Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 435

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[435] Opportunity for Revenge (7)

Back in the room, Lacey unclips the cloak.

A red cloth trickled down her shoulders like a liquid and landed on the floor.

The photon cannon struck and through the torn clothes, the wounds that looked like fire were visible.

Annoyedly, Lacey threw off her clothes and stood in front of the mirror to look at herself.

What a hideous body.

A monstrous object that did not fit anything of truth, goodness, and beauty, and that no one could say was beautiful upon seeing it, was clinging to the neck.

His body was dry, distorted, and even dull in color, but even this was a result of desperate efforts.

“It’s disgusting… … .”

Reisis was a subject. It is also a very outstanding citizen.

However, he was listed as a subject of anecdotal alcohol because he approached the creation myth, which is forbidden from investigation in heaven.

It melts. Become a terrible giant.

It was a sin to even show fear in the face of divine magic, but she knew it.

The fact that the alcohol of anecdotes is the most terrible tragedy that human beings can experience, and the end more gruesome than death.

Like some of Anecdote’s drink subjects, Reisis also purchased the stimulant Epines through a secret route.

No one knows if it works, but even this is valuable to someone who has reached a dead end.

Leisis held Epines like the water of life and sat on a bench in the plaza and prayed fervently.

‘I hope my spirit dwells in the giant’s body.’

“Do you want to live?”

A voice came as if it had answered a call.

It was a middle-aged man with a benevolent look and a handsome beard.

I heard rumors that there were people who tried to analyze and approach it academically when everyone believed in the magic of anecdote as a sacred magic.

The man was also of that kind, and he passed on a secret art to Reisis.

“If you want to live, eat this before you get into Ilhwa’s sake.”

What the man handed over was a small gourd the size of a finger.

“What’s in it?”



Reisis frowned, but the man spoke sternly as if revealing an important fact.

“Swallow it alive. Then you will be able to live.”

Just imagining it was disgusting, but because it was a life-and-death matter, Reisis couldn’t bear to throw away the vial.

Thus, the anecdote’s sake was implemented, and Reisis opened the lid of the vial with the thought that it would be worth the money.

When I put the spout of the bottle in my mouth and raised my head, something hard went around my mouth. Vomiting set in.

Resisting the feeling of disgust, Lacey swallowed the fly.

Kergoin came in, undressed her, and led her to one of the eight glass spheres erected next to the giant’s statue.

‘Please, please save me.’

While the plasma filled up, Reisis was so terrified that she couldn’t even open her eyes and prayed.

The black liquid filled the glass sphere, and her body was disentangled and mixed with the others.

I felt like I was drunk in a place where countless consciousnesses merged.

It was different from the expected death, but it was a hopeless state that could not even feel alive.

The giants born in each district gathered together and started a procession toward Jotunheim.

As the day passed and a new dawn broke, one of the countless giants knelt down screaming.

The giant’s body was soon separated into flesh and bones, and it melted and flowed like porridge.

Only Reisis was crouching on her knees in the place where the foul smell emanated.

“omg! omg!”

Upon regaining consciousness, the first thing she realized was the joy of life.

The man was right.

After eating the fly, he really came back alive from the giant’s body.

‘it’s okay! I live!’

thud! thud!

When giants much taller than her height shook the ground, she set aside her joy for a moment and jumped.

It was much lighter than before, and it felt good.

I was just thirsty.

When I thought about that, to my surprise, I felt that there was a spring water several kilometers away.

‘Your senses are sensitive. Could it be the ability of a giant?’

I ran and ran, but I couldn’t even breathe.

The moment she finally arrives at Ongdalsaem and bends her upper body for haegal,


The forest was embroidered with the screams of Reisis, who was filled with despair when she found her face reflected in the water.

What is crueler than the shock of seeing a terrible face is that it is none other than one’s own image.

Reisis shouted like a madman.

“no! give me back my body! I mean bring it back!”

At that time, the man who taught Reisis the secret art slowly approached through the forest.

The one who turned Reisis into a monster.

But now, many years have passed since then, she suddenly remembers it.

Maybe that man was the only one who fully acknowledged himself.

“Why, why did you make me like this! Why did you do this to me!”

“Because I said I wanted to live. What could be more important to living things than that?”


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“Don’t talk nonsense! If it were you, would you be able to live with such an ugly appearance?”

The man laughed.

“Whatever it is, you are you. By destroying form, you have acquired infinite form.”

Reisis looked at the man walking away with a devastated expression.

In the midst of the terrible fact that there was no way to turn it back, she came up with the only question.

“you are… … Who the hell are you?”

The man stopped walking and turned his head slightly. And he said his name was Satan.

Reisis looked at her reflection in the mirror with cold eyes.

How many humans did he combine with to become at least a human-like form?

It absorbed the traits of Norse, Kergoin, Mecca, and even those from the Land of the Earth.

It brought powerful weapons and vast knowledge to Raysis, but it also produced severe side effects.

Abnormal changes occurred in various parts of the body even if he was a little careless, and he also moved regardless of his will.

“Sirone. You are my savior.”

Sirone’s spirit can contain all qualities, and she intended to blend the most beautiful beings in the world.

It was the body of an angel.

* * *

Second thousand Rakia. City of fallen angels.

A place where since ancient times, the angels who were negligent in their duties, obsessed with their own power, and wielded the law at will, were imprisoned.

