Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 403

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[403] Final Decision (3)

After completing the battery implementation evaluation, Sirone headed to the restaurant with her friends.

Although I got a perfect score, there were quite a few sections where I felt uneasy, perhaps because I was disturbed.

As if my friends had already noticed, the atmosphere at the table was different from before.

Sirone was not in the mood to care about other people’s feelings.

When will you hear back from Gaold? No, even if they contacted me, what choice would I make?

Everything was just unsettling.

“Sirone, what are you worried about these days? The expression is not very good. Aren’t you sick?”

Amy put down the dishes and asked.

Even if it wasn’t Sirone, all the students were down, but today, their faces were so pale that they couldn’t bear to see them any more.

“are you okay. It’s just that I’m not feeling well.”

“Sometimes there are kids who can’t control their condition before the midterm. I was like that last year too. Hold on a little longer though. Vacation is coming soon.”

Sirone tried to smile.

As Amy, who has already experienced her senior year, she must be worried about herself shaking before the turning point of the 15th week.

“Sirone, water here.”

Maya personally poured water and handed it to Sirone.

It was pitiful to see him not eating properly and playing with his fork.

“Yeah, thank you.”

Sirone obediently accepted Maya’s favor.

When dealing with someone, it can be said that his attitude towards Maya was unusual because he measured the distance of the relationship before emotions.

Amy pouted her lower lip and watched as Sirone and Maya exchanged words.

Maya is a nice and bright child. That’s why she wouldn’t hurt getting to know Shirone.

But at the same time, I felt strangely uneasy.

Do you feel like you’ve been deprived of a place you didn’t even know you were?

Sirone asked while examining Maya’s plate.

“what? Maya, why aren’t you eating?”

“I ate it all. These days, I don’t go in as much as I used to.”

After the evaluation of occupying the high ground, Maya reduced the amount of food she ate.

To be precise, the original body has returned to the amount of food required.

Realizing that she had no talent for vocal music, Maya decided to enhance her sonic magic with her original voice, following Iruki’s advice.

You have to become a wizard, the primary goal, to have a future.

But more important than her career path was the aspiration in her heart.

I want to be loved by Sirone. I want to appear in front of him with a more beautiful appearance.

Just by not binge eating, Maya’s appearance became noticeably prettier.

As he lost weight in his face, his eyes became bigger and deeper, and the bridge of his nose also came alive.

His plentiful flesh had shrunk, and his clothes were loose, and his shoulder line came down to his arm.

Even the seniors couldn’t openly ignore Maya like they used to.

In a sense, it was bittersweet, but the human nature of giving power to beautiful things seemed helpless.

Nade and Iruki were also curious as they looked sideways at Maya’s changing appearance day by day.

‘Certainly a lot has changed. The faces you saw in picture books are gradually appearing.’

As such, the strange tension intensified.

Everyone knew that Emiya was a miser, but Maya was bad at hiding her emotions, so she fell for Sirone.

Amy suddenly raised her voice.

“Do you have rice now? Even today’s battery evaluation is okay. If I hadn’t been careful, I would have made a mistake on one issue. Class Two is the stage where you compete with Class One. If you make a mistake in the first half, it will be more difficult in the second half when your stamina is relatively low. Keep your mind straight and do it.”

Amy, who had already failed the graduation exam once, knew that now was the most important time.

Even if everyone is depressed about the Magic Association incident, they must face it with a firm sense of purpose.

It’s rice. It’s not like dying from starvation.

If you’re not alert now, you’re missing out on the biggest part of your life.

Amy hoped that Sirone would not regret it.

“Sirone, try eating this too.”

Maya cut Sirone’s favorite part of the meat so it was easy to eat and released it.

It was an act that revealed as if to block nagging, and there was actually a tearful side.

As the team grew closer, the question was whether Amy really loved Sirone.

Of course, Maya also wants Sirone to become a great wizard, but he thought that what a person who is stressed out with nightmares needs is not advice, but comfort.

‘It’s too much, Amy. If I were you, I would go crazy with happiness. I should be able to do anything Sirone asks me to do, but treat me carelessly like this.’

Sirone took the meat that Maya had given her and put it in her mouth.

I picked it because it was in the best condition to eat, but I didn’t even know who brought it.

