Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 409

[409] Task Force (1)

Magic Association.

Sakiri, an investigator belonging to the Inspection Division 3 who had previously interrogated Kanis and Arin, was on his way to the prison camp for special criminals under the Association.

Next to him was Blenner, the third deputy director of the National Intelligence Service.

The National Intelligence Service’s 3rd Division is the Daecheonguk Information Management Department, a secret organization composed only of black agents whose ranks are not disclosed to civilians.

The reason why the head of such a department personally visited the association was to obtain an item to stop Gaold’s plan.

It was the confession of Isabelle, the 3rd class archmage.

“Anyway, it’s a problem, a problem. Speaking of Gaold. It’s the shame of the kingdom. I didn’t like it from the start. After making a lot of people tired, you can just walk away by yourself.”

Sakiri was not fooled by Blenner’s good impression.

Everyone in the Inspection Department knew that the lobby of Rufist, who is currently serving as the temporary head of the Magic Association, entered Blenner.

“Isabel, that woman is really strong too. Her face is pretty, tsk tsk. Wizards can’t do this.”

It is not a good thing to hear a wizard’s gossip from a non-magician.

Especially if the target of the gossip is a certified third-class archmage he usually respects.

However, Sakiri did not show emotion. He shuts off his emotions with such ease, sometimes when necessary.

“I hear you are the best on this floor. cook to your heart’s content I’ll do the rear end. I must make her mouth open.”

“It is not easy. Even if he is a non-combatant, he is definitely a great wizard. I’m definitely not the kind of person who would commit perjury out of fear of pain.”

“Hehe, isn’t that why I called you? Sakiri of the 3rd Inspection Division, who says that any criminal can’t even be beaten as long as he gets caught.”

“I will try my best.”

Sakiri replied in a dry voice, deep in thought.

Temporary president Rufist has long regarded Gaold as a thorn in the eye. In my mind, I would want to eliminate Gaold even with all the power of the Association.

‘But things didn’t go as planned.’

He seized the opportunity to fulfill his long-cherished wish, but the problem was that Gaold’s reputation within the association was not as bad as expected.

He’s a madman, but that’s why he’s pure, and even though he has a nasty temper, he’s stronger than anyone else.

And this was clearly outside of Lufist’s calculations.

The incident in which Isabelle risked her life to protect Gaold during the National Emergency Hearing left a great deal of embarrassment to the Wizards of the Association.

Someone outside of Gaold’s bodyguard insisted on Gaold’s innocence.

If that is also the guarantee of Isabelle of the official third class, the standard of judgment will be shaken regardless of whether it is true or not.

With the high ground in front of his eyes, Rufist became desperate.

He needed a reason to mobilize all of the association’s strength, as he could only become the official head of the association by eliminating Gaold, so it was Blenner, the 3rd deputy director of the National Intelligence Service, who reached out.

‘This is my conclusion. but… … .’

The question still lingered.

Forcing perjury and torturing certified magicians is dangerous even for the NIS. But how did it get approved?

‘Who’s behind it?’

Sakiri hinted at Blenner’s intentions.

“How far can I get a confession? Isabelle said in fact she was an Old Guard and she was so she was sheltered, is this enough?”

“Hmm, shouldn’t it be a little taller than that? It was enough to lead the plot to assassinate Her Highness. Whether you designed it or distributed the money, you do it yourself.”

‘I’m thinking of letting go completely.’

No one should know what will happen underground today. Thinking of pruning everything that can be pruned.

This was the reason Sakiri was in charge of the interrogation alone, without even an observer.

“As long as I don’t die, I can do anything, so just accept a confession. I’ve installed a video recording device. Then get out Obscura B and bring it to me. And you are special.”

‘It was something like that.’

The final puzzle was put together in Sakiri’s head.

The beauty archmage’s torture process is recorded in its entirety. Could there be a better snuff for old politicians joining a decadent society?

That’s just why.

Outside, a king’s assassination attempt is taking place, the head of the Magic Association is changing, and the world is about to turn upside down, but someone is just immersed in their hobby.

‘Perhaps this is also a very humane thing.’

Sakiri understood.

If you have the ability to do something, humans do it.

Upon arriving at the prison cell for special offenders, Sakiri fixed her eyes on the iron door.

Whether he had heard anything, Blenner did not show interest in the circumstances behind the iron gate.

“Then please. deal with it as soon as possible You have to get a confession within 48 hours.”

48 hours.

“Do not worry. This is the guy who came all the way here.”

Blenner patted Sakiri on the shoulder with confidence and turned around.

It wasn’t until the sound of footsteps echoing in the hallway died down that Sakiri reached for the iron door’s security device.

Upon entering the Spirit Zone, the lock on the iron door reading the personal information rattled and unlocked.

I pulled the half-open iron door and found Isabelle sitting on a tandem chair installed against the wall of the dark prison.

A model employee of the Magic Association who always adhered to neat attire and took pride in it.

But now, with disheveled hair covering his face and his wrists resting on his knees, he was a shabby criminal with mana control devices handcuffed.

Two on the left and right sides, and one on the side of the iron gate. A total of three video recording devices were installed.

The one in the front flashed a red light and was recording Isabelle’s condition for several days.

“It feels strange to meet you in a place like this.”

Isabelle didn’t respond.

