Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 407

[407] Final Decision (7)

The party left the maze of time and space and gathered in the secret room of Alpheas.

Gaold was sitting cross-legged, his hands resting on his knees, lost in thought.

Not being able to see the maze was disappointing, but that wasn’t the point right away.

“The final war may come sooner than expected. Then we should move faster. Gangnan will be coming to Galliant. One more person may or may not come, but now is the time to make a choice.”

Gaold said to Sirone.

“If the final war breaks out, the one who fights against the enemy will be the hero. But if you follow us now, you will become a traitor who hastened the final war.”

Whether it was a hero or a traitor, it didn’t matter to Sirone.

If it was an operation carried out by someone as skilled as Gaold risking his life, the chance of Sirone’s survival would be less than 1 percent.

“If you give me time, how long can you give me?”

“We are leaving for Galliant tonight. Of course, I will wait until the Gangnan comes, but it won’t exceed 2 days at the most. If you decide to go to heaven, come to Galliant. Because inspiration will take care of school problems. Well, on the way to die, what use would that be?”

Gaold was not afraid to take risks.

I need Sirone’s ability, but if I’m going to attack with a clumsy resolution, I’d rather not be on the team.

If you take a frightened kid with you, you won’t be able to do anything and you’ll be annihilated.

Armin took a step closer to Gaold.

Even after confirming the construction of the maze, the reason they followed it was to fulfill the contract.

“Shina does not go to heaven.”

“Ah, that was a contract. good. Shiina, you can’t go to heaven. Get out of the team as of this time.”

Shiina shook her head.

If Armin had come for that reason, and if the reason Gaold had invited him was only that, it would have hurt his pride as a certified 5th class wizard.

“Why should I follow someone else’s opinion and not the team? I will go to heaven.”

“You say so? With this, the contract is over.”

Light emanated from within Armin’s bandages.

Keira gulped down her saliva as the blade raged.

“I am not in the mood to joke. You’d better fulfill the contract properly. If you want to go to heaven in good condition.”

The reason Shiina revealed her identity even though she knew she would be hurt was only to prevent her from going to heaven.

Rescuing the maze? It’s bullshit.

Armin of the Human Security Enforcement Department knows Heaven’s armed forces better than anyone else.

Gaold is a special type of Red Line 1st class that specializes only in combat, but even if he tried with all his might, it was questionable whether he would be able to deal with an ordinary angel, let alone an archangel.

Of course, it’s not impossible.

There are no absolutes in battle, and if even a tiny variable is snowballed, you might be able to defeat it with strategy and tactics.

But the enemies of heaven are unlike anything in the human world.

In the event of a collision in the absence of information, the winner is determined simply by the logic of force.

That’s why the Ivory Tower, as well as the Temple, is focusing on postponing the final war until as much information as possible is secured.

Gaold replied nonchalantly.

“What are you talking about? I don’t ask for favors. Because I’m not a parasitic brother like you. Even if I don’t take her, Shiina will come to heaven on her own.”

Blood pooled in Armin’s temples.

“Take it in moderation, Gaold. If you want to die, go and die alone. Your madness is only a nuisance to the world.”

“Ah, sorry for bothering you. But do you know what really pisses me off? Why do you ignore the troubles the world has caused me when you say such things? I was the only one who suffered, but you are suffering because the whole of humanity shares it, so don’t whine too much. Listening to it makes me feel dirty.”

Armin snorted.

“A nuisance the world has brought upon you? No, you’re just a madman obsessed with ugly desires. Can you really say Miro didn’t have a choice? Judgment Day for the 20… … .”

“What do you know?”

Gaold’s face turned pale.

The flames were burning in the two wide-open eyes.

“you… … What do you know about mazes?”


Fleur closed her eyes.

Undoubtedly, the screeching sound of the preta exploded as the superheat hell encroached on the borders of the space.

Even the teachers shuddered in agony as the emotions of pain Gaold experienced spread beyond the physical body.

It was a self-denial that would drive a normal person crazy.

Armin’s nose twitched.

As the light’s eyes flashed eeriely, the phenomenon of the flames stopping from Armin’s back rushed over to Gaold.

From the center of the place where the two stood, the two worlds of fire and eternity collided.

“Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t think you’re the only one experiencing hell. It is the last warning. Promise me you won’t take Shiina with you.”

“Hey, now I know. You are just a lump of blood that knows nothing. Eternal Observer? On the topic that I was hiding in a world where nothing changed… … .”

Gaold’s spirit zone unfolded.

“Are you the kind of people who talk about hell?”


As the spirit zones of the two collided, the shockwaves generated spread out in the form of spheres and collapsed the walls of the room in a round shape.

“Big uh… … .”

When the real power was transmitted, Sirone was dying.

What’s comforting, though, is that you’re not the only one struggling.

The unbearable pressure squeezed everyone’s hearts as the world of heat and eternity was jumbled together.

At that time, two golden cogwheels penetrated the curtain of hell and rotated in an interlocking state.

The landscape was sucked in and shattered. As if pulling the center of a carpet, the original world began to emerge from the outside of the landscape.

When hell disappeared, people stared blankly at the cogs.

It turned into Sein’s amber iris and spun rapidly, shining like a halo.

Cheolryunan – Equilibrium.

It was the world’s organ that calms all phenomena with two gears that calculate the coefficient of reason and the coefficient of emotion.

Gaold was satisfied when he confirmed that his alumni’s skills had not rusted before going to heaven.

However, it was unpleasant to be treated the same as Armin as an ally with the same goal.

