Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 423

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[423] Second Command (2)

“Oh, this can’t be… … .”

The gatekeeper was speechless.

As far as he knew, Sirone was a Nephilim who used light magic, but it was dark magic that destroyed Oprica.

The problem is that it is broad daylight with the sun shining down.

It was impossible to use the power of darkness in a place where the spirit of light filled the world, unless one was free from the law.

“Are you going to continue?”

Flew took out the magic wand ‘Phoenix’ from Kubrick and swung it around.

Although he was deprived of the first attack by Sirone, if he had been a little late, the phoenix would have burst out and destroyed the prison.

The gatekeeper’s face contorted in a grim manner.

“Don’t talk nonsense. We are Norse. Don’t be swayed by myths without substance!”

When the gatekeeper cast the sound magic ferry, an ominous sound like a crow crowing filled the sky.

Three Norsemen landed behind the gatekeeper on the wind magic aeos.

It was a Norr guard who was waiting in the vicinity.

“Hey, why are you calling us all? what?”

A bald man among the guards found Sirone and the others and frowned.

“What, those kids?”

“They’re from 1st Command. That blonde hair is Sirone, the light of Area 73.”


The bald head stared at Sirone.

Like the gatekeeper, his expression was crumpled in displeasure.

“Ah, that sirone? You mean the one attached to the lesser Mecha people.”

said Fleur, stepping forward.

“Do you have anyone else to call? We are also busy, so if we are going to do it, do it quickly, right?”

The gatekeeper said to the guards.

“Don’t be alarmed. Their magic has a different magic system from ours.”

“I know. They are far worse than us.”

As Fleur snorted and pushed Phoenix forward, Sirone stepped out on her shoulder.

“I’ll do it, senior.”

No matter how the Norse accepts Sirone, it does not change that she is a key player in the war against Heaven.

In order to mobilize tens of thousands of Norse subordinates to the headquarters, it was necessary to show the Nephilim’s ability from now on.

“good. Instead, finish quickly.”

When Fleur gave up her seat, Sirone walked slowly toward the gatekeeper.

“Take us to headquarters. There is no need to continue fighting meaninglessly, right?”

“Heh, it’s definitely worth the word of mouth. But you know what? That Nor’s real strength starts now.”

The gatekeeper opened his eyes and told his colleagues.

“Prepare Mahagard.”

The bald head looked back with a puzzled expression.

“Mahagart? Do I really have to do that?”

“Did you not hear? He uses strange magic. It’s best to finish it once and for all.”


Bald couldn’t help but obey.

Regardless of rank, the gatekeeper’s judgment was the top priority at the entrance to the headquarters.

The remaining three followed the bald man’s movements.

Ancient magic is not as individualistic as modern magic, but sometimes that tendency can be an advantage.

It was that they could cast collective magic.

Sensing the heavy condensation of the atmosphere around her, Sirone compressed the photons in front of her.

Four Norse cast spells at the same time.


A strong wind that exceeded the density of the aircraft rushed in.

It was a powerful magic that, once swept away, could not even resist and slammed into a wall, causing its limbs to burst.

Sirone gritted his teeth and fired a photon cannon.

A heavy flash of light penetrated the center of the atmosphere, causing the air to crease and ripple.

In the end, it tore Mahagarth to pieces with a ruptured eardrum.


Mahagard’s aftershock swept in, flapping the Norse’s collar.

The sound waves alone were enough to blow my mind.

“M-Mahagart… … .”

The collective magic of the Norse tribe was as elaborate and powerful as the three-stage combat system of the Mecha tribe.

Magic that can be attempted only when teamwork is perfect.

For such magic to be destroyed by one man’s hand, it was a crushing blow to the pride of Norse fighters.

Flew had already anticipated the outcome.

‘That’s stupid. I should have considered the difference in density.’

No matter how strong the wind is, it cannot displace the photon cannon, which is compressed to a single point.

