Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 408

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[408] Final Decision (8)

It was a gloomy day.

I rolled up my clothes and packed dry food and first aid kits in case of an emergency.

As I grabbed the full military backpack with my right hand, it went into the Kubrick’s slot.

Sirone, who was examining the scabbard while holding Armand, saved it to Kubrick’s second slot.

Loaded weight 38.7 kg. It could be said that it was captured optimally while leaving an extra space.

“… … .”

Sirone looked around the room to see if anything was missing and checked the time.

After confirming that it was near midnight, I took out Maya’s letter that was stored in the drawer of my desk and read it again.

It was the day of the presentation of the Supernatural Psychic Research Society that Maya fell in love with Sirone.

It felt like destiny when Sirone stood in front of Maya at the senior year welcome party.

The reason why he asked who the girl he wanted to kiss was actually half joking and half serious, but he said it was the result of such a foolish delusion that he would choose him.

Her heart was engraved on four pages of letter paper. It was a confession that she did her best to convey her sincerity rather than embellish and wrap it up.

If you accept my heart, please come out to the park in two days at midnight.

Even if you don’t come out, I will never resent or hate you.

I want you to show your sincerity this time. love you.

Sirone folded the letter along Maya’s crease and put it in the envelope. Then, as if taking something precious, I poked it into his inner pocket and gently pressed it with the palm of my hand.

“Maya… … .”

Sirone left the dorm earlier than the promised time. Should I make her wait until this day?

It was 10 minutes ago when we arrived at the park.

Beneath the only light on, he waited for Maya to come out.

Deng. Deng. Deng.

The midnight bell struck.

As the clouds thickened, the wind and rain came in. Thunder was heard from the distant sky, and cold raindrops fell.

Shoot Aaaaaaa!

Numerous percussion instruments disturbed Sirone’s hearing.

Streams of water trickled down her wet hair, and her clothes were soaking up the water and getting heavier.

Sirone was looking at the path Maya was walking.


The bell announcing one o’clock struck.

Until then, Maya hadn’t come.

I heard the sound of water splashing and someone walking behind me.

It was only after the raindrops that fell on her head were blocked that Sirone finally looked back.

Amy was standing with an umbrella.

The two were just looking into each other’s eyes.

Amy wanted Sirone to tell her first, and Sirone had nothing to say to her.

Amy’s emotions, which had been suppressed, finally exploded.

Resentment, anger, bewilderment, betrayal, and perhaps even more desperateness.

She gritted her teeth and spat out in a trembling voice.

“Why did you come out?”

Sirone did not answer.

“say. why did you come here Really Maya and… … .”

“It has nothing to do with you.”

Amy’s heart sank.

I knew that Maya would confess.

The reason why he agreed despite knowing it was the confidence that he had seen Sirone’s feelings with his own eyes. He agreed, and what he regretted was his insecurity about Maya’s courage.

It was Amy who ran around the room nervously and eventually couldn’t stand it and ran to the park.

Sirone was waiting for Maya. And now she was staring at herself with such cold eyes.

“no. It can’t be.”

Amy’s voice crackled.

“What’s going on? I mean, you’re so weird these days. it’s still weird say! Tell me what’s going on! If you don’t tell me, I won’t see you anymore.”

“okay. doesn’t care.”

Amy couldn’t believe it.

Why do you have to treat me so coldly?

It wasn’t the Sirone I used to know. I was afraid.

She was naked in front of Sirone for the first time.

“why? why do you do that why don’t you say anything Is it because I don’t act like Maya? Fool, me too, me too you… … .”

Sirone hugged Amy tightly. Otherwise, there was no way to hide the distorted face.

Hot tears mixed with the cold rain water and ran down my cheeks.

“Amy, thank you so much.”

Embarrassed, Amy burst into tears.

I grabbed Sirone’s collar and tried to shake it off, but it just slipped.

“no. don’t hug I mean say it! tell me why! You bastard!”

There was no strength in his hands.

Time pushed her back and a cliff awaited her in front. For the first time she had the idea that she wanted to turn back time.

Sirone said the last words with a sad smile.

“Hi, Amy… … .”



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The umbrella fell from Amy’s hand. The sound of the stinging rain was huge.

Even when Sirone left her body, she couldn’t move with a dazed expression on her face.

Tears welled up and I couldn’t see anything.

“Ugh. Ugh.”

The moment the sobs that had been blocked in her throat burst out, the sky quiveringly cried on her behalf.

* * *

thump thump! thump thump!

Collie, the head teacher of the senior class, was awakened by the sound of knocking on the door of the annex.

I hurriedly put on my gown, rubbed my sleepy eyes, and opened the door to find Maya soaked in rain.

“Maya? What are you doing at this hour?”

“teacher… … .”

Maya couldn’t control her emotions and burst into tears in Collie’s arms.


Collie was perplexed, but looked at Maya’s condition. It seemed that the order would be to calm down the trembling body first.

Colli, who had put wood in the fireplace and made a fire, sat Maya down and handed her a towel.

Cocoa was boiled and placed in front of her, but she just watched the flames in the fireplace, mesmerized.

‘It must have been a crab.’

