Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 432

[432] Opportunity for Revenge (4)

Heaven’s Fifth Thousand Matei.

The giant, born from the sake of an anecdote, returns to Matei after realizing the law through a sacred ceremony in Jotunheim.

As ‘those who keep the law’, their main duty was to maintain the peace of heaven and fight against external forces.

Kariel, accompanied by Uriel, looked up at the huge castle towering over Matei.

At the appearance of the lofty archangel, the 15-meter-tall giants who had reached the 4th level of Ilhwa’s art bowed their heads.

I did my best to bend at the waist, but it was so huge that I couldn’t even come close to the top of Kariel’s head, which was 2 meters 30 centimeters.

Kariel snorted and passed through the front door.

Even so, his heart was in a very uncomfortable state.

Ymir, the king of giants, says that he can’t help it because he annihilated the ‘part’ and went into hibernation.

But at least for the corps commander, shouldn’t he have to come out barefoot and bow his head.

“These are real… … !”

The present situation in heaven was a mess.

After Shirone, the light of Area 73, broke the sobriety of the anecdote, the subjects began to suspect Ankera, and everything changed after that.

Kariel wanted to immediately fly to Purgatory and punish the rebels, but she couldn’t even protect herself unless she was accompanied by Uriel.

‘Let’s see. I’ll put an end to it sooner or later.’

If Jebul’s structure was perfect, Matei’s castle only competed with grandeur.

The colors of Mecha, Nord, and Kergo were not mixed, and materials in a pure natural state were piled up only with the power of giants.

Just looking at the gigantic pillars, which could only be carried by non-giants, showed their way of thinking.

After passing through the hall and climbing the central stairway as high as a wall, there was a line of giant guards reaching up to the ceiling.

Power enough to destroy the world.

But they never move. Until Ymir’s instructions were given.

“Why is the great archangel in such a humble place?”

Perhaps the smallest here, a 3-meter-tall giant approached, dragging a black cloak.

Although it is not large, it has a sense of weight that makes the floor vibrate with each step.

Girshin, the giant corps commander who has reached level 7 of Anecdotal Art.

If Ymir was like a rock in its natural state, he had the impression of a sword that had been forged a thousand times.

“Meet the corps commander Guru-sin, the angel.”

Standing in front of Kariel, Girshin immediately bent one knee and bowed his head.

Even a warrior known to be able to split a mountain with a single blow could not exceed the stature set by the law.

Kariel didn’t like that.

Among the eight archangels, he had nothing to say about force, so it felt like he could see into the hearts of those who worshiped the logic of force.

“Does the body become sluggish when it reaches level 7? You only moved 100 meters while I got here.”

Girshin raised one corner of his mouth.

“A giant does not have an infinite mind like an angel. He would have gone to meet him if he had sent a message in advance.”

Girshin’s response was certainly different from that of Ymir.

For a giant with a certain amount of hair, it would be a waste of time to find fault with the past.

“The reason I found it myself is to give you instructions.”

“What if you say instructions?”

“Lead the giant army and wipe out the rebels right now.”

Girshin’s brow narrowed.

We know from rumors that there is currently a conflict of opinion among the angels in Jebul.

However, ignoring Ra’s message about the prohibition of angelic activity and acting arbitrarily was another form of treason.

“Haona, Ra… … .”

“That’s why I found you. Ra’s message is valid only for angels. Above all, the current rebels are sweeping away the giants born from anecdotes as soon as they are discovered. There must be enough justification for the giants to move, right?”

Girshin realized that he was in a situation where he could neither subtract nor beat.

But he had no intention of moving the giant army.

They only follow Ymir.

The reason why Anchera obeys is also because Ymir obeys.

“sorry. I don’t think I can follow your will.”

Kariel’s face crumpled evilly.

The sound of the guards salivating resonated loudly like a heartbeat, but Girshin’s expression was calm.

“Are you going to refuse? Are you serious?”

