Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 412

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[412] Task Force (4)

Sirone and the others followed Mahatu through a complicated maze.

Upon learning that they were messengers of God, the warriors knelt in unison, and even after entering together, they were welcomed by the tribesmen.

Unlike Kadum, who paid a huge tribute to the messenger of God in order to obtain eternal life, Mahatu managed Kergo’s funds transparently.

The lives of the tribesmen improved, and the faces of those passing by were full of energy.

Although she didn’t fight for Kergo, Sirone, who opened the Guffin’s door and went to heaven, was their savior.

“I’d like to have a festival at least, but it seems that the situation is urgent.”

“yes. I have to go to heaven as soon as possible.”

Mahatu did not inquire about the circumstances of heaven.

Kergoin still worships Anchera and reveres angels, but the most important thing to him is the life of the tribesmen.

Sein asked.

“How many people are on the waiting list? I heard earlier that it is saturated.”

Anyone can go to heaven if the Unlocker opens the Guffin’s door, but in order to prevent indiscriminate passage to heaven, Maze created a room of achievement and sacrifice and arranged that only the chosen warriors pass through.

If it was saturated, it meant that there were quite a few people waiting for the Unlocker to come.

Mahatu tastefully smacked his lips.

“Actually, not that many. About 7 people.”

“Strange. But why did you block the entry?”

“That is… … Actually, it’s not something I can talk about. But you will know when you see it for yourself.”

Gaold didn’t care.

Anyway, the only thing to do in Kergo was Guffin’s Gate.

If there were talented people waiting for heaven, he would take them, but it would be difficult to match them as the level of the team members was high.

“it’s okay. Let’s go and see it, and let’s get rid of it quickly.”

As if expressing sincerity, Mahatu accelerated his steps.

The place they arrived at was a huge iron gate with a giant sculpture engraved on it.

“This is the warrior’s room. Warriors who want to go to heaven are waiting here.”

When Mahatu opened the iron door, Gaold quickly entered and the party followed.

The seven warriors Mahatu said were sitting in different places, keeping a keen eye on Gaold.

The swordsman, who was sitting with a longsword in his arms, asked.

“A warrior or an angel?”

Gaold didn’t respond, checked the faces of the seven people, then turned to Sein and said.

“You have to be at least level 6 certified. Other than that, it’s not worth evaluating.”

The wizard in the corner frowned.

“You talk as if you’re going to be a certified 6th grader.”

“What if?”

“haha! Is that why you’re so arrogant? Certified wizards, I’ve killed countless times. It’s anachronistic to judge skill by rank. How much hell you have experienced, how life and life are divided depending on it.”

The wizard walked away, revealing the five rings on his right hand.

The man holding the sword said nervously.

“Hey, you know I asked first?”

“Doesn’t it matter? Anyone can go as long as they have the skills. Wasn’t that the rule?”

The wizard in front of Gaold waved his right hand and gestured for him to come in.

“I will teach you the state of those who have escaped the water supply.”

Gaold’s index finger aimed at him.

The moment the air gun exploded with a bang, the magician’s body crashed into the wall. He spurted blood and hit his butt on the floor, his head bowed deeply and he could not move any further.


Sirone frowned.

He didn’t intend to kill him like he did in the association’s underground bunker, but he knew the power of Gaold’s air gun better than anyone else.

“I also agree with what he said earlier.”

An elderly wizard walked to the center, easing his neck.

“There is a level beyond the number of degrees. But to those who are not backed by their skills, theories are just delusions. I’d be a little different… … !”

At the same time as the magician’s face crumpled to one side, the back of Gaold’s hand, which had cast teleportation, hit his face and passed by.

The wizard, whose head shook left and right like a punch bowl, collapsed like a piece of wood.


In an instant, none of the five people who watched two people drop out did not move.

It is not a team that simply dreams of making a fortune on the outskirts of heaven.

It was apparently a task force with business in heaven.

When no one came forward, Gaold pointed to the swordsman who was sitting with his sword in his arms.

“Hey, you. Didn’t you order something earlier?”

The swordsman kept his mouth shut and glared at Gaold.

Then he suddenly relaxed his expression and raised both hands as if he couldn’t be defeated.

“Whoops, give up. Acknowledging your skills is also… … ! Aww!”

Gaold, who came running like a dog, slapped his fist.

As the press magic exploded on the swordsman’s chin, his face bounced off in the direction of the hit and slid across the ground.

“Anyway, all of them have only their snouts alive.”

The atmosphere in the room rapidly cooled.

Gaold looked back at the other four, who were staring blankly at him, then turned his head toward the door and said,

“All off. If you don’t want to get lost.”

No matter who said it first, the four of them rushed out the door, struggling from limb to limb.

With only those who passed out and Sirone’s party remaining, a chilly aura hung over the warrior’s room.


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Gaold shook his hands and turned to the door.

“it’s okay. It’s neat.”

“There is still one more left.”

Mahatu entered the warrior’s room.

Certainly, his skills would be one step above those who were here, but in Gaold’s opinion, going to heaven was too much.

“what? Are you a challenge too?”

“no. in fact… … .”

Mahatu hesitated and looked out the door.

“There is one more messenger of God. He asked me not to let any more warriors in… … .”


As Mahatu opened the way, a familiar man entered.