My head felt like it was going to burst with all my thoughts.

Had Gaold met Alfeas?

If the NIS is caught, continuing the evaluation as it is could be dangerous.

Just as navigation does not guarantee the safety of students, it is foolish to be optimistic about entrusting one’s life to someone else.

Sirone put the tableware down.

Since Amy and Maya were in the middle of a war of nerves, Nade and Iruki flinched and looked back.

“sorry. I’ll go to the dorm first. I am very unwell.”

Maya got up right away, but Sirone left the restaurant without making eye contact with anyone.

Amy was just frustrated.

She knows that Sirone went to the Association. She is, so she wanted to tell me first.

Like when I went to heaven, like when I went to Kazura, like when I went to the old castle ruins, I wanted you to come to me first.


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‘What’s the reason? Why didn’t you say anything this time?’

Maya looked at the door until Sirone left, then turned to Amy biting her upper lip.

There is no reason to hate Amy. What made her angry was the current situation where even her own feelings had to be approved by her.

Feeling Maya’s gaze, Amy raised her head. Then she hurriedly turned her head away.

When I felt a firmer determination than ever in Maya’s eyes, I thought that something had finally come.

“Amy, can you talk to me for a minute?”

Amy’s heart sank.

I thought it couldn’t be, but in a corner of my heart I knew that this time would definitely come, but when it came to me, I thought ‘just a little later’.

“Can’t we do it next time? I’m a bit busy today… … .”

“It only takes one minute. I’ll wait outside.”

As Maya walked away with the tray, Amy’s head went pale. But in the end, I got up from my seat with a bit of reason that the future will come.

Nade and Iruki shrugged as they watched Amy follow Maya as if possessed.

* * *

The book ‘Looking into the Darkness’, which was placed in the principal’s office library, went into the bookshelf by itself, tilted at 45 degrees.

The lock clicked with a thump from inside the closed library with the sound of gears turning.

A secret place designed by Alpheas long ago to store Erina’s memories.

But now, all of her belongings have been moved to the annex, and the room on the 3.5th floor is empty.

Alpheas and Olivia went down the stairs side by side.

Unlike Alpheas’s bitter smile, Olivia’s expression was fierce. Perhaps, she seemed nervous.

“It’s been a while, old man.”

Gaold, who was sitting cross-legged on the bare floor, raised a hand resting on his chin and said hello. Flu was guarding him.

“hello. My name is Fleur, a Certified Level 8 Wizard.”

“Long time no see, Fleur.”

Fleur lowered her gaze at Olivia’s greeting.

He has no shame in the face of the sky, but socially he appeared as a traitor, so he had no face to see his teacher.

‘I was a clever kid, but why did someone like Gaold… … .’

It was a child he had been keeping an eye on since he was the headmaster of the Royal Magic School.

But the bright road ahead was now blocked. No, he was a fugitive with no guarantee of a future life.

All of this is because of Gaold.

How many people can one lunatic tire out and disrupt society?

Gaold looked around curiously.

“This is the Panic Room that has been rumored. I didn’t know it would really exist, but anyway, the inspiration is also cunning.”

Alpheas omitted the gossip.

“Why did you come to see me?”

“this… … A disciple visited his alma mater, and it was a congratulatory order. Isn’t that too vulgar?”

“The school turned upside down because of you alone. Not a day goes by without agents coming in and destroying the school. If you had come just a few days sooner, everyone would have suffered.”

“Geuk, Alpheas of the world is finished. The gore that walks around here wouldn’t even know the agents came and went, and if they still had agents, they wouldn’t let me in.”

“You know that. So don’t ask me again. Why did you come to see me?”

Gaold sighed and exhaled.

If you had come to ask for a difficult favor, you would have to lower your stance, but this guy’s school didn’t go far.

“I’m thinking of going to Estas.”

“at last… … Are you saying you want to meet Miro?”

“Heuk, then I think you came to find something you left behind?”

“Gaold, your dogma is disturbing the world. Miro also doesn’t want to see you anymore. She took it all in and went in on her own.”

“How does the inspiration know that?”

Gaold’s eyes widened.

Flew, who sensed the denial of super fever, squinted one eye, but Gaold only changed his face in a frightening manner, but did not radiate any murderous spirit.

