Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 368

[368] Special training (3)

Serious training began.

Practice focused on the shotgun movement, and during breaks, he studied batteries for laser-guided technology.

Thanks to Isabelle’s tutoring for an hour a day, I was getting a rough idea of ​​the radio wave.

Fleur returned from work and evaluated the day’s achievements.

However, there was no sign of a passing decision coming out of her strict mouth.

“Slow. again.”

Sirone gritted his teeth and cast the shotgun movement. Every time that happened, Fleur stood in front of Sirone and grabbed his shoulders with both hands.

I hoped for luck, but it seemed that there was no mistake for a professional mage.

‘How are you going to find me? No, can humans really react?’

Her synesthesia was too sensitive to attribute it to Sirone’s immaturity.

In any case, there could be no complaints about being guided by an outstanding wizard, and like that, day by day was accumulating.


With a dull sound, Sirone rolled across the floor. His back arched and his face contorted in pain.

I was so concerned with the photon output that I missed the landing point of the teleportation.

Flew looked down at Sirone, who was lying at his feet.


Flashes of light like firecrackers exploded in the center of the training ground.

Photon output spreads in seven directions, and Sirone safely arrives at its destination. I couldn’t even see Fleur’s face that I was tired of looking at.

‘done! I got it right this time!’

It was clear that he had lost track of the shotgun movement. As expected, Flew did not move from its original position.

She closed her eyes and crossed her index finger.

“It’s time.”

Sirone asked with a gasping face.

“Why? The force was perfect, and even seniors couldn’t catch me.”

“Look where you stand.”

Sirone looked around at her feet. He got the direction right and he couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

“Why are you here?”

“Looking at it roughly, I could only move 8 meters. You, don’t you use teleportation compulsive 10 meters?”

“ah… … .”

How could this be? Mistaking the basics of the basics.

“Listen. The obsession with teleportation must not be shaken under any circumstances. In practice, hundreds of turns pass in an instant, and you have to navigate through complex terrain. If the obsession is shaken, you die the moment you do it. That’s why even high-ranking mages don’t change their compulsion during battle.”

“Yes, sorry.”

At the dispirited answer, Flew put her hand on her waist and snorted.

“The weakening of the basics means that you have become more technically proficient. But at times like this, you shouldn’t be vigilant. All applications ultimately come from solid fundamentals.”

Sirone clenched his fists and carved her words into his heart.

Basic, basic, everything.

next day.

Sirone finally succeeded in the shotan movement.

Flew did not move and his direction was correct. Also, the teleportation distance was perfect at 10 meters.

“ah… … It finally worked.”

I was so nervous that I couldn’t even feel the joy of success.

But Flew still didn’t laugh. Rather, he approached with a colder gaze than before, as if starting from now on.

“ruler. So let’s get down to business. Your own shotgun movement.”

Understanding Fleur’s meaning, Sirone immediately changed her expression.

The shotgun movement itself is a good magic, but the reason why I chose this among the numerous spell books was that it could be converted into attack magic.

‘Let’s not be nervous. It’s just turning the photon output into a photon cannon.’

So far, the time taken for the Santan movement is three weeks. If you don’t pass here, you will be delayed for a few more days, and then you will have very little time to learn the advanced course, Laser Guided Magic.

“Get started. I will take it myself.”

Flew’s eyes were completely different from when he was evaluating the shotan movement.

Unlike photon output, Photon Cannon is a perfect offensive magic. Also, since it was the final evaluation, there was also a mission to be sincere.

Sirone took a deep breath and timed it. Assuming 1 second later, he interrupted the opponent’s tempo by casting a teleportation at 0.5 seconds.

As the body glowed, photon cannons bounced in all directions, and at the same time the flue moved.

Sirone has arrived in the west. Therefore, it was the Photon Cannon that flew to Flew who arrived in the south.

The moment he felt the photon cannon through the spirit zone, Flew’s head tilted back involuntarily.

The photon cannon that passed in front of her eyes crashed into the wall, and the training ground rang with a thud.

“Uh, how are you? Will this work in practice?”

“… … .”

Fleur recalled the situation from a while ago.

The pressure to receive the photon cannon was much stronger than expected. The subject of force was fast speed, different from other magic.

Quasi-sub-light speed is a standard created to define the speed of light realized by magic.

Speed ​​that is not used in the physical world, but is indistinguishable from light with the eyes of living beings.

If you shoot an arrow with a luminous object at night, it will look like a flash of light.

However, the Photon Cannon I experienced was much faster than expected. Rather, it is close to the speed of the bullet fired by the gun. It means that the ratio of mass and output was properly matched.

A mass larger than the magic bullet is pushed into the bullet. Therefore, it is rigid in the position of the victim.

Existing shotgun movement is a bang at best even if it doesn’t catch the opponent, but this one was a bang.

“pass. This will be enough for real combat.”

Sirone’s face finally turned to life.

“Whoa, I’m glad. It’s worth the hard work for 3 weeks. thank you!”

There is nothing more gratifying than learning a new magic from a wizard, so Flew, who understood Sirone’s feelings, erased his serious expression and smiled.

“I have to keep my senses for now. Is it okay if I continue practicing?”

“of course. It’s important to remember the feeling of success. But don’t push yourself too hard.”

From then on, Sirone practiced the shotan movement until she was exhausted.

