Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 349

[349] Prosecutor’s Belief (1)

Sirone arrived in Baska, the capital of Tormia.

Sirone couldn’t take her eyes off the image reflected through the carriage’s window. The streets were neatly paved and the clothes of the people were colorful as if to emphasize their individuality.

When I entered the main street, there were many tall buildings that pierced the sky. Sirone checked the names of institutions he had only come across in books.

Alchemy Foundation, Prosecutors Association, Supreme Court.

At the last place they arrived, the building of the prestigious Magic Association stood tall.

It was safe to say that the 18-story building was a tower. It was a huge tower. Looking at the first floor alone, it seemed that several aristocratic mansions could fit.

Raising her head to find the top, Sirone closed her eyes to the reflected sunlight. The front was glossy like glass, so I didn’t dare to look up.

“Let’s go in. This is the Magic Association.”

Kang Nan, who paid the driver’s fare, passed by Sirone and said,

After following her to the doorway, the guards turned to Gangnan and bowed 90 degrees. Since they were the gatekeepers of the Magic Association, even the bodyguards prayed a lot.

But Sirone knew that everyone who works here is a wizard.

It was a sacred place in the magic world that only those recognized as the best in their class could enter, no matter what the water level was.

Seeing the revolving door for the first time, Sirone looked up and moved at full speed. Then she landed in the hall as if she was being pushed and bounced against the glass window. The receptionist at the central front desk was guiding the department to the nobles with a smile.

Kang Nan went to the platform not far from the entrance. The elevator in the form of a capsule in a coffin made of glass was constantly going up and down.

‘It’s moving with air pressure. It’s very convenient.’

Kang Nan looked at the floor where the platform was staying, and turned to the stairs as if it was not a good idea. Sirone licked her lips as if regretting it, but she had no choice but to follow her.

The stairs were wide enough for 20 people to walk side by side. There were as many as four landings, and the structure was curved like a spiral.

Upon arriving on the third floor, a monotonous landscape consisting of only hallways and offices unfolded.

A young woman was standing next to an office with a sign that read, Foreign Management Department.

It was Ravid Fleur, the 3rd floor manager of the Magic Association Security Department.

He was shorter than average in height and had blue pigtails that reached his waist. Her white skin and red lips made her look scary from a distance, but when she got closer and checked her face, her youthful expression was by no means an ugly face.

He was holding a magic wand with both hands and supporting his buttocks. The stem was thin and the tip was decorated with a fancy phoenix and a thick crystal ball was embedded in it.

Flew moved first and met the Gangnan.

“Hello, Chief Secretary. Did the dispatch work go well?”

“so so. Who is the president of the association?”

“You went out this morning, and you are currently out of town.”

Kangnan squinted one eye as if he was embarrassed.

“Where have you been?”

“That’s good for me too. I was told it would take about three days.”

“Oh, by the way, today… … .”

Gangnan’s mission did not have a fixed deadline, so it was inevitable.

It was impossible to keep Sirone from the provinces waiting indefinitely, so while he was lost in thought, Fleur pointed to Sirone and asked.

“But this boy… … ?”

“Ah, it’s the president’s guest. got into trouble There must be no place for Sirone to stay.”

“A guest?”

Fleur looked at Sirone in disbelief.

In the two years that she had been with the Society, not many people had come so secretly as Gaold’s guests. Most of them were the best envoys from other countries or high-ranking politicians who shuddered at the mention of their name, so it was to the extent that they had to clean the association and even hire a dedicated chef.

‘So what if?’

A thought passed through Fleur’s mind.

It may be someone involved in the project. Even when Kang Nan-yi asked her where Old was, she had a strong feeling that she was trying to avoid the attention of other departments.

‘It won’t be. How can such a young child participate in the project?’

Even the Fleurs, who claimed to be members of the Garold Guard, which were extremely small in the association, were only limited to the outermost border in this project.

Under such circumstances, it was impossible for a boy younger than himself to assist Gaold.

‘Who are you? Are you a relative of the president of the Association?’

In any case, the first impression of Sirone was not very good.

The common characteristic of those who follow the eccentric Gaold is that they want to be recognized by him. A rivalry arises for no reason in the boy who came to the president of the association as a guest, whom even he could not do alone.

Gangnan, who was coordinating the schedule, said to Sirone.

“Sirone, how about spending some time here first? I have to go out right away. Flew, can you take care of Sirone until the President of the Association arrives?”

“Oh, of course… … .”

As Fleur was about to speak, Sirone turned to Gangnan and said,

“Hey, then, can we go somewhere for a while?”

“huh? where?”

“I have friends living in the capital. I’ll stay there and then come back.”

Kang Nan groaned and fell into thought.

It was best for Sirone to stay in the association, but there was nothing wrong with stealing it outside. Rather, it was a good way to get out of the eyes of other departments.

“Okay, then let’s go. But I want you to keep it secure.”

“Yeah, don’t worry about that.”

Flew, who heard the conversation between the two, was even more suspicious.

Gangnan has a calm personality except when dealing with Gaold, but he is more thorough than anyone else when it comes to work. If the president of the Magic Association was supposed to be alone, he wouldn’t be an ordinary person. However, he did not know what a boy who was less than twenty years old believed in and trusted in security.

‘Are you royalty? Who is asking the Chief Secretary of the Magic Association for personal matters?’

Contrary to Flew’s expectations, Gangnan didn’t care much. Anything more than two people know is not a secret anyway. He brought Shirone according to the instructions, so from then on it was up to Old to take care of himself.

“Then come back here when your business is over. It should come within 3 days. When you come to the Association, look for Flu here.”