Kariel opened the ‘Daebeopjeon’, a sacred object unique to the angel of birth.

It was an outright threat, and it meant that he would risk his life the next time he uttered the words.

“Don’t you know Kariel? Without King Ymir’s orders, the giants… … .”

“Aaaaaa! An insignificant giant!”

After closing the Great Law, Kariel frantically slashed Girshin’s head with it.

There was not the slightest hint of angelic dignity in his face as he screamed and waved his arms.

bang! bang! bang! bang!

No matter how weakened the archangel’s attack was, it was not negligible.

Blood ran down Girshin’s forehead, who just kept his mouth shut.

Uriel, who was watching with his arms crossed, thought of the sudden transformation of the angel he had known from the beginning.

‘This isn’t like you, Kariel.’

Archangel of Birth, Kariel. He was smashing Girshin’s head with the Great Law.

‘Are you so hateful to humans? No, you should know by now. You look like… … .’

Uriel got out of his thoughts.

Terrible killing spree was rising from the guards lined up on the left and right.

Although the status of the law is low, the pride of a servant is no less than that of an angel.

It was only natural that such a giant’s corps commander would feel resentment when he was subjected to humiliating violence in front of his subordinates.


As one giant stepped out and prepared to step out, Uriel’s starlight expanded into Halo.

Realizing this, Girsin broke his calm expression and looked back at his subordinate, widening his eyes terribly.

“Ugh… … .”

The Guardsman, overwhelmed by the eyes of the corps commander, quietly returned to his seat as if it had been a mistake.

Every time the Great Law was struck, cracks appeared on the floor and the ground caved in, but Girshin did not take any action.

‘Now is not the time to step out. Even if we attack in groups, Yuriel, the angel of destruction, will not win.’

An incarnation of destruction said to rival Ikael in his heyday even among the archangels in combat power alone.

‘You have to endure. Until our king, Ymir, comes.’

Kariel stepped back with her tired hands trembling.

It felt like the asteroid was blurring and the thought circuit was melting.


Girshin didn’t say anything, just staring at his own blood dripping on the floor.

It was an abominable sight to Kariel, who longed for creation.

“let’s go!”

As Kariel turned and walked away, Uriel finally showed his emotions and looked back at the giants.

The presence of the angels prescribed by the law made the giant’s two legs tremble.

“Be careful, Girshin. You are not Ymir.”

The body of Yuriel, who spread the wings of light, rose beautifully and turned into a flash of light and flew to the front door.

* * *

Gaold’s face, whose hair had turned white, was terribly contorted like that of a demon.

The powerful air gun spread through bullets and penetrated all 40 Grim Reapers.

Then, suddenly, the ice sheet vibrated and the Grim Reaper’s shape turned to smoke like an angry flame.

Ooh oh oh oh!

The hood disappeared, revealing a hideous skull.

When the deaf ears exploded, as if hearing them would drive you crazy, the guide clutched his head and collapsed.


I didn’t come here in the first place.

Black Elixir and luxurious life were just delusions to those who heard this.

“I, please… … Aaaaaaan!”

At the signal of the guide’s cry, Kang Nan kicked off the ground and ran.

Her expression was still not good. The accident was paralyzed as the incident from 10 years ago came to mind.

‘That fool!’

Grim Reaper, emitting a vivid light purple aura, swung his scythe roughly at Gangnan.

All of them were cutting beyond the level of Mach.

Although they are also made of a certain ‘material’, they seemed to operate in a completely different mechanism from the existing physical world.

Kang Nan, who evaded the attack with a nimble movement like a bouncing ping-pong ball, rushed to the dark horse’s leg and kicked it.

As the black horse’s thick legs suddenly broke, thick black smoke rose as if on fire.

Hey hey hey hey!

The black horse’s screams pierced his eardrums, but Kang Nan gnashed his teeth and endured.

I looked around in search of Gaold, but it felt like the world was enveloped in a black curtain because of the rampaging dark horses.

“I really can’t live!”

