Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 405

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[405] Final Decision (5)

“Get out of the way. It is still mechanical.”

Sein pushed Gaold’s chest away and inspected the instrument panel.

Seeing the former head of the Magic Association being pushed around by someone was an extremely unfamiliar sight to Sirone.

However, Sirone’s eyes soon became immersed in nostalgia.

‘Oh, I see.’

Nade and Iruki.

If Sirone finds herself in a maze-like situation, what will the two of them look like decades later?

Gaold, Miro, and Sein, the first members of the Supernatural Psychic Science Research Society, were caught up in the most terrible incident in the world.

Even though 20 years have passed and their paths have completely diverged, their time still stands still.

Gaold raised his middle finger against the back of Sain’s head.

It seemed inevitable that even the world-renowned archmage would become childish when alumni met each other.

Unable to let go of his lingering feelings, he glanced at the instrument panel over Sein’s shoulder.

However, to him, a machine was just an unknown object that worked when irons were attached to it and chanted.

Then he laughed wickedly, as if he had suddenly had a funny idea.

“Hey, you know what? Putting mind magic on a national intelligence agent is the death penalty. If you want to live a long time, you better be eager for me to return to work.”

Saein said while quickly manipulating the instrument panel.

“What do you know about the laws of the red line, you idiot. I can’t remember what happened here as long as I’m mentally controlled. It looks pretty uneasy, should I just bury them alive?”

Ethella frowned.

As the Bishop of the Karsis Monastery, it was only natural that he could not tolerate the black line wizard who was making the world turbid.

But she took no action. Because she believes in Alfeas.

Even if it was because of a cherished disciple’s earnest request, he was not the one to ask for a mission to break the Karsis Monastery’s beliefs.

‘He must have meant something.’

When she heard the story of Heaven, the first thought that came to her mind was that nothing should be judged.

It is not a matter so light that it can be evaluated based on individual beliefs.

The only thing that moved her was the sense of mission to see with her own eyes the whole story of a huge flow that must have started 20 years ago, or even longer.

Sein entered the master mode of Istas.

As green letters flashed on the panel, I quickly entered information by combining several symbols.

Shiina, who had been waiting patiently, asked without suppressing her curiosity.

“By the way, did the Upper Eastas really exist? I know that even the intelligence agents of the NIS returned without finding anything.”

“The upper level exists. There’s just no way to get in. It was designed that way from the beginning. Even I, who analyzed all the patterns of Istas, made it inaccessible.”

Sirone looked around at the warehouses scattered everywhere.

I wondered if an inaccessible room could exist when all the warehouses had already been individually dismantled.

“How is that possible? In fact, you can enter any warehouse now. That’s why Sain also made the master key for Estas.”

Sain came here and observed Sirone closely for the first time.

I knew that I belonged to the project from the moment Gaold introduced me with special care, but no matter how I look at it, I was just a soft kid.

“How do you know the master key?”

“I am a member of the Supernatural Psychic Research Society. Among my friends, there is a Servant, and that friend was like that. The Master Equation of Istas could not be made more beautiful no matter who touches it.”

Sein didn’t laugh. But the explanation was more detailed.

“Perhaps. It is an equation that equates a complex 4-dimensional diagram to a 3-dimensional one.”

The mathematical elimination of one dimension can be compared to the difficulty of making ants understand human language. That’s why anyone can find a research society with a master equation.

A map that has a three-dimensional shape but actually finds four-dimensional coordinates.

“Upper floors are not limited to space.”

Sein nodded.

Sirone’s insight was quite good, but if he couldn’t achieve this level, he was not qualified to participate in Gaold’s project in the first place.

“okay. In three dimensions, Istas is just a warehouse made up of 89 buildings. But the upper level is on a higher level than that. That’s why the agents couldn’t find it.”

“In addition to a specific space, do you mean that a specific time has to coincide?”

“That’s right. Taking the 333 cube as an example, when the cube at coordinates 1. 1. 1 is moved to coordinates 3. 1. 3, what changes is time in addition to space. No matter how fast you turn it, it takes 0.1 seconds. This is called space-time. I came up with this idea and found a way that no one could approach the maze. It is to hide the space-time of the maze at the origin of the cube.”

Suddenly, everyone was listening to Sein.

Even Alpheas, who had once been Sein’s teacher, was now in a position to learn after 20 years.

“No matter how the cube is rotated, in other words, no matter how the pattern of Istas is changed, the cube’s space-time origin never moves, so the upper layers can also be completely concealed. What you created to calculate this is the Master Equation of Eastas, which you are currently using.”

Saliva ran down Sirone’s throat.

I didn’t expect that there was such a serious reason for the Master Equation, which I thought was nothing more than a prank of a study group in the dark.

Shiina said.

“But aren’t we gathered today to go to the upper levels? If no one can get in, what are you waiting for here?”

“Another master key.”

As if that word had become a keyword, I heard the sound of electricity exploding as I gripped the empty lot. It was a noise peculiar to flicker magic that even Sirone was familiar with.

It was a pair of men and women that appeared through the scale magician’s proprietary patent.

