Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 411

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[411] Task Force (3)

Kaidra, a mysterious bird flying toward Galliant Island, spotted a cargo ship crossing the open sea and lowered its altitude.

As Zulu freed Kydra, the four, including Shiina and Kuan, began plummeting toward the sea at high speed.

Zulu and Shiina use fly magic, and Sirone spreads her wings to control the speed of her fall.

Godot may not be a familiar environment for the prosecutor Quan, but he was checking the position of the ship without blinking.

The ability to offset gravitational acceleration by generating external gravitational force with muscle vibration was not inferior to the wizard’s skills in the slightest.

Shiina admired the skill of the death magician, whom she had only heard about through rumors.

A person who was evaluated as an unrivaled talent in swordsmanship movement 10 years ago.

Such a man lost his Achilles heel. As if he had lost an eye for himself.

‘Come to think of it, they look alike.’

The four of them hurled themselves toward the vessel and landed on the uninhabited aft deck.

At the same time, Zulu summoned Autoprism, making everyone invisible.

‘As expected, it’s easy to solve because talented people gather.’

How many people can infiltrate a boat floating in the sea and go to Galliant without being noticed by anyone?

If Sein had been there, he would have been able to block out the sound with Equilibrium.

No matter how dangerous heaven is, I thought that a team like this would not be easily defeated.

The warehouse was loaded with land products.

The four of them went to the piled up bags of rice in the corner and sat down with their backs facing each other.

“Once we arrive at the port, Autoprism cannot be summoned. Because there is a risk of getting caught by Jonah. Flu will be waiting for you at the mid-junction, so you have to get out as undetected as possible.”

Shiina handed the robe to Kuan.

Zulu can cover his face enough with the clothes he is wearing now, and Sirone can solve it neatly by using the Diamond Armament.

An hour later, the ship docked in the harbor. There was a commotion outside the warehouse, and the door opened hastily.

The four men, who had been hiding against the wall, slipped through the door as soon as the sailors entered.

On the deck, workers from the island were busy loading cargo, so no one cared about the four of them.

When we went down to the dock, it was crowded with ship mechanics, freight forwarders, warehouse managers, and traders.

Jis, who had a deep relationship with Sirone, was also busily running between the docks, soliciting tourists.

“now! We’ll lift your load! We will also guide you to the Kergo ruins, a specialty of Galliante! Interpreters are available!”

Sirone put on the robe of the Diamond Armed Forces and gently turned her head to look at Jis.

‘It’s the same, Jess. Is Yuna doing well?’

There was no way the place would be empty just because the parrot thieves had left, but it seemed like they were living a healthy life in their own way.

“huh? Who is it?”

When Jess turned around, Sirone gently lowered her head and followed the group out of the dock.

I wanted to say hello, but there was nothing to say as I was leaving the world and heading for the limb.

‘Be happy, Jess.’

Jis, who was staring blankly at Sirone, approached Jis with tears in her eyes.

“Ugh, why are there so few customers today? huh? Jess, what’s wrong? As if I saw a ghost. Who’s here?”

“No, I feel strange for some reason. I mean those people.”

The friend looked at the figures in Hood and frowned. It seemed that Jess’ bad habit had come out again.

“Hey, don’t worry about people like that. It’s bloody just looking at it. If I get caught wrongly, I can’t even pick a bone.”

Another friend agreed.

“As a solicitor for 10 years, my intuition is the same. Those people, it smells of great danger.”

Jess couldn’t look away from his friends until they disappeared.

I don’t know why, but the feeling of nostalgia permeated me.

‘Come to think of it… … Are you living well?’

“hey! Jim here! Do you have a handyman?”

A tall man got off the ferry and waddled around with a luggage bag in each hand.

Jess hurriedly came to his senses. And he raised his hand and ran faster than anyone else.

“yes yes! going!”

* * *

Kergo Ruins.

Gaold, Gangnan, Sein, Zulu, Flu, Etela, Shiina, Kuan, Sirone.

