Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 422

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[422] Second Command (1)

Sirone headed to 2nd HQ with Fleur.

Clove and Gardlock were the guides, and various information was heard while riding on the spot of light to narrow the distance.

“According to research, the ‘looking down’ of the angels is not a departure from the gaze of the observer, but a cannibalistic appearance that draws the desired place in front of the eyes. It’s like opening a drawer in your room and looking through it. Then how did the rebels avoid looking down?”

Guardlock’s words were translated through a drone from headquarters.

The drones produced in heaven do not have the language of the land country, but the ‘Night Blindness’ thing has even been programmed with the language of numerous border people.

“Hmm, put a lock on the drawer?”

Gadlock nodded at Fleur’s words.

“That’s the Mecca way. The self-developed magnetic field disrupts the landscape and makes it impossible to focus.”

Sirone said.

“So the second one is that you make a lot of drawers?”

“answer. Currently, the 2nd Command, which we are heading to, is being operated as a scattered point organization. It’s a classic stealth strategy, but the risk is much less.”

Fleur asked.

“Which place is it? 2nd Command.”

“I’ve never been to headquarters either. After serving in the 13th Battalion, I was transferred to the 1st Command. However, compared to Mecha, which values ​​leadership, Norr prioritizes individual abilities. I have the idea that a person with power should be the commander.”

Sirone said.

“Then the commander must be a very strong person.”

“I heard that. It’s a woman named Ray Sis, and according to her rumors, she has a whopping 32 percent Spirit Force.”

Spirit Force is an indicator of affinity for Jung, and it is a mental state that is much closer to the essence than Spirit Zone.

Fleur asked.

“How great is 32 percent? If it reaches 100 percent, will you be able to use it freely?”

“That’s a lot. Because it’s friendly anyway. Is 32 percent enough to provide drinking water for 100 people with just one drop? Usually Norr’s affinity is only 7-8%. Even if there is only a 1% difference, the magical power increases exponentially.”

Sirone visualized the image of the commander of the 2nd headquarters, albeit vaguely.

“Anyway, I’m in favor of this journey. Mecha is strong against giants, but weak against fairies. On the other hand, Norse are strong against fairies. Union is essential to survival.”

While talking like that, Sirone and the others arrived at the spot of light.

Particles of light were floating on top of the transparent stream that shimmered like diamonds.

Guard Rock pushed through the water and entered the city. He punched the spot and prepared the magic of light Elijah.

Flew asked as he watched the light seep through his fists.

“Do we have to go further from here? It’s already the third.”

“This is the end.”

If they were attacked on the way to this place, the information could be leaked, so these words were saved.

Fleur nodded and approached Sirone.

It’s easier on the inside than when there were seniors like Giraseong, but now she had to protect Sirone completely.

As I left the bunker after negotiating with Crude last night, I remembered the story I heard from Gaold.


“Yes, president of the Association.”

Gaold, who sang the flue, glanced at Sirone and then said:

“I am concerned. Other teams have a mix of veterans, but you and Sirone are different.”

Flew readily admitted.

Of course, he knew that what Gaold was worried about was not the safety of Sirone and Fleur, but the failure of the project.

“I am fully aware. I will risk my life so as not to become an annoyance to my seniors.”

“One of a kind, if things go wrong… … .”

Gaold stopped talking.

It was truly a wonder to Flew.

The mere fact that he hesitated, likened to a machine with a broken brake, was already rewarded.

Flew said with a soft smile.

“Do not worry. If there’s one life that needs to be lost on this project, I know it’s me. As a supporter, no matter what happens, I will definitely bring Sirone back to life.”

Sirone, who joined the team as a Terminator, is the task force’s master key to survive until the end, even if most of the team members die.

It was embarrassing as a wizard to weigh the life of a supporter and a factor with such a heavy mission.

Gaold looked at Fleur in silence for a moment. Then he turned around, viciously tearing the corner of his mouth.

“Cheuk, trust me.”

The last words penetrated deep into Flew’s heart.

She gazed at Gaold’s broad back with a blank expression, and raised a salute with a smile on her face.

‘It’s okay to die. I’m on the best team.’

“excuse me… … .”

At that time, Crude, who had been watching the two of them from afar, walked away clearing his throat.

Even in wartime, he carefully expressed his emotions, which is the principle that human beings should live like human beings.

“If there is anything uncomfortable… … .”

“doesn’t exist.”

Flew, as if he had never done that, withdrew his smile and turned away with a cold expression.

Sirone was playing with the killifish with her feet.

He was 19 years old, which would be perfect if he wasn’t on a mission in a place like this.

I will do my best to protect Sirone.

However, it is also true that words such as the best in practice have no meaning.

It was only important to complete the goal by any means and methods, and to do so, Sirone also needed determination.

“Listen. Since you’ve come this far, you’re a wizard too. He hasn’t graduated yet, so he’s an unofficial wizard.”

Sirone looked at Fleur in bewilderment.

“So from now on I will treat you as a pro. It means that you should not be swayed by emotions and be faithful to your mission. I’m not asking you to do anything unreasonable. In fact, I can’t even tell what’s absurd. Because that’s what war is. If there is confusion, just stick to your mission.”


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There is no way you wouldn’t know that it was Sirone.

Seniors like the sky would be willing to give their lives to protect him who doesn’t even have a magician’s license.

