Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 419

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[419] In Heaven (1)

Heaven’s sixth thousand jebul. world war.

There is an angel with a face as transparent and beautiful as light.

The pinnacle of intelligence born with a slender body of 2 meters and 30 centimeters and knowing all the principles of the world.

Among the numerous angels, there are only eight archangels, and Kariel, the angel of birth, boasts the most outstanding beauty among them.

But now his face was as drawn as that of a diseased human being.

His eyes were sunken and his expression was nervous.

The benevolent and clear facial lines overflowing with intelligence have often been distorted in recent years.

In fact, he was in a state as if he were sick.

If an angel’s power comes from a clear concept, his current sharpness is only 10% of his usual sharpness.

All of this was the result of the labor he endured to bring one human.

“Kariel, are you really okay?”

Uriel, the angel of destruction, looked at Kariel, whose presence had faded, with concern.

Standing 3 meters tall, the tallest of the archangels, with a solid body and a breastplate thick enough to reach the tip of the chin, a golden halo was rotating as if angry.

“I can still hold on. have to endure Because this is just the beginning.”

In human terms, the amount of fatigue Kariel felt was equivalent to not sleeping for 40 years.

If any creature was hit by this level of fatigue, all of its cells would have already dried up.

But his eyes were still burning with emotion.

Uriel turned his head to where Kariel was looking.

Beneath the galactic mirror that controls the operation of the world, a beautiful woman by human standards was sitting cross-legged.

Adrias Miro.

Could there be a more heinous notion of a heavenly being?

It is the last bastion of humanity that prevents even the incarnation of the Akashic Records, Ankera, from conquering the universe by setting up an impenetrable barrier.

However, even she was defeated by Kariel’s persistence.

“You did it in the end.”

Right before the rebels were annihilated, Anke Ra, who abruptly canceled the war, banned all investigations into humans.

All the angels obeyed the message, but only Kariel did not give up and steadily proceeded with the plan to destroy humans.

What he obtained in this way was the ‘body’ of the maze right in front of him.

“How did you do it? Didn’t I tell you that the labyrinth’s space-time is indestructible?”

A small smile appeared on Kariel’s tired face.

“When I attacked the space-time of the labyrinth with a cloth bomb, Optrus passed through the rift. There was information about the labyrinth’s time-space embedded in its electromagnetic patterns. I analyzed it.”

“But the time-space of the labyrinth immediately healed. Couldn’t you have broken through her dimensional barrier and brought her back?”

“The dimensional barrier is, in fact, insubstantial. The reason why the army of heaven cannot go to the country of the earth is because the protocol is different from this place. It is an independent world without even quantum entanglement.”

Uriel did not try to understand.

Those born for destruction were not obligated to understand what was being destroyed.


“I deciphered the protocol with the information I got from Optrus. Then, through quantum superposition, the labyrinth was transported to the Great World War.”

“Hmm, so?”

Kariel realized that Uriel did not understand.

“Simply put, you put your hand in the barrel and pulled until you got the item you wanted. It is no exaggeration to say that the barrel is the size of the entire universe.”

Uriel realized why Kariel was weak.

“So you searched the universe and kidnapped it.”

“what… … That’s right.”

Kariel decided to just move on.


Uriel looked at Miro’s face, who was in a state of immersion.

Right before the final war broke out, he had the same youthful face as he had opened the dimensional wall against Heaven’s army alone.

“The human spirit, in a sense, is formidable.”

Currently, her mind, which forms the space-time of the labyrinth, is endlessly being sucked into the dimension of cowardice.

It was a mental state and concept that was incomprehensible to an angel who had everything perfect from birth.

“Hmph, that is the proof of an imperfect existence. Don’t be sentimental about insignificant humans.”

Uriel did not answer.

For him, it is enough to destroy the incomprehensible.

But will Kariel do the same?

Birth is a concept established under the premise that everything is understood.

The fact that Kariel, who handles the art of life, cannot understand humans is perhaps the biggest contradiction in this universe.

“Human beings are very strange creatures. Even now, isn’t one human being blocking all of Heaven’s power?”

Kariel’s expression crumpled.

human. human.

I couldn’t figure out why everyone, starting with Ankera, applied different standards only to humans.

“Nothing like that. I will destroy it.”

Uriel turned around. He didn’t want to offend the twin angels who were born on the same day with different concepts.

“Okay, what are we going to do now? Even if you kill the maze, the maze’s space-time does not disappear. Why did you bring her while torturing her mind to the brink of extinction?”

“Hmph, of course it’s to destroy the labyrinth’s space-time. I’m going to pull the maze out of the fear dimension. If you kill him after coming to his senses, the space-time of the maze will disappear.”

It was the right way, no, the only way.

“But we cannot understand human imperfection. I don’t think there is anyone among the subjects who can understand Miro’s spirit. Because the Nephilim disappeared after the erasure of the Guffin.”

“It is not in heaven, but it is in the kingdom of earth.”

Uriel tilted his head.


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Of course, in the kingdom of the earth, there are those who spontaneously awaken as Nephilim.

However, since the space-time of the maze was blocking it, it was impossible to bring someone from there.

“Are you going to search the entire universe again? Then it may completely disappear.”

“You don’t have to. I don’t even have the strength left.”

Kariel flew up to the pillar-shaped central system and accessed the Akashic Records.

Yuriel, who flew after her, looked at the screen from behind Kariel.