Collie had a hunch that the day Maya had spoken of was today.

He didn’t show it during the senior year schedule, but he was a disciple whom he loved so much that he personally enrolled him in a magic school and taught him.

‘A young child. I can’t take care of my own feelings because I’m counting other people’s feelings.’

Collie first saw Maya at the opening of an outdoor performance by singer Canary.

Outside the barricade, commoners also had a chance to watch, and the nobles seemed to like this way.

So, the event planner went further and set up a strategy to highlight the excellence of the canary by having a commoner in the opening performance.

That’s how the 14-year-old Maya was recruited.

However, the planner’s tricks went awry. It was because the popular song of a 14-year-old girl was beautiful enough to give goosebumps.

No wonder the nobles were offended, and as soon as the song was over they began to boo and criticize.

It is said that there were even nobles who called the chieftain of the tribe and forced him to bring Maya to bed for a large sum of money.

The chief attacked a nobleman and was beaten to death and kicked out, and Maya gave up her dream of becoming a singer that day.

Collie recommended Maya to become a wizard.

He had a weak temperament, but he certainly had omnipotent talent, and he succeeded in entering the Spirit Zone in two years.

I didn’t want anything like a great wizard.

Wouldn’t that be enough if she could become a wizard, raise the tribe, and sing the song she really wanted to sing?

“Did Sirone-kun not come out?”

Maya gently raised the corner of her mouth. It was the only happiness that could be obtained in pain.

“no. gave it to me Like an idiot, I told you not to come out like that. It wouldn’t matter if you cut off things like me, but I gave it to you. For me, they waited for over an hour.”

Maya covered her face with both hands.

“So it hurts my heart. Because that sirone is so good. Because I want to be his woman.”

“Shouldn’t you have walked a horse? Could it be that I really liked you?”

Maya shook her head.

“I knew from the beginning that I couldn’t win Sirone’s heart. I confessed even though I knew it. I like it so much, I don’t think I can stand it without talking about it. So she went in knowing it was hell.”

Maya looked back at Collie with a terrified expression.

“But what should I do? It hurts so much. I feel sick and I think I will die. Can we forget Sirone? Can I go back to the way I was before meeting Sirone?”

Cole spoke his mind frankly.

“Maya, you cannot erase past memories. It is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life.”

“I don’t think I can. Being so sick… … how… … .”

Maya finally sobbed.

Collie came over and hugged her and gave her a pat on the back.

“There is no need to be afraid. Scars don’t go away, but as you live, so many new scars form that you don’t know which ones Sirone left behind. Then you’ll be fine again. Just live like that.”

Maya rubbed her face against Collie’s chest.

“It is not living. With no hope… … How can I live?”

“Maya, I don’t live for hope. It is to create hope in order to live. I won’t be able to forget it, but everything will be alright. You can create another hope.”

“I hate that. I want Sirone to come to me. She wants you to love me with poetry.”

When cut by a knife, it doesn’t hurt. What really hurts was when I realized I had been cut.

That is why the emotion Maya felt now was fear, not pain. Fear of the pain to come.

‘The more tender the heart, the harder it will be. But Maya, an artist is someone who talks about humans. Even when he looks down from a high place, he never sees humans. So remember today’s pain. Sing in the lowest place. Then one day everyone will heal your wounds.’

Collie stroked Maya’s back.

Her shoulders trembled pitifully, like a baby bird whose wings have been snapped by a storm.

* * *

3 am.

Since there was no intention of sleeping in the first place, Sirone returned to the inn and washed herself and changed into new clothes.

As I sat down at my desk and blocked my thoughts for a while, the lingering lingering sound of crying leaked out by itself.

“Has everything been sorted out now?”

Withdrew from the Supernatural Psychic Research Society. Nade was very angry, but eventually hugged him and told him to come back no matter what.

And today, I ended my own goodbyes to Maya and Amy.

I wanted to sever all ties before going to heaven.

No, I had to.

If you have any regrets here, you will hesitate at the decisive moment. Because you will hesitate in a situation where you must die.

In a short period of time, Sirone had sorted out all the ties that could be sorted out.

But still, the faces of precious people came to my mind.

Ryan, Tess, and… … Parents who always want only their son’s happiness.

I was fortunate enough to say I love you before leaving home.

It was, truly, the best thing in Sirone’s life.

I opened the drawer and took out a clean stationery. The greetings that could not be said now had no choice but to be conveyed in writing.

Spinning the nib with her finger, Sirone finally wrote a letter on the paper.


“Black. Sobbing.”

Tears flowed from sadness.

I wanted to graduate from magic school. I wanted to experience the world with my friends. She wanted to feel again the thrill she felt when she held Amy’s hand.

“mom… … ”

Sirone’s only parents are Vincent and Olina. That fact will never change.

I should have known before going to heaven.

No, I didn’t meet Ikael from the beginning.

But I found out.

She didn’t express it to anyone, but in fact, she had the answer to the question that had been in her heart for the rest of her life.

‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’

Sirone wiped away tears with her sleeve and wrote a will.

Thanks to the people who have helped me, stories about how happy I was because I received a lot of love, and even respect for my parents.

Everything that had been stored for 19 years was being emptied.


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