What’s most nerve-wracking is knowing that, but having to drive them to death without hesitation.

‘I must live. It’s such a mission.’

Sirone nodded with a determined expression.

“yes. Do not worry.”

No one wants to take on a job they don’t like.

If you can’t do it yourself, someone else will eventually have to do it for you.

Sirone made up her mind. no, i wished

Whatever the situation, please do not hesitate.


Elijah’s gigantic flash shot up into the sky.

* * *

The forest landscape shimmered as the world was bathed in warm light.

After the light faded, the landscape changed from a valley with a stream to the middle of a forest with a dense forest.

Flew asked, looking around.

“Is this headquarters?”

“no. Command’s gatekeeper will lead us. Maybe we should go a lot further here.”

It was a measure to avoid being followed. I could see how thoroughly they were hiding.

Gadlock put his finger in his mouth and whistled.

As the sound magic ferry was cast, sounds like the chirping of hundreds of birds soared into the forest’s sky.

After a while, a man appeared from behind a tree.

“Where are you from? Haven’t you received a report today?”

He was a man with a cold impression.

He has blue hair, raised eyebrows, and shaved the left side of his head. The right side of her hair, down to her shoulder, was covering one of her eyes.

Gadlock pointed at Sirone and said.

“I am from First Command. You must have heard the rumors, this boy here… … .”

“Ah, that’s right.”

The man raised his hand and cast a spell.

Forest Magic Oprica.

The trees in the back swayed, and numerous vines flew at Sirone and the others, showing a rapid growth rate.


Clove and Gardlock, terrified, lost their balance and landed on their butts, while Sirone and Fleur did not move.

The flying trajectory was not aimed at him.

Perhaps, if he had kept his cool a little longer, anyone would have figured it out.

The vines were planted in the ground, and then grew in an arch.

In an instant, Sirone and the others were imprisoned in a prison entwined with arch-patterned trees.

‘This is ancient plant magic.’

According to the afterimage from when he competed with Bossun in Kazura, even a certified 4th grade wizard could not produce such a rapid growth effect.

I didn’t think that man was stronger than Bossun, but it seemed that there was definitely an advantage of ancient magic using Jung’s affinity.

‘It won’t be easy anyway.’

It bothered me that from the very beginning, there had been very little proper negotiations for a group that had staged armed demonstrations.

The gatekeeper cast Oprica anew and drew another twig and aimed it at the party.

“What business do those who betrayed Norr have to us?”

Clove shouted, grabbing hold of the prison.

“What is this? Do you know who this person is? The light of Area 73, Sirone!”

The more hostile the relationship, the more active the espionage warfare.

The gatekeeper also knew that Sirone had returned.


“So what? aren’t you going to war? You don’t know how much the morale of the rebels increases when Sirone is around, so you ask?”

A spear-sharp branch pierced a crack in the cell and stopped in front of Clove’s nose.


Clove hurriedly backed away and shot his back at the prison on the other side.

Oprica is a magic that cannot be cast without an affinity exceeding 10%.

With only 7% affinity, he could not resist the man’s prestige.

“What about the light in Area 73? When were you criticizing and blaming Nord, when did you say let’s come and fight together? We don’t need the might of the Mechas. How can you compete with angels with those who are only mechanical?”

“How do you know that?”

Sirone said.

“We are here to meet your captain, not you. I don’t think you have the right to decide something with the fate of the entire Norse at stake.”

The man turned his gaze to Sirone.

I have heard the story of Sirone’s saga, but the Norse, who have an absolute standard of power, are not simply deceived by myths.

If he thought that he would be able to work here as long as he defeated the fairy manager, Girin Lee, then the light in District 73 was either a fairly weak guy or a kid drunk on his own power.

“Maybe. But as a gatekeeper, I have the authority. Whether it’s the Nephilim or the Light of District 73, strength is what matters in war. I don’t know how it was in Mecca, but the Norse doesn’t even snort when he whines in a wooden prison.”


Sirone sighed and put her palm on the prison cell.

As the light began to focus on his hand, the gatekeeper hurriedly backed away.

According to what I’ve heard, Sirone can freely use light regardless of affinity, and can destroy things with it.

“joy! Let’s see… … !”

The gatekeeper is also a master of ancient magic who has been given the crucial task of protecting the rebel headquarters.

Grabbing all the vegetation around him, he twisted the vines into sharp spears and prepared to strike back.


But the situation to counterattack did not come.

The light gathered in Sirone’s hands gradually turned dark, and the vines began to twist grotesquely.


The gatekeeper had no choice but to let go of his hands and stare blankly at the sight of the thick trees twisting.

Crunchy! Sigh!

With a sound like bones being crushed, the intertwined hemispherical prison was torn from the ground.

Deed Deed Dede Deuk!

Eventually, it twisted toward the hole in the space and began to be sucked in.

The tree struggled from root to root, like a glutton swallowing a living creature whole, and yet it was eventually forcibly consumed and disappeared without a trace.

Clove and Gardlock’s faces turned pale.

The other day, when Sirone broke a rock with his light, he wasn’t quite as surprised.

“Um, what kind of magic is that, Master?”

“… … .”

There was no way to know that it was Gadlock. Perhaps the gatekeeper is the same.

All the Norse were staring at Sirone in a state of fascination.


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