Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 425

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[425] Definition of creature (1)

Returning to the Commander’s Office, Reisis put on her red cloak and was lost in thought.

The aide who entered after her noticed and asked cautiously.

“Commander, how is Sirone treated… … ?”

It wouldn’t have mattered if they showed the Nephilim’s ability from the beginning.

Because the Nephilim are such beings.

However, Syrone itself has already exceeded the potential of Reisis.

This will affect the Norse rebels who believe in the Spirit Force in one way or another.

It was a tricky problem for Raysys to deal with.

‘I knew you didn’t trust me, but I never thought they’d stab me in the back like this.’

“Here, Commander. instructions… … .”

The aide spoke again impatiently.

Currently, the outside is full of emotions wondering about Sirone’s position.

As time passed, the thoughts of doubting the absolute status of Reysis inevitably increased.


Reisis raised her head and smiled, and the aide made a puzzled expression.

She stopped laughing and turned to the aide.

“I finally found the perfect factor to compensate for my flaws.”

“Then Sirone… … .”

“Yes, it absorbs. Sirone’s mighty Spirit Force will become a vessel that can accept the characteristics of any creature. I can’t miss this opportunity.”

The aide rolled his eyeballs here and there.

He saw Sirone’s Spirit Force with his own eyes, so there was no room for disagreement.

But Sirone is a symbol of the rebels.

If public opinion were to go bad, there was room for the cause that had been built so far to collapse in an instant.

Reisis raised an eyebrow and said.

“I know what you are thinking.”

“sorry. However, it is also dangerous for the commander.”

Reisis fluttered her cloak and turned around.

“We create clones by culturing a genetic sample of Sirone. I’ll do a clinical test on Sirone’s clone, and when I’m certain, I’ll absorb it.”

“Is it possible? Sirone is not a subject. Human cloning is a very sensitive field, and even the slightest difference in genetic sequence is likely to fail.”

Although subjects and imitations are the same human beings, they have been passed down through independent generations, with exchanges cut off for a long time.

Even if the number of chromosomes is the same, if the arrangement has changed during evolution, the probability of implantation normally in the incubator for cloning is low.

“Even if it were possible, it might just waste the black elixir.”

“Whoops, no need to worry. Humans are also machines. There are many ways depending on how you design it. I’m already looking forward to it. What abilities can I equip Sirone with?”

Resis made an ecstatic expression and let her imagination run wild, then returned with a fierce look.

“We deal with the military community. I need the genes of many monsters to combine with Sirone’s clone. However, this time only with the powerful ones. Whatever the trait, only the strongest traits are selected and combined.”

“All right.”

When the aide lowered her head and left, Reisis sat on the sofa, crossed her legs, and flicked her red tongue.

Experimenting on the human body of a Nephilim is unprecedented, but if successful, the gains are limitless.

“Whoa, whoa, that sounds like a lot of fun.”

It was a gamble of a lifetime.

* * *

Sirone has been promoted to leader of the riot police, a special unit under the 2nd Command.

Unlike the 1st and 2nd, the 3rd Mobile Squadron to which he belonged was a group that carried out the commander’s direct orders, and the members were also the most elite with over 20% of the Spirit Force.

Fleur, who assisted Sirone and became the vice-captain of the 3rd Mobility Corps, glanced at the three members.

Being the commander of the riot squad was a vertical rise in status, but I couldn’t erase the feeling of being watched.

“It’s kind of annoying. I mean those things.”

“It was to be expected. Ever since I opened Immortal Function.”

Raysis promised to form an alliance with the First Command on the condition that Sirone be incorporated into the Second Command, but the uncomfortable part remained.

Rather than fully trusting her, he decided that it would be better to lay a foundation to shake the power in case of an emergency.

“It is, but… … .”

When Fleur turned her head, the three members of the crew who were watching Sirone hurriedly looked away.

With that alone, he seemed to know roughly what kind of orders he had received from Reis.

‘It must be difficult to shake off during the mission. If there is a chance, is it night?’

While Flew was lost in thought, Jo Won approached.

He was a tall man with a long philtrum, and although he was a subordinate in terms of position, his gaze was extremely overbearing.

“Commander, the first mission has been handed down from the upper level. On the Highlands of Corruption… … .”

“for a moment. Why are you on assignment?”

Flew stopped talking.

“Haven’t we heard? The reporting system is messed up. The leader is definitely Sirone.”

The man kept his mouth shut without a change in his expression, but as the silence grew longer, he lowered his head as if he couldn’t do anything about it.

“sorry. It seems that a misunderstanding has occurred. Because I was the leader before. We will report it to the higher up and correct it so that this does not happen in the future.”

When he bowed down and entered, Flu could no longer be aggressive.

In any case, since we have to move together for the time being, it would be best not to make things that tickle the back of our heads.

“okay. keep talking On the Highlands of Corruption?”

A drone translated Flew’s words.

There was no problem with casual conversation, but he wasn’t quick enough to give instructions in an urgent war.

“There are ancient ruins in the Highlands of Corruption. The rebels call it the ‘Tomb of the Angel’. It may have once been a place where angels came in and out, but now it is simply neglected.”


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The history of heaven is a story of a very distant past to the extent that it belongs to a myth to mankind.

But even in such a paradise, ancient times existed, and Sirone and Fleur were intrigued.

“Hmm, what should I do when I go there?”

“Since the ancient ruins are sealed by angels, only angels and Nephilim are allowed to enter. And among the rebels, the only Nephilim still alive is Chief Sirone.”

