Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 413

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[413] Task Force (5)

“It’s okay to talk, Sirone. Because it’s just a home. We will listen and judge.”

Encouraged by Zulu’s words, Sirone repeated the explanation given to Gaold.

“First of all, it’s magic based on Ataraxia.”

“Of course it is.”

It was best to start with Ataraxia to get even a 1% chance of Sirone destroying Heaven.

“The casting direction will be set to the sky. That’s why we spread a magic circle over her head.”

“Hoo? Is it the sky?”

It was definitely the beginning of a unique way.

As everyone’s expectations rose, Sirone continued.

“Ataraxia is a trigger magic, so the range is not fixed. I thought the way to shoot into the sky was the most effective way to maximize that advantage.”

“understood. then… … What are you going to shoot?”



Everyone here knows what a laser is.

But the sky was too empty to destroy anything.

“yes. I will amplify the linearity of the laser with ataraxia and shoot it as high as possible.”

Fleur asked.

“If it is a high place, how high is it?”

“Well, it’s a simple calculation, but roughly… … About 6,000 kilometers.”

“Six, six thousand?”

Shiina said.

“With a laser, it is possible. Because it is a single straight wavelength. If you combine Ataraxia’s amplifying power and the characteristic called trigger, then higher altitudes are probably possible. So, Sirone?”

Sirone began to explain in earnest.

“At an altitude of 6,000 kilometers, we will cast a dark ball through the laser’s information transmission method. It is to compress God’s particles to a high degree, and if you use Ataraxia, you can make a mass of about 10 tons on a planetary scale.”

Chee Hee Hee!

Sein’s Iron Wheel quickly returned.

Even after listening to this, I realized what Sirone was planning to do.

In his head, all sorts of formulas began to be computed in a complicated but precise manner.

Sirone spread her arms wide.

“Perhaps a form of creativity? Actually, the shape is not important, but based on the omnipotence, it seems so, so a spear shaped with light weighing 10 tons is born. And that… … .”

Said Sain who finished the calculation.

“It’s falling.”

“yes. That’s all.”

That’s all.

And everyone was speechless.

A much simpler mechanism than you might expect.

But surprisingly, it contained enough ideas to destroy Heaven.

“But is it really possible?”

Gaold turned to Sein at Fleur’s question. From now on, it was up to his Servant brain to judge.


Said Sein.

“Simply put, a mass of 10 tons falls from an altitude of 6,000 km. If the gravity of heaven is similar to that of this place, it will take about 14 minutes to reach it. The mass window will accelerate further under the influence of gravitational acceleration, and when it reaches its terminal velocity it will exceed 14 kilometers per second.”

Flew’s eyes widened.

“Fourteen kilometers? Second speed?”

If it moves at a speed of 14 kilometers per second, it is impossible to respond from the moment it enters the line of sight.

And the result was a quantification of the power that a 10-ton spear pierced at 41 Mach.

“It will be like that. Even if the kinetic energy generated there alone is converted into explosive power, it is approximately 2.19 million kilobusters. It’s a figure that exceeds Heaven’s durability. If it gets stuck in Arabot in the center, all seven heavens will be razed to the ground.”

If it was Sein’s words, there would be no error in the calculation.

Even so, no one could take the figures that came out now into their hearts.

2.19 million kilobusters?

It was beyond common sense that a boy who was still only a student could wield such power.

“Hey, how are you? I told you it was insane magic.”

Gaold said.

“You know what I liked the most when I first heard this? There are no awkward assumptions. There is a clear distinction between what can be done and what cannot be done. At most, I thought that the senior year guy would talk nonsense, but that wasn’t the case. It is not Sirone’s magic that destroys heaven.”

Sein said.

“Universal gravitation. The gravity of the planet draws in the spear and destroys Heaven itself.”

“That’s right. Those who worshiped the gods will eventually perish at the hands of the gods. It’s called ‘God’s punishment’.”

Sirone turned to Gaold.

“I was going to do it with Shining Spear?”

“The name doesn’t matter. Anyway, the problem is the trajectory, the landing point, and the time.”

Sein said.