Kang Nan also told Fleur.

“Flu, as soon as Sirone arrives, guide him to the president of the association. In a quiet place if possible. Of course, I’ll take care of it, but there are times when I’m away.”

Flew politely bowed her head.

“all right.”

And he quickly shook his head.

‘Sirone? Then you’re not royalty. Where did you hear that name? Where did you hear that?’

I had the feeling that something was caught on the other side of my memory, but it was still vague.

Gangnan put his hand on Sirone’s back and turned around.

“Come on, let’s go. I’ll take you outside.”

Sirone looked at Gangnan and Fleur alternately, then hurriedly lowered her head.

“Ah yes. Goodbye then.”

Fleur nodded lightly and looked at Sirone with sharp eyes.

It’s definitely a name you know. It’s just that I can’t come up with certainty because I’m not familiar with it.

‘Well, if I look for it, it will come out.’

Flew waited in the hallway for the gangnan to dissipate, then quickly turned around.

* * *

After exiting the Magic Association through the revolving door, Sirone realized that she had come to Baska when she saw the streets overflowing with gold.

Kang Nan checked the time and licked his lips as if he was ambiguous.

“Sorry, but I have another job. Do you know where your friends are? Can you visit me alone?”

“yes. I know the address. you can ask If I can’t find it, I’ll take a carriage ride.”

“okay. See you in three days.”

Kang Nan easily turned around.

Actually, I wasn’t worried. It doesn’t make sense that the kingdom’s greatest aspiring wizard couldn’t find a way.

Gangnan went out to the main road and raised his hand, and the luxurious carriage stopped immediately. When I opened the door, I saw that a gentleman with a mustache and an old lady had boarded first. Kang Nan jumped up without hesitation, and immediately the carriage started.

Sirone watched, then raised her hand as the next carriage arrived. A blue lighted carriage stopped.

Opening the door and entering, the dimpled girl turned to Sirone and smiled.

“uh… … excuse me.”

Sirone was embarrassed.

Sitting together is natural in Basuka, but staying in a small space with strangers was unfamiliar to Sirone. Especially if the target of the meeting is a girl of the same age.

“Come on. Where are you going?”

“Ah, that’s the side of the palace over there.”

“Good. You don’t have to turn around.”

Sirone noticeably climbed into the carriage and sat across from him. After telling her coachman where she was, he turned around and the girl smiled at her and covered her mouth.

“Why are you like that?”

“Aren’t you from the capital city?”

“Ah yes. But did it show?”

“Baska residents never notice when they sit together. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t mean to say that you were corny or anything like that. Rather, you are very cool.”

Shirone’s face turned red, and she lowered her head. It was the same with Marsha, but I couldn’t adapt to this kind of thing.

On the other hand, the girl skillfully led the conversation as if it were a normal day.

She was 20 years old and a student preparing for the Diplomatic Examination. She has two boyfriends, one younger and one a twenty-eight-year-old businessman, she said.

Sirone calmed down and listened to her story.

Then, just once, she asked if we could meet separately, with a hint of nuance. But when Sirone’s focus shifted, she smiled coolly and didn’t ask again.

“Then, bye. Nice to meet you.”

“yes. goodbye.”

After the carriage left, Sirone’s face left on the roadside had turned haggard within 30 minutes.

Aside from talking a lot, the culture shock was so great that I couldn’t handle it. Although not all people have the same personality in the capital city, I could finally find out where Dante’s free-spirited way of thinking came from.

‘Whoa, my head hurts already. Certainly the capital is different.’

Sirone entered a luxury housing estate.

Reina’s mansion was in a place where the Leth Mountains flowed like a torrent and the spire of the royal castle could be seen. It was much smaller than the original house, but still luxurious.

“Well, Reina noona is a court musician.”

Upon arriving at the main gate, the attendants who had accompanied her to the Kazura Castle recognized Sirone.

“What? Aren’t you Master Sirone? What have you been up to here?”

“How have you been? I’m here to see Ryan. The swordsmanship academy is also on break now.”

“It is, but… … .”

There was something suspicious about the blurring of the horse’s tail.

The attendants looked at each other, and one person turned away, as if they wanted to do something wrong.

“Please wait a moment. I will be right back.”

Since it was Sirone, a guest of the Ogent family, it was disrespectful to leave it standing at the door. He didn’t feel particularly bad, but he couldn’t get rid of the strange feeling.

Butler Lewis came out of the mansion. The intelligent gaze that drove Sirone was the same, but unlike before, he greeted her with a happy smile.

“welcome. It’s the first time I’ve seen you in Kazura.”

“Yes, I was very grateful at the time. But are you here?”

“Anyway, since a big senior works there, I often come and go with my family. Come in at once.”

Sirone followed Louis and asked.

“Is something going on? The atmosphere is a bit strange.”

“that is… … You will know once you enter.”

Reina’s mansion was much larger inside than it looked from the outside.

There were two women standing in front of Klumph’s room, one was Raina and the other was an unexpected person.



Tess, who was looking like she was about to cry at any moment, came running, showing her bright colors. Then, he hit Sirone on the shoulder with his two fists and shouted.

“What is it, what is it, what is it? How did you come here?”

Sirone, who greeted Reina first, looked back at Tess belatedly.

“haha! I stopped by the capital because I had work and came to see Lian’s face. Did you finish school safely?”

“Hey, that… … .”

At this point, Sirone also started to feel frustrated.

“Why are you doing that? Did something really happen?”

Reina said with a serious expression.

“Lian dropped out of school.”

“yes? Are you dropping out?”


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