The nine people who participated in this project gathered together for the first time.

There was no need for a separate briefing because the horses came and went.

There were several agents within the ruins, but they were all resolved on the line of the people who had been waiting for a day.

Of course, being careless is prohibited, so it’s good to cover your face.

However, the key target, Gaold, flipped the hood and took off his robe and threw it to the ground.

Gangnan bit his molar and said.

“Wear it when you say nice things.”

“stuffy. Anyway, if you go in now, it’s over. From now on we go to Kergo Autonomous Region.”

Sein added.

“If there’s someone waiting at the Guffin’s door, I’ll pick them based on their skills. Perhaps one of these members could be supplemented.”

The group made their way to the terraced altar on the east side of the central temple.

This is where Sirone opened the Immortal Function and passed the labyrinth test.

A native of Kergo was guarding the entrance, but it was different from the person Sirone had seen before.

Since Chief Khadum had lost his lifespan, he didn’t know it, but the situation of the Kergo tribe must have changed considerably.

When I visited with my friends a year ago, he was a native who boasted of a terrifying prayer, but when he saw Gaold and his friends, he gulped down his saliva rather nervously.

If the gatekeeper was also a Kergo warrior, there was no way he wouldn’t be able to feel the refined aura like the blades spun by 9 people at the same time.

Gaold strode over and spoke.


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“Keltia, Lo Hoima. Akrasia, Widmia Benzene.”

knock on my door Then it will open.

It was a code of memories that remained even in Sirone’s memory.

However, the reaction of the natives was different than before. He shook his head with a serious face and spoke in Kergo.

“Not now. There are too many people waiting to go to heaven. Come back in three days.”

When Gaold gently crinkled his forehead and swung the back of his hand, the native flew away with a popping sound.

Sirone, who was staring at the aboriginal who fell to the ground and didn’t even move, asked Sein.

“Are you mad at what the natives said?”

“Gaold doesn’t know Kergore.”

“… … .”

When Gaold activated the device, the walls of the altar caved in, creating a door.

Gangnan added a word.

“But I hate Kergo.”

Upon entering the altar, the square spiral staircase descended endlessly.

After going down for about 20 minutes, the corridor continued. As before, there were two natives guarding the iron gate.

From this point on, it is a Kergoman world with no intersections with outside civilizations.

The natives had no qualms about revealing tattoos on their bodies, and were far more aggressive than those guarding them above.

“for a moment. how did you get in Starting today, the entrance to heaven… … .”

Gaold struck the chin with the back of his hand, and the native fell with a thump.

The colleague tried to shout with angry eyes, but then the back of the other hand turned his chin.

Sirone stared blankly at the two natives, who passed out with a bloody nose, and thought that this shouldn’t be the case.

If you open the Immortal Function in the Achievement and Sacrifice Room, you will be welcomed by everyone and go to the Guffin’s Door. There was no need to stir up trouble with Kergo.

“Hey, can’t we just do what’s right? I know a little bit about the natives here, but if you reveal all eight eyes of an angel… … .”


Gaold stood tall and turned his head.

“Sirone, this is just a toy made by my classmate.”

Sirone shut his mouth.

I felt a terrible anger in Gaold, but it wasn’t just because of it. I could see why he hated Kergo.

An octagonal room appeared inside the iron door.

There were three men guarding the iron gate on the other side, and in the middle stood a man with a white tattoo, symbolizing Kergo priest.

Even in Sirone’s eyes, the level of force was different from those who had stood in his way.

However, Gaold didn’t even look at him and went into the altar where the eight orbs of the maze were floating.

Priest Kergo moved his steps with a grim expression on his face.

“Who are you? A stranger who dares to enter the holy angel’s room… … .”

Before he could finish his words, Gaold grabbed whatever orb he could find and cast a spell.

As soon as the simple air press, which had nothing to do with magic, went in, the altar rang with a thud.

The priest looked around the shaking room with a surprised expression, then hurriedly turned his gaze to the orb.

