Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 424

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[424] Second Command (3)

After undressing, Sirone walked through a long tunnel. Gas billowed out from a crack in the wall, sterilizing her body.

There might be some suspicious intentions hidden, so Sirone held her breath and completed the tunnel that wasn’t too long.

Upon entering the next gateway, a large cave appeared.

The sunlight shone through the numerous holes in the ceiling, reminiscent of stars in the night sky.

After staring at the ceiling for a moment, Sirone lowered her head and focused on the strange thing in front of her.

“What is this?”

A huge gel-type liquid lay in a lump like pudding.

As Sirone hesitated, not knowing how to use it, an old man’s voice was heard from the ceiling.

“It is a process of coating the sterilized body. Break right through.”


Sirone sent the drone flying toward the entrance first, then took a deep breath and dug into the inside of the gel.

It was slippery like real pudding, so there was no difficulty walking.

However, the feeling became very strange. A slight blush appeared on her face as her sensitive area was stimulated.

When I entered the next room, a warm space with red light came out.

The gel on her body dried in an instant and completely coated Sirone’s body.

“Aha, that’s it.”

Sterilization of 99.99% was completed.

* * *

Arriving at the last room, Sirone was surprised to see so many people wandering around.

Liquids of various colors bubbled in more than 10 glass tubes and flowed in all directions through hoses.

On the table, glass utensils needed for experiments and some parts of creatures of unknown origin were displayed with less blood.

People in white coats were moving busily, and the bald man I met at the entrance was waiting with a snarling expression holding Sirone and Fleur’s clothes.

Commander Reisis approached with a bewitching smile, wearing a red cloak that matched her mood.

Everyone except herself was wearing clothes, so Sirone was a bit shy, but she didn’t have enough experience in combat to show weakness during the mission.

“Where is this?”

When I asked, pretending to be calm, she changed the topic with a smile as if she knew how she felt.

“How about the Norse sterilization system? Isn’t it perfect?”

It was actually like that, so Sirone readily admitted it.

“yes. It was quite systematic.”

Just then, the door on the other side opened and Floo came in.


I could barely keep the sound that was about to come out of my mouth.

Flew, on the other hand, looked at the surrounding scenery first, as if he had nothing to shy away from, even in a place where many people were roaming around.

Then, he found Sirone and approached him with great strides.

“Did you come soon? Did everything go well?”

“Ah yes.”

Fleur looked down at Sirone.

Still, as a wizard, Kubrick was sticking with him to the end.

‘Well, if you can’t do this much, you’re just a kid.’

In fact, Sirone also flatly refused the request to remove the ring.

However, he did not check Flew’s hand.

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you do it, but… … She wanted to believe in her.

After confirming that Sirone was safe, Flew carefully inspected the surrounding objects.

‘Biology lab. What the hell are you researching here?’

The scene of the laboratory in the basement of the Magic Association overlapped with the sight of scholars rushing to dissect the organs of unknown creatures on the table.

If the source of the smell of blood in Lacey’s perfume is probably here, then she also resides there.

If it was simply to measure the Spirit Force, there was no reason to wait until the blood smelled.

‘Hmm, it’s definitely suspicious, right?’

Reisis approached Fleur.

“Sorry. Were you surprised? I should have paid more attention to women. However, it is the only laboratory connected to the disinfection room. I need uncontaminated hair and blood.”

Flew confidently stretched one leg out to the side and placed his right hand on his hip.

There was no way he didn’t know that he did it on purpose.

“There’s nothing I can do about a physical examination. But aren’t you wrapping yourself up too tight for someone who says that?”

Lacey laughed cheerfully.

“Ho-ho-ho! Because I am a commander in my own way. Hang in there. I’ll finish it soon and give you clothes.”

A woman with a syringe came over and drew blood from Sirone and Fleur. At the side, two people clung to each other and collected their hair.

Reisis was satisfied with their unconcerned appearance.

“I have studied your magic. A system that mixes the spirit of the Norse with the knowledge of the Meccans. But I think, after all, you guys are closer to Nord.”

Flew, who had been watching the dissection of a huge chunk of meat, turned to Leisis.

“On what basis do you say that?”

“Because I understand the meaninglessness of the body. The Norse are a race preoccupied with the spiritual world. There are many naked and mutilated bodies here. In fact, the human body is nothing more than a set of functions when disassembled. What really matters is contained in it.”

Resis patted her head.

“But the Meccans didn’t understand that. They had fun melting iron, pounding it, and making strange things. In fact, it’s the same with biology experiments. But they hated it and rejected the Norse as uncivilized.”

Sirone could guess where the feud between Mecca and Nor started.

“Sampling is over.”

When the procedure was complete, the bald head brought me the clothes. His expression was not good, perhaps because he was nostalgic for serving as a servant.

Sirone asked.


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“When do you measure the Spirit Force?”

“I will start now. Now, look at this.”

Norse scholars dipped blood and parts of their hairs from the two men into a blue liquid.

As the bubbles bubbled up and turned into pale green, thick water, Leices pointed to the elixir separator.

“It’s a drug that comes down to the Norse vision. When green, yellow, and white elixirs are mixed in specific proportions and then fused with the cell body of an organism, a substance that reveals the biological substrate is created. If you neutralize this with distilled water and cast a spell, you can see their affinity.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

Flew came closer, resting his chin on his chin and watching.

It was her first time experimenting with biology using an elixir.

“There is no need to feel pressured. Even if your affinity is low, it doesn’t mean that your skills are low. In a word, it can be seen as an evaluation of your magical potential.”

potential power.

For Sirone and Flew, who were still new to the wizarding society, it was a topic that never left their heads.

Also, since it was an impossible measurement method in the real world, I couldn’t hide my desire to know beyond the mission.