“That I can count. I’ll make a chart as soon as I get to heaven. In three days or so, we’ll have a good idea of ​​the motions of the planets, so we’ll just have to set the launch time then.”

Everyone began to articulate new strategies and tactics to accommodate the new parameters.

God’s Punishment had such a powerful ripple effect that the project’s strategy was completely changed.

While everyone was having a heated discussion, only Shiina was looking at Sirone happily.

Gaold seemed to like that the divine punishment used the nature of the natural world, but Shiina had the exact opposite idea.

We all know that dropping 10 tons from an altitude of 6,000 kilometers has tremendous destructive power.


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But the reason no one is trying is because to lift 10 tons, potential energy equivalent to kinetic energy is required.

Therefore, God’s punishment was Sirone’s magic, not universal gravitation.

The laser is amplified by Ataraxia, and information is transmitted to Godot, where it activates God Particles to gather mass.

Looking at the results, it is a simple mechanism, but it was an application that would have been impossible for Sirone, who started from a blank slate, without a perfect understanding and analysis of what he had.

‘You’ve squeezed out every last drop.’

The best result that was created after compressing the ideas in my head like diamonds so that there is no gap.

That’s why Shiina was able to sincerely congratulate the disciple on his great leap.

“But there are conditions.”

Said Sirone, cutting off the heated discussion.

“Ataraxia was given to me by Archangel Ikael. Therefore, you must meet Ichael before casting this spell. And I know it was a contract.”

No one is foolish enough to break a contract between team members.

However, it was human nature to want to turn a blind eye for a while at the point of obtaining the extremely high-efficiency weapon of God’s Punishment.

No matter how cool-headed the old man was, the same was true.

In order for Divine Punishment to be activated, Ikael must be brought into contact with Sirone.

Depending on the situation, it may be very easy, or it may be impossible.

Regardless of the level of difficulty, Sein did not like that uncertainty.

“I will keep the contract. Also you deserve our help. But is that really the only option? If you give up on Ikael, I might do something similar to that. For example, with the assumption that all of us will be wiped out, we will prioritize your survival.”

If you can get rid of the uncertainty, that’s better.

That was the amount of God’s punishment that Sain thought of in the project.

“no. I won’t meet Ichael until it puts everyone in danger. But if it’s not dangerous, there’s no need for God’s punishment. Even so, if it becomes dangerous, then there is enough motivation to meet Ikael. Please know that in such a limited situation, there is no need to bind Ichael and God’s Punishment with other restrictions.”

“Hmm, that’s what it meant.”

If it’s a situation that will destroy heaven, it means that the situation has already been cornered.

If even a small probability was to be caught, the case of Sirone meeting Ikael was also considered.

“good. I will be content with the safety of my teammates being independent of Ikael’s tangent.”

It was the best line that Sein and Sirone could come to an agreement on.

* * *

the next morning.

Ten members of the team gathered in front of Guffin’s door.

Kergo chieftain Mahatu and priests surrounded him, and warriors gathered in two columns to see off the Heaven Expedition.

When Sirone opened the Immortal Function, the Guffin’s door disintegrated into particles and turned into a huge space-time tunnel.

While everyone was shouting Ankera, Gaold moved on with an annoyed expression.

Maybe it’s a return to the beginning of everything.

“I will destroy your gods.”

Raising his terrifying eyes, Gaold pushed himself into the black orb without hesitation.

Mikea Gaold – Red Line 1st Class Archmage

Powerful: Transcendent self-denial

Position: Commander

Gangnan’s expression as he watched Gaold disappear was indifferent, but his heart was throbbing like never before.

‘The end of 20 years. Whatever happens, it must end here. I will definitely, definitely finish it.’

Ahoya Gangnan – the last descendant of the wolf tribe

Powerful Skill: Ram Muay Strike

Position: Tank

Sein recalled the Day of Judgment of the 20 in front of Guffin’s door.

Since Miro left, Gaold has become a crippled person, but Sein was jealous of him for being able to be insane.

Those were the days of running madly for the sake of the labyrinth.

‘You just need to find a maze. You don’t have to worry about anything other than that. Even if the world ends… … .’

Sein’s body fell into the black sphere.

‘I save the labyrinth.’

