Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 406

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[406] Final Decision (6)

Kurleung. thump.

The buildings of Istas piled up one by one and turned into a huge mass-shaped structure. It was like a giant with two thick legs rooted in the ground.

Sein, who opened the warehouse on the giant’s right leg, spoke to Alfeas.

“If we go in, please activate the Estas again.”

Those who do not go to heaven are not qualified to confirm the time-space of the labyrinth.

At least Alpheas thought so, and intended to do what he could.

“Let’s begin.”

The mischief was gone from Gaold’s face.

We finally meet Miro.

It was rather fortunate that she fell into samadhi. The anger I’ve been keeping for 20 years might shake.

After everyone entered the warehouse, Alfeas restarted the Istas.

Following the pattern set by Sein, the cube-shaped buildings began to repeat the intricate combination and separation.

thud. coo kung. thud.

I can hear the heartbeat of Istas.

With every step he took, Sein’s amber irises ticked.

The left iris flicked left and right at an angle of 15 degrees, and only the right iris rotated with different accelerations for each section.

Sain changed his stride length instead of maintaining his walking speed. It was a way to control time by controlling space.

“Come this way.”

When Sein opened the door, turning at a right angle from the center of the warehouse, another warehouse came up and the door was connected to the passage.

As soon as you cross the boundary, the warehouse you were staying in before will fall down and you will be overtaken by another block and away from you.

This process was repeated countless times.

‘tremendous. I can’t even imitate him unless I’m a Servant.’

The warehouse moves, the world moves, and time moves.

It felt like the concept of space that I knew before was collapsing. Sirone was really walking in 4D time and space.

As Sein’s steps stopped in front of the final destination, Sirone’s eyes filled with vague emotions.

Supernatural Psychic Research Society

A nostalgic sign was hung.

The crooked signboard that always puts it back to its original place but tilts on its own as if ignoring its balance.

When the door was opened, traces of the agent’s stumbling were still there.

The equations written by Iruki on the blackboard were erased here and there, and the picture books that Nade had been reluctant to throw away were left torn to shreds.

Sain walked to the sofa.

“The supernatural psychic science research society in 12 seconds to arrive in the future. In that space-time coordinate, there is the upper layer of Istas. From now on, Armin, it’s your turn.”

Armin walked past Sein and stepped forward.

As a scale wizard who handles time and space, he knew what the upper layer of Istas was without explanation.

“Seven seconds. 6 seconds. 5 seconds.”

As Sain started counting, he heard a strong wind noise, as if caught in a storm current.

It was a phenomenon that occurred as the coordinates of space and time with the upper layer approached them.

The articles of the research society were melted and blurred by the air density of the strong wind, and on the table in front of the sofa, a stone gate similar to the Guffin’s door I saw in Galliant was overlapping as an afterimage.

Woo woo woo!

“Four seconds. three seconds.”

As time passed, the scenery became more paler, and on the contrary, the color of the stone gate came back vividly.

The objects flickered and then became transparent in the space-time coordinates moving away.

“Two seconds. one second.”

The moment when all the scenery disappears and only the shape of the stone gate reaches 100% materialization.


Armin casts a spell.


“oh my god… … .”

Shiina’s eyes lit up.

The feeling of acceptance was not different between Etel and Sirone.

The upper part of Istas, which was hiding in a specific space and at a specific time, was caught by the stop magic and revealed itself.

20 years ago, a genius girl who surprised the world appeared. And mankind imprisoned the girl in a certain coordinate in time and space that no one can find.

This was the truth of the upper echelons of Istas, which had only been rumored at Alpheas Magic School.

‘It must have been something like this.’

Sirone finally understood Sein’s words.

the origin of the cube. A place that countless agents could not find even after searching.

Armin said as he turned away from the stone gate.

“As long as time is stopped, the door will remain. But you’d better do it as soon as possible. If the situation comes when the magic is dispelled, you will be trapped in the labyrinth of time and space.”

It seemed that such a situation would never happen, but since it was a life-threatening matter, there was nothing wrong with being cautious.

Sirone had also escaped from the space-time of the maze before, but it was possible because he was an Unlocker.

Besides, Miro couldn’t even ask for her help as he was currently in a state of samadhi.

Gaold didn’t think about the problems that followed.

The name of the first-class archmage was colorless, and his heart was pounding, and his face was more flushed than ever.

“Let’s go, Sein.”


The irises of Sain who followed were also rotating in the opposite direction.

A phenomenon that occurs when coolness and excitement work simultaneously.


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The reason he was able to rise to the ranks of the strongest in anti-magic was because he perfectly separated emotions and reason like this.

“Did you say Sirone? You better do it.”

The door to the upper floors was supposed to be unsealed through the Immortal Function, like the Guffin’s door.

Anyway, there are two unlockers on the team. However, it was better for Armin to focus on the stop magic, so it was up to Sirone to open it up.

When Sirone opened the immortal function, the letters on the stone gate glowed, then disintegrated into small cubes and spread in the form of spheres.

As the material melted, a massive black hole was created.

“excuse me… … Who goes in first?”

I don’t know why, but I felt like I had to set an order for some reason.

It doesn’t matter right now, but it could be interpreted as a meaningful event in history in the future.

“It would be right for the person who broke the seal to enter. Sirone, you are the first to enter.”