It was Armin of Gwangan, the Eternal Reflector.

“Oh my.”

To catch big fish, you need good bait.

As expected, Shiina was perfect for capturing Armin.

Shiina’s eyes turned cold.

How long do you have to be treated like a child to get your intuition resolved?

However, when he saw Armin’s face, his tone did not come out as harsh as he thought.

“Why is my brother here? Did you forget what I asked for?”

“No, I remember. I didn’t come here with the intention of interfering in your life. To keep my promise to myself.”

Gaold said.

“Sorry, but that won’t work. I don’t work with the white line. I can’t figure it out.”

“The ivory tower has withdrawn. Isn’t that what happened?”

Shiina’s eyes widened.

If he had thrown away the magical utopia that only the best wizards in the world could enter, it would mean that his resolution was not normal.

“Uh, why? And Keira… … .”

Armin kept quiet about what was going on inside. However, a look of heaviness passed over his face.

“Shina, nothing in the world is more important than you. Heaven is a dangerous place. You can never go to a place like that alone. Even for the people of the Olipher School who raised me.”

“Shiina-san is a certified 5th grade wizard.”

“Mr Kuan… … .”

Shiina was surprised that the taciturn Kuan had opened her mouth.

“I know roughly what kind of relationship it is, but I feel like I’m ignoring it too much. And you don’t have to worry about Mr. Shiina’s life or death. No one will die until I die.”

The wizard is a position that must survive until the end of the party.

As a swordsman, the fact that they died first, regardless of their skills, hurt their pride.

‘Is it Kuan… … .’

A demon of the sword who cut down two people against the continent’s strongest swordsman group Fengzhang.

It seems that such a person took good care of Shiina.

It was a comforting fact in a situation where he had to follow the madman Gaold, but as an older brother, he couldn’t help but feel sad.

‘Well, with what qualifications do I… … .’

Except for Shiina, everyone seemed to welcome Armin’s joining.

A master of time magic who conquered the speed of light.

In particular, the stop magic that stops time was the world’s strongest crowd control.

“Okay, if it has nothing to do with the white line, I accept it. But anyway, I’m in charge. If you disobey, I will remove you from the team, so please know that.”

Armin had no complaints either.

Since Shiina was held hostage, fighting for the team was the best way.

With the flight to heaven just around the corner, a final team of 10 members was formed to recapture the labyrinth.

‘Wow, it’s really amazing when you put it all together.’

Sirone couldn’t believe that he belonged to the team.

Regardless of white, red, black, it was a task force with the best people gathered.

* * *

Mahatu gave away all the remaining rooms.

The 10 people who each got a separate room had dinner and gathered in the largest room as a conference room.

The opening time for the Guffin’s door is 6:00 AM tomorrow.

Considering the association’s pursuit, leaving immediately is the way to go, but even if you go over anyway, you’ll have to sleep first.

After entering heaven, even taking a break could be a war, so I preferred to spend the night here.

Gaold unfolded the map Gangnan had given him on the table.

It was a spray chart with colored dots on a map of heaven.

“Heaven is currently going through a cataclysmic period. A revolution has broken out among the subjects, and rebels are active. What you see now is a real-time threat map with Level 2 or higher alert zones displayed. Oh, I must leave out the word real-time. Because it was three months ago.”

Gaold’s Royal Guard, who were on a spy mission in heaven, had no further contact until the last time they sent this map.

Sein said.

“As a result of confirming Eastas, it became necessary to revise the existing strategy. Checking the maze’s condition is the first priority. In some cases, changing the coordinates of the Akashic Records may not make sense.”

Ethella said.

“If Miro was kidnapped from heaven, shouldn’t the enemy’s status be reset? It means that you are already preparing yourself.”

“yes. A preemptive strike through stealth is difficult. I’ll have to look at the situation, but I’ll use the strategy of infiltrating after causing as much disturbance as possible.”

said Armin.

“Creating a disturbance in heaven? There won’t be many ways. Are you planning to use the rebels?”

“That, too, is clearly in my head. But the rebels won’t move easily. So what you need is the ancient weapon Tagis. If we can neutralize Heaven’s interception system, ‘Aegis’, they will change their minds.”

Armin shook his head.

“no. Even if they could break through the Aegis, there is little chance that the rebels will launch an all-out war. As most of them were subjects, they must know the power of heaven better than anyone else. If Mecca and Norr were united, it would be a force that could not be overlooked even by Heaven, but the problem is fear. Imprinted fear is not easily forgotten.”

“Fear can be eliminated. Anyway, the trend of heaven will be far away from our expectations. You have to deal with it from time to time. After all, we have the Masterpiece.”

Shiina asked.

“What does it mean? Masterpiece?”

Sein looked back at Sirone.

“It is you, Sirone. If you succeed, you can create an effect equivalent to moving the entire rebel army. So let’s listen now. How the hell are you going to blow up heaven?”

When everyone’s eyes suddenly focused on her, Sirone gulped down her saliva with a nervous expression.

It is a part that must be explained before leaving for heaven, but the atmosphere was different from when I told Gaold.

From now on, it was a real battle where every word was a strategy.

Gaold shoved his chin as if he were vouching for it.

“Hehe, there is no need to hesitate, Sirone. In my opinion, it’s really crazy magic.”

‘That’s why I’m more anxious… … .’


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