaching with his hands behind his back.

“See you again in a place like this.”

Ethella said with a smile on her face.

“Iknow, right. It must have been related in a previous life.”

“It was a great inaction, as I had heard rumors. by the way… … Where is Gaold now?”


Horkin raised a corner of his mouth at the sight of Etella pretending not to know without changing her expression.

“I’m sorry I didn’t know at the time. Bishop of the Carsis Monastery, Miss Romi Etela.”

As if it was a promise, life bloomed in everyone’s body.


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