Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 350

[350] Prosecutor’s Faith (2)

Clump, who was sitting in the seat of honor, had his arms crossed and a serious expression on his face. In the seat next to him, Quan, who ran after receiving a call from Clump from the swordsmanship academy, joined them.

Lian, who was standing looking at the two of them, straightened her back and caught Klump’s eyes with an unwavering gaze before speaking.

“It’s something I’ve decided. It’s strange to ask permission for my decision, but please accept it.”

Clump sighed and let out the ground.

The blue-haired lineage is free-spirited and hot-tempered. I knew roughly how hard Lian had worked so far, and it wasn’t that I couldn’t understand her feelings of not being able to schema. But now it’s only one year. It was too early to judge the success or failure of the class.

“… … Are you running away? What are you going to do by dropping out of school? Are you thinking of going back to your family and practicing privately?”

“no. I’m leaving for knight training.”

Klump’s beard twitched as he clenched his teeth. Anger and joy were mixed together. How is it that he thinks the same as he did when he was younger?

Still, I had to object.

Even when Klump was young, there were many knights ascetics. The world situation was chaotic, and it was not a dream to unify the world with a sword.

But times have changed.

A sword is a skill that kills people. Therefore, there may be no better training than experiencing combat, but it was a double-edged sword that could end your life with a single mistake.

“Don’t tell me you’re young. Because you’ll be nineteen soon. But can you say for sure that you don’t learn anything at school? Is school really such an insignificant thing to you?”

“I never thought of anything like that. I just want to be strong.”

This time, Klump also showed his anger.

Being satisfied with being like oneself and insisting on following the path of ancestors are two different things. Above all, I couldn’t push my cute grandson with my limbs.

“You want to become stronger, so you leave training? Do you think that foolishness will work even after coming this far?”

“No kidding! I sincerely risk my life… … !”

Clump was adamant.

“If you can’t, then no. Practice can be experienced at any time. The first thing is to build up your skills enough to go out into the world.”

“no. I have already submitted my resignation letter. The decision has already been made.”

“I canceled it. This old man, who is in his 70s, begged a junior here to repair it.”


Ryan raised his voice.

Aside from accepting the resignation letter, it was frustrating that Klump had an affair with someone for his own business.

Just as Ryan was about to speak out with his burning emotions, he heard a knock at the door.

Klump frowned as if he was concerned.

“what? We’re talking now, so do it later.”

“The big elder Sirone-kun has come to visit.”

Ryan looked back at the door in surprise. My heart suddenly started beating fast.

My best friend and lord with whom I made knightly oaths. Whatever the reason, he was the only person I never wanted to see like this.

Even Klump knew what Sirone meant to Rian. He stroked his beard for a moment, lost in thought, before making a decision.

“Ask me to come in.”

Lian’s personality, stubborn and strong-willed, is not even a seed for a family member. But Sirone could have changed the situation.

The door opened and Sirone entered. Tess poked her head out to check the atmosphere in the room, but Louis immediately closed the door without giving her a moment’s rest.

Rian unknowingly avoided Sirone’s gaze. But Sirone didn’t care, and said hello to Clump first.

“Hello, old man.”

“okay. I heard about it from Rayna. She suffered a lot.”

He already knew what had happened in Kazura. After going through the ordeal, Sirone’s prayers were remarkably strong.

But right now, I couldn’t afford to pay attention to Sirone’s changes. Sirone knew why Clump had called him, so he didn’t change his mind.

“Lian dropped out of school.”

Klump gave an exaggeratedly upset look and scratched his head.

“okay. See how you can convince me Do you have such stupidity?”

“I am in favor.”

Clump’s hand, which was scratching his head, stopped. Not only Rian, but even Kuan, who didn’t know Sirone, looked at him with a look of surprise.

“agree? Does that mean Lian can drop out of school?”

“yes. I don’t know the circumstances, I haven’t heard the reason, but I think it’s the right way if Lian made that decision.”

Clump struggled to maintain his composure.

It was thought that the appearance of Sirone caused a variable in his conversion, but it couldn’t have been more troublesome than this if he was acting as Lian’s lawyer. He’s going to be a very tough lawyer.

“okay. As the lord of Lian, your opinion is also worth considering. But if you thought so, you could give a good reason, right?”

Sirone turned her head to Lian. And when Lian quietly lowered his gaze as if his face was still unsteady, he looked at Clump and continued.

“There is no such thing as a good reason.”


“I don’t know which one would be more efficient for Lian. But one thing can be guaranteed.”

Sirone said confidently.

“The Lian I know is not a friend who runs away under any circumstances.”

Ryan clenched his fists. He was more confident than a thousand words.

“It may be a foolish judgment. But never try to avoid it. If so, I think supporting Lian is our duty as a friend.”

Clump burst into laughter as the feeling of collapse tickled his lungs.

It is a beautiful friendship. And it is human nature to want to protect beautiful things.

‘You wicked bastard. You already know what I’m weak against.’

It’s different from dealing with the owner of the house, Bischoff. Certainly, if it came out like this, the man of loyalty, Klump, could not firmly stop it.