“what? Even if we beat each other up, it wouldn’t be enough. Are you going to try a three-way battle?”

“It is in front of Master. You may not know at other times, but be careful now.”

Sein’s attitude toward Alpheas was no different from Gaold’s.

When the whole world abandoned the Supernatural Psychic Research Society, he was the only one who took their side.

Gaold also had no choice but to become a Hapjuki this time.

Of course, he wasn’t Alpheas who would be swayed by self-denial, but if there was one person in the world who didn’t want to be a nuisance, he was him.

Sein looked back at Armin.

“I apologize for using your emotions. But we need at least one more talented person. If you knew it from the beginning, why don’t you convince Shiina yourself? As I said clearly, we have no intention of forcing the party to give up. It’s not a mission to be performed through coercion.”

Shiina stepped forward.

To be honest, I didn’t want to even look at Armin’s face, but I couldn’t see other people squabbling between me.

“Answer me one thing, Armin oppa.”

Armin, who had been unable to even turn his head until now, spoke in a desperate voice when Shiina opened the door.

“Shina, sorry for hiding it. But I… … .”

“Is Keira your brother’s wife?”

Keira approached with a bright color as if it was just this time, but quickly withdrew with a pale face.

It was because he felt a terrifying life behind Armin’s back, who turned his head very slightly.

Armin turned to Shiina again.

As if it had happened when, the life had disappeared, and it was back to being a mild sheep.

“No, Keira is my watchdog. there was a situation She’s got a sham marriage for a mission. Shiina, everything is for you. Give me a chance to explain.”

A cold breath escaped from between Shiina’s lips.

fake marriage? guardian?

Are you saying that now?

‘I, how hard I was… … .’

I vowed to forget every night. Trembling with loneliness, desperately suppressing the desire to steal, he wished him a happy life with Keira.

But is it a lie?

After deceiving them to their heart’s content, acting as a loving couple right in front of their eyes, all of that was for my sake?

“Shiina, if you want to get angry, I’m fine too. but… … .”

“No, I will tell you.”

Shiina held out her hand and stopped talking.

There must have been circumstances. No, even if she hadn’t, she had no right to be angry with Armin.

The kind of life he lived after losing both eyes to save Shiina was predictable.

“Your brother is my lifesaver. Even if my brother cheated on me for some reason, it doesn’t change the fact that he gave me a new life.”

Armin closed his mouth and raised his eyebrows.

You don’t have to thank me.

If you want, I can take out my heart right now. Shiina, if you wish.

Shiina walked over to Armin and hugged him.

Even though she was held in the arms of the man she so desperately wanted, her heart was tingling as if she had been beaten with a whip.

“Thank you, brother. I won’t forget for the rest of my life I will always be grateful for the life my brother gave me. But now we are grown up. You can’t treat each other with only your childhood feelings. stop, leave me That is my last wish for my brother.”

“Shina… … .”

Armin wept in his soul.

Because he had no pupils, he felt miserable as he did not even shed tears.

I have to leave. Shiina can do anything she wants.

and will wait Because you might miss yourself because of one small whim.

Even if I don’t, I’ll wait my whole life.

“Okay, I will do as you say. Oppa, he can do anything you want.”

Armin tried to caress Shiina’s cheek, but unfortunately turned around with a clenched fist.

“let’s go.”

“Armin, you can’t… … .”

Keira tried to shout something at Shiina with a serious expression, but Armin’s flicker magic came first.

The two of them disappeared as the electricity splattered.

The flicker magic that transcends space even in an enclosed place reminded him that he was an unlocker.

Gaold continued with a relieved expression.

“Let’s wrap this up one last time. I can’t be sure if Gangnan will be successful in recruiting, but once he’s brought in, there’s no problem with Util. When Sirone comes in, the range of strategies expands. As for the dealer, Shiina and me are enough. Crowd control can be done by Sein, one person in charge of operation, and one person in charge of search.”

Flew felt infinitely proud that his position was mentioned.

Originally, it was a project with no room for a certified 8th grade wizard to intervene. However, in other words, the power leakage of the team was severe.

As expected, Gaold’s expression was impassioned.

I don’t want to make a cage class, but shouldn’t it work if I have an assortment?

“I guess… … I think there should be one hitman. If you can definitely eliminate one target, the range of tactical operations will be greatly expanded. Is there no good knife holder? The one who knows how to cut properly.”

Sein said.

“Where do you get a guy like that all of a sudden? Wasn’t there a magic swordsman in your bodyguard or something?”

“Two pieces of news. probably dead Anyway, think about it once. Even if he dies, he can definitely take out one target. Even if he dies, he doesn’t have to deal with it. In a word, a man who wants to die.”

“You have too many demands.”

“If even one fails, I won’t save you. We are the Suicide Squad. A guy who follows you hoping for a reward is only a minus to the team.”

Ethella said.

“Why don’t you try looking for a certified driver? If you are a renowned swordsman, your skills are certain.”

“no. Those who insist on beliefs burn needlessly. We’re not going to war. Hitman is perfect for focusing on recapturing the maze.”

Sein checked the time and said.

“Let’s go to Galliant for now. There might be someone who uses a knife in the Kergo Autonomous District.”

Then Shiina raised her hand.

“Hey, how about a knight without faith?”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Shiina.

Gaold raised his eyebrows as if to say something, then asked again.

“A knight without faith? Can you call that a knight? no, it doesn’t matter anyway But why?”

“There is one person. Someone who knows how to bell properly.”


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