Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 434

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[434] Opportunity for Revenge (6)

Isgermont’s Plasma was poured into one of the eight slots that could fit into the Fuzix Machine.

7 slots left.

Reisis planned to combine the traits of another creature, Volthum, Grabber, and Liston, to enhance Izermont’s antithesis ability.

Volthoom, which looks like a mosquito magnified a thousand times, has a unique trait called ‘blood adhesion’, which has an affinity for the target it sucked blood from.

It is presumed to be a psychological mechanism evolved to suppress the hemolytic reaction, and in the laboratory, it was used as a tool to subjugate living organisms through this characteristic.

“I will pour Volthoom’s Plasma.”

As Grabber, which has the ability to levitation, and Liston’s Plasma, which increases the activity of creatures, were poured in, the four types of creatures waited for them to mix in the Physics Machine.

Unlike an anecdote, in order to bring out a unique trait, a main type must be set. Currently, the main is Igermont, and three subtypes will strengthen the antithesis.

“Then let’s begin.”

When the button was pressed, all four types of plasmas, which were about half full in the glass sphere, were sucked into the central glass tube.

When electricity flowed through the vacuum, the liquid began to boil.


It was a wonderful scene to watch.

Researchers who once felt repulsed by inhumane biological experiments, but at this moment, they could not turn away from the joy of the creator of creating creatures with their own hands.

As the electricity discharged through the glass tube, a powerful white light spread that blinded them.

While everyone turned their heads, only Laceys was watching the changes inside the glass tube with ecstatic eyes.

As a new species was born, the glass tube split into quarters and fell to the floor.


Researchers were awed by the completely different forms of life that deviated from their predictions.

It was a huge eyeball with a diameter of 1 meter, and the surface was covered with a thin epidermis that served as an eyelid.

If you hit it with your eyes, dark red tentacles stretched out from where the ganglion was connected and fluttered like a tail.

Biological Weapon – Akamai (Prototype)

A cold shudder ran through the laboratory.

Can we really call this a creature?

When I was looking at something of an organic quality that was completely unrelated to environmental factors and only suited to human purposes, I thought that there was nothing that should not happen in the world.


Reis’s red lips parted softly.

What a beautiful shape this is.

God gave creatures the possibility of infinite change.


The face of Reisis, who had reached ecstasy, was distorted.

The red cloak fluttered and something violently squirmed inside.

The biologist approached, looking terrified.

“Commander, now we have to sign a contract… … .”

Reisis hurriedly corrected her expression.

Sensitive stimuli were unpleasant, as if the intestines were protruding, but fortunately, they permeated the body again shortly after.

“Yeah, I almost forgot that.”

Reisis slashed her wrists with her fingernails and delivered blood to Akamai.

Laryngeal. Laryngeal.

Akamai’s large irises tightened as the blood dripped onto his epidermis was absorbed.

Then, as if to show intimacy, he turned to Lacey and blinked his eyelids a couple of times.

Volthoom’s blood coalescence is complete.

“Is it a success?”

“of course. Became my faithful servant. So, shall we start in earnest from now on? Bring me a clone of Sirone.”

When the researcher contacted the basement, the floor cracked and Sirone’s clone came up on the elevator.

Currently, Sirone’s brain is empty.

It was like an animal with only basic needs like feeding and reproduction.

When the researchers put a device that they thought was an EEG into their eyes and shone light into their eyes, patterns of memories were transmitted across the retina.

It was similar to the way Arcane and Alfeas jointly researched.

However, the factor of failure is also the same, so the clones injected with memories die soon after their minds collapse.

Of course, it was an issue that had nothing to do with Raysis.

If Sirone absorbed all of the creature’s traits, all he had to do was swallow them with one gulp.


Berserk was cast on the bed where Sirone was lying.

The researchers who were swept away by the shock wave fell out, and Sirone’s body jumped out like a wild beast to find a safe place.

‘what? Where are you?’

Sirone moved her eyes left and right to gather information.

laboratory. laceys. Strange device I’ve never seen before.

Still don’t understand the situation.

I was obviously lying next to Flu and getting an EEG, but suddenly I was here.

“What have you done to me?”

“Um, well?”

Lacey patted her lips.

“I wish I could explain, but I won’t. I have a feeling I will have to say the same thing a lot in the future.”

Reisis flicked a finger, and Akamai, floating in the air, activated the antithesis.


As if the air had turned to hard iron, Sirone couldn’t lift a finger.


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“This, this… … ?”

“Sorry. You must have intelligence to use the power of the Nephilim. It will be over soon.”

Immortal Function is something that begins with insight, and it was impossible for a clone with only animal nature to reach.

Sirone grinded his teeth.

Aren’t the eyes too happy to say I’m sorry?

Captured by Akamai, Sirone was transported in that state and entered the glass sphere of the Fuzix Machine.

Unlike the cadaveric experiment, it was a situation where the mental change had to be confirmed, so the method of putting the whole thing in and melting it directly was effective.

“Commander, what do I combine it with?”

A Nephilim with 100% affinity should be able to easily embrace the personality of any creature.

Also, in order to verify it, a creature with advanced features was preferred.

“Synthesize Akamai.”

“yes? but… … .”