“Aha, that’s right.”

I could feel Raysis’ will to thoroughly use what was to be used while keeping watch as it was.

I don’t know the relationship between the Norse and wizards, but according to her words, it was definitely a wizard-like mindset.

“good. Then let’s go.”

The ancient ruins of Heaven must have information that would be useful for this project, regardless of personal interest.

‘You have to do this much. Because the seniors are on a more dangerous mission.’

As the spirit of light, Ellizer, was activated, the 3rd Task Force was sent to the plateau of corruption.

* * *

Armin, Shiina, Etela, Kuan.

Moving as a team of four, they camped out in the forest and returned to the mainland early in the morning.

The first impression of the mainland was reminiscent of the World’s Fair where they were.

There was no unified standard, and bizarre creatures were roaming the streets.

The styles of the buildings arranged in a row along the street vary greatly. As if to represent the flow of the times, there was a row of huts, timber houses, brick houses, and mechanical buildings.

“Wow, that’s really cool. You won’t see anything like this anywhere.”

Ethella spoke with an innocent smile, but there was no reply.

It wasn’t revealed when the 10 members of the team gathered together, but when there were only four people left, the distance between Shiina and Armin was felt more clearly.

The one who was disturbed was Shiina.

I thought Armin would tell me first. He was at least able to explain why he was able to follow him to heaven.

‘You said you left the ivory tower?’

If it was that easy, why didn’t I tell you beforehand?

Even before the question was over, Shiina could not stand the tantrum and opened her mouth.

“are you okay?”

Ethella, who was struggling to liven up the atmosphere, suddenly shut her mouth, and after a while, Armin answered.

“what do you mean?”

“I mean Keira. What happened?”

“… … .”

It was a story that could never be told to Shiina.

But even aside from that, keeping your mouth shut this time was a courtesy to Keira.

“Are you going to leave the ivory tower?”

Keira glared at Armin with fearful eyes.

I wasn’t shocked because I had already expected it. The problem is, Armin is bound by the ivory tower and the oath of pact.

The condition of the agreement oath, which is the ability of the regular eater, is triggered when the oath is torn, and magic cannot be cast forever.

So Keira took out the oath of the agreement.

At the end of the document, Armin’s signature was clearly engraved.

Since it was the signature he had taken Shiina as a hostage from the beginning, he hoped not to tear it as much as possible, but if he wanted to go to death, this was also one way.

“If you go, your relationship with us will end there. If that’s okay with you, get out of this room.”

Armin smiled softly.

He had never shown a smile, so Keira realized it was a goodbye.

“Thank you for that time.”

Although he didn’t show it, Armin knew that Keira had done a lot for him.

“joy! Don’t try to convince me. Don’t act like you’re the only one suffering! Or what? Are you going to stop time again and run away?”

Armin shook his head.

“You can’t use stop magic like that. Because I, who consumed the timeline, am just a burden.”

“What does it matter? Anyway, if I tear up the oath, you’re nothing. I’m just a blind man who can’t even go to the bathroom by himself!”

“Then it is unavoidable. You’ve only been causing trouble so far, so you can do as you please in the end.”

Armin walked towards the door.

Take a picture when you grab the doorknob and turn it! snap! I heard the sound of paper tearing.

Armin looked back in surprise.

The conditions of the oath were fulfilled, but the target was not himself.

“Keira… … .”

Her signature was engraved on one of the oaths that fell to the floor like petals.

Another agreement oath.

Her oath of pact, which she had to take from the Ivory Tower to keep tabs on Armin, is now destroyed.

“go. Because with this, the situation has been established. If you like her that much, go!”

“Keira, I… … .”

“Don’t come any closer!”

Keira shouted.

I didn’t want to remain a miserable figure who received sympathy until the end.

“Go to heaven and protect her. but… … .”

Keira raised her tear-stained face.

“Come back alive. Protect her, and come back alive. You bastard son of the world!”

Armin turned around without a word.

Keira is also an ivory tower wizard recognized by the world.

She never thought that what she had achieved was less than her own.

“I will definitely pay you back.”

Armin, who cast the flicker magic, disappeared in an instant.

Armin’s party arrived at the front gate of the military community on the outskirts of the mainland, aka ‘Night Mang’.

The term military complex boasted an enormous scale, and smoke was rising from all the chimneys towering over the walls.

“I don’t think you need to ask any more.”

Armin walked to the front door.

He brought a drone in case of emergency, but Armin had nothing to use because he was learning the language of Heaven.

“excuse me. this is… … .”

The bodyguards guarding both sides of the main gate closed the gap and blocked the way.

He was wearing a tight suit that was not seen in the original world and wearing glasses studded with black eggs.

“Stop. Who are you?”

“I am here with a request. Can I meet the person in charge?”

As the front door opened, about 10 bodyguards dressed in the same suit blocked Armin’s way with expressionless faces.

“Go back. My brother is in a bad mood today.”

“I’m sorry about that. But we don’t have a lot of time either. Please tell me at least for now.”

A bodyguard with a strong build approached, stroking his fist.

“I don’t mind. Guys, do you know where this is?”

As more than 10 bodyguards spewed out their lives all at once, the energy of a bad temper attacked Armin and his party.

‘This… … .’

All four realized at the same time.

A temperament that could never be felt in the original world.

“Be careful.”

Kuan said as he drew his sword.

“These are not humans.”


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