The white light that Sirone couldn’t see even with all his means a year ago was brightly lit.

Sirone stared intently at the orb.

It was strange that the white light really came on, but above all, it was the first time that the size of the numbers came out so small.


“1 million 8,000 points… … .”

Gaold approached the distraught priest, stared him straight in the eyes, and gave a brief reply.


I don’t know what it means, but the priest’s legs moved before I knew it and opened the way for Gaold.

It was a number that far exceeded the score that could be passed in the language of God.

Upon arriving at the Kergo Autonomous District, warriors who had already heard the news were guarding the entrance.

As they raised their arms, their eyes flashed with vigilance against strangers.

“This is the sacred land of Kergo! If you invade, I will kill you regardless of the reason!”

Gaold compressed a ball of air over his palm as he walked over to the barrier of spears that stretched like a porcupine.

Compared to the subjects of Heaven, the Kergos here are cute.

Warriors who sacrifice their lives for Ankera. In addition, the level of personal power was different from those of them.

But to Gaold, they were all Kergos.

“Everyone take down your weapons!”

Just as Gaold’s press magic was about to explode, a stalwart man walked through the warriors.

The black tattoo turned golden, but Sirone could recognize his face at a glance.

As a member of the anti-angel faction, he was Mahatu, who was at odds with Chief Kadum.

Having a golden tattoo means that you have become a chieftain.

As expected, the warriors drew their weapons and bent their knees.

“Chief! They are heretics who assaulted Kergo! Why are you quenching our fighting spirit!”

Mahatu, who made eye contact with Gaold for a moment, moved to the group of eight people standing behind him.

“It’s been a while, Mr. Sirone.”

Mahatu learned the continental language.

It was the principle that religion and society should be separated to improve the lives of the tribal people, so it was a must-have in order to negotiate with the Galliant government.

“Mr. Mahatu, you have become the chief.”

“I don’t know if I deserved it, but it happened.”

The warriors couldn’t hold back their anger.

To them, assaulting priests was the worst felony that could not be replaced with anything.

“Chief! Please explain! Who are they!”

Mahatu asked Sirone with a puzzled expression.

“Why didn’t you prove the power of an angel?”

“Ah, that… … There were some circumstances.”

Mahatu seemed to know.

Recently, many people have been flocking to Kergo Ruins.

What the hell is going on in heaven?

The seriousness of the situation could be seen just by looking at the level of those brought by Sirone.

‘What the hell are those monsters?’

Kergo’s greatest warrior, Mahatu, could feel it.

Each one of them was a master who honed his different strains to the limit. Gaold, in particular, was not human.

Even Shirone couldn’t help it if she, who thought she would never lose to anyone in terms of fighting spirit, would lose her mind just by looking into her eyes for a moment.

Since the compromise was in progress, there was no extreme conflict, but the war of nerves between the warriors and Gaold was still fierce.

“Punish the heretic who assaulted the priest! We are ready to fight! I’m not afraid of anything like you!”

“Yes, come in! Come in and see!”

Gangnan pathetically looked at Gaold, who was arguing with warriors who could not speak the language, and rubbed his temples.

‘As expected, I didn’t make that human the commander.’

Even so, the reason for leaving it alone is that sometimes Gaold’s method is necessary.

Above all, isn’t it the beginning of the day he’s been waiting for 20 years?

It was a tough day that even the most ugly duckling couldn’t nag at today.

“Quiet everyone! How dare you disobey my order!”

“Chief! We are ready to die at the chief’s command. But compromising with heresy is not even denying the existence of Kergo!”

“Stupid. Do you know who is here right now?”

The warriors’ eyes turned to Sirone.

However, even a year ago, they were imprisoned under the iron fist of Kadum, and they did not know the boy’s face.

Mahatu raised his hand and introduced Sirone.

“This is God’s messenger, Sirone-sama, who punished the Kadum faction and saved us half-angel faction.”


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