“I was looking through the Akashic Records and found something interesting.”

As Kariel stepped aside, a human’s name appeared on the screen.

While reading the explanation below, Yuriel nodded.

“Certainly, interesting.”

Coincidentally, he was the one who understood the human spirit the best.

No, it was right to see it changed to its current state because it understands the human mind the best.

“I will summon Lee to the Great World War.”

When Kariel opened her hand, a celestial body flashed and a code of laws was born on the palm.

The law code containing the principles of the universe was a high-strength metal hard cover, and the pages made of light began to turn.

As the central computing system was fully operational, bluish electricity flowed along the floor like waves and gathered in the arched mechanism.

Uriel looked at that scene for a while, then turned his head back to the screen of the central processing unit.

‘It’s a grave robber… … .’

The name of someone who only existed as a concept was blinking.

Morrigan Arius

* * *

Rebel 1st Command.

Sirone’s party received enthusiastic cheers from the rebels.

The heroic story of Sirone, who subjugated hundreds of giants with the power of an archangel, quickly spread through drones, and has already become a new myth of the rebels.

In the midst of the huge white noise, Sirone’s face was saddened.

It was strange that the number 1 was attached to the headquarters, but the size of the rebel base, which was much larger than expected, dispelled any doubts.

Dozens of buildings presumed to be munitions warehouses surrounded the site, and a huge building over 30 meters in height stood tall in the forest.

‘It’s amazing power. If they move… … .’

Gaold thought differently.

‘Not even the seeds will be eaten.’

Of course, the power of the headquarters was formidable.

However, there was no doubt in the words of the battalion commander that they were on the brink of annihilation.

It’s not a matter of power asymmetry.

From the beginning, beings in heaven were something different from humans.

If thousands of ants bite humans, they will die, but just as humans would not be treated like that in the first place, so were the angels.

“uh? there is sirone Hey Sirone! It’s me, me!”

A familiar face popped out of the middle of the procession.

It was Clove and Gadlock who guided Sirone and her friends to Nord’s shelter a year ago in Heaven.

The memory of Clove’s ignoring Amy still lingers, but it was nice to find a familiar face in a moment like this.

But Sirone couldn’t bear to go there. It was because the huge crowd of people who had heard Clove’s words were all about to jump out.

“Wow! It was real! The real Sirone is here!”

Clove and Gardlock were buried in the crowd and were not even visible.

It was a phenomenon that occurred because very few people outside of District 73 knew Sirone’s face.

Sirone widened the distance with a cold expression.

It was a situation where people could get hurt if they got closer.

Watching Sirone walk away, Clove teared her hair and spat out words of lamentation.

“Oh, I never thought that kid would become such an important person. If she had known it would be like this, she would have gotten to know her in advance.”

Gadlock thumped the disciple’s head.

“Is that a problem now? It’s a decision whether or not to be annihilated by the angels.”

Clove said with a sad expression.

“But Master said so too, when Sirone comes, we will be treated well here too.”

Gadlock was speechless.

sirone is back And that too at the perfect timing.

The suspension of Heaven’s attack was certainly a boon to the rebels, but that alone could not bridge the gap between Mecca and the Norse, which had deepened as they lost a series of battles.

The headquarters, which failed to reach a consensus, was finally separated into the 1st and 2nd headquarters, and there was no battle, but the defeat was already deep.

At the point where everyone was waiting for self-destruction, the light of Area 73 began to shine on them again.

‘Why now? Did he come back knowing?’

A series of events connected by an invisible link made it impossible to dismiss Sirone’s return as a mere miracle.

“Hehe, it’s so nice to walk with you like this.”

Meanwhile, Lena, who was holding Sirone’s arm, didn’t leave her side for a moment as she went to the command center.

Then Fleur, who was watching the back of Sirone with her back stiff, clicked her tongue and said.

“What is that doing? Did you come to heaven to fall in love?”

Gaold didn’t care.

“Hey, leave it alone. Something like that will help the parade.”

A miracle called Sirone came to the rebels who were on the brink of annihilation, so it would have been okay to put in a little production.

However, Kanya was embarrassed by her sister’s rudeness.

Unbearable, she approached Lena and whispered in her ear.

“What are you doing? come off quickly Don’t you know what Sirone means to the rebels? What if people misunderstand?”

“What misunderstanding? Sirone oppa and we aren’t even close. We met for the first time in a year, can’t you even cross your arms?”

Lena turned to Sirone and said.

“Brother and sister, please have them cross their arms next to you.”

Sirone couldn’t find words to answer.

My heart is beating even now, but how could I go on the road with two women on my arms?

Kanya’s face turned red like a blush.

“You, what do you mean by that? Why am I arm in arm with Sirone?”

“Oh, yes. My sister is too weak for this. We have to look like we’re close with Sirone brother so we can work at headquarters. My sister’s Kuroi was also damaged. I have to get a new Kuroi here to become a pilot again.”

Kanya drank honey and became mute.

Although he is young, he thinks of his younger brother more carefully.

No, should I call it clever in this case?

Sirone reassured her.

“Canya, don’t worry too much. Because I destroyed Kuroi. I’ll be sure to tell you when I see the Commander.”

Smiling at Sirone, Kanya opened her eyes again and looked back at Lena.

‘Aww, that fox… … .’

Rena wrapped her arms around Sirone, whether or not she knew her sister’s feelings, and only smiled happily.


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