Therefore, in modern magic, air magic is divided into press type and blow type so that it can be applied to numerous situations.

‘Anyway, I trained quite a bit in a short time.’

The power of the Photon Cannon was much stronger than when he was in the Magic Association. Maybe senior year life helped.

As he trained in shotgun movement and laser judo together, Fleur was happy with Sirone’s growth as if it were his own.


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* * *

Sirone and the others followed the gatekeeper into the depths of the forest.

Sirone’s inaction was shocking, but it did not break the heart of the Norse fighters.

The only one they obeyed wholeheartedly was the commander, and they had no doubt that she would lead the Norns to victory.

Even so, the reason why they changed their thoughts was that they were no longer within the scope of their judgment.

There was no way to know how it was activated, but Sirone’s ability to destroy 4 people in one blow was worth reconsidering.

“We will guide you, but don’t expect us to accept you. Because the commander will never allow an alliance with the Meccans.”

Fleur asked.

“What the hell did you split up for? Wasn’t there something that triggered it?”

It is not strange that Mecca and Norr have different ways of thinking, so it is not strange that conflicts arise, but in wartime when there is a common enemy called heaven, it is a universal trend to join forces somehow.

It was her idea that they wouldn’t have split up simply because they were different.

“The Meccans are arrogant. Because they know what the greatest thing is. Nor has a Norman way. But they wouldn’t admit it. War is thinking about winning. I don’t want to work with weaklings again.”

The gatekeeper stopped and set aside the leaves of the shrubbery.

“Everything has come. This is our headquarters.”

Sirone tilted her head. All he could see was a sheer cliff.

“Is this the headquarters?”

When the gatekeeper cast the ferry magic, the unique sound of birds pierced the sky.

After a while, holes were opened in dozens of places in the cliffs, and Norse guards revealed their faces.

As the ground trembled, the cliff began to transform into a fortress.

A door opened on the ground, and a stone staircase descended from a high place.

‘It’s ancient magic.’

It seemed that the Norse, who used the affinity of the natural world, had built a natural fortress by magically shaping the entire mountain.

Upon arriving at the headquarters, Sirone and the others were surrounded by talented people who seemed to be outstanding.

A tall, painted blonde woman approached from the front door with haughty steps.

It was the Norse archmage and the second commander of the rebels, Reisis.

“What’s going on? Purin’s birdsong.”

The gatekeeper stopped Sirone and the others and approached Leisis and whispered something softly.

Flew turned all of the drone’s interpretation into an internal channel and amplified the sound.

A warning window popped up saying that the retinal vision could not collect sound. It seemed to be using magic to block the spread of sound on its own.

“Hmm, got it.”

Reisis, who heard the report, nodded and walked towards Sirone.

A powerful ancient magic with 32% Spirit Force.

Flew kept his vigilance ready to take action.

However, Reisis’ face, which had been expressionless until then, suddenly brightened in front of Sirone.

“Round, Light of Area 73.”

While bewildered by the unexpected hospitality, Reisis opened her arms and hugged Sirone tightly.

She smelled of strong perfume.

The smell of perfume thick like blood.

Resis led Sirone and the others to the stronghold inside the cliff.

At that point, Clove and Gardlock left, and the remaining two were escorted to the commander’s office.

There was a carpet on the floor, and three-person sofas were placed facing each other.

It was certainly a landscape more familiar to Sirone than to the Meccans.

When Laceys, who sat in the seat of honor between the sofas, offered a seat, Sirone and Fleur sat on separate sofas as if they had made an appointment.

A position in which a pincer attack is easy in the event of an emergency.

Reisis looked at their unusual seating arrangement and gave a puzzled smile.

“So, why are you here?”

Sirone said.

“You must be guessing. The 1st Command made an alliance proposal.”

Reisis rested her chin and crossed her legs.

“Allies. Come on now what’s the point? Combined, what do you do?”