After two hours, there was no error in the power of the Photon Cannon no matter where it moved in the eight directions.

“Ego, waist.”

Flew, who was watching Sirone’s training, patted her waist while avoiding the photon cannon.

I wouldn’t have known if I had avoided it with my strength, but since I moved with manipulation-type magic, I couldn’t help but get sick.

‘Once you master it, you master the intermediate level in two hours. Certainly talent is talent.’

As I read in an academic journal, Sirone’s talent was insight. A mage with an extremely strong propensity to delve into the core rather than miscellaneous skills.

Perhaps that was where Gaold was hoping.


After training, Sirone looked up at the ceiling with a sweaty face.

The state of unity derived from a sense of achievement is a miracle section that can improve your skills in a short time.

Mages call it Fever.

“Are you done?”

Sirone had a satisfied face.

“yes. I think I got used to it to some extent.”

“From tomorrow, we will go into laser guidance technology. But before that, there is something I need to point out.”

The joy of success disappeared from Sirone’s eyes.

Anything should be heard.

While living with the Association’s professional wizards, their way of thinking was naturally familiar to them.

“I felt after watching you for 3 weeks, your balance is very broken.”

“yes? Balance?”

Flew twirled her fingers around to outline Sirone’s spirit zone.

“The biggest problem is that the spirit zone is too big. It just feels like it’s over 80 meters in diameter.”

“Does that matter?”

“In practice, the difference between winning and losing is in the smallest details. It is important to strike the golden balance of density, volume, specific gravity, and durability. You have a tendency, how to say, to over-pace. For an opponent with 100 durability, 100 power is enough. But they pour 120 or 130 unconsciously.”

The Spirit Zone is the materialization of the spirit, so lies do not work. Looking back on all the battles he had so far, he thought, he must have been.

“It still is. When you and Spirit Zone overlap, the tension pierces me. It’s always been a question Unless you’ve only been fighting monsters so far.”

Sirone couldn’t deny it.

Looking back on the time of one year since learning magic, there weren’t many times when he competed against an equal opponent. At least by his standards, every enemy was a monster.

When Sirone was silent, Fleur also realized. Certainly, if he had grown up through such battles, it would make sense for the Spirit Zone to enter a state of display like a wounded beast.

“Anyway, that’s not good. I’ll help you, so let’s find the golden balance.”

Flew went to the wall and flipped the image zone switch.

When Sirone’s spirit zone became visible in bluish light, the lights in the training ground were turned off to further enhance the clarity.

Sirone just watched the beautifully shining Spirit Zone.

At that moment, Flew hugged him from behind and hugged him tightly.

“Uh, there… … .”

“Stay still.”

Fleur blocked Sirone’s words with a calm, subdued voice.

Then, when the spirit zone was opened, Sirone’s spirit zone was clearly conveyed through synesthesia.

‘I’m also quite nervous. Almost like a wizard on the battlefield.’

Flew closed her eyes, concentrated, and gave Sirone instructions.

“Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Reduce the spirit zone until you feel most comfortable.”

Sirone relaxed and relaxed.

As the spirit zone, which had been inflated like a balloon, gradually diminished, I felt that my head became lighter.

“good… … . continue… … .”

As the spirit zone was further reduced, tension that had not been felt until now began to reveal itself.

“huh… … little bit more… … .”

Fleur felt the sirone with all her nerves.

“more. more… … yes. yes, fine.”

Flew’s voice disappeared at that point.

Shirone bowed her head before she knew it and enjoyed the infinitely warm feeling. She was warm and serene, as if in her mother’s arms.

Flew’s eyelids lifted slowly, as if waking up.

“… … it’s okay?”

“Yes, that is good.”

Leaving his hands off Sirone’s waist, Fleur slowly retreated, killing footsteps and going to the device in the Image Zone.

Looking at the instrument panel, it was 62.8 meters in diameter.

When the light came on, Sirone also opened her eyes. Her mind was clear as if she had been through a long sleep.

“Remember the feeling now. Size, shape, feel, density, everything. Everything contained in the sphere with a diameter of 62.8 meters is your current golden balance.”

I could understand Fleur’s words. The higher the density, the clearer the surroundings, and the stronger the durability.

Above all, the flow of thoughts was unobstructed like water.

“It’s really comfortable. However, at 62.8 meters, it did not increase significantly compared to a year ago. Would it be okay?”

“Yeah, that’s good enough. Unless you’re a sniper, you don’t need a spirit zone that’s too big. How many times do you say you fight an enemy at a distance you can’t see? Even if you just learn the four ways, the range more than doubles.”

“It is, but… … .”

“Trust me. For a search-type zoner, the diameter of the spirit zone must exceed at least 1 kilometer. The communication wizard is a breakaway spirit zone and needs to transmit information dozens of kilometers away. However, some battle mages have a spirit zone that is only 10 meters in diameter. Instead, they lose focus on density and durability.”

It meant that it was important to have a mental state that could increase the efficiency of magic by 100%.

“Don’t be fooled by shame. Because it hardens your mind. Of course, it is essential for a battle mage to gauge an opponent’s capabilities with numbers. But imagining the outcome ahead of time is dangerous. There are no absolute advantages or absolute disadvantages of any trait. Depending on the opponent, the criteria for good or bad are different, and winning or losing depends on how much your style can cope with various situations.”

Sirone nodded his head as if resolving.

“Yes, I will keep that in mind.”


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