“doesn’t care. After all, this is a prototype. This is a great opportunity to experiment with Sirone’s clone.”

The biologist obediently obeyed.

After the preparations for the experiment were over, the glass spheres in which Akamai and Sirone were trapped were filled with plasma.

The black liquid ran down Sirone’s neck and covered his face.

After a while, the water level dropped and flowed into the central glass tube, and Sirone’s figure disappeared without a trace.

The researchers looked nervously at the glass tube, which emitted a powerful light.

Main type Sirone, sub type Akamai.

The two organisms completely melted and were born into one organism.

“What, what?”

The glass tube was separated, and Sirone stood there with her eyes closed.

Even if the combination of functions is the center, since two creatures with different forms are mixed, there must be a change.

In an unexpected situation, the biologist corrected the glasses and examined them.

“Is this just a human? If the experiment failed… … .”

At that moment, Sirone’s eyes flashed open, and a light burst from the left pupil of a different color.


Researchers screamed in a bone-twisting posture.

Reisis, who hurriedly widened her distance, put on a bewildered expression.

‘Have you absorbed only the functions?’

The changes that take place in the state of Plasma are known only to those who have experienced them.

And Reisis was one of the humans who experienced the most plasma states in the world.

When you permeate the Plasma, your thinking stops. However, numerous signals are flowing in the liquid integrated into one material.

‘It’s an Ultima system.’

Therefore, if the unification signal can be controlled in the plasmic state, the possibility of selectively catering to functions and forms is sufficient.

‘This is dangerous.’

No, it’s a beautiful thing.

The ability to have the traits of any living creature that exists in the world.

It is literally reaching the realm of God.

“What have you done to me?”

Lacey’s lips quivered.

Sirone even controlled her consciousness. Akamai completely surrendered.

‘I want more, that ability.’

Laceys opened her arms and approached.

“Sirone, let’s become one with me.”

Sirone activated the antithesis. The mighty binding force stopped Reisis from walking.

But instead, she felt a sense of exhilaration.

It was a different level of strength from Isgermont’s Antithese.

Sirone mercilessly hit the photon cannon.

Resis slammed into the wall and the ceiling shook. Her cloud of dust grew in her presence with each hail of flashes.

“ha. ha.”

Shirone’s eyes trembled in shock as he exhaled heavily and glared forward.

Half of the face of Reisis, who appeared through the smoke, had turned into a hideous monster.

Its eyes soared as if it would rip off its forehead, its pupils were as thin as snakes, and three times as many teeth as human teeth were stuck between its lips that crossed its lower jaw.

“Kiyi, Shi… … Lorne… … .”

Giving goosebumps at the sound of scratching an iron plate, Sirone opened her palm to take out Armand.

‘Armed in gold… … uh?’

It was only then that Sirone realized that Kubrick was missing.

There’s no way someone took it. This is because he has never lost consciousness from the moment he received the EEG.

‘Could it be that I’m not me?’

Sirone quickly retraced the process so far.

Although he has never lost consciousness, the process from EEG to here is completely cut off.

The liquid seen in Anecdotal Sake. The change from being melted into it to being reconstructed into the Ultima System.

‘It’s cloned!’

Because it is not the main body, it is not wearing Kubrick. And Raysys is conducting an experiment using it.

‘A biological bond similar to the sake of an anecdote.’

An intense insight flashed in Sirone’s mind.

‘Armand, Armand… … !’

Something swung from behind Reisis’ cloak, and at the same time, Sirone’s neck was separated from her body.


Reisis quickly removed parts of her body.

It was a repulsive form, but the researchers couldn’t even express it.

The moment you give meaning to your body, your neck will fly off, just like Sirone.

“From now on, we are doubling clone production. Be sure to find out what changes have taken place.”

said the biologist anxiously.

“It’s too dangerous. Syrone controlled the biotic bond. If, by any chance, the commander is eaten back, no creature will be able to stop Sirone.”

Resis wasn’t happy with that either.

“For the time being, experiment with Type A only. The clone before going to Babel. It would be fine without the Ultima System.”

“But in the end, the main body is type B. The risk remains the same.”

“doesn’t care. If you set the main type to me, even the Ultima system won’t be able to use its power.”

According to the myth, Ilhwa’s liquor was created to destroy the Ultima system, but it was unpredictable unless you knew how much of it was true.

Reisis smiled bitterly.

“Even if I get eaten.”


“If I and Sirone become one, it will be something that is neither me nor Sirone. That’s it. If I can become one with Sirone, I won’t stop experimenting. Proceed like this.”

Even if you set the main type, what will eventually be born is just a completely new creature.

That’s why it didn’t matter to her what her defining characteristics were.

But the biologist was still reluctant.

The Raysis thinks that mixing is enough, but the Ultima system completely controls the biological combination.

And researchers know nothing about how that’s possible.

‘Yes, sirone can’t turn things around. At most, becoming one with the commander is everything.’

Nevertheless, the reason for his anxiety was his vast experience in the laboratory for a long time.

To be optimistic that nothing will happen means that the information we have is limited to a narrow framework.

Variables are always unknown outside of cognition. And when something starts to move in that darkness… … .

‘Is it really okay to proceed like this?’

Bioshock happens.


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