The woman was short and petite with permed bobbed hair and gave a cute impression, while the man was tall and had blonde hair hanging down to his waist.

The important thing is that both of them are old acquaintances with Sirone. maybe.

If no two people could be the same in the world, then the blonde man with bandages over his eyes couldn’t be a different person.

The Eternal Reflector, Armin of the Gwangan, was walking.

“Oh, brother?”

Shiina couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Why is Armin, who should be wandering the world and capturing landscapes on canvas, at the center of the worst human situation?

“Jung, are you really Armin’s brother?”

Shiina approached, but Armin coldly turned away from her and moved on.

His wife, Keira, also headed for Estas without even giving a glance.


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Shiina froze in place as if shocked. Her mind was twisted and she couldn’t think of anything.

“You arrived on time. Really, was that rude to the world’s greatest time mage?”

World’s greatest time wizard.

Being a magician who conquered the speed of light, Sirone did not find the title awkward at all. However, Shiina, who knew nothing about him, only deepened his embarrassment.

“A time wizard. What the hell are you talking about, brother?”

Armin was silent until the end.

Sein, who decided that confusion is not good ahead of the event, introduced Armin. It was ironic to Shiina, who thought she knew Armin best.

“In order to reach the upper levels of Istas, you will definitely need the help of a powerful time mage. Armin of Gwangan couldn’t be more qualified than this.”

Shiina shook her head.

The more I listened to the explanation, the more confused I was.

“Keira, how the hell did this happen! Are you kidding me?”

Keira, who always had a lively smile and sometimes said nasty things, but this time she didn’t laugh.

He raised his voice high-handedly, lowering his eyes so coldly that he wondered if it was the same person.

“You’re going to be careful with your words, Mr. Oleifer Shiina. We are Armin and Keira, wizards of the Ivory Tower Human Security Enforcement Department, belonging to the White Line.”

“The White Line… … .”

Sirone, who knew Armin’s identity, couldn’t help but be surprised this time.

If there are associations on the red line and factions on the black line, the white line is a completely independent institution that only ends up in an ivory tower.

Magic that is not abused in the world.

Purity not swayed by the ruler’s beliefs.

The wizards of the Ivory Tower, whose motto are these two, only pursue the extremes of pure magic.

It is said that even ordinary staff are equivalent to a country’s great wizard, and their military power is not at a level that any one kingdom can surpass.

He is the absolute monarch of the sorcerer society, where even the royal family trembles when he holds his certificate of belonging to the Ivory Tower.

But Armin is here as a member of the Ivory Tower.

As a wizard of the Human Security Enforcement Department.

Ivory Tower wizards do not discriminate between departments, but it is true that from the perspective of the Red Line, the Human Security Enforcement Department, which has little to do with society, notices the most.

In fact, it was a famous anecdote that 32 years ago, when Igor, the dictator of the Kingdom of Korn, reached out to necromancy, a wizard from the Human Security Enforcement Department came in alone and made him kneel down and crawl to the floor.

Keira walked up to Gaold and pressed her face.

Armin had no choice but to come because he was stubborn, but if he had already done his job, shouldn’t he have taken care of his business?

Armin was a person far from real life.

“Since you brought Armin, you should also keep your promise. First, the Ivory Tower has the right to record and disseminate information obtained from the construction of the maze. Second, it forbids Olifer Shiina from going to heaven. You know that Armin came here because of the second clause, right?”

“of course. But let’s make one thing clear. It was only if Shiina agreed. I really hate convincing people. Especially if you are a woman.”

“Well, it’s okay. Because Armin knows that. But later you have to tell Armin that I have definitely imprinted the second point on you.”

“Hehe, you live a really difficult life too.”

When Keira said it, she frowned as if asking what she was doing.

Stubborn Armin.

In fact, the Ivory Tower has yet to make any judgments about heaven. This is because it is still seen as a problem that can be sufficiently solved in human society.

But Armin fell for Gaold’s trick.

In order to open the upper floors of Istas, the highest level time mage was needed, and Gaold, who tried to recapture the labyrinth, could not have been unaware of his existence.

The result obtained after investigating Armin’s whereabouts was the same reason why the Ivory Tower was able to capture Armin.

Olifer Shiina.

A woman who is so precious to Armin that he could even exchange his life for it.

That’s why Keira hated Shiina even more.

‘Sheesh, is that girl that good? She’s a girl who doesn’t have any charms.’

When Sein released the mind control, the 10 agents collapsed to the ground like puppets with a string cut off. It was to make sure that there was no variable in activating his thoughts right before the gigantic event.

“Finish it before the agents come to their senses. I will go right in.”

Sain pressed the button on the instrument panel along with the horse.

The 89 warehouses began to mesh in a specific form.

For this moment, Sirone put aside her thoughts of Armin and looked at Estas.

A time mage belonging to the Ivory Tower of the white line, a first-class great mage of the red line, and a top-notch spirit-type mage of the black line.

At the gathering of the three great wizards who reached their peak in different fields, the upper floors of Istas were about to be opened for the first time in 20 years.


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