Armin pushed Sirone with a friendly smile.

Shiina’s mind became complicated as she watched the scene. I felt like I couldn’t even remember who Armin was.

“Then I’ll go in.”

For a moment, the vision darkened, and then the view from the center of the huge temple unfolded.

The scenery with the two-kilometer-high pillars supporting the ceiling was undoubtedly a labyrinth of time and space.

‘I never thought I would come here again.’

One by one, people came over from the black hole.

Just like when Sirone first came here, everyone seemed to be at a loss for words at the temple on a scale beyond human common sense.

“what? however… … .”

Sirone hurriedly turned around. He was looking around everyone to see if he had the same idea.

“What, what happened?”

The maze was not visible.

“Sirone, maybe here… … .”

“no. It is a construction of a maze. It’s no different from when I came a year ago.”

Gaold cast fly magic.

With a pop, his body flew rapidly from end to end of the temple.

It was a ‘jet’-type magic that flew by exploding air pressure, rather than maneuvering by lift.

Gaold quickly moved around the vast temple.

It had a flight similar to the Sirone’s wings, but the level of movement was different.

Returning to his seat, Gaold’s face began to contort terribly. It seemed that superheated hell would unfold at any moment.

“These damn bastards… … .”

“calm down. Nothing happened yet. It’s just that there is no labyrinth in the labyrinth’s space-time.”

There is no labyrinth in the space-time of the labyrinth.

It’s true that there isn’t, but it’s something that could never happen.

First of all, there is no existence that can enter and exit the space-time of the maze. Also, if you are in a state of samadhi, it is impossible to escape on your own.

No, if that was possible in the first place, there would be no reason for Garold to wait 20 years.

“It’s hijacking.”

Sein concluded like that.

“Perhaps they kidnapped Miro from heaven.”

Gaold asked.

“Is that possible? Not even one molecule has ever come over from Heaven.”

“No, there is.”

Armin bent down to pick up debris from the floor.

It was a piece of stone that collapsed from the ceiling when an impact was applied to the space-time of the maze.

Rubbing his fingers to check the material, he said.

“I heard that there was a crack in the labyrinth’s time-space not too long ago. The ruler of the law also came to Tormia Kingdom. I know it was handled and reported by the mage of the Akeanis Shrine.”

“But it’s only a mental body. If you want to kidnap an entire human being, it’s nothing more than a crack.”

“The ivory tower is of the same opinion. However, it is human thinking. Heaven, especially the archangels, may have found a special way.”

Sein put his chin on his head and asked himself.

“Why did you take Miro with you?”

It was an odd question at first glance.

This is because Heaven is planning a final war, and it has consistently expressed its intention to infiltrate ever since the creation of the labyrinth’s space-time.

Sirone asked.

“Of course he did it to invade this world, right?”

Ethella said.

“no. Maybe that’s impossible.”

Sein agreed.

“Just taking Maze has no effect. Even if you kill the maze, the maze’s space-time won’t be destroyed.”

Sirone asked with a puzzled expression.


“The space-time of the maze is basically a dimension based on cowardice. It keeps creating new dimensions within dimensions. Using that infinity, it creates a boundary between space and time. And Miro further increased the speed of the attack through Sammaegyeong. The theory is that even if the maze dies, the inertia of samadhi-gyeong continues to strengthen the space-time of the maze. Of course I can’t understand it.”

As you move into the mental world after death, the control of your consciousness weakens and you are affected by the most intense inertia of your life.

It was for this reason that even if the Virtual Zone was turned off, if it could not escape from fear, it would be buried in the mind forever.

“no. I think I know.”

Sein didn’t even snort.

“It is just an illusion. The illusion of a beginner who thinks he has realized his true intentions by understanding the context.”

How many people in this world fully understand the space-time of the maze?

Even if he didn’t know, it was not applicable to a kid who went to a magic school.

Shiina said.

“Sirone has passed the cowardice.”

Sain’s eyebrow muscles twitched. It was the greatest surprise he could express.

At Alpheas Magic School, the only person who passed the cowardice was Miro. Even at that time, the memory of the uproar about the appearance of a world-class genius was vivid in my head.

‘Hmm. Indeed, Gaold deserves it.’

Gaold put it simply.

“Anyway, they can’t kill Maze. Even so, taking him must have found a way. It’s not a lot of time. As soon as the team is in order, we will go to heaven.”

Sein did not disagree. He was the one who walked through the black line for 20 years for what he is today.

‘but… … Is this normal?’

The feeling was strange.

It was literally a feeling.

Is the result of today, which has occurred now, just an unfortunate situation that can happen to anyone, with really small coincidences overlapping?

If so, what is the identity of this unpleasant feeling of incongruity that haunts your mind?

An extremely irrational thought that if things were going to turn out this way, they should have been twisted somehow over the course of 19 years.

‘Why now? No, why is this happening? Is it normal for me to think like this? Anyway, the world doesn’t go the way you want it to. Attributing transcendent meaning to chance is no different from superstition.’

I wanted to draw that conclusion.

But Sein couldn’t shake it off in the end.

It’s not an illogical thought. Rather, it is a subtle intrusiveness that occurs in the realm of intuition that transcends logic.

‘For sure… … .’

Something was out of place.


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