But as Sirone already knew, he wasn’t the kind of person who handled things only with emotion.

“I know how you feel. It is also persuasive. But Sirone, that’s just you and Lian’s legitimacy. You don’t know the world yet. At least I’ve been a prosecutor for decades. Do you think it’s just school? you’re welcome. One day, the day will come when today’s dropout will catch Lian’s ankle.”

Kuan raised his hand.

“I have something to tell you about this.”

Everyone’s eyes turned to Quan.

Sirone saw Kuan for the first time, but he could tell from the aura he gave off that he was not an ordinary person.

“Actually, as a teacher, I did not respond to the general’s call to have an interview. I feel like I should pass this on to you.”

Kuan took out an envelope from his inside pocket.

It was Lian’s resignation letter.

“I respect the general and want to help him, but withdrawing from the resignation is unacceptable. Teaching students who have already given up school goes against my educational philosophy.”


For Clump, it was a mountain beyond a mountain.

Quan’s stubbornness is so stubborn that even the swordsmanship academy recognizes it. Even if his opponent was a general of a certified third-class prosecutor, the same was true.

“Let me ask you a favor. How can I not let it go just this once?”

‘grandfather… … .’

Lian was suffocated to the point of suffocating. I could feel his denial in the general’s appearance of asking a distant junior for his grandson.

But Kuan was really not an easy opponent.

“This is irresponsible as a teacher, but the truth is that Rihanna has no future at school. Of course, there are things to learn in the technical part, but the evaluation items are definitely schema. Currently, there is an opinion that brain enhancement also falls under the category of schema, but even so, it is not a nature to be taught in schools. As you know, education and practice are very different. Also, practice and practice are completely different systems. It’s not a sword fight, but just because the cadets won a wrestling match, you can’t count that as a score.”

Quan’s words didn’t sound particularly unpleasant. Quan, as the person who watched Lian closest, was just expressing his candid opinion.

Silence enveloped the room. nobody spoke up

At that time, Lewis, the butler, spoke again from outside the door.

“The eldest elder, the second boy has arrived.”

Ryan’s face hardened.

August Rye. Of course, at this timing, a lifelong enmity comes into the house. He was a person I didn’t want to see in a different way than Sirone.

When Rai came in proudly, Sirone hurriedly stepped aside. He had only seen it once when he worked as a librarian for the Ogent family, but his impression remained vivid in his mind.

A cold face with black hair. The cool atmosphere was still the same, but the energy was so strong that it was felt through the skin that he had grown much more than before.

When Rayna came in, Louis couldn’t even close the door this time.

Approaching behind Rai, she raised her ax eye and shouted.

“hey! What are you so busy that you can’t even poke your nose? Did you know that I came home after a month?”

Even the cold-hearted Lai could not help but frown at his sister’s nagging.

“I was busy. You can’t help it. I’m going to be dispatched soon, so I’m here to pack my things. I’m hungry, so cook me some food.”

Reina frantically glared at the back of Rai’s head, then whispered to Louise to prepare a meal. It’s a little brother who came home after a long time, so shouldn’t we cook and feed him some warm food?

Rai approached Klump and lowered his head in an angle. Now that I am the same soldier, I couldn’t treat him carelessly even at home.


“Hmm, you seem to be doing well. oh, hello This is Kuan, the swordsmanship school teacher.”

Rai’s eyes changed.

‘Quan? Quan, the magician of death?’

There is a story I heard after passing the official exam and enlisting in the military. Of course, it is an unconfirmed fact, but the name of the only swordsman who came back alive against Fengzhang was definitely Quan.

Lai turned to Quan and bowed his head.

“hello. My name is Ogent Rye.”

“Yeah, I heard about it. You have a good temperament, just like I heard.”

Quan was greeted as politely as possible. His attitude was different from when he was dealing with Lian.

‘That kid. A genius swordsman from the Ogent family.’

I got the official 10th grade last year, but I have already become a 8th grade sergeant. His aura was also cold and sharp, as if he were seeing himself in his youth.

Lai, who had waited with attention so that Quan could give an adequate evaluation, turned to Klump again and asked.

“By the way, why is the swordsmanship school official here?”

Reina crossed her arms and said.

“Lian dropped out of school. That’s why her grandfather called her to change her mind.”

“Did you drop out of school?”

Rai turned his head to Lian as if to confirm his intentions. Then Rian also opened his eyes and glared at him. He didn’t stand up to Sirone, but he didn’t want to be pushed aside even in a snowball fight with Rai.

But Rai just snorted and said he wasn’t interested.

“What big deal is that? If you want to quit, you can quit.”

Reina clicked her tongue.

“How can you be so careless? Aren’t you worried about your younger brother’s life after becoming an older brother?”

Rai passed Lian and headed for the door.

“He was a bad guy from the beginning. Better to give up now. give me some food quickly I’m hungry.”

Lian, who followed Rai’s head, said.

“Wait a minute.”

And when Rai turned around, he pointed his finger at his forehead.

“You didn’t go to school either, did you?”

“It is different from you. I don’t have to go, and even if you did, it would be in vain.”

A grinding sound came from Ryan’s teeth.


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