Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 430

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[430] Opportunity for Revenge (2)

Upon arriving at 2nd HQ, Sirone and Fleur waited in a room.

Of course, the expression waiting was Cho Won’s words, and he knew that it was actually quarantine.

Fleur, who observed the trend outside, sat down next to Sirone.

“Now talk. What happened?”

Sirone explained what happened in Babel’s c*ckpit.

The Ultima system unifies all signals and transmits them. Babel’s historical records obtained through the Ultima system.

Flew took a deep breath and thought.

I had heard about the history of heaven, but this was a completely different story.

“Isn’t the person whose records were to be expunged in the Babel Project, perhaps the person involved in the Reset?”

McLean Guffin.

Sirone was almost certain.

Most of all, it was shocking that Guffin was involved in Ikael’s great sin.

“When I think about it now, I think Guffin had a reason to leave that had nothing to do with the affairs of this world. That is why he must have chosen the complicated method of initialization and then reconstruction.”

“That’s true, but I think it might have something to do with the Ultima system. What kind of method is it?”

“It’s more like a feeling than a language. Just as you feel hot when you touch something hot and feel prickly when you are stabbed by something sharp, such signals come in almost infinitely distinctly.”

“Hmm, I think I know… … .”

I could understand it in my head, but there would be no way to know the sensation unless it was the person in question.

“In that sense, I think the Ultima System is the opposite of the Akashic Records. Even if the parts change, the whole is perfect. If this is the Akashic Record, the Ultima system clearly distinguishes all the parts. It is no exaggeration to say that if all of the Gaians were united in the Ultima system, we could have fought against Ankera.”

“But on the other hand, isn’t that the power weakens as the number decreases?”

“yes. I’m only able to distinguish the meaning of signals.”

Flew disagreed on that.

“That’s a really good ability. It will be of sufficient help even in this place where you do not know the language, and the application methods will be endless in the future.”

“yes. Once you return alive here.”

Flu smiled bitterly at Sirone’s bony joke.

“but. Anyway, where did Babel go? Since it is a weapon against Heaven, did it go to Heaven?”

“It could be. Anyway, I think I should report it to Mr. Sein. There could be a big variable just in case.”

“Okay, let’s seize the opportunity and ask Mr. Gardlock. It sounds like you really don’t like being here.”

“So is Clove.”

The two of them laughed out loud.

* * *

Heaven’s 6th Heaven, Jebul.

After Arius entered Dremo, Kariel never left the Great World War.

Miro still showed no signs of waking up.

It won’t be easy.

Even for those who are familiar with the human mind, extracting only the maze from Drimo, where mental energy gathers, was the same difficulty as releasing a fish into the sea and catching it again 10 years later.

‘If it’s Brahma, he’ll take care of himself.’

Mara had the best insight among Mara, so even Kariel could trust him.

Even so, the shadow did not go away from the beautiful face looking at the central processing unit.

At that time, the data of the category that was stored a long time ago flashed on the screen.

Looking at the year, it was information stored so deep that even the angel’s memory was blurry.

Kariel’s eyes shone as she searched with curiosity.


After staring at the screen for a long time, Kariel tilted her head in disapproval.

Babel descended.

Attempts to track the location turned out to be true. A red dot was illuminated that was currently flying over Purgatory at high speed.

“But how?”

In the war with Gaia, it was Kariel who disrupted Babel’s production process.

The Archangel of Birth, Kariel, did not like the method of destruction that Uriel used.

It is counterproductive, irreversible and foolish.

Instead, he tweaked the algorithms that went into Babel’s programs, resetting Babel’s perceived enemies from heaven to subjects.

It was the main reason why the 2nd Gaia War failed.

“Who made it work?”

After the erasure of Guffin, pure Nephilim do not exist in Purgatory. However, there was no reason for the angel to go against Ankera’s message and wake up Babel.

Kariel received Babel’s data and displayed it on the screen.

From the moment the program was launched, the screen explored by Babel developed into a first-person perspective.

A face that Kariel also knew well appeared.

As Babel approached, the boy’s face enlarged in an instant.

Babel finally made a decision not to attack.

If the boy on the screen was the boy Kariel knew, it was only natural.


Kariel felt a thrill in her soul. Her hearty laugh exploded from the depths of her heart.

“Ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha!”

Finally, my chance came.

All things with human blood deserve to die, but among them, Sirone was particularly hated.

The human that Ikael loves the most.

“Would you be able to raise your nose in front of me after seeing this?”

Kariel has been out of the world war for the first time in a while.


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The first thing that came to his mind was Ikael’s pale face.

Heaven’s seventh heaven, Arabot.

In Araboth, where Ankera lives, there is a room where Archangel Ikael, who was once in the position of archangel, is put to rest.

Arriving in the hallway there, Kariel strode forward with a triumphant smile on her face.

Of course, I had no intention of handing over Sirone’s information.

Although the power was sealed, the name Ikael was still known as a symbol of glory to the angels.

still premature.

But just imagining such a fun incident alone made me feel sick to my stomach.

‘Where can I see a handsome mug? I’m in charge anyway.’