“Can I do it now?”

“no. Tradition dictates that new recruits be tested for affinity in front of the Norse. If you measure privately, words may come out later. Ranks are determined by percentage, and if you train hard, you can get promoted.”

Sirone and Fleur went outside.

Most, if not all, of the headquarters staff were huddled in the clearing.

In the center of the clearing, two drums containing liquid were installed, and a glass tube connected to the floor was bent through the ground and rose to a height of 10 meters.

While inspecting the device, the bald man whimpered and brought in two 20-litre water bottles.

It was a liquid containing Syrone and Flu’s biological substrate.

When it was poured into the drum, the silver liquid submerged in the underground glass tube raised the water level and set it to exactly zero.

Reisis shouted from the podium.

“From now on, the tradition of welcoming new members begins!”

All the Norse turned to her.

“I guarantee there is no trick in measuring the Spirit Force. Also, their positions will be determined according to the results that came out today. Then, we start measuring affinity.”

“I will do it first.”

As Flew rolled up his arms and walked to the device, a bald man in waiting explained the measurement.

“Put your hands in the barrel and get in the mental state to cast the spell. Then, as the pressure of the liquid changes, the water level in the glass tube will rise.”

“Hmm, then should I enter the Spirit Zone?”

The bald head stared at Flu as he dipped his hands in the liquid and pursed his lips as if he remembered all the hardships he had endured.

“For reference, my affinity is 16%.”


“It’s a figure that ranks in the top 20 percent of the Norse. I mean, no matter how trivial your magic is, it’s your potential that determines your position. So it’s best to do your best. If you come in as my subordinate, you will be in trouble.”

The bald head pressed his face and whispered.

“Hehe, I saw you earlier. Did you really kill me?”

Flew’s eyes widened.

‘He likes the meaninglessness of the body.’

I didn’t believe it from the beginning, but there was always a sense of trying to cover up or hide something in Reisis’ speech.

Since it is a biological experiment, how is the human body?

‘There’s definitely something.’

Flew stopped thinking and focused on measuring.

If your potential is lower than that of the bald man with his nostrils wide open as if he had treasure-like memories, he would really want to die.

“It begins.”

As Flew went into the Spirit Zone with her eyes wide open, the liquid bubbled and the water level in the glass tube rose steadily.


An exclamation erupted from the people.

Their gaze stopped at a point more than 2 meters away.

“Two, twenty… … .”

Affinity 28%.

A murmur was heard from all directions.

If it was 28%, it was an affinity belonging to the highest executive level even in Nord Command.

Even if he learned ancient magic from now on, it was a talent that would make him strong enough in a few years.

The bald man, who had been looking up at the glass tube with his mouth wide open, slowly turned his head to Flew.

Flu, who had been waiting with a bashful smile, patted his bald head and said.

“Then take good care of me from now on, my subordinate.”

“Oh, no, this is it… … .”

“don’t worry. I’m not even curious about the bald man’s body. Of course there’s nothing to see, but ho ho!”

Leaving behind his red bald head, Flew returned to his seat.

Sirone greeted him with a high five.

‘As expected, it’s senior Fleur.’

A senior graduate of the Royal Magic School.

He was a future archmage who reached the official 8th grade at the age of only 22, so in terms of talent alone, he would be one of the best in the kingdom.

“Do well and come. Make sure to show your skills.”

As Sirone walked over to the measuring device, the murmur of the flue died in an instant.

The light of District 73, a symbol of the rebels.

It was the moment when his true face was revealed.


Sirone caught her breath and put her hands in the liquid.

As the tense atmosphere weighed on his heart, he strained his eyes and entered the Spirit Zone.


The liquid in the barrel couldn’t boil and gushed out like a fountain, splashing water in all directions.

“uh? uh uh uh?”

The Norse raised their heads while making strange noises.

It was over 4 meters tall.

“Nonsense… … .”

Affinity 42%.

I had never seen or heard of such a high level in Norse history.

“What, what? Isn’t it broken?”

Every Norse knows that such a thing is not going to happen.

This is because, unlike the Mecha tribe’s technology that malfunctions, the reaction of matter does not lie.

Even so, the reason I wanted to turn a blind eye to the results was because Sirone’s numbers far exceeded those of the current commander, Resis.

Reisis was silent, slightly furrowing her brow.

’42 percent? Is this a reasonable number?’

Unless you’re learning ancient magic, 42 percent might be just a number.

However, in terms of affinity for magic, that is, talent, it was an unrivaled lumber.

cried the bald head.

“There’s something wrong with this! How can 42 percent come out? It’s not realistically possible!”

Some Norse sympathized with him.

As Resis’ aides, they were at a disadvantage when her power was weakened.

“that’s right! No, even if 42% is true, it’s just potential for Sirone who doesn’t know ancient magic! I can’t admit it!”

“Our commander is Raysis!”

Sirone licked his lips while dipping his hand into the liquid.

To be honest, I didn’t expect the numbers to be this high.

However, he was not foolish enough to give up the opportunity that suddenly came to him to help Resis face up.

When I looked back to agree, Flew raised the corners of her mouth and gave a thumbs up.

“Crush it.”

Turning her head again, Sirone opened the immortal function with all her might.

The water level in the glass tube began to rise rapidly.

70 percent. 80 percent. 90 percent.

“Huh? uh uh uh?”

The heads of the Norse were completely vertical.

finally puong! The glass tube ruptured, and the silver liquid splashed brilliantly.

It was as Sirone expected.

The immortal function, in which the spirit spreads to the whole world, was not something that could be measured with a mere standard of affinity.

“Whoa, are you done now?”

nobody spoke up

There was only one thought running through the heads of everyone watching him.



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