Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 433

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[433] Opportunity for Revenge (5)

The ice sheet of Niflheim shook.

If you looked down from a high place, you would be able to see the rhythm of the ice molecules spreading out like concentric circles on the water surface.

Gaold stood in the middle of the wave.

He was standing and nothing was there.


Gaold gritted his teeth like a demon.

The veins that ran up his neck to his temples wriggled like an annelids.

The guide knelt on the ice and looked at the place where the Grim Reaper had disappeared, devastated.

“This, this is nonsense.”

At that time, the ice sheet could not withstand the waves and spread in all directions, causing thick cracks.

A zig-zag crack stretched out, curving toward the guide as if he were conscious.


Nan Nan grabbed the guide’s collar and flung himself, and a 4-meter-wide crack quickly passed where they were.

The cracks stopped and the area became completely scorched.

It was the presence Gaold carved into Niflheim.

Whoa oh oh oh!

As the Grim Reapers ascended to heaven, they began to spit out the life streams they had accumulated throughout their lives.

“Huh? uh huh?”

The guide’s eyes shook in shock.

It was the first time in his life to see as many as 10 black elixirs flying into the sky at the same time.

Even my consciousness was confused by the powerful pleasure that made my heart stop just by looking at it.

As he watched the Elixir roll across the ice with a thump, he swatted his limbs like a madman and ran.

Without even noticing that his palms were being cut by the cold ice, he swept the elixir dazedly.

When I held it with both hands, it was quite heavy.

It was quite heavy, but it felt like I was carrying the heaviest thing in the world.

‘If this is all mine… … .’

The guide’s eyes were filled with desire.

However, the moment I saw Kang Nan’s cold face, my spirit flashed. Words she hadn’t even asked came out of her mouth.

“Oh, no, half of it is mine… … .”

“Pick it up. All.”

After confirming that the guide was frantically picking up the elixir, Gangnan turned to Gaold.

‘He’s like an idiot!’

Pain 100,000 times.

An experience that ordinary humans cannot even imagine. But for Gaold, it’s just a common reality.

After all, pain is just a special signal from the nervous system that is transmitted to the brain.

It’s just like that.

Human beings who have to live their whole lives enduring extreme pain that cannot be escaped or denied.

That was the curse placed on Gaold.

“are you okay?”

Gaold, who had regained his former form, wrinkled his nose like a mischievous person.

“Hey, what if it’s not okay? Can I kiss you?”

Gangnan snorted.

If that were to happen at all, how would Gaold deal with it?

Pain in the sensitive senses? The greatest thrill of your life?

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have that kind of hobby with old people.”

“Why is this? When we first met, he was so shy that he couldn’t even raise his head.”

Absolutely nothing like that happened.

However, Kang Nan recalled that time with a sad expression.

‘I… … Was it?’

I was relieved to see his bold appearance, but the more I did, the more I felt a fire raging inside me.

The sense of prestige soared 100 times in an instant.

Even an ordinary human will scream and roll on the floor if the pain of a cut fingertip is amplified 100 times.

However, Gaold is basically a human with 1,000-fold amplification.

I knew that it couldn’t really be okay without looking inside.

“Listen carefully. In the future, when raising pain… … .”

“I can see a little way now. Let’s go quickly.”

Gaold cut off Kang Nan’s words and headed to the guide.

Faced with reality, the guide’s face was completely terrified.

At the beginning of the journey, I even thought that I could take care of my share.

However, when he saw the force that destroyed 40 Grim Reapers in an instant, he realized where he had been brought to.

It wasn’t a question of betrayal or backstabbing.

In Niflheim, where there was nothing but ghosts, Gaold was like a god holding his own life.

‘It will kill me. I’m sure it will.’

The condition of having 50% of the Elixir harvested.

Proportionately, it’s strong, but in reality, if you get two black elixirs, you have one of them.

At least that’s how it was calculated so far.

However, as the number of elixirs increased, that 50 percent ratio began to feel like an enormous weight.


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Wouldn’t there be a reason to keep yourself alive when you already had to pay a huge amount of elixir?

“How many did you collect?”

The guide winced and opened the pouch.

“Eh, so… … .”

14 obtained this time, 24 previously.

The thought of having as many as 38 black elixirs in hand made me feel like I was dreaming.

“As you can see, there are 38 of them.”

The guide added hastily.

“I-I don’t have such a big greed… … So please… … .”

“Go back.”


The guide, who was about to beg for help, raised his head with a bewildered expression.

“Leave half of it, take half with you. From now on, I’m not at the level where you guide me.”

If 40 Grim Reapers appear at the same time, there is no guarantee that more enemies will not appear the closer you get to Hell.

Giving up greed at this point was a good thing for the guide, and there was also a profit and loss calculation that said that 50% of the black elixir’s mass acquisition would increase over time.

‘Go back? Are you serious?’

maybe sincere

There is no reason for strong people who can kill themselves at any time if they want to stab them in the back.

The guide’s head began to spin rapidly as the most feared problem was resolved.

Return to the mainland with 19 Black Elixir.

You can live your life doing whatever you want for 38 years.

‘no. I’d rather use about 10 black elixirs to build a community. Then I’ll be able to play and eat for the rest of my life while managing my subordinates.’