He was just repeating empty breaths in a limp posture like a corpse.

Sakiri didn’t care and checked the video recording devices while unbuttoning his sleeve.

“Do you know what is the scariest thing I’ve ever felt in my life? It means that humans are endowed with unlimited freedom. It really is. No matter how absurd, humans can do it.”

After confirming that the video recording device on the left was turned off, Sakiri moved to the wall on the right.

“Is it impossible to strangle a child who does not get sick even if he puts it in his eyes? Isn’t it too stupid to believe if you think so? No matter how much you love it, just do it. That is human freedom.”

After checking the second device, Sakiri looked into the lens of the last device turned on and said.

“Reset Obscura B to save records.”

When I pressed the button, the device turned off, ready to restart.

It was only after the three video recording devices turned off that Isabelle raised her head. The eyes that gave up her hope confirmed Sakiri’s face.

“Come to think of it, it’s tomorrow, the first son’s death.”

Sakiri is now the father of two daughters, but originally had one more son. However, the son suffered from Tris disease, which rots the whole body, two years after he was born, and died two years later.

Sakiri was a regular eater.

“Well, this is life. Then shall we begin?”

When the switch installed on the wall was lowered, the incandescent light in the ceiling turned on, making the prison as bright as daylight.

thud! thud! thud! thud!

Then, the walls opened in series, and the prison expanded as long as the corridor.

Every conceivable instrument of torture and equipment was placed there.

“Usually torture chambers are dark, but I like the light side. Torture is also a kind of communion. It might make you feel a little dirty to see your body breaking down, but just give up.”

Sakiri took the scissors to cut the prison uniform and checked the blade.

“What should I do first? What are you weak against? ache? foreign body sensation? fear? body transformation? Shame?”

Isabelle said in a calm voice.

“You’re kind, Sakiri.”

“I understand with duality. There’s nothing good about stimulating them before they even start. We’d better start with the water torture. For the sake of the show, it is better to have a clean body first.”

“If not… … Why are you conflicting?”

Sakari’s fingers stopped snapping the scissors.


“You would have known. No matter what you do to me, I will not withdraw from speaking at the hearing. However, your rule of thumb, ‘The Balance of Truth’ is an exception. I don’t know the activation conditions, but there’s no need to waste time playing house like this, right?”

Sakiri, who had been silently looking at the scissors, sighed and turned around.

“Haa, as long as this guy or that guy is alive.”


The scissors nervously fell back to where they were.

Sakiri, who had been standing still, turned slowly and looked down at Isabelle.

“… … Why did you do that?”

Isabelle tilted her head slightly, as if not understanding the meaning.

“Why are you coming? You’re not even a member of the Royal Guard. It’s the same as using Gaold, Lufist, or the Association for personal purposes. Lufist took over the association to gain power, and Gaold became the president of the association for revenge. Why did you protect Gaold anyway?”

Isabelle’s answer was simple.

“I don’t know either.”

“I do not know?”

“Sakiri, I don’t know. It’s not a thoughtful decision. Yes, like you said, both Gaold and Luffist are self-centered people. Still, the reason why I chose Gaold… … .”

Isabelle thought for a moment and smiled bitterly.

“I just liked Gaold a little better than Lufist. That’s all.”

“… … .”

Sakiri flicked her jaw joint left and right.

Then he turned back to the shelf where the instruments of torture were placed, his face contorted like that of a sick person.

‘Damn it. There was such an easy way.’

Since when did the name wizard come to be called a politician’s dog?

Aren’t those who fought with an iron intellect who pushed through what they believed to be right now in the association?

“… … 48 hours.”

Sakiri picked up an instrument of torture that looked like a 20 cm long awl.

“In the next 48 hours, Rufist will defy public opinion and move the Association. Of course, if you perjury in it, the time will be shorter.”

Isabelle hadn’t even thought of that situation.

“Forty-eight hours. It’s pretty tight.”

“That’s why Lufist is also impatient. If possible, he would like to become the president of the association with the support of the majority of the association members, but as long as Gaold is alive, his current position is in jeopardy. In short, as long as you hold out, you can buy yourself more time.”

Sakiri poked the awl with the tip of her finger, then looked back at Isabelle with a cold gaze.

“I will protect the last degree of dignity as a human being and as a woman. It’s not because I have good feelings for you. As a mage, I just don’t want to cater to the tastes of perverted old men. But the pain will be considerable.”

Isabelle didn’t care. She just stared up at her ceiling, lost in her thoughts, oblivious to the terrible time ahead.

‘Whoops, Gaold. Seriously, how many people are you bothering?’

yeah, why?

Why did he defend Gaold, who had nothing to do with him?

‘Perhaps I, too, have been possessed by your madness.’

The light came on as the video recording device restarted.

After activating the remaining two devices, Sakiri stood where the three focus points were set and announced the start of the official interrogation.

“From now on, I will begin interrogating Isabelle, the manager of the magic library of the Magic Association.”

Isabelle’s eyes lit up for the first time.

‘Go, Gaold. Go beyond good and evil, transcend the future of mankind, and go to the ultimate realm that humans can reach.’

Sakiri grabbed Isabelle’s hair and violently raised it.

His eyes widened as he stared at the soft nape of his neck.

’48 hours from now. Hold on.’

Screams echoed through the corridor of the prison cell.


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