Right before arriving at Ikael’s room, a crack in space occurred in front of Kariel’s eyes, and hundreds of glass plates shone with different brightness.

As the blurred outline connected to the glass plate gradually became clearer, the solid line finally disappeared and the figure of a man materialized.

A signal that can contain unique information in a specific type of panel.

Ikael’s three-legged Mara Ashur blocked Kariel with eyes as deep as ink-colored hair.

“What is going on with Araboth, Angel of Creation?”

“I came to see Ikael. Will you be inside?”

As Kariel moved as if he hadn’t heard an answer, Ashur quickly approached and blocked his way again.

Kariel’s face twisted terribly.

“Is something like Mara interfering with me?”

I still remember clearly that Ashur appeared and pointed his sword right before I caught Sirone.

At the time, I was given Ikael’s order, so I just passed on it, but this time, it was not forgiven.

“Ikael doesn’t want to meet anyone.”

“no one? An angel in probation has wild dreams. Get out of the way, you insignificant Mara.”

Kariel pushed Ashur roughly. And before he could even stop, he opened the door.

The best of all angels, Ikael, shining pure white, was sitting on the floor waiting for Kariel.

“It’s been a while, Kariel.”

Kariel raised the corner of her mouth with difficulty.

Even if I am in front of Ikael, my starlight body will shrink, but I didn’t want to show a weak side today.

“Hmph, sitting on the ground is ridiculous. Where is the authority that once rose to the rank of archangel?”

Ikael smiled benevolently.

“Your presence has weakened a lot. Well, you didn’t know how to focus on one thing from the beginning before you could look for something else.”

In fact, Kariel’s complexion was visibly emaciated. Even the gun-like eyes that created all sorts of ingenious things were cloudy.

“What am I doing where I don’t know? Ra would have banned the activities of the angels.”

“Hey, what do you know? You no longer have any power. You must be wondering what I’m up to. No, I’m going crazy wanting to know. But what? You are just a puppet angel with only the reputation you once had.”

“Your nervousness is like a child asking for milk. What makes you afraid?”

Are you afraid? I?

Kariel’s eyes widened.

“ha ha ha! I have nothing to fear. Even greater than you! Who am I… … !”

Kariel’s words suddenly cut off.

Ikael began to loosen the ties of his pure white clothes.

As the collar parted and the shoulders narrowed, the top fell down.

I could see Kariel’s hardened face through the shoulders that proudly supported her straight neck, her arms that were thin yet powerful, and the back of her eight-headed body, which showed no flab.

“Come here, Kariel. he’s a special kid Hold me in my arms like before and tell me many stories. Then get a good night’s sleep and wake up and everything will be fine.”

“uh… … .”

Kariel tried to run to her with a bewildered expression, but hurriedly came to her senses.

The Ikael he hated so much was still beautiful.

The most perfect body in the world made only of pure white.

The ultimate in purity, without any fine particles or impurities!

Just like before, I wanted to hold her in her arms, rub my cheek, and tell her everything.

yeah that was all

The ultimate ataraxia that satisfied everything with just that.

‘She like that… … Her her her!’

Only one human being has tainted it.

“Doc… … Hit it!”

Kariel’s planetary body rotated at high speed as it expanded into a halo.

Everything in the room rattled, and Ikael’s golden hair hid her face sadly.

Kariel came over and screamed like crazy.

“shut up! Are you qualified to say that? you are… … you are… … ! Keugh!”

Kariel couldn’t stand the fluctuations in her mind and hurriedly lowered her head.

The already weakened presence was on the verge of collapsing the starlight.

‘shit! why… … !’

Not once, I swear to all, never once had I ever aspired to monopolize or possess her.

Pure awe, absolutely alien to human desires.

There was a time when I felt absolute happiness just by looking at it and the fact that the archangel Ikael existed.

‘Stupid humans! Ugly things!’

Why do humans not want to leave beautiful things as they are?

Did you want to own it like that? Couldn’t you share this beauty with others?

Everyone wants to be loved by Ikael. Was it that he was so jealous of her that he took her from her?

To Kariel, Ikael was no longer in awe. It was just a withered flower that had been cut off by the hands of an insignificant human being.

‘I can’t forgive you. No, I won’t forgive you!’

Kariel pressed her face to Ikael, who was lowering her head, and whispered.

“Listen smart. i never forget So I’ll do what you hate the most. Because you did what I hate the most!”

As Kariel left the room, Ikael, with a sad expression on his collar, spoke in a small voice.


At the same time as the call, Ashur prostrated herself in front of her.

His expression was miserable in front of the master who was insulted by Kariel.

“Your eternal servant answers the call.”

“Please investigate what Kariel is up to.”

According to the law of the family, Ashur’s power was weakened as much as Ikael’s power was sealed, but there was no reason to refuse anything she wanted. but.

“Currently, the atmosphere in heaven is turning out of the ordinary. If something like today happens again… … .”

Ikael put Ashur’s words to shame with a bright smile.

“That won’t happen. Please.”

No matter what sins he committed, Ikael is Ikael.

There were many angels and maras who would give their lives for the smile he showed now.

Ashur bowed his head in silence.

His body split into hundreds of glass panes and disappeared in an instant.


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