Castro Sane – Black Line’s Strongest Mental Wizard

Powerful skill: Anti-magic through Iron Eyes

position: order

Zulu kept nothing. He has no longing for life and no fear of death.

If today’s work is also just a point in a huge cycle, you just have to leave your body and mind to the flow.

‘You have to empty it without regret. There is life in death.’

Zulu-Red Line 1st Class Summoning Mage

Power: Summon Lich

Position: Utility

Armin looked back at Shiina in front of Guffin’s door.

Just seeing Kuan by his side made his heart ache.

‘I’m sure you did too.’

I could understand a little how she felt about having to watch Keira as a loving couple.

‘But it was for you. Even to prove it, I will stand by your side.’

Armin turned quickly as if to erase his thoughts and disappeared through the Guffin’s door.

Even if the end of the world was beyond this, there was no reason to hesitate.

‘Shina, wherever you go… … .’

Generaid Armin – Former Ivory Tower Time Mage

Powerful: Stop

Position: Crowd Control

It was only after Armin disappeared that Shiina’s eyes turned into sadness.

I wanted to become a wizard with my brother. And he wanted to see the countless beauties of the world.

What I had dreamed of since childhood has become a reality, but why am I not happy?

‘No, let’s not think about it. It’s foolish to be sentimental before a mission. I just need to do what I can.’

Olifer Shiina – Red Line Certified 5th Class Wizard

Power: Absolute Zero

Position: Main Dealer

Kuan looked at Shiina’s back as she walked away.

As a swordsman, the lives of all nine people are beyond his own death.

Perhaps the probability that he will return alive is slightly higher than the possibility that all 10 people will miraculously return to life.

Even so, the reason I didn’t feel dirty was probably because I wanted to protect someone for the first time.

‘Is this my grave?’

A cool smile appeared on Kuan’s lips as he turned to Saji.

Farka Kuan – Certified Level 6 Swordsman, Kaizen Swordsmanship School Instructor

Powerful: Movement Control

Position: Hitman

‘Master, give me strength.’

Etella closed her eyes and fell into a short meditation.

After being defeated by Arcane, her sense of duty, which had been polished after polishing, was burning like never before.

The moment Karcis Jung’s warm voice, telling her to become the light of the world, rushed into her head like a roar, her eyes flashed.

‘Destroy evil. That is my mission.’

Romi Etela – Certified 6th Class Wizard, Searcher Jonah, Bishop of the Karsis Monastery

Powerful Skill: Yin-Yang Wave Fist Thousand Arms Guanyin Lightning Strike

Position: Sub Dealer

“Whoa. Whoa.”

Flu did everything he could to keep the adrenaline in check.

Joining the world’s best wizard team as a professional wizard is an honor beyond compare.

‘You can’t show clumsiness. Let’s believe what she’s been doing. Yes, I am Ravid Flu. you can do it!’

No matter what hardships you face, you will definitely succeed in your mission.

After countless vows as if engraved in her heart, she finally took her first steps at the Guffin’s door.

‘For me, death is also an honor. I’m just doing my best not to be a nuisance to everyone.’

Ravid Flu – Certified 8th grade wizard, manipulator Joner

Power: Bonghwangjeong

Position: Supporter

Sirone watched until the end as all the team members left for heaven. And he looked back as if looking back at the years gone by.

Life so far passed by like a kaleidoscope.

‘Hello everyone.’

At the end of life, we meet the beginning of life.

For Sirone, this journey meant just that.

Now come, there can be no fear.

Even if I lose everything, I thought of pouring everything in heaven so that I wouldn’t regret today’s judgment.

“Go, messenger of God.”

Receiving Mahatu’s greeting, Sirone passed the warriors’ path and arrived at the Guffin’s Gate.

The tunnel of dark spheres did not show what was beyond. Just like everyone’s future, only distant uncertainty lingers around.

‘From now on, I won’t even look back!’

Sirone opened her eyes and ran into the Guffin’s door.

The space-time barrier distorted with powerful force swallowed Sirone and threw her into a world that humans could never reach.

Ariane Sirone – Alpheas Magic School Senior Class

Powerful: Amplification magic using Ataraxia

Position: Terminator


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