“You know how many times I have sent in goal the guys approaching Estas. Not a single person has been let in for 20 years, including me. But how do you know what Miro is thinking?”

“Gaold, Maze… … .”

“it’s okay. I will go into Eastas myself. Because we made it anyway. In fact, I have one more favor besides that, take care of me.”

Alpheas asked in a resigned voice.

“So, what kind of situation are you talking about?”

“As you know, my limbs are all cut off. I got them all from the association. Of course, the key factors remain intact, but you can’t do anything with your head alone. lend me someone Become a competent guy.”

No matter how good Gaold was, it was impossible to carry out all the operations alone.

A person with a powerful one-shot is also necessary, but a minimum party, such as a person who creates tactics, a person who uses it, and a person who supports them, must be equipped.

“You say you are at this school, the Bishop of the Karsis Monastery.”

Olivia came out in a fit of fuss.

“Do you think we will send our precious school personnel to limb? And what you’re about to do is against the survival of mankind. Rebellion is not enough, are you trying to disturb the world now?”

“You are shutting up.”

Gaold entered the room and saw Olivia face to face for the first time.

His stamina didn’t explode, but energy that seemed to pierce his body was emanating from his eyes alone.

“Do you know why I’m still keeping you alive? huh? Do you know! Please answer me.”

Olivia kept her mouth shut and glared fiercely.

“Because it’s not worth killing.”

The sound of grinding teeth came from Gaold’s mouth.

“abstention? A person from the Teachers’ Association, a student from the Kingdom, seems to be dragged into the dimension of cowardice, but what, renunciation? Do you know what they say about someone like you? dissembler. You don’t like this or that, you have one of twenty cards that can determine the survival of mankind, and the only thing you choose is to give up?”

Olivia’s lips trembled. The gaze that had been glaring at Gaold slowly descended.

“Oh, it was inevitable.”

Whatever the choice, it wasn’t the result Olivia was hoping for. No, actually, that thought was an excuse.

It was just scary. He was so terrified that he couldn’t choose anything.

Transparent tears formed in Olivia’s eyes, vividly feeling the sense of helplessness at the time.

Gaold turned away with an embarrassed expression.

She is a second-class wizard recognized by the world, but in the end, she couldn’t even shed her skin. That’s why she is only a 2nd class Grand Wizard.

‘This is why I didn’t want to come to school.’

It’s all about the past here.

A past that cannot be erased no matter how much you erase it.

Gaold couldn’t even remember what happened an hour ago, but the scenery reflected in his eyes on the Day of Judgment of the 20 People could clearly recall even the feelers of insects attached to leaves.


Gaold looked back at Alfeas.

It was a very human expression that probably everyone who knew him would have seen for the first time.

“Help me, please. Master.”

“… … .”

There was a day called the 20 Judges.

The day when 20 people representing the world and Miro’s position gathered to decide the future of mankind.

The result was 16 votes in favor, 1 vote against, and 3 abstentions.

There was only one person, Mirhi Alfeas, who valued one life more than the lives of all mankind.

The only one on Gaold’s side, he gladly carved opposition into his cards.

“You know. I don’t trust anyone but Master. Help me. You have to find the maze. It’s not even dead. He’s still alive there, so why the hell are you not looking for him?”

Alpheas was immersed in anguish.

Perhaps Olivia’s choice in the Judgment of the 20 was the most rational decision that Sun could make.

But he knew how it felt when a precious person who could not be replaced with anything in the world disappeared right in front of his eyes.

It is not a choice made for the sake of the world. Alpheas was also an inescapable madman.

“Dear Ethella… … I beg you.”

Perhaps Ethella would give permission.

The Bishop of the Karsis Monastery and the immediate successor of the Yin-Yang Wave Fist.

If he hadn’t humbled his body and mind with the conviction of one thought and three thousand, he would not have the talent to be in the current position.

It was enough wood for Gaold to use.

“Stay here for a while. The agents will be taken care of by me and Olivia. Let’s get ready to open Eastas.”

When Alpheas turned around with a tired face, Gaold finally regained his smile.

Then, as if thinking about it, I raised my hand.

“Oh, wait.”

Alpheas turned around in front of the stairs.

“Since you asked for it, invite just one more person.”


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