However, unlike the head, the heart did not move easily.

If you build a community with 10 black elixirs, you have 9 left in your hand.

But the human heart is so strange, I felt as if I had lost 10 of the 19 that should have been there.

In addition, there was a feeling that there was something lacking in keeping the remaining 9 numbers for life.

‘Ai-san, if there was only one more, I would have lost my regrets. If it’s 10, what’s 10 or 9? It’s embarrassing.’

The feeling of having the whole world with just one black elixir had already disappeared before the greater greed that came after achieving it.

‘Yes, just one more. Even if I go back now, it’s just as dangerous.’

I’ve memorized the path of the Grim Reaper’s low incidence, but the data isn’t 100% accurate.

“What if I suddenly break the contract? I can’t back off like this. I will guide you to Hell.”

Gaold stared the guide in the eye.

It was a desperate look as if he had seized the last chance of his life.

“Cheuk, yes, if you’re a man, you’ll have to take a big hit. Guide me.”

“Your words.”

The guide quickly stood up and took the lead.

Tapping the bag full of black elixir, I remembered the words of my parents when I was a child.

Paddle when the water comes in.

#4. bioshock

“It’s done. Wake up.”

Sirone and Fleur took off their glasses and similar mechanisms and got out of bed.

I was quarantined for 7 days and had a physical examination once a day, and today was the day I had my brainwaves measured.

“In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with it. As of this time, the quarantine measures will be lifted, so you can go back to your accommodation.”

Sirone let out a sigh of relief.

The situation where I couldn’t even go to the bathroom properly for 7 days was finally over.

After leaving the examination room, Sirone and Fleur headed to the dorm side by side.

Sirone, who had been careful of what she said until now, opened her mouth.

“No matter how you think about it, it’s strange, right? Why are they examining us so persistently?”

I guessed from the beginning that infection with an unknown pathogen was just an excuse.

Even so, the reason I didn’t show it was because I didn’t want to lose even the opportunity to blow the counter in a situation where my hands and feet were tied.

“I doubt that too. The promised integration of the rebels is also sluggish. Now that containment has been lifted, something has changed. I’ll find out little by little while you focus on your foreign activities.”

“Is it really necessary? Maybe it has nothing to do with us.”

Team Sirone’s ground task is to unite the rebels.

Even if Reysis had a secret, if it was the internal circumstances of the headquarters, there was no need to scratch and scratch it.

‘no. There must be something.’

While in quarantine, information with the outside world was thoroughly blocked, but minor changes made while going to and from the examination room made her uncomfortable.

‘I’ll have to search at a level that doesn’t get caught.’

An old man passing through the hallway glanced at the flue.

* * *

Raysis entered the secret laboratory of the 2nd Command.

He was wearing a red cloak as usual, and his expression was in a state of deep recall.

“You sent the items requested by the night blind?”

“yes. Dismantling now. Please check.”

On the test bench, chunks of meat with a thick layer of fat were piled up inside the slime-stained gray leather.

On the table across from it, a part corresponding to the creature’s face was enshrined.

Reisis trembled when she saw the long snake-like snout and the jagged teeth embedded in the circular mouth.

‘It is certainly. I finally got it.’

Park Yo-jong and Jeremong.

As a creature belonging to the Purgatory Hunt Rank A class, it possesses the ability of Antithesis, which binds all targets other than its own kind.

In other words, it is a law that rejects the law, and it is assumed that it is a unique mechanism of the home planet where Izermont inhabits.

“I saw the night blindness so funny. It’s nowremon. You got it much faster than I thought, didn’t you?”

“I was surprised too. Even the elite soldiers of the headquarters raised both their hands and feet on Antithese.”

“I must have found a way to hunt or hired someone good. It could be both. let’s start anyway Activate the Fuzix Machine.”

Where Resis turned, there was a device in which a huge glass sphere was placed at each vertex of an octagon centered on a 4-meter-high glass tube.

Biological Mixer Fus*x Machine.

It was a device that created a new organism with complex traits by mixing two or more types of organisms.

‘I have to strengthen Izermont somehow.’

Park Yo-jong Jeremon has excellent functions on its own, but it could be a more perfect weapon by combining various characteristics that can make use of the strengths of the antithesis.

‘An antithesis to the extent of suppressing the actions of angels. If it doesn’t have that much power, it can’t be used in war.’

After dissolving the various elixirs in perfect proportions, pouring water and adding the black elixir, a long black liquid flowed down the hose and into the barrel.

It was the ‘Plasm’ used in Anecdote’s sake.

Plasma, which reacts only to organic substances, melts living things and absorbs their own genetic information.

When this is mixed with another plasma and electrical stimulation is applied, a new organism with the characteristics of the two entities is created, which is exactly the same as the technique of the anecdote.

However, since humans are not the only materials, the probability of failure increases as the number of types increases.

The reason why Raysis had eyes on Sirone was to control the variables of interspecies union with the powerful spirit of the Nephilim.

“Commander, Izermont’s Plasma is complete.”

Raysis’s eyes sparkled with joy when she saw the bobbing plasma in the barrel.

It had a stench that made you want to cover your nose, but to her, it was the sweetest scent in the world.

‘I will evolve endlessly.’

It was the water of life that would lead her to the seat of a god.


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