Sirone conveyed Sain’s words that persuaded Crud.

Reisis, who heard the story, was also thoughtful with a cautious expression this time.

“Hmm, paralyze the Aegis system. If that happens, it will be good for us too.”

“Once you enter heaven, you can create variables. So why don’t we join hands with First Command and move together?”

“But before that, I want to ask you something.”

Reisis said with a wink in one eye.

“If that’s how you conquer heaven, who will be the king?”

“yes? King?”

“I mean, who is this alliance for? We got along well when we first rebelled. But aren’t you all between the Mecca and the ball now? Do you think the members will obey me even if I order an alliance? already broke up once You reached out your hand first, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t hit the back of the head the second time, right?”

From the standpoint of the Norse, it was obvious that such a thought could not help but be felt.

When Sirone was unable to answer the unexpected difficulty, Reisis continued.

“So I have something I would like to suggest.”

“Any suggestions?”

Reisis’ index finger pointed at Sirone as if stabbing.

“The light of Area 73. If you, the symbol of the rebel war, are transferred to the 2nd Command, I am willing to actively persuade the members.”

Fleur asked.

“It’s not a bad suggestion, but it doesn’t matter, does it? After all, if you form an alliance, you will be united again.”

“Right, it doesn’t matter. That’s why I propose. A Norse isn’t stupid enough to make an offer your opponent will refuse. But shouldn’t we also have insurance when we win the war? The Norse have the symbol of freedom, that’s enough to convince the crew.”

Seeing Fleur nod, Sirone obediently agreed.

Just as Mecha and Nord had their own circumstances, the Sirone team had to move the rebels somehow.

“great. It is the Norse who will be able to use my name when the war is over.”

Reisis crossed her palms with a bright smile.

“Good! Good idea. Shall we go register now?”

“yes? Registration?”

“Now that you’ve entered 2nd Command, of course you have to measure, your Spirit Force.”

* * *

Sirone and Fleur stood in front of two changing rooms that were placed side by side.

In order to measure Spirit Force, several tests were required, one of which was a physical examination.

Fleur said before entering the locker room.

“If something happens, focus on returning here rather than fighting. The most important thing is joining.”

“yes. Seniors, be careful too.”

As the two entered their respective dressing rooms, the two drones followed the owner as if they had separated from each other.

Hearing the door close outside, Flew looked around.

It was a hollow with nothing, and there was only another door installed to enter the interior.

A Norse woman who was waiting approached.

“Take off your clothes and give them to me. I’ll return it to you once the inspection is over.”

“How far should I take it off?”

“Everything. I have to sterilize it in a disinfection room and collect blood and body hair.”

Fleur undid one button on her blouse.

Even after joining 2nd Command, Reisis was still an unreliable woman.

In the worst case scenario, she may be ambushed, but being naked does not diminish her fighting power.

‘Well, clothes don’t have any defense.’

What was more curious was the Norse swordsman.

‘Are you taking blood? What are you going to do with it?’

With that thought in mind, I took off the last remaining underwear and handed it to her, and the woman put it in a basket and said.

“Hey, you have to take that ring off too… … Suck!”

Flew’s eyes, which had been calm even after being naked, suddenly turned cold.

She glared at the woman, then raised her ring finger and pointed at the ring.

“This doesn’t work. If sterilization is the purpose anyway, isn’t a ring irrelevant?”

Kubrick has a phoenix stored in it.

As it was a tool that amplified mana, the ring could not be removed even if the underwear was removed.

“Ah yes. It doesn’t matter. Then this way.”

When the pale woman ran out the door as if to run away, Fleur finally relaxed her expression.

The reason why he deliberately revealed his intention to live was to test the woman’s reaction.

If you tried to get the ring out in any way, it’s because this inspection is also likely to be a trap.

But contrary to my expectations, I couldn’t feel any particular intention from the woman.

‘Did I think too deeply?’

Fleur followed the woman into the next room.


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