When Kang Nan, who was sitting down, pushed his strength, the thigh part of the stocking opened and a hole was pierced in a waterdrop pattern.

The moment the Grim Reaper’s scythe plunged vertically, her body soared 20 meters into the air as if it had escaped the gravitational field.

Gaold was seen buried among the many Grim Reapers. Every time Grim Reaper’s shape spread in smoke, a flash of iron-colored light raked the place where Gaold was.

Currently, the magic that protects Gaold is nothing more than an air shield that even beginners can use, but none of the attacks can penetrate the sphere’s defense.


As Gaold’s face began to contort like a goblin’s, Gangnan’s heart sank.


Atmospheric pressure suddenly surged around Gaold.

Pain 100,000 times – air pressing.

Koo Goo Goo Goo Goo!

As the ice shook as if an earthquake had occurred, the black smoke body of the Grim Reaper was flattened like rubber.


Gaold puffed out his cheeks and took a deep breath.

In the meantime, the crushed Grim Reapers crawled out of the ground and returned to their original state from a distance.

It was a characteristic of Niflheim that it regenerated in an instant if you gave it a little bit of room to escape.

Gangnan, who came into the Grim Reaper’s siege, shouted as he walked quickly as if he was angry.

“it’s crazy! I really want to die… … !”

Gaold, his eyes wide open, parted his mouth faintly.

In front of that face, Kang Nan couldn’t nag.

It just didn’t make sense to be able to laugh.

“I told you not to come. I couldn’t finish it because of you.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Don’t you know that everything ends when you die here?”

“don’t worry. It’s different from 10 years ago.”

Gangnan couldn’t stand it and screamed.

“It was still dangerous!”

autoreciprocal mutation.

It was the disease that Gaold got on the Day of Judgment of the Twenty.

The functional limitations of organisms are limited to the environment.

The reason humans burn is because they were born in a place without fire, and the reason Salamanders are not burned is because they were born in fire.

If it is the environment that sets the limits of a creature, Gaold has severed the link between himself and the environment through a terrible penance.

Because there is no environment, there is no limit to mutations that occur in the stem cell stage.

Even in everyday life, Gaold’s nervous system is at least 1,000 times more sensitive than normal people, and the world of Gaold was completely different from the world experienced by all humans.

Literally hell.

Even simply breathing in, it feels like glass powder goes into your lungs, and even a gust of wind feels like your skin is going to tear.

However, what he got in return was self-denial and unimaginable mental strength that no one could imitate.

“You know it becomes extremely dangerous from the pain 10,000 times! Even now, my hair is leaking and my memory is flying, but if I raise it beyond that, I will really die!”

“I will not die.”

Gaold turned coldly and walked away.

“As for the pain, I will never die.”

Kang Nan clenched his fists and bit his lip.

But in the end, as if resigned, he lowered his head and slowly retreated.

I knew the truth.

You don’t die because of pain, you suffer because you couldn’t die.

I don’t know why Gaold was cursed like this.

One thing was certain, it was the fact that there was no one else who could annihilate 40 of the strongest demons in an instant.

Gaold’s eyes slowly returned to normal.

Recovering his smile, he wiggled his fingers and taunted the Grim Reaper.

“Come on, you less-than-fallen skeleton gourds.”

Ooh oh oh oh!

It is unlikely that they understood human speech, but as if receiving a signal, all the Grim Reapers expanded their auras.

The screams of countless ghosts shook the snowy landscape, and a light purple aura swirled around like a whirlpool.

The whirlpool soon turned into thousands of skulls, all fired at Gaold.

The sun was obscured as the sky was covered in darkness, and thousands of skull bombs fell upon Gaold in the darkness.

“haha. Kkkkkkkkk!”

Gaold gritted his teeth and lowered his stance.

The pupils disappeared from his pupils, who wickedly tore the corners of his mouth.

Pain 100,000 times – air pressing.


Everything poured down, and the great darkness was crushed with a roar.


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