Kariel looked down from above Rakia.

Still, the dissolute fallen angels were wasting their life spans of eternity in their idleness.

“Heh, useless things.”

Kariel turned his attention to Rakia after requesting support from the giant corps leader Girshin, but was rejected.

Fallen angels are also angels, so there is no reason not to obey Ankera’s message, but he was confident that one person would be an exception.

Ikasa, the angel of desire.

A fallen angel who captured Amy’s group and offered them to the Buddha during the incident in Area 73.

At that time, Ikasa wanted to be reinstated as a normal angel for bringing three virgins to Kariel, but as Sirone left for the original world, he was punished more severely.

That’s why, while countless fallen angels were killing time in vain, she alone was circling endlessly in an infinite orbit 300 meters underground, tied to a giant iron ball.

“ha. ha.”

An iron ball with a diameter of 20 meters rumbled through the grooves and rolled at terrifying speed.

In the afterimage of the rotation, Ikasa’s sorrowful face with her eyes covered and her mouth plugged passed by.

Kariel admired the trajectory of the iron ball until it turned around once, then reached out his hand toward the iron ball returning.

The asteroid flashed and unfolded into a ring, and the iron orb, which was pushing like a giant wall, came to a halt with a bang.

“Huh, huh.”

Tied to an iron ball with her back bent like a bow, Ikasa let out a painful groan as she sighed.

As Kariel cut off the skin covering her eyes, Ikasa lifted her eyelids tiredly and burst into tears.

“Hey hey… … . Hwahui… … .”

finally came

The archangel Kariel, whom everyone believed would know even if they turned away, had arrived.

“Ikasa, there is something you must do.”

Ikasa nodded her head.

“Sirone is back. Maybe it will be fun for you.”

“Hey! Hehehe!”

An exclamation of hatred erupted from Ikasa’s throat.

Kariel nodded in satisfaction and dismantled the things that bound her.

Ikasa, who was sitting on the floor, did not even have time to take care of herself, raising her head and being polite.

“Please use me, Archangel of Birth.”

“Kill Sirone. as painfully as possible. Bring his grievous face in front of me. Because there is an angel that I must show you.”

“That is my joy. However, as a lowly person, I have no way of knowing where the abominable Sirone is.”

Kariel opened the Great Law and checked the status of the central processing unit of Jebul.

The map representing the entirety of Purgatory was being engulfed in red light. In proportion to the area, it was a tremendous speed.

“Babel is searching the skies above purgatory. You should be able to search all coordinates until the day of the full moon. When that time comes, your chance will come.”

Ikasa’s eyes flashed.

Come to think of it, the day of the full moon was approaching.

The time when the law of the negative season is at its strongest in purgatory. It was also a time when she, her fallen angel, could become the most powerful.

‘Wait, Sirone.’

Ikasa’s eyes were filled with the desire for revenge.

* * *

Around midnight, Fleur’s door opened.

She was Jonah, so there was no need to show her face.

Confirming that there was no one in the hallway, she closed the door with a nimble motion and entered the depths of the headquarters.

If searching is the main thing, one is better than two, and the risk of getting caught is reduced.

Now was the right time for Sirone to be dispatched as a subordinate unit of the 2nd Command to unite the rebels.

‘No matter how you think about it, it’s suspicious. What are they doing?’

Flew, who was moving along the wall, turned a corner and hurriedly turned around.

At the end of the corridor, two sentries were walking and talking.

“Hey, sleepy. don’t they sleep What are you going to eat at this hour?”

“Geuk, eat as much as you want. It’s livestock anyway.”

The sentry suddenly stopped walking around the corner with a plate full of food.

a colleague asked.

“What, why?”

“No, I think something moved over there.”

The sentry passed the tray to his colleague and walked to the shadow cast on the wall.

There was nothing suspicious about it.

“weird. I must have dreamed of something.”

“You must have mistook it for a torch.”

“Oh, is that so?”

The flue that came down from the ceiling landed where the sentries had passed. Then a drone flew in silently and clung to his shoulder.

‘Phew, it’s surprisingly difficult to control. You almost got caught, right?’

But thanks to that, I was able to overhear the sentry’s words.

‘Are you giving me food at this time? to whom?’

Fleur followed them.

When the sentry reached the wall and touched the torch hanger, the wall opened and a secret stairway appeared.

After waiting about a minute, Flew opened the wall and went down the stairs in the same way they did.

The space was much larger than expected. Corridors connected in all directions, and there were dozens of laboratories alone.

‘What about the sentries?’

When an algorithm was applied to collect sounds by maximizing the spirit zone, their voices came through.

“You eat well like a pig. Well, where else could there be a life as happy as yours? i envy you.”

“Heuk, if you’re envious, you can go in too.”

The voice stopped for a moment.

“Shit, I hate this because it’s embarrassing. Are you literally cattle?”

As the sentries left, Fleur, who had been peeking from afar, approached the iron gate.

It was a structure that could only be opened from the outside.

‘Because what the hell is here?’

Flew’s eyebrows twisted as he put his ear to the iron door and listened.

She suddenly felt that she shouldn’t check inside, but in the end she opened Pandora’s box.

“This, this… … !”

Flew’s eyes were shocked as he peered through